My top 5 Kimura Takuya drama series

3 02 2010

Well, I took this as a challenge from Ender’s Girl, although I almost wish I didn’t because I am now a few million brain cells less because of it. Take a deep breath & let the countdown begin…

[5] A Sleeping Forest


Did I not say I like my dark dramas?

In A Sleeping Forest, we have cursing hallucinations, blinding hypnotism, torturous flashbacks & unholy blood stains set against the backdrop of a stunningly divine, tranquil forest (seriously never seen anything greener.) It’s like part-nightmare, part-heaven. The juxtaposition is surreal.

Kimura convinces me (seemingly) w/o even trying here as the mysteriously misrepresented psychopath of a family murderer. He had a certain twinkle in his eyes throughout the series that was quite simply spellbinding. Nakayama Miho is also near-faultless as Minako. Everyone, including these 2, secretly or not, had major issues & it gave me tingles watching their layers peel off one by one. I like my twisted characters & even moreso when it’s like a battle between every single one of them to see who is the most perverted one of all *EVIL LAUGH*

While I may have preferred a slightly more sunny ending, I didn’t mind the one that materialised as it manages to punch you in the face one last time, dwindling away your last rays of hope. This relentlessness, if you really thought about it, didn’t really make the most sense, but then again, it made the series what it was.  Don’t mess w/ the laws of nature I say.

[4] Engine


Not that I thought Kimura & Koyuki had overwhelmingly great chemistry but individually, I think they suited their roles well. But this series definitely wasn’t about the man/woman relationship anyways. It was all about the kids, & our hero Jiro was the biggest kid of them all (#^_^#) It was really endearing watching him interact w/ all the orphans. Seeing my girl Ueno Juri already display luminous signs of her incredible acting array opposite my man Kimura Takuya was downright awesome. In fact, all the kids were freaking awesome. Sometimes I wonder if certain “actors” should be taking acting notes from these children *COUGH*Yamapi**COUGH*

I also enjoyed the thrill of the racetrack (I wanna race a Fast Turtle !!!!!!!) & I’m glad they didn’t go w/ the glowey fairytale ending where a Jiro, voila (!), races across the finish line at the last millisecond, climbs the winner’s podium & lifts the hardware high up into the air (hurrah!) Instead they left us w/ a simple message- it’s not the end result that is most important but it’s about not giving up along the journey (golly I can learn so much from my jdoramas.)

[3] One Million Stars Falling From The Sky


This was my first Kimura Takuya series (possibly why it remains close to my heart) & instantly, I was captivated. Apart from the fact that I’ve never seen anyone who looks as good as he does in a newsboy cap, the irony & satire in this series really left a haunting impression on me. I mean, of course there was all the surface suspense & mystery & the twists & the turns but the underlying philosophical messages & questions posed truly messed w/ my psyche severely (come on, the freaking tragedy of an ending?? Do I cry or do I cringe & shudder? By the way, Kimura‘s reaction when he discovered the truth as he is leaning up against the fridge w/ the Crayola scribble in his hand… frickin perfect. My heart could not have been crushed harder.)

And it makes me feel even more messed up that I enjoyed every moment of it. All-round great performances from the main cast & well, I’m truly a fan of (good-looking^^;;) twisted souls.

[2] Beautiful Life


For starters, I’m pretty sure you would fail to try to think of a more beautiful onscreen couple than KimuraTakuya & Tokiwa Takako.

Then there’s the awesome ending theme song; Konya Tsuki Mieru no Oka ni by B’z, which I never, ever skipped (& how cute are Kimura-kun & Takako-chan in the vid ;O)

Now, truth be told, I did find the pace of the series pretty snail-like but somehow, something kept tugging at my heart. It was slow but subtle & by the end of the series, I realised the series had me right where (I gathered) it’d freaking wanted.

Who didn’t want Shuji to cut & joozh their hair for them (for free as well, sheesh )? Who didn’t squeal everytime Shuji used his foot to swing Kyoko around to face him when she was in her wheelchair? Who didn’t choke to CPR-crucial conditions when Shuji was applying make-up to the corpse of Kyoko in the final moments of the series? Who didn’t feel the ending left a glimmer of hope & content amongst all the manic sadness?

I dare say that this is still Kimura‘s best character performance to date (although his portrayal of Manpyo Teppei in The Grand Family was pretty freaking unbelievable… hmm… maybe they can be equal best =___=)


Now for the drum roll…… (not that you probably couldn’t take a wild stab)

[1] Long Vacation


♪♫♪ Maware maware merry go round !!! ♫♪♫

Oh the Kimura Takuya monster this series turned me into.

It is such a simple storyline but it is also possibly the most charming ever (& ah, hello? The soundtrack is fricking amazing!) It is the ultimate feel-good story. I was grinning non-stop like a silly little girl experiencing her first high school crush in the final few scenes where Sena & Minami just yell each other’s name out at one another over & over & over again xDDDDD Their relationship is played out at the perfect pace.

