Buraddi- iie, gomen- Bloody Monday

11 01 2010

I am on a ripping high as I just finished Bloody Monday ! (I know season 2 is beginning in a couple of weeks but heya! Better late than never!) Here are 10 things I noticed (or re-noticed):

[1] How computer viruses all of a sudden seem so cool.

[2] How good-looking Japanese keitai phones are.

[3] How girly Miura Haruma‘s eyelashes are.

[4] How alluring luscious Kichise Michiko‘s lips are (even from a girl’s point of view*^^*)

[5] How small Sato Takeru‘s face is.

[6] How falcons PWN bluebirds.

[7] How Narimiya Hiroki makes fluorescent green melon soda look so yummy.

[8] How notebooks in Japan never seem to run out of battery.

[9] How Miura Haruma has become one of my favourite boy criers.

[10 ] How I will never be able to say “bloody” plainly in my good old Aussie accent ever again ^^;;;;;;

Oh well. Buraddi Monday sounds better anyways.

Here are a couple of wallies I made (as usual, pls do not hotlink! & kindly credit if re-sharing ;]] ):

Bloody Monday,Miura Haruma,Jdorama Bloody Monday,Miura Haruma,Jdorama

Bring on season 2.




12 responses

9 03 2010

Buraddi Monday… *squeeeeee* We watched cos of Haruma… he’s so adorable…so pretty…
We also love Takeru lol… why did they go and make him out to be the bad guy for a bit?! EVIL! And the father, who I never believed was bad… never…. *sob*…why… why did they do that?!? *sob*
Purplezest liked J… but I never warmed to him… not a big fan of bad guys… didn’t like that he killed Bluebird either… cos I liked Bluebird…
Kano was awesome… glad it was only a rubber bullet.

And I want bright green melon soda… I just need to find out where to get some…

12 03 2010

Hey! I never believed the father was bad either! Just slightly deranged & tripped up on power that’s all…

Takeru could never be evil even he tried… his giant doey eyes are too much of a give-away xDD

25 03 2010

i just finish episode 8 of bloody monday season 2.. the movie was very cool.. try to watch it because 4terrorist+2terrorist&hacker(hornet&spider) vs 1hacker(falcon) ^_^

3 06 2010
Ender's Girl

I was watching Gokusen the Movie last night and one particular boy happened to catch my eye amid the profusion of homogeneous orange hair and prettified button faces. Apparently this boy was Season 3’s alpha male of class 3-D, and, um, he’s cute. But manly!!! In their scenes together he made Kame look like a garden gnome, lolz. So I googled him…

So. Bloody Monday, eh? A couple of days ago I was THIS close to buying the DVD of Season 1 but decided against it when I saw Sato Takeru on the cover. Then Gokusen the Movie happened and I suddenly remembered your blog post. :-) Now I want to give it a go! Think I’ll still like this one (despite Takeru)? Miura Haruma looks positively sublime… but ohgawwd I hope he isn’t another Takki???? uh, gomen… @__@

(But OMG you HAVE seen the Shiseido ad campaign with him/Eita/Tsumabuki Satoshi/Shun, right-o? right-o???)

(Just checked his birthday. 1990????? 1990??????? You’ve GOT to be kidding me. He’s even younger than my baby brother!!! Now this is just wrong, it’s just wrong. Q___Q)

3 06 2010

lololol you got me laughing so hard!! kame as a garden gnome, gold xDD

oh you so ain’t alone, i got exactly the same feeling when i first dramawikied the boy & saw his D.O.B. O_o;;;;;; i seriously thought he would be older!! but alas, i have long taken my initial liking for the boy & crushed it to smithereens. it’s so wrong that i’ve decided we can’t even be brothers lol (but i still secretly go hunting for his dramas+movies^^;;;)

re bloody monday, it reminds me a bit of 24. it wasn’t perfect but i enjoyed it. i think how it kicked off was much better than how it finished. i liked the pace & the fact that there weren’t any love-dovey elements in it (i needed a break lol.) and i wouldn’t be surprised if miura haruma’s affection for his younger sister in the series will leave you saying, kame who ? xDD

most importantly, ignore sato takeru & try to turn a blind eye to some (or all) of the moronic terrorists & policemen & you should be fine lol let me know what you think of it when you’re done!

yep, those fog bar cms, i’ve done my round of spazz attacks over them already (^U^) Shu! Shhuu! Shhuu! Shu! Shu! Shu! Shhuu! best cms ever. my eyes got so confused though… “who, who, who are we supposed to be looking at ?!?!?!”

8 06 2010
Ender's Girl

“yep, those fog bar cms, i’ve done my round of spazz attacks over them already (^U^) Shu! Shhuu! Shhuu! Shu! Shu! Shu! Shhuu! best cms ever. my eyes got so confused though… “who, who, who are we supposed to be looking at ?!?!?!””

<< ROFLLLLLL hahahha totally!!!!!! (In fact, guess what I'm re-watching right now on Youtube? XD) When they came out last year I had to replay the CMs thrice so I could look at Eita/Shun/Satoshi in turn, but now it's 4x because that Unidentified Kawaii Object turned out to be Haruma, hehehe.

