Ten things I hate about Choi Young Do ❥

4 04 2014

 photo cyd01.jpg

I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you gel your hair.

I hate the way ride your bike, I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb knitted scarf, and the way you read my mind.

I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme.

I hate it, I hate the way you eat your ramen, I hate how you say goodbye.

I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you pretend you’re okay, and how your heart stands so tall.

But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little

bit, not even at all.



[ SPOILERMETER: I pretty much talk about every key scene associated with the dude— bar one that I can think of— so skip this post for now if you want a full-on untainted viewing of the show, then come back and see if I make any sense. ]

And I thought I was immune to second male lead syndrome *repetitive head desk*

Apologies for the cheesy adaption of the poem (which, for those of you who don’t know, I ripped straight from the glorious 90s Hollywood teen flick Ten Things I Hate About You starring the beautiful, late Heath Ledger, and the super sassy Julia Stiles). Couldn’t help myself.

Anyways. A few months ago, I wouldn’t even have recognised Kim Woo Bin even if he was staring at me straight in the face. But then, a cousin asked me to stalk him on her behalf when the Running Man cast came down to Melbourne to do their filming and I came across this pic –>

 photo WB01.jpg

In a nutshell, I failed my stalking (seriously could not be more miserable about it if I tried), but I decided that ANYONE who has hair that glides this perfectly in the air as they are in motion deserves my whole-hearted affection and attention. The only other person I can think of to have such a hairy effect on me before this is Van Ness Wu from way back in the Meteor Garden days. Yep. Luscious hair warriors are my meat (and I’m a friggn’ vegetarian).

So yes basically this picture is the reason I picked up The Heirs (in the words of Andy Warhol, I am deeply superficial…) and I’m really, really glad I did because it’s been a while since I’ve fallen head over heels as passionately as I did here. Kim Woo Bin as Choi Young Do rivals the best of the best in the Second Leads Who Deserved More Love Than The Main Dude category (to be clear though, I did like Kim Tan a lot, despite a few gripes I had with his slightly overly “watchfulness” with Eun Sang). I’m talking about the Han Tae Suhks, the Yoon Ji Hoos, and the Moon Jae Shins. You know, the ones who:—

❈ Are bad boys turned good (mainly only towards you).
❈ Understand you before anyone else does (sometimes even yourself).
❈ Is there to support you when your boyfriend is being a turd.
❈ Is (usually) better looking than your boyfriend.
❈ Actually cares and wants to know why you are upset.
❈ Knows when to give you space.
❈ Is always there to save your ass in critical situations.
❈ Will silently protect you behind your back and not have you realise.
❈ Is super tall and strong, and can physically beat up your boyfriend if need be.
❈ Looks good in a wet t-shirt and/or topless.
❈ Would do anything in the world for you. This includes shattering his heart into a thousand million shards as he safeguards you on your journey to go live happily ever after with another man.

Ultimately, these guys make me realise that the love we have for our men isn’t defined by whether they are the first, second, third, fourth, or sixty-seventh lead, but it all comes down to their character— who they are, what they go through, and who they become. We want someone to show growth and maturity, we don’t want them to sook and sulk when someone doesn’t love them back, we want them to put up a good fight, and never wallow in self-pity. We don’t want them to cry more than the girl herself. Maybe they could shake hands with the guy who’s going to look after the one they love for the rest of their lives too. Sure you didn’t get the girl, but there’s no need to make her feel guilty about it, right?

If you still don’t know what I’m rambling on about, please read on. Allow me to live up to the title of this post and regurgitate a whole bunch of words about the second male lead of The Heirs. It’s probably more of a Ten Scenes I Loved situation, but hey, here goes.

To Choi Young Do:
Ten Things I Hate About You.

Counting down

#10 The way you make me laugh.

 photo cyd10.jpg

When it happened: Halfway through episode 15.
What Happened
: Eun Sang is being harassed by a couple of girls in gym glass and Young Do comes over to make sure she’s okay, which she is. She expresses her gratitude anyway, and says something about him being The Black Knight to which his frickin’ response is: If I’m the Black Knight, then does that make Kim Tan the Prince Charming on the white horse? How can that be when my skin is so much whiter than his?
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM14.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: I seriously couldn’t stop laughing. More than anything though, my heart was swelling seeing him become such a warm, endearing, and good-natured person— who knew the dude was that hilarious under that cocky eyebrowed face? Actually, I remember LOLing hard too when he took over Eun Sang from assembling her tent at school camp and he said something like, “Are you trying to build your own tomb?” What a natural comedian. (Btw, there is a Prince Charming vacancy on my side of the town, sweetness. Feel free to apply.)

#9 The way you man up and apologise.

 photo cyd09.jpg

When it happened: The final episode.
What Happened
: Young Do is at a school, but it’s not Jeguk High, it’s looking a little less extravagant… wait, is that Moon Joon Young? The guy who was bullied so badly by Young Do that he was forced to escape the prestigious school? It sure is. And he’s looking a little shocked (or scared?) at the rich heir’s sudden appearance. But Young Do is not here to harm, he is here to apologise. He acknowledges his, er, less than amicable actions towards Joon Young in the past (in front of Joon Young‘s new friends mind you) but Joon Young gives it to him, saying that he will never forgive Young Do for what he did.
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM9.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: Firstly, I’m all kinds of serious with the above meme.
Secondly, I was actually a bit irked initially with Joon Young for not accepting Young Do‘s apology. I didn’t rate the fact that he said that Young Do should feel guilty for life, but…… then I thought about it, and well, I think (A) it will serve as a reminder to Young Do to never be such a friggin’ jerk again, and (B) perhaps more importantly, in some indirect way, it was the “punishment” Young Do came to look for. It was Joon Young‘s “payback” that they both needed for emotional closure. Either way, I’m glad this scene happened. I also propose a spin-off series for Young Do (after he has my babies of course).

