Akanishi Jin :: ViVi magazine

1 12 2009

Hello. Quick post yet again. I picked up the January 2010 issue of Japanese ViVi magazine, hit pages 196-199 & was like, wow. A little promo material from Akanishi Jin for his upcoming debut film, Bandage, which by the way, can not wait to see. The soundtrack song sounds pretty good going by the rip thus far (someone shout me studio quality already.)

Anyways,  here are the aforementioned scans. Please enjoy & as usual, no hotlinking. Thankyou v. much ^^

Akanishi Jin,赤西 �,ViVi,japanese magazine,Bandage Akanishi Jin,赤西 �,ViVi,japanese magazine,Japanese ViVi,Bandage,KAT-TUN 赤西 �,Akanishi Jin,Bandage,ViVi,japanese magazine,KAT-TUN 赤西 �,Akanishi Jin,Bandage,KAT-TUN,ViVi,japanese magazine





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