The cast is legendary & they showed that insanely good-looks can actually co-exist w/ A-class acting (this world can be strangely fair) delivering an amazing ensemble performance. It isn’t just Kimura single-handedly carrying the torch. Everyone’s portrayals along w/ Kitagawa Eriko‘s brilliantly written, uncontrived dialogue created spectacular life in the characters. They all carried flaws (seriously, Sena‘s excruciating timidness & inability to express ANYTHING that is true to his heart? And Minami‘s rather brash, in-your-face attitude?) but they made you relate to them. They made you love like them. Really, I just wanted to befriend them all.

And I also like piano. I like Sena+his piano. Sigh, it really doesn’t help that I have a natural favouritism towards gorgeous, introverted creatures who only know how to express their feelings through musical instruments (omg did someone mention Hanazawa Rui??)

I can’t believe it’s been almost 14yrs since the series originally aired in Japan but even watching it now it doesn’t feel outdated (okay, maybe except for the fashion… >_>;;)

For me, this is truly the benchmark for all romantic dramas & it will never cease to get my heart all fluttery.

Long Vacation forever <333333



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4 02 2010
Ender's Girl

“For me, this is truly the benchmark for all romantic dramas & it will never cease to get my heart all fluttery.”

Amen to that! (the final shot of Sena+Minami racing hand-in-hand towards the church = irreplaceable!!!)

Oh oh oh I never skipped the B’z song either!!!!!! It still remains my favorite end credits sequence!

Hahahaha YamaPi sure could learn something from his kouhai Nakajim Yuto (Shuuhei). Kid’s a natural. I SO loved the foster home kids, too!!! (Shunta = Iloveyouuuuuuuu)

Love your rundown! It’s a well-balanced list, too — comedy/darkness/melodrama/romromromromrom XDDDD

Now I feel like singing La-la-la-loooooove soooooong (hey baby, hey baby)…

7 02 2010

The soundtrack to Long Vacation is still so listenable to… I still randomly break out into La La La mode every now & then!! The ending credit sequence to Beautiful Life is also my favourite to date <3

Now girl, I want to see your list!! I've read your individual reviews but I want to see you suffer the agony as well & actually rank them (it's actually quite fun lol) xDDDDDD

7 02 2010
Ender's Girl

Rats! Foiled again! lolz

Well, your top 2 are definitely in my top 5. XD The other 3 would be Hero/LoveGen/Pride. (I’m not done with Karei so I don’t know if my list will change after I’ve seen it. But I dread the day! lol) But to rank them? *squirms* I–I love them all equally! In different ways!!! But–equally!!! Like… like your own children!!! (Hahahahahaha = whatta cop-out. X__x)

Oh, oh, I forgot to say this in my previous comment: I’m lovin’ your blog’s new look!!! =DDDDD

8 02 2010

lol You conned me, that’s not fair!! Although I know what you mean… there’s always something unique about ea of his series that defines them from the rest & makes them special.

I had Hero @ the 5spot originally but bumped it at the last min because I couldn’t get past Naoki‘s enchantingly boyish good looks xDD The class of the comedy in Hero is like nothing else though. I recall the scene (ep09??) where Ryo goes to attack Kimura w/ a knife & he goes to defend himself w/… a scarf LOL Could not stop laughing.

I actually didn’t think as much of Love Generation as some. Liked it but Riko-chan got on my nerves xPP My lasting memory from that series is the red glossy apple :D I am assuming you are a Kimura+Matsu Takako shipper??

Be careful w/ Karei, he is so amazing in it xDD

12 02 2010
Ender's Girl

Re Hero – Yeah, that scene was hilaaaarious. The comedy of that show worked because the cast didn’t try so hard to be slapsticky and all that. Their characters were always dead-serious, which made their various scrapes all the funnier (Egami! Shibayama! Suetsugu! Endo! lol).

Re LoveGen – At least your lasting memory is the apple. Mine is that horrible opening song, which has the same effect on the brain as… African sleeping sickness. Production values were a joke, too. And that StupidOlderBrother+Ex-GF arc was just soap opera crazy bad. But I loved the Teppei and Riko love story so, so, so much, which made up for everything else.

Who, me? A KimuxMatsu shipper? Ehhh, you say “shipper” like it’s a baaaad thing… XDDDD Hahahahahhaaa I guess you could say so, but it’s the kind of shipping that you know is pretty hopeless, which just intensifies the shipping even more (dang it!). Oh, I know it’s a lost cause (… or is it? lol), so it’s not like I pray every night that they realize they’re soulmates or something. I mean, they’re married and stuff. Besides, if (in a parallel world) they do end up together, he’ll only break her heart. I mean, he’s freakin’ Kimura. Women (*ahem*) fall all over his TV screen image, how much more in person? Think he’d be the monogamous type? Ah durnt thunk so… /shipper rant over =D

3 11 2010
Suzanne can u leave out Good Luck?!