#8 The way you hug when you miss someone.

 photo cyd08.jpg

When it happened: Episode 17. 
What Happened
: Following some badass action from Kim Tan‘s father (seriously where did the evilness come from?), Eun Sang vanishes into thin air… or should we say, the country air. Eun Sang is hiding in a seaside town, but Young Do adopts a rather, ah, creative method to search for his first love, and whadduya know, she appears in front of him. He hugs the fudge out of her, and breathes out the following words: “Thank you. Thank you for being safe. Thank you for appearing. Thank you, so much.”
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM8.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: I have no words. Me just wants hug. Big man hug.

#7 The way you never had any intention to reveal anybody’s secrets.

 photo cyd07.jpg

When it happened: End of episode 13 / start of episode 14.
What Happened
Young Do has taken over the school’s radio station, and apparently has some hush-hush information to disclose. Kim Tan and Eun Sang realise that this might not be the most ideal thing for them so they both head for the broadcasting room in hopes of flicking off that mic before the dirty laundry is aired (see what I did there). Eun Sang gets there first, which is exactly what Young Do wants. Kim Tan eventually arrives too but Young Do locks him out and pretends to make a move on Eun Sang— “When I said that I would torment everyone else now from now on but you, Kim Tan is one of them. I’m included too.”
Kim Tan breaks in (the guy is extra strong when he is angry) and they get their fight on.
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM7.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: I know I said they get their fight on, but it was really more like The Kim Tan Attack ShowYoung Do was distressingly volunteering to stand there and take the beating, as if he was thirsting for physical pain to numb the suffering in his heart. It’s like aaarrrrgh X a hundred million. I would like to get this off my chest though— Kim Tan shi, understand I do love you, but Young Do shi has never disrespected Eun Sang as a woman, so I honestly feel like you had nothing to worry about here. I think the raising of the chair with the intent of using it as a weapon was uncalled for. After all, I believe you are the King of Forced Kisses towards our darling angelface Eun Sang, are you not? Thanks. I’m glad you heard me out.

#6 The way you simply want the people you love to hear you.

 photo cyd06.jpg

When it happened: Episode 13.
What Happened
: Young Do books out the cafe that Eun Sang works at (I want to say it’s called Mango Six..?) in an attempt to “buy a date” if you will, but she proceeds to do every unnecessary chore you can think of to avoid having any sort of interaction with the (secretly gentle) giant. He mischievously gets her attention by pouring his frappe all over the floor (I think it was a frappucino. Fine, I’m just drooling for one *slurp* *slurp*~Extra cream, please? :D). Eun Sang reluctantly sits down and asks, fuming, “What do you want from me?” Good question, missy. So what does Young Do say? “For you to answer my calls. For you to reply when I talk to you. For you to say hi when our eyes meet.” Well.
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM6.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: Seriously, could that have been more perfect? It was something about the simplicity of his words, the vulnerability behind them and the freaking genuineness that makes this scene stick in my mind. I remember one time a guy confessed his love to me in real life, and he went into WAY too much detail (I think he used every flattering adjective in the book possible) and it got to the point where I ceased listening to what he was saying and all meaning was lost. Less is most definitely more, and Young Do proves it here in this scene.

#5 The way you actually notice and care when people are upset.

 photo cyd05.jpg

When it happened: First half of episode 16.
What Happened
: Kim Tan has to go to some big important meeting after making Eun Sang cry (what a jerk? Maybe the girl just has shallow eyes?) and Young Do sees. He asks her why she is crying but she pretends not to hear. They later eat at the noodle shop together and after trying to cheer her up in his own (good) dorky ways, he questions again why she was crying earlier. She dodges the subject again. He says he’s going to let her off the hook this time, but asks her to memorise his phone number just in case she ever needs him (in light of the turmoil Kim Tan‘s Dad is putting her through at the moment)— “Call me if you need something. Of course it’s better if you call me for nothing at all.
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM5.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: I feel like I am speaking for many when I say this is every woman’s fantasy. To have a guy who understands her, to read her feelings and emotions, to sense when she is upset, and then making the gestures to cheer her up—  all without her whispering a single word. A guy who actually wants a phone conversation just because. Honest to freaking goodness, I’d die for that. And you know you would too.

#4 The way you protect others from repeating the same mistakes you did.

 photo cyd04.jpg

When it happened: Episode 18.
What Happened
: Kim Tan‘s mum (the real, biological one) is running away from the jail she has been calling home for the last 18 or what not years. She wants to see Tan before she goes, but there isn’t much time as the crazy father’s bodyguards are hot on her (expensive designer) heels. She runs into Young Do, and explains the circumstances. In the past, our Young Do probably would’ve sneered and walked away (or even done something to escalate the situation for the worse), but the Young Do we know now isn’t going to do that. He frantically sprints off to look for Kim Tan to make sure Tan gets to see his mother “one last time” and not live with the same regret that has tormented Young Do to this day.
My immediate reaction: …
 photo TMH4.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: Why am I on the edge of my seat (or bed in actual fact), even though I damn well know you’re going to make it? Because we’re going full parallel and full circle! I loved the integration of the flashback scene (and also Young Do‘s khaki jacket flowing behind him as he’s dashing around campus— looks completely touchable :D) It’s equal parts remission and redemption for the past, for himself, for Tan, for us. Everything feels right again . And it’s beautiful.

#3 The way you get mad at the situation and not the person.

 photo cyd03-05.jpg

When this happened: Episode 12.
What Happened
: Eun Sang confronts Young Do on the streets of Seoul after he finds out that she is indeed the daughter of a mute housemaid. All he wants is to eat noodles with her but she keeps thinking otherwise. He finally snaps and says this:
What is it that you think I want to do? I don’t even know how to deal with the scars in my own heart, what do you think I can do with yours? I was just sad you weren’t here. I’m happy now that you’re back. Your secret, it’s heavy, that’s all there is to it. Did I ever say I was going to do anything to you?
Upset (but still exhibiting some bona fide Asian swag), he decides to leave, saying that they should just catch up next time.
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM3.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: I’m in serous trouble. I think my heart just skipped a beat. No wait, it’s fully beginning to flutter towards this dude… gaaaaahhhh… ottoke, OTTOKE? He’s actually not that arrogant, a bit of a softie inside in fact… no000oooooooo.
This was probably the moment I began to take Young Do‘s feelings for Eun Sang seriously. It’s like he almost didn’t realise the capacity of his love for her (nor did we really), and it’s finally boiling over uncontrollably— Cha Eun Sang, you extremely, extremely lucky girl.