I just realized you had already posted about this (OMG your wallies are sooo yummy!!! I meant your graphics, but okay, the subjects are too ^^,,). And you're right, Eita is so adorkable!!! And did you notice there was nothing in their 4-way bromance that was in any way slashy??? It was all just sweet and kawaii, hehe. Prolly bcuz…. NO JOHNNIES IN SIGHT-O!!!!

Anyway, I tried out Bloody Monday last night, telling myself I'd only stick around for the first few minutes, and then I ended up watching 2 eppies, hahaha. It is surprisingly v. watchable (if you zone out Sato Takeru like you said, which I totally did. man, that boy? kreeepy). I literally melted seeing Miura Haruma and his li'l sis (and a few times I even felt jealous that girl wasn't me… gahhh this is SO NOT right). And Haruma? The Boy Can Act, ne? A natural, and incredibly cute.

Gomen, will STFU now lolz @__@

10 06 2010

Oh the bromance in those CMs are glorious. I long for the day that those boys end up in a dorama together.That would be the best. I actually think I would willingly sacrifice 50% of the goodies in my JE folder on my PC to see such a feat (I wouldn’t wanna erase it ALL, after all, I am only human & I do harbour a semi-fixated fetish for lip-syncing, hip-gyrating pretty boys ^^;;;)

lol Actually, now that you’ve said it, that’s it! Sato Takeru does ooze this creepiness factor! Did you remember him in Mr.Brain??? OMG, he was pretty but I was totally tranced out.

Well, well, I hope you make it to the end of Bloody Monday & do a review on it- it would be awesome hearing your thoughts in a more thorough context ^_^ BTW, notice another Narimiya Hiroki appearance?? Heck, I swear that guy just pops up everywhere!

15 06 2010
Ender's Girl

^ “after all, I am only human & I do harbour a semi-fixated fetish for lip-syncing, hip-gyrating pretty boys ^^;;;)” << THIS!!!!! XDDDD

Re Sato Takeru, Mr. Brain was the only show I'd seen him in prior to this and I kept laughing at how he must have mistaken "act spaced out" for "act like you have short-term memory loss" in that episode where he guested, which is why I was initially mehhh about BM. But I was surprised to see moments in the latter third of the drama that made me sit up and realize I had underestimated the boy (but seriously — that awwwful brown shrubbery on his head? FAIL!). So he and I are actually cool now! =D

And yeah, Narimiya is like, in EVERYTHING! LOL Too bad the material (e.g. how the baddies were written = yawwn) didn't do the guy justice.

Anyway, now that I've finished BM (onto the next!!! BM2 heeeere I come!) I'm now nodding along to your 10-point post which really summarizes everything one can feel about that drama (esp. #3, 6 & 9) XP

15 06 2010

it’s sequel city, baby!! season 2 of bloody monday was actually after season 2 of code blue on my list to watch though i’m not exactly sure why & i am having 2nd thoughts… to Pi or not to Pi now, that is the question lol

lol sato takeru’s hair was horrid. i did think he complemented miura’s role pretty well (i.e. not stealing the limelight) but i was looking at him again & man, his eyes are a little bug-like… big & bulgy, i think when he just does that vacant stare, that’s when it gets all jeepers creepers ><

well, i'm glad you whipped thru bloody monday! can we expect a review? *nudge nudge* *wink wink*

16 06 2010
Ender's Girl

“to Pi or not to Pi now, that is the question lol” << LOLOLOL — SOLID gold, baby, gold!!!!!

lol, mebbe i'll diss — er, write about BM when i'm done with season 2. i wasn't so invested in the story, but i was def. invested in miura's character (well, duh) — and OH EHM GEE, jicks, WHEN THAT BOY CRIES………….. i want to give him a great big (sisterly) bear hug ehehehehe *twiddles thumbs*

you're spot-on about sato takeru's creepy eyes! "big&bulgy" lolol! the bigger, the bulgier! lol although you're right, credit due him for not mugging for the cam / one-upping miura's character. i didn't feel the bromance from them, though — maybe only in the final ep. (mebbe 'coz they ain't johnnies?)

17 06 2010

nah, i didn’t feel much brotherly love btwn them either! i mean, to me, they probably would just add ea other as facebook friends after high school was over & that’s it, the extent of their friendship. but it is tough to surpass any johnny power combo xD doesn’t matter anyways, because i’m happy to take miura haruma as a one boy man show any day.

& spot on w/ those “sisterly” hugs… i think it’s the extra long lashes that catches those glistening tears… (seriously need to stop talking now gahaha)

26 06 2010
Drama Review: Bloody Monday (TBS, 2008 & 2010) « The Little Dorama Girl

[…] the Movie (obviously to watch Kamenashi in it, yesss *insane tittering*). Afterwards I dropped by jicks’ blog and left a rather incoherent comment that began this way: “One particular boy happened to catch […]

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