Miura Haruma in NYLON Japan Magazine

19 01 2010

Heaven knows how anyone in head-to-toe paisley (who is also sockless & wearing bleached denim coloured man-heels, mind you) can entice me to buy a magazine w/o being able to pre-peruse the contents (damn you freaking shrink wrap!!) Buuuuut…  Miura Haruma-san has managed to achieve such a feat. Here he is looking rather delectable on the Feb 2010 issue of NYLON Japan magazine. I am actually rather disturbed as I find myself admiring the boy’s impeccable good looks when he is born in the same year as my youngest brother & really, I so don’t roll as a cougar. Not that I think there is anything wrong w/ cougarship, in fact, power to those who go for it, it’s just not my style… but then again, Long Vacation is one of my favourite series lol But still, ah, no. Anyways, ahem. Enjoy the spread inside. It’s only a mere 4pages but it still may hurt your eyes because he really is just too pretty (btw, pls do not hotlink, thanks ^_^)

miura haruma,nylon japan miura haruma,nylon japan
miura haruma,nylon japan miura haruma,nylon japan miura haruma,nylon japan



One response

15 06 2010
Ender's Girl

i so love you for making all these miura haruma goodies available on your blog. domo domo!!! ^^,, man, how does that boy (young man!!! i meant, young man!!!) make a pair of nerdy spectacles look badass???

(what names does he go by, btw? is he a “miura” or is he a “haruma”? coz to me he looks like a… “miura haruma” lol)

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