#2 The way you freaking eat home cooked meals.

 photo cyd02.jpg

When it happened: Not too far into episode 18.
What Happened
: Eun Sang‘s omma makes Young Do a home cooked meal, he graciously eats it, tears welling up in his reddening eyes. Eun Sang‘s mum then asks him if he is a good friend of Eun Sang‘s, to which Young Do replies, “No, darn it, I freaking like your daughter.” (<– I may have paraphrased that quote a little).
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM2-1.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: Okay, so not quite as epic as So Ji Sub‘s ramen scene in MiSa, but Kim Woo Bin‘s first-time-eating-a-home-cooked-meal-in-a-long-long-time moment here tugs at your bloody heartstrings just the same. Then, as if the whole lacking-in-maternal-love thing isn’t enough, the writers decide to remind us that our lonely second male lead ain’t gonna be gettin’ the girl of his dreams either with the “I like Eun Sang” line. I think by this stage my heart was roughly in about 2632982 pieces, yet I still probably wasn’t nearly in as much anguish as our baby Young Do. They have glue to mend this sort of sh*t, right?

#1 The way you set the person you love free.

 photo cyd01-02.jpg

When it happened: Episode 18 (Again. I get the feeling 18 is the worst episode ever.)
What Happened
: Young Do and Eun Sang are at the noodle shop (again) and Young Do declares he’s made the decision to “dump” Eun Sang, requesting that they never see or talk to each other again (let’s face it, this is probably the most efficient way to properly “get over” someone as quickly as possible). Eun Sang pleads to stay friends, but he says there is no way he can do that: “You’ve always been a woman to me, even now, you’re still a woman to me. And from now on, you will be my first love.
My immediate reaction:
 photo THM1.jpg
Subsequent thoughts: While I was moved by the dozens by the home cooked meal scene, watching all the years of loneliness melt down in that one moment within Young Do, this scene at my number one spot personally skitzed me out the most. From the moment I heard him utter those words— “From now on, you will be my first love“— that was it it. Deal sealed. Kleenex heaven. Without a doubt, there is something very tender and precious about a first love. From strangers to friends to lovers to strangers again… it’s something a lot of us can relate to. I think the fact that I recently had to get over my first love for the second time made me feel that much closer to Young Do here (sorry this blog has gotten so personal in this post… please don’t disown me… ><…) That spot where we all thought we probably could never get out of. That spot where it hurt to breathe. It sucks like hell when you can’t be with the person you love, but know that tough times don’t last forever, but tough people do ♥ So don’t worry, I am all okay, just like I know Young Do will be. In the end (and I’m sure I’ve said this before), I believe that everything does happen for a reason. When you finally meet the one you are meant to be with for the rest of your life, it will make sense why it didn’t work out with anyone else beforehand. You will be pinching yourself at just how wonderful life is.

Until then, I’ll continue to love you.

Forever and always.



And there you have it.

But omo, I can’t even believe what I’m about to say……

 photo cyd11.jpg

Choi Young Do, I think you are my favourite second male lead ever. (Hanazawa Rui, you’ll be my back-up though, right? )




❈ Please note, the memes used in this post were generated by me. ’twas a rather fun project :D

❈ Picture credits: To be honest, I don’t know which images came from which site, and I certainly didn’t use every photo I had, but here are the pages I visited when compiling the visuals for this post—
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I liked dreamcatchers before they were K-drama certified cool.

1 04 2014

I finished watching The Heirs (2013, SBS) around a week ago and started a full-blown review on the series, but 2629 words in, I realised, all I actually wanted to talk about was Choi Young Do. So, give me a few more days (this, in my terms, could possibly mean about a year, lol) and I will be back in hardcore second male lead syndrome gushing galore.

In the meantime, I would like to share a few wallpapers I made up, plus five quick and general thoughts on the idolicious series. No, it wasn’t perfection, many wasted opportunities actually, but I got what I needed out of it— a new lover in Choi Young Do, and many gloriously sweet, smile-inducing moments ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Enjoy, lah, and feel free to let me know what you think. X


 photo wallpaper-heirs-01.jpg  photo wallpaper-heirs-02.jpg  photo wallpaper-heirs-03.jpg


[ SPOILERMETER: A few major moments discussed. Though some are prretty predictable, it may still probably best to go watch the series before making your return for the complete enjoyment effect. I say this to you because I am that type <3 ]

Thought Number One: Show Me Da Bromance.
 photo TH05.jpg
I wanted more bromance. Quite frankly, there can never be an overdose on this. I loved the bickering and banter between Kim Tan and Choi Young Do— if there is ever a way to do love/hate relationships, THIS right here is it. They were hilarious as fudge, for example in the scene in episode 12 when Tan boots Young Do into the swimming pool, then quite expressionlessly says, “Sorry, my foot slipped “— golden to the power of all the brothers in this Universe. It’s very reminiscent of a scene in the manga/anime Slam Dunk actually, where Rukawa “accidentally” punches Sakuragi in the face and says pretty much the exact same thing (and we all know those two boys secretly loved each other X))

Above all, what I loved most was that I felt like I became a better person watching Tan and Young Do work out their differences. The moment when Young Do sprints his lungs out to make sure Tan would see his biological mother before she fled from the city towards the end of the series was freaking farking perfection. It was forgiveness in its purest form without having to express it in words. Gah, their story was so much more moving than that between our main couple.

I also would’ve liked to have seen more of the relationship between Tan and his dear hyung, Kim Won. Heck, more of Kim Won in general would’ve been more than welcome. His story seemed the most relevant to the Korean title of the series— bearing the weight of the crown and all the sacrifices that come along with it. I’d defs hug him.

