I Come With The Rain: Such a romantic sounding title, such an unromantic waste of a name

8 01 2010


I finally watched Ahn Hung Tran‘s I Come With The Rain.

The only previous works I have encountered of the Vietnamese-French director are The Scent Of Green Papaya & Cyclo. Both were freaking brilliant (Tony Leung starred in the latter & although his dialogue was minimal, his performance was still almighty. Yes, I will mention his name at the slimmest of opportunities xDD) So upon the first news of Rain, taking the proposed international superstar cast into consideration, I almost peed my pants in sheer giddy excitement.

But what a way to let me down!

I can handle a disjointed plot (or even a lack of one completely for that matter) if the artistic & symbolic elements are crafted w/ glowing perfection & the characters made sense, but in Rain, I was majorly tempted to hit the mute button so I could silence the brash, grating soundtrack & the lazy, clunky dialogue. Then I wanted to close my eyes because the grotesque gore & violence were too meaningless to appreciate. I did not feel we were given convictive enough background stories to help us justify why these characters were all so sadistically messed up. Then out of nowhere we were drowning in crucifiction references & constant showcasing of deformed human corpse “art.”  By that time, I elected to forfeit the film on the whole & resorted to focusing on the individual acting.

Photobucket [I did squeal when I saw these 2 guys on the screen together ^^;;]

I thought I rated Josh Harnett as an actor but in Rain, he failed me. Enunciate, damn it.   Shawn Yue is a good actor but the dialogue destroyed him. Sam Lee as the whacky evangelist bemused me beyond words.  Kimura Takuya is my major blindspot & I will usually glorify his presence at all costs. I would say he was his typical solid self but to me, even so, he seemed to be a little suffocated by the confusingly loud elements of the film. I think Lee Byung Hun was the most on the money in Rain. For one I was impressed w/ his English & two, he exuded an understated coolness that seemed to combine attributes of his characters from A Bittersweet Life & The Good, The Bad & The Weird. Oh yeah, & the abs weren’t too bad either >_>;

Not to say that it was a terrible film but objectively, I don’t think it was the wisest career move for anyone involved. It may have been more of a case of it failing to live up to expectations but either way I will still mention that I have seen this movie to other people if only because of it’s gorgeous sounding name.




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12 01 2010
Ender's Girl

Tsk, aigoo, Kimura, the movies you do… *disapproval!* lol

Heh, not surprised it was LBH who made the most of his role. It’s bloody LBH, after all. (Yay, his abs make an appearance? Yay yay!)

Argh I can’t wait to watch this! (Er, no, not really, lol.) But I guess you still should, if you’re a KimuTaku completist. Sigh. Did you download this? Without subs? Do you need subs to understand Kimura’s lines? Hahahahhaha

(Kimura to Jon Bon Jovi, a recent guest on SmaSma: “Keep the face!” Hahaha)

14 01 2010

Actually, I thought Kimura-kun was brilliant in both 2046 & Love And Honour (2046 was esp frkn fantastic… gah, TonyLeung & Kimura Takuyaaaaaaaa xDDDDD ) Then there was Hero the movie, which was okay only I guess because I was a fan of the series.

I got a DVD copy of I Come With The Rain… lol, no you will not need subs, Kimura’s dialogue is pretty basic. I actually wouldn’t have minded subs for Josh Hartnett’s lines as he was always speaking in such a deep, muffly voice ^^;;

lol “Keep the face!” I haven’t seen it but I can just imagine how hilarous it would be. How do you watch Smap x Smap??? And other Johnny’s variety shows for that matter ><" It's so difficult to find full-length subbed episodes!

15 01 2010
Ender's Girl

Re Hero the Movie, I only stuck around for the fanservice bone they threw our way at the very end. *squees* And also for the rockin’ Josai District Office dudes. *does the dance of joy* The rest of the movie was so blahhh, and for all its impressive production values, it just felt like an extended SP, har har. And Lee Byung-hun = totally wasted, grrr.

You must have seen the extended cut of 2046, as the theatrical version limited Kimura’s screen time to just a few minutes. He barely made a blip on my radar when I watched the movie (for Tony Leung) a few years ago, so when I “re-discovered” Kimura in 2009 I had to go back and re-watch his scenes, lol. Well, he never made hot robot nookie look so guuuurd, I’ll say, lol.

Oh! Oh! ICwtR is out on DVD? Are the rips floating in cyberspace by now? I wonder. Lol yeah, Hartnett always had that minor articulation problem. XD

The SMAP Media LJ comm has all the SmapxSmap archives (some subbed, some raw), so just hop over to request the download links. (And ZOMG you MUST see the episode–from a few years back–where MJ drops by the SMAP set unannounced and the dudes are sitting there with glazed expressions going, “May-kel… Jak-son? May-kel… Jak-son?” LMAO!!!)

Kelly’s TK Online site shows video clips from Youtube (that’s how I watched the Bon Jovi guesting last Dec…. and Kimura’s fire-engine red pants were da bomb, hahahaha not). Links to both sites are found on my Brogroll. ^^

16 01 2010

Thanks for the info, I shall be on it straight away!
;] P.S. I wanted to be Faye Wong so badly in 2046 lol

5 07 2011

I did not watch this awful film. Josh Hartnett is nt that great and is really on the fringe of H’wood celebs. Can’t say he is a real actor.
It seemed to me that kimura would be wasted in this film. such a shame because the director has done some wonderful things.(Scent of Green Papaya was so neautiful and so effortless from start to finish.)

I love Kimura but I don’t want to see him wasted so that the production gets publicity just because his name is up there.

18 07 2011

Well Peggy, you’re much cleverer than I am by managing to dodge this dodgy film~~ Prior to Rain, I seem to remember liking Josh Hartnett, but I couldn’t really pinpoint why. AFTER watching this film, I realise I must’ve just been young and naiive, lol.

How you say that Kimura was wasted in this production, too… could not agree more. Very disappointing and frustrating as a fan knowing that this is what people watching this film who don’t know who he is will be judging him by… I wish they could’ve chucked in an addendum in the closing credits that said something along the lines of “Kimura Takuya is a much better actor than this. Please see drama X and drama Y etc etc for evidence” or something^^;

Absolutely agreed with Scent Of Green Papaya. Gorgeous film.

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