What’s this, all of a sudden I’m taking an interest in baseball?

14 12 2009

In a world’s first, I was actually swayed by a song to watch a series. Basically I think Kiseki by GReeeeN is one of the most awesome songs ever & I’ve pretty much been playing it non-stop forever. All of a sudden, one random day,  it occurred to me that I really need to be supporting the series this song is supporting (-___-;)

So I finally imported a copy of ROOKIES, not really expecting to be blown away at all. After all, a delinquent-student drama w/ a teacher who has a heart of gold? Hmm, haven’t heard of that before  (*cough* GTO *cough* Gokusen.)

But aposjdlkafl;kjafio ! ROOKIES took my breath away.

At first, I wasn’t convinced if Sato Ryuta could pull off  the role but by a few episodes later, I was totally regarding him supremely highly as Great Teacher Kawato (^O^) Probably his best acting performance to date. He was the absolute bomb.

On top of that, the supporting cast of students was pretty much close to perfect. Ichihara Hayato was amazing as Aniya Keiichi, even just in the way he would say ” baka ” xDD Loved Mikoshiba, loved Wakana, loved Okada… damn it, I loved them all. In fact, w/o deliberately trying to sound cheesy, you really could not help but like every one of those guys. The chemistry between them was magic. I totally got the feeling that they were true friends who would be there for each other through thick & thin *GUSH*

I so wish I was Yagi-san so I could hang out w/ those boys every freaking day xDDDDDDD

Anyways ! Here are some wallies I whipped up. Please do not hotlink & please credit if sharing elsewhere. Arigatou-gozaimasu ^^

ROOKIES,Ichihara Hayato,Sato Ryuta,Koide Keisuke,jdorama,����� ROOKIES,Ichihara Hayato,Sato Ryuta,Koide Keisuke,jdorama,�����




One response

8 03 2010

IKR? Who knew baseball could be so fun? LOL. Gawd I loved Rookies. And GAWD I love Kawato!!! Flourish your dreams! Sparkle in tomorrow! He’s just so optimistic. It’s adorable. That smile… GAWD he’s awesome… first think I’d seen him in, but am now going back and watching everything I can find lol.

The whole cast was so good together, Okada was adorable, & Hiratsuka was hilarious. All the time. So very funny!! Not such a big fan of Kei-chan, but he was a good character lol. They all were lol.

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