Thought Number Two: Whose 엄마s In The House?
The relationship between Tan and Eun Sang‘s mothers was actually rather unexpected for me, but I 100% shipped them through and through! It just goes to show that friendships can develop in the most unlikely scenarios, yet at the same time, their bond really did make sense. At the end of the day, both women were mothers who weren’t able to proudly voice to the world who they were. In a world where tall, good-looking, hot-blooded young men distract us left, right and centre, Han Ki Ae and Park Hee Nam‘s individual and collaborative stories truly called for a spot in everybody’s hearts.
 photo TH01.jpg

Thought Number Three: Thank gawd for Park Shin Hye.
Did anyone else struggle to understand and accept just why all the guys were so gripped and entranced by Cha Eun Sung, especially Kim Tan? Like, from start to finish? Was he simply sick of all the Cali beach babes? It can’t just be Eun Sang‘s beautifully silky, soft, shiny tresses that flowed oh-so-graciously in the Californian wind, right? I love Park Shin Hye (and kudos to her and her natural, relatable, girl-next-door wholesomeness for actually keeping the character out of the I-Loathe-You! basket), however, from where I was sitting, Eun Sang never really did anything to prove she was willing to sacrifice and fight for their love as much as Tan did. To me, it seemed like she had a major case of “Poor me! Poor me!” syndrome, and pretty much just kept running away whenever any adversity showed up— even if it was the tiniest of all hiccups. Maybe it’s a lack of cultural comprehension on my part, or I missed something somewhere, but when Kim Tan‘s father “forces” her to go to another country (Buenos Aires? YES PLEASE FOR ME!), I kept thinking to myself, Eun Sang dear, you do realise you don’t have to go. It’s not like he was making life-endangering threats to you or your loved ones, all he was really doing was verbally attacking your character. Be strong enough to show him you are THE woman who will make his son a better man— and that certainly does not equate to disintegrating into non-existence (and causing our Young Do to lose so much sleep over you T_T). Please, go out there and find your OWN dream.

 photo TH03.jpg

I also screamed viciously when she watched fellow welfare student Moon Joon Young get bullied and humiliated AND NOT do anything about it. At all. From memory she momentarily tried early on, but then Kim Tan aggressively pulled her away and dished out an illicit warning. And she pretty much just left it at that. And she didn’t even say goodbye to him when he left the school! *shakes head* Poor form. I know, I know, in real life it probably is best to keep yourself away from certain exposures… but you’re supposed to be a drama heroine— in my books, you gotta work for that title.

Thought Number Four: Who said K-Pop stars were terrible actors? 
Yoon Chan Young and Lee Bo Na. Loved them. Times a hundred million. That is all. ❥ ❥ ❥
 photo TH04.jpg

Thought Number Five: I may heart Lee Min Ho.
I officially don’t hate Lee Min Ho. Okay, fine, I’m going to say it— I was actually LOVING Lee Min Ho in this series. His eyebrows, his hair, his voice, his gaze. Everything. Even the fugly sweaters. I was liking him so much that I thought about cremating my status as Arashi‘s most illogical fangirl this side of the equator— it was so intense I practically felt like I was cheating on Matsumoto Jun. You see, my dislike for Min Ho shi came solely— and probably somewhat defensively— from the whole Boys Over Flowers situation. You can read all about it here. While I stand by the Korean version being far below the perfection that was Hana Yori Dango (and Meteor Garden ), I do think a lot of my residual refusal to give Lee Min Ho another chance was simply to validate my support for my toyboy Arashi‘s youngest (and IMO the most beautiful) member as the best portrayal of The Arrogant Leader With The Bad Perm character ever. But time does indeed heal, and well, the Californian sunshine does make everyone look better.

 photo TH02.jpg

I loved that as the male lead, Kim Tan wasn’t an arrogant prick to begin with who spoke to people with zero respect and made life hell for the girl (and every other human being) for no apparent reason. He was gentle, calmly spoken, and had a sense of loneliness and empathy that you more often associate with a second male lead. Yes, he was the totally cuddleable, non-prickly softie. I was really feeling him. Really, really wanting to feel feeling him. Though upon his return to Kimchi land, he did seem to become a little bit aggressive and possessive— weren’t like 99% of his pashing services physically forced upon Eun Sang? So wouldn’t work on me. I would be kneecapping him in the nether regions for sure… before running to Young Do (with some sort of aegyo action possibly :D) and asking him to further kick Kim Tan‘s ass for me.

Unfortunately as well, compared to Young Do at least, Tan really didn’t show enough transitional maturity. Who he was in the beginning, was more or less who he was in the end. Though I think he was actually sweeter in the first few episodes— as in, I would a thousand trillion per cent date American Tan, but would definitely have some reservations towards Korean Tan (sad to say that the leading male and female characters showed the least amount of growth in this series— in fact, all the subplots were more exciting than their love story… m(_ _)m). I still love him though. For all the sh*t his family put him through, and for all the emotional baggage he carries, he definitely had a clear pass to be the jackass of the century. But I’m glad he wasn’t. Overall a nice male lead but…

 photo TH14.gif

…Just not as nice as Choi Young Do :D

Aaaahh can’t wait to dedicate an entire post to the guy.

 Additional thought: Min Ho and Woo Bin wore slightly too much makeup in this series. I think it was to the point where I would actually move my face away if they lent in for a kiss… nah, I would still so totally go for it, lol.

[ Image credits: m.enewsworld.interest.me, dramabeans, 24h.com.vn, handsomescorner.tumblr.com, andlinalovemib.blogspot.com l GIF credit: woobinista.tumblr.com ]

Will the real Eita san please stand up?

27 03 2014

Anooooooooo… Farewell Buki, Shunny-kun, and my chubby bunny Haru-chan…

 photo unoeita14.jpg

I’m thinking it was either a case of who has the most hair or perhaps it was who has had the most amount of (majorly questionable) hairstyles, but it appears that Shiseido Japan have ditched three of the famous four UNO Fog Bar boys, leaving the one and only, big hair monster master himself, my lobster, Nagayama Eita san (sumimasen, so many inappropriate insertions already -_-ll..).  Anyhow, here is the CM – aka How To Tame Your Hair In 14 Seconds Flat.

I’m quite sure I could watch him play with his, er, hair, all day long, lol. While we are talking about the man, I recently finished Saikou no Rikon, and I have to say… I was wildly disappointed. Eita was freaking farking adorkable in it (who didn’t chuckle themselves silly at the awkwardness of his running style, lol :D :D) but, while individually everyone carried their parts very well, something in the chemistry between the cast was lacking for me. To be quite honest, the love quadrangle situation in Saikou didn’t feel 100% necessary / wasn’t really played out in a way that I feel like made my time worthwhile either. *shrugs* Who knows, maybe I’m just unable to relate because I’ve never been married before.

