Quote It: Yoon Ji Hoo

4 01 2010

After running into THIS blog by chance, I’ve decided to make a regular section on my own page where I can share my favourite quotes from the Asian dramas & movies I’ve seen (maybe from some songs, too.) I must begin w/ the quote which has really stuck w/ me from the moment the words danced off the lips of some gorgeous human being w/ golden ginger hair who just happens to be dreamily adept at piano, acoustic guitar & violin…


” Some things are only visible through faith ”

Yoon Ji Hoo (Boys Over Flowers, ep15)



I can’t explain exactly why I love this quote so much, all I can say is my heart just feels at peace every time I think of it (corny! but it’s the truth #^^#)



4 responses

23 01 2010

i love the quote too… =)

23 01 2010

i know (^O^)☆! it’s so simple but the meaning is great isn’t it <3
thanks for dropping by :]]

24 03 2012
denice™ (@denicetm)

hi! you did a great job in your reviews! i’m a big Meteor garden fanatic too! anyway, i was wondering, The picture of (Taiwanese) F4 upper most, (Your fave pic) it was in Tokyo Tower right? and when was that? I believe after MG, they continued their friendship. :) it would be nice if they went there (tokyo) for a trip as friends. ^___^

24 03 2012

Hello denice! Thank you for the awesome comment! Super happy to meet a fellow MG lover. Forever a classic <3

I don't remember exactly where that piccie you is from but yes, it is the Tokyo Tower in the background, and I can definitely say that it is from either a Japanese magazine or an F4 Japanese photobook. So many years ago! *fond tear*

And heck yeah I would so be up for an F4 reunion in Tokyo kinda show!

Gotta ask as well, do you have a favourite member? (We all dooooooo!!!!! ;P)

P.S. Love your avie. I so wish DBSK were still together T_T

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