Or maybe I’m secretly snarky because I am single after all, lol. ANYWAY! :D


*cough* *cough* *cough* On a side note, I was avoiding The Heirs, but have officially caved after seeing how beautiful Kim Woo Bin is from the Running Man Australian episodes (whose cast I tried to stalk while they were in Melbs btw, but failed miserably).

But holy sh*t, herd in all the magical cows, this was what I think I must’ve been subconsciously afraid of – having my feelings for Lee Min Ho turned around post Boys Over Flowers. No. NO. NOOO to the the power of all the Konglish you can squeeze into my kimchi cladded out fridge. I’m almost halfway through, and I definitely feel a review coming on for the series, but all I have to say for now is:—

Woo Bin, please step your game up and save me.

And fix your Asian Ken doll hair while you’re at it as well (this is a hair post after all). Love you long time, Choi Young Do. X

Hash tag: New major girl crush.

25 03 2014

Neh, we have a new favourite drama heroine in the house……..

Who? Who is it? Who has managed to scoop up the honour of this prestigious title (which, without thinking too deeply about, was previously was held by Shin Min A in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho – heck, I may need to do a serious sit down and deliberate one day. The Art Of A Good Drama Heroine. It’s thesis worthy)?

That would be, Jung Ryeo Won in History Of The Salaryman. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

 photo a34cc1d2-ac45-4f83-9d6a-66a472bc5d88.jpg[ image cap from: thefangirlverdict.com > I tweaked the colours according to how I wanted it to “feel” XD ]

For me, she absolutely stole the show. Unconventional, unrelentless, amazing, freaking, bleeping BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP goodness.

But as hard-headedly hilarious as she was, she also totally held her own during the poignant, melodramatic, Show-Me-Da-Tears! moments.

And of course, hearing her speak English always, ALWAYS makes me beam. :D

What can I say, but girlfriend, you rock. XOX


>P.S. LOVED her hair in the show, especially the colour. Her nails were awesome too.
P.P.S. Yes I am aware this series was two years ago. Again, I’m in catch-up mode!
P.P.S. Yes I am aware this is a pathetically short post. Just tryin’ to get mah blog rolling.

Song Joong Ki, will you be my Nice Guy?

13 03 2014

QUICKNOTE: Will reply to everybody’s awesome comments over the next couple of days! And hello to the new followers : ) : ) Thank you for the love despite me being blatantly lazy at returning the love. Bless you and your dorama-lovin’ souls! X


[ !!!!!!SPOILERT!!!!!! All out. Though I’m not going to talk about the series scene by scene, just a few prominent moments here and there. This includes the ending. But seriously, you’ve had close to two years to watch the series. Who am I to talk? LOL. ]

 photo NG12.jpg

Aaaaaahhh, yes, please take the title of this post very, very seriously. I will even spend five (or was it six?) years locked up behind bars for you, Song Joong Ki shi. What? You want me to fight down… Yoo Ah In first..? Yooh Ah InANIooooooooooooo~~~~~~~ LOL.

Ahem. So… okay. I realise my last blog entry was one hundred million years ago. But still, it ain’t nowhere near as long as the last time Kimura Takuya made a decent series *coughs* *coughs again* *chokes* …um, gomen nesunsengnim Kang Maru, could you resuscitate me, please? :D :D :D

I know I tend to watch dramas these days long after they actually air and having any meaning to society, but… isn’t it nice to know that I can still enjoy a series that isn’t necessarily current? That’s when you can be confident you haven’t just been swept up in the hype, right? That it IS actually a good series ? Yeah I saw you nod your head.

So what made Nice Guy bring me out of blogging hibernation/abandonment/semi-retirement/all-of-the-above to conjure up the effort and piece together a somewhat articulate body of writing? It can’t be as simple as a super cute actor boy, can it? Would you judge me if I said yes? Seriously, can you say no to this face?? —>>>

 photo NG12.jpg

Well, firstly, again, darn you Lee Kyung Hee for your tantalising writing. You are responsible for three of my top (sometimes changing) ten favourite series of all time (read, Misa, Sang Doo!, and Thank You <<<— like, a million, thousand trillion glowing kokoros  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  Btw, Song Joong Ki shi, you were in Will It Snow For Christmas ? For goodness sakes, now I have to consider watching it). Therefore, anytime I hear your name I’m gunna be on da lookout. You have a craft for beautifully written characters and dialogue, and your themes always just sing to my heart. Really, it’s all I ask for in a drama. That, and good acting. And this, we received a thousand trillion times over in Nice Guy.

I do also ask for a good man (or should we say, a nice guy~~*Pun count: 2046* <<- Wait, is that some sort of pun itself? -_-lll). Truly, a good man will move me. I know I’m not the only one. Through all of my hard-toiling years of drama-watching, I’ve come to this conclusion which I’m sure I’ve mentioned or alluded to before, but from hereon, I will strictly adhere to and NEVER, EVER waste a single minute of my drama-watching life again – the leading guy needs to be worth my time. Heck, let’s make it crystal clear, right here – he MUST be someone I would marry. Not someone to fluff around with a couple of days a week, not a toyboy, not a Summer fling situation… he NEEDS to be husband AND father material. Why should I waste my time with anyone else? Call it high standards if you like, I know my self-worth. I guess as you grow older, you learn to accept less crap, whether it is in doramaland or in the real world.

 photo NG12.jpg

I’m not saying he needs to be perfect because I’m certainly not that myself – I mean, that shit doesn’t exist. In doramaland OR the real world. He can have some downright jackass traits. He can make you want to throw a glass of soju in his pretty, BB cream slathered face. He might also have a pretty messed up past, or life in general. But the key is, he needs to have a good heart. He needs to be someone you can rely on, someone you can lean on, someone who is considerate, someone who is supportive of himself and of others. He needs to be a kind person, bottom line.

Now, you may be wondering, how can someone who actively plots a revenge be kind? How can someone, who left his dying sister to be with his sobbing girlfriend, someone who is more or less selling his body and taking advantage of his good looks on naive girlies, someone who is making other people’s lives miserable be even remotely considered to be kind? Ah, please allow me to explain.

 photo NG12.jpg

So for those of you who don’t know, Nice Guy basically follows the story of our leading man, Kang Maru (played deliciously by Song Joong Ki – come back from the military already! ❤ ). Maru gives up a promising medical career and takes the blame for the murder of a man (who, come on, you have to agree was a teeny bit too greedy) to save his first love, his budding superstar journalist of a noona, Han Jae Hee (played by the perfectly cast Park Si Yeon, who mind you, has actually been close to perfection in everything I’ve seen her in. Admittedly, that’s not a lot of stuff, but still, the girl far from just a pretty face/perfect body).

Five or six years later (I would google and confirm but I can’t be bothered), he is out of prison, and as the almighty Drama Gods would have it, Maru and Jae Hee meet randomly on a plane. Minor change though – our beloved Jae Hee noona has married a man who is old enough to be her father, and why, yes he just happens to be unfathomably rich. She has a toddler son, Eun Suk, (who is as cute as a button!), and also a step-daughter who is close to herself in age, Seo Eun Gi (played wonderfully by Moon Chae Won – can you sense that I am digging the entire cast’s acting much? My last impression of Chae Won shi was from her Shining Inheritance days, and although her character was hugely unlikeable, she actually somehow left me liking – or at least not hating – Yoo Seung Mi in the end. Mark of a good actress? Sure, and now after Nice Guy, I definitely like her even more).

Oh, and by the way, this step-daughter is having a heart-malfunction mid-air as well just to make things interesting.

 photo NG12.jpg

Long story short, Maru saves Eun Gi‘s life and begins to take revenge on his noona by courting Eun Gi. And then, a whole lotta doing stuff behind people’s backs, dodgy threats and secrets being revealed, amnesia(!), love conundrums, more hidden agendas, and other majorly questionable life decisions go down. To be honest, I don’t 100% know what Maru was ideally wanting to achieve as an end result, but anyway, as we’ve seen before with other drama heroes, this really doesn’t work. Remember in A Love To Kill ? Even Bad Guy ? Don’t play with your heart, peeps! Heartbreak! Lots and lots of hormonal crying! Pimples, wrinkles and eye bags! Do you seriously want that? What, you do? Waeyoooooooo??????

What I loved about Maru, like down to the very last drop of blood in my veins and my very last breath, was the fact he ultimately cared deeply – and I mean DEEPLY, as in deeper than the amount of fish there are in the whole damn sea – for everyone he loved. For life, really. He was always very attentive, very empathetic, very “I would take the pain for you” kinda guy. He most most definitely, in my eyes, kind. At his very heart centre, he didn’t want any pain in this world. He could read people. He noticed the little things as much as the big things. If you think about it (not even), he really love everyone around him, and in many ways, appreciated the miracle of human existence, period. He saw possibility. That’s probably why he made such great (potential of a) doctor, and definitely the reason why his plot to revenge was never, ever in a million hundred years going to work.

 photo NG12.jpg

But yes, one or two major blunders here and there which essentially believing in the moment it was what was best to protect the person he loved, caused his life to take a turn for the worse. Well, worse temporarily. I don’t believe in “wrong” decisions in life per se… no wait, let me elaborate on that… I mean, I think once you make a decision, you live with it (well, duh I hear you say. For golly’s sake, keep reading). People, society, loved ones – or even yourself – will judge you. But it’s imperative to remember that every decision you make presents you with a different life experience, and if you were to change that, you definitely will not be who you are today. You are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. And I think, ultimately the current you is ALWAYS better than the you x amount of time ago in some way, shape, or form. Nobody has gone through what you have been through, nobody in this Universe has the same collective experiences as you do, and it is because of this that makes us all unique and beautiful. What I feel Nice Guy shows is that you can make what are perceived as “bad” decisions but there are “good” and “bad” consequences that follow, and it is in your own hands to take the “better” road somewhere along the line, learn the “lesson”, and come out a “better” version of yourself. I know I am using a lot of quotation marks to frame so many of these words, but seriously, who are we to judge what is right and wrong for other people?

So in a nutshell, I want to marry Song Joong Ki, lol. All that talk was just a preface for me to say that (I mean it when I said to take my post title seriously!). No, really, watching Maru go from his first love, who he pretty much sacrificed EVERYTHING he had for, to his last love, who I feel like in many ways awakened him to the fact that love is a two-sided thing, was a really satisfying (albeit predictable) thing. I still feel that he was probably more of the giver out of himself and Eun Gi, but Eun Gi certainly wasn’t so much of an emotional leecher as what Jae Hee was. Eun Gi‘ gratitude and appreciation for having met a Kang Maru was evident, and at many stages, she showed she was willing to throw away all her money and power and run away to a land, far, far away (moreso in the first half of the series at least). As long as they had each other, that was all she cared for. And Maru felt that. 100%. You can not NOT be touched by someone that innocent in their love.

 photo NG12.jpg

On the contrary, Jae Hee, until the final few moments of the story, always, always put herself first. Think about it. As long as she could continue that shiny, luxurious life, it didn’t really matter who or what was sacrificed. I guess having come from such a broken background (an abusive father whose debts led to the mother prostituting herself), you can understand her crave for financial security and power. Not warranting her actions by any means, it’s just psychologically, I feel like that’s where she stood. To be fair as well, I feel like she never really wanted to initiate any of these ill-events anyways – like, it’s not like she asked for that man to sexually assault her in the hotel room, nor did I believe her intent of giving Maru the compensation money was to put him through the hell they subsequently went through – it’s  just that she found herself in these scenarios, and unfortunately made decisions that brought upon huge, traumatic challenges. Did she deal with them the way Judge Judy would approve? I would say no, but when you make one bad decision, often you have to continue along that road to cover the original mistake up. The question is, at what point do you stop?

As melodramatic as it all sounds, Nice Guy wasn’t nearly as tear-inducing for me as my aforementioned three favourite Lee Kyung Hee series. I thought at first maybe I’m just becoming more immune, as in I’ve just watched too many dramas and it’s difficult to make me cry at something that I’ve more or less seen before. Or maybe I’m just emotionally colder now that I’m older, lol. But then I was flipping through some old scenes from Sang Doo! and Misa, you know, just to test the tear ducts, and bam, instant tissues required! Was it merely the nostalgia factor? Mebbe. But I’m thinking, I actually didn’t connect with the relationships in Nice Guy as much as I did in the others towards the end of the series. I would’ve liked a whole lot more for the love between Maru and  Eun Gi to have had more of a focus in the final stretch. I wanted to see more of what made them become individually better and happier after having met the other. I wanted more sweet moments (that freaking epilogue, damn it! All those wonderful, icecream-like colours in some Korean seaside town as the backdrop set the mood perfectly! But it was over all too soon. Btw, Seo Eun Gi shi, why on Earth are you still using the same camera?). I wanted to look at them as a couple and be inspired to be them, even after all the crap they’ve gone through. And you know what, now that we’re talking about it, deep down, I wanted Eun Gi to have sacrificed a bit more somewhere somehow for Maru. Honestly, I was hardcore questioning why she chose to freaking take forever to hop in the cab and go home while her dying lover was secretly trying to not pass on after taking the knife from Attorney Ahn (played by Kim Tae Hoon) INSTEAD(!!!!!!!) of spending the night in hospital with him before the big operation for his subdural hematoma. Don’t give me the visiting hours excuse, no, that doesn’t work. And come on, I love you girl, but how did you not notice the guy was stabbed in the middle of the crossing? Surely you can’t be that oblivious.

 photo NG12.jpg

So for me, that was one flaw in the otherwise, supremely well-written script. Perhaps also how magically Maru was picked up by the Drama Fangirl Fairies when he collapsed in the pitch black park where there was not a single soul in sight, obviously making it to the surgeon’s table in time for both the wound from the stab and his hematoma situation to be rectified and not bleed to death before then. Fine, it’s a drama, I can be flexible with miraculous scenarios. I certainly accept and believe in them in real life. In fact, I am a firm believer that good things happen to good people, and Maru was undoubtedly a good human being through and through. Else I wouldn’t want to marry him so badly. Nice Guy was truly fulfilling in so many ways, from a stellar all-round acting performance, to a gloriously directed visual feast (yes, it helps that the cast is that good-looking), to a script that didn’t leave too many crazy loopholes left unanswered, but…… I just really, really wish the relationship between Maru and Eun Gi was taken to that next level. That crazy, I-honestly-can’t-live-without-you kind of level (but not of the suffocating variety). And for that epilogue to have been just that little bit more rounded out, that little bit more punchy to match all that predecessing build up (of course it can still be as airy and as happy as it was).

 photo NG12.jpg

Still, I’m glad everyone got the healing they needed, both physically and emotionally. In the end, Nice Guy wasn’t a series about revenge at all. It wasn’t designed to wreak your sympathy and make you sob like a monkey (sob like a monkey? Is that even a saying?) which I am glad about. For me, it was a depiction of individuals growing through life, dealing with suffering, and finding the courage to break out of what is often a never-ending circle of drama – individually and together – for the better. At the end of the day, life is too short to live in the past, to mind other people’s business when you’re not asked to, or to try and find blame on someone else. Your world is my world, but you are not accountable to me for the things you do.

One last thing – I also would’ve preferred more scenes between our super pretty-faced hero Kang Maru and his long-time buddy-buddy Park Jae Gil (played awesomely by Lee Kwang Soo). One of my favourite scenes is when Jae Gil goes to his father’s grave and begs for protection over Maru. And also, towards the end of episode 18, where Jae Gil is pleading for Ma Ru to go into surgery, and vows that if Maru were to became paralysed, he would look after him for the rest of his life. Gaaaaaaaaaahhhh. The was actually the only time I properly cried. I mean, I was misty-eyed every now and then, but again, as depressing as the series was, I never really sobbed to the point of ruining my face. This scene was the exception. And it really didn’t take the guys to screw up their faces in an exorbitant amount of pain and leak out an ocean of man-tears, nor did it require super-duper dramatic music (which now that we mention it, I also wish had been toned down a bit to allow the characters and scenes be ). All it took was one candidly spoken line. Simple as that, really.

 photo NG09.jpg

I guess if anything else is for sure, bromance seems to be the way to get me these days. Which is why I fervently wished Nice Guy  would’ve dedicated just a smidgen more time to the friendship between Maru and Jae Gil. I didn’t necessarily need an entire episode or even a quarter of an episode, but even just a flashback scene here and there to remind us just how long they’ve stuck together – I would’ve shipped that.

So don’t worry Yoo Ah In, your title as “The guy I would most gladly lose Song Joon Ki to” still stands, lol.


 photo NG04.jpg  photo NG04.jpg

P.S. MAJOR LOVE and shout out to Attorney Park Jun Ha (played oh-so-handsomely by Lee Sang Yeob) – okay, so maybe you were slightly guilty for having a hand in Eun Gi‘s mother’s death, but, well, your constant, unintrusive and unconditional support of the director herself more than made you a man worthy of my admiration and respect. Wish you had more screentime ❤

P.P.S. Shout out also to Lee Yoo Bi for playing Kang Choco with such a refreshingly girly yet not annoying innocence! I really, really liked you! You definitely brought a warming sense of hope to the otherwise pretty heavy story. You and your Jae Gil oppa, of course. I wish you both many more loving, superstar children in your future XD

P.P.P.S. Semi-lazy ending of a post with the postscripts to talk about people I loved in the series instead of formally amalgamating my thoughts on them into the main body of the post but, hey, given my recent track record, this is more than what I can handle at the moment, lol. I really hope I can get back into this blogging business but honestly, not even going to slightly make reference to making a promise. Been on a hippy, spiritual journey. Until whenever my next post is, I sincerely hope YOU stay well! We are one Universe! ♡ X ♡


Pictures used in this post credit to:
joencorner.wordpress.com, kdramachoa.com, kdramatherapy.com, koreandrama.com,
runningmanbiased.blogspot.com.au, tenasia.com, dramabeans.com

I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.

4 04 2013

My love has returned for you, So Ji Sub shi.

^And it’s not just because you make frolicking around in the desert look so damn good.

It’s because, you are, after all these years, (*cue Shania Twain voice*) still the one (don’t worry Eita san, you’re still the one too *major eyebrow twitch*).

For those who don’t know, let me give you a bit of our relationship history.

Ji Sub and I first crossed paths with each other in Bali. That is, in What Happened In Bali. Was he a good guy, or was he a bad guy? I never quite decided at that point. While I shipped Jo In Sung and Ha Ji Won all the way in that series, I definitely felt a little something for Ji Sub. Something good. Something intriguing. Something that left me wanting to know more.

Then on one gloriously sunny day, I was browsing through my local DVD store, looking for the next Korean drama to delude myself with, and my eye quickly became drawn to this:

 photo misadvd.jpg

I was like, I’m Sorry, I Love You ? That’s a pretty sweet title. Filmed in Melbourne? Hey, that’s my hometown, bay-bay! And this dude, why does he look a tad familiar? Oh! It’s Kang In Wook (Ji Sub‘s character in WHIB )! WOW he looks goooood in that bandana and hobo cardigan… and with that man-hair around his face~~ Okay, fine, sold.

I went home, read the blurb for the plot carefully again and began to second-guess my decision. So, okay, someone’s going to die again in the most melodramatic of fashion. Why do all good-hearted and good-looking citizens of South Korea always go down that path? Goshdarnit, I’ve freaking paid for this. Can not let this 17 dollars go to waste. I’ll just watch it.

Four days and a city’s dam’s worth of tears later, I was like, I am SO NOT sorry. So. Ji. Sub. *sniffles* I. Freaking. Love. You.

I can’t explain logically why I love the series so much but I guess that’s how I also know it’s true love. It has been my favourite series ever since and I have no doubt it will remain so until the end of time. Irrespective of how many times Ethan Ruan strips his shirt off in any of his series, irrespective of what The Hong Sisters attempt to round up, even irrespective of how many ridiculously perfect performances Eita or Kimura Takuya pitch in (although these two have certainly brought along series that have come very, very,VERYCLOSE). Forever and a day, I will choose to scream “saranghae!” at the top of my lungs a thousand times in a dingy subway and make and eat ramen with So Ji Sub.

 photo misa_srh_ramen.jpg

To show him just how much he meant to me following that series, I went on to watch some of his older stuff (Law Firm, Glass Shoes, We Are Dating Now ). I realised he was definitely the man. I sent him off into the army, patiently waiting for his return. I knew he knew I loved him. I knew he would return a better man. I knew this would be good for both of us. I knew I could stay faithful.

Or so I thought.

After being discharged from the military, Ji Sub seemed to gravitate uncontrollably towards the big black melodramatic hole. And he only delved deeper. His mini-drama U-Turn with Lee Yeon Hee was kinda okay, but Cain And Abel ? Oh my, does life really have to be that bleak? And Road Number One ? Far too heavy. Colossal fail. It just wasn’t what I was looking for.

 photo sjssonyalpha.jpg

His Sony Alpha CFs were amazing but I couldn’t just live on those. In an attempt to maintain the love, I picked up a few of his films (Rough Cut, Sophie’s Revenge ), I even briefly watched him as some zombie-like thing in Kitaro and the Millennium Curse. But I just didn’t get it. Apart from those rippling abs, and those long, beautiful, elegant fingers, this wasn’t the same Ji Sub I fell in love with.

I was beginning to drift away. He tried to lure me back with the wannabe tearjerker of a film Always. There were moments where I thought I could return to that place again but in the end, it just fell short. I don’t know. Intentionally aiming to make me cry just doesn’t cut it anymore. We’ve been through this before. Where I am now, I need more than that.

Feeling the emotional void, I virtually skid off the whole Korean drama radar altogether. I hid. Actually I began to explore things with a younger boy *coughs*Mario Maurer*coughs* That was light and fun (and still is >_>;;;) but something about a crime drama caught my attention once more. The Ghost. Wow, it’s finished airing already? It has received some good praise. Ji Sub has seemingly pulled himself out of all that helplessly miserable melodrama. I must give him another chance. I must watch this series.

 photo sjsghost.jpg

And I’m so glad I did. I mean, Ji Sub in a suit for, like, almost 20 episodes of the series? Glad. Glad. Glad. So glad in fact, I am actually pondering a review (though don’t put your hopes up too much, lol).

Until then, enjoy a few wallies of the man:


So Ji Sub wallpaper photo wallpaper-sjs-01.jpg So Ji Sub wallpaper photo wallpaper-sjs-02.jpg  photo wallpaper-sjs-03.jpg



Pretty pointless but pretty post.

16 02 2013

Omg. I’m alive.

Basically logging in to share my latest obsession—

Taiwanese artist, Liu Yi Hao (aka Max Liu.)

 photo lyh01.jpg

I think I accidentally stumbled across him whilst I was, ah, “checking out” some profiles on Facebook (pardon moi, what you say? STALKING??? Me not know what zet word means… >_>…)

Anyways, so what kinda stuff has this boy done? Lots of modelling work. Obviously. I mean. Look. At. The Face. (Body not bad eithers). A few dramas. (Haven’t actually seen him in any of these dramas but, hey, who needs to when the face photographs this nicely). He plays guitar for an independent Taiwanese band called Morning Call. He also takes interesting photos. And Facebooks. Alot. Stalk, I mean, Check him out here (<<<—photo credits: this is where I found all the images used in this post.)

Now some more snappies to strain your eyes.

 photo lyh02.jpg  photo lyh03.jpg  photo lyh04.jpg

 photo lyh05.jpg  photo lyh06.jpg  photo lyh07.jpg

Too cute not to log in after five months of blog-abandonment and share, right? ^^;


Lastly, I just want to say thank you for all the comments and support whist I was thoughtlessly MIA! I appreciate it dearly. I will reply to everyone within a few days :) :) …and I will also attempt to resume general blogosphere activity soon(ish). Also, props to myself for remembering all my passwords, lol.

Much love! X.