3 11 2010

Hey thankyou for taking the time to comment :)

I know! Believe me, I was tearing my hair out thinking about the series that I left out… but for me, while I did enjoy the glitz, the glam & the glossiness of what Good Luck delivered, I didn’t find the same emotional & sentimental connection with the characters or the plot as I had with my personal top five- although I did still love it lol It would probably my my 6th or 7th favourite ;)

And Kimura in a pilot uniform was definitely something special xDD

Care to share your favourites, Suzanne? ;P

4 11 2010

My favourites? Hee hee…

To be honest, I am not the biggest Kimutaku fan. Takenouchi Yutaka kinda took the spotlight away from him in LV and I was hooked on him ever since… XDD

But that said, there’s no denying that Kimutaku has this aura that pulls you in no matter which role he takes on; even when he’s in SMAP, he’s the only member I gravitate to! (hmm….maybe besides Goro and Shingo occasionally.)

So here’s my take on his Top 5 dramas:
1. Good Luck!
2. Good Luck!
3. Good Luck!
4. Good Luck!
5. Good Luck!

Ok, I am kidding of course. :)

I have only watched like a handful of his dramas so it’s more of which drama gets which position LOLZ.

Here’s the real deal:

1. Good Luck!

This feel-good drama makes the first on my list for sure. Heck, it even makes the first 5 on my all-time Japanese drama list.

Factors: Kimutaku in a pilot uniform looking dashing 100% of the time, Kuroki Hitomi (’nuff said), the wacky co pilot, fabulous song (Ride on Time), tomboyish Kou Shibasaki…what’s not to like?

2. Karei naru Ichizoku

Where do I start? Maybe the part where this is the first drama I have seen Kimutaku in a serious role. Or the part where his acting just blew me away, especially the last scene, so poignant, so heartbreakingly sad that the emotions stayed with me for days after.

Or maybe the part that the great actor Kitaoji Kinya has a part in this drama. Or the fact that every scene in the drama is full of cinematic goodness. Let’s also not forget that the OST includes some of the most stirring background music I have ever heard.


Kimutaku in an orange jacket? Yes please!
And also Matsu Takako as his sidekick and the cases every episode makes for a very interesting and addictive drama.

4. Long Vacation

Everything you said about LV, i agree totally!
I also like the piano, the ultimate classical instrument (cue Nodame Cantabile!) I like the theme song (La La La La…) And it sure adds to the charm factor when you have eye candy like Takenouchi inside.

5. Asunaro Hakusho

Shocking? This is the drama that introduced me to Kimutaku. Although he’s not the main lead, but he still manages to shine throughout the show.

There u go my top 5. :)

6 11 2010

haha It seems like you really love Good Luck! Don’t blame ya… The points you mentioned are all dead on ;D

Man I love Hero & Karei naru Ichizoku too! The cast of Hero just had it all going on, never tried too hard & that’s how I like my comedies :D As for Karei, I thought the acting from father & son were top notch, the production & cinematography were fantastic (not sure where I said this before but I definitely felt like I didn’t do it justice by watching it on my not-so-big television screen -_-;) & it was definitely a thinking story. Loved it as well but I’m not sure if I could bring myself to watch it again because it was such a heavy drama^^

You like SMAP too? *high five* Kimura is my favourite mainly because of his drama work but Shingo is funny as heck… nah, I love all of them lol Ar, while we are on the subject, can I probe you on any other Johnny Entertainment Japanese groups you like?

Oh, btw, I think we will have to agree to disagree on Takenouchi Yutaka in LV ;D I am definitely a Sena fangirl all the way, baby xDD

11 04 2011


15 04 2012
Daniela Dimitrova

Thanks for your list! I’m new to the KimuTaku addiction but going fast through his dramas! I’m mostly looking for romance and chemistry (and some real kissing, unlike most k-dramas ;) ) so I think I’ll go to Long Vacation next. My favorite for now is Pride (great chemistry!!!), currently watching Moon Lovers but it goes to number 2, Engine, A million stars falling from the sky and last, Love Generation (actually I’ve only seen these 5 hehehe)

16 04 2012

Hi Daniela,

Thanks for stopping by! No problem-o for this list-o. Sharing is caring as they say, this totally applies when it comes to the dorama world. And by the sounds of it, you’re pretty much Dorama King expert with the amount of Kimura’s series you’ve already watched. No doubt Pride was amazing, I don’t think Kimura ever looked any hotter, lol.

Hope you come out of Long Vacation in one normal, messless state, haha. Love to hear what you thought of it when you’re done ;)


19 04 2012
Daniela Dimitrova

Hi again and thanks for your answer! I’m so glad I subscribed to any follow-up posts ;) btw, do u have a facebook account? I’d be glad to add you to my list of drama fans :) well, mine is – if you care to add me.
Now to Long Vacation – I just finished ep.8. It’s a really addictive drama and the lead actress is so crazy but also cute in a funny way. And Kimu <3 Oh I love his dorkiness so much here, much more than in Love generation. And I love how he is like a boy sulking when things don't go the way he wants hehehe….I'm definitely enjoying this:)
After that my next drama will be the one where he plays a pilot, I think its name was Good Luck. Have you seen it? Any chemistry? ;)

28 07 2012

Daniela! Glad to be friends with you :)

So I guess you went on a bit of a Kimura Takuya streak, ne? Too much of a good thing can sometimes not be so good! ahahahaa

I enjoyed Good Luck alot for all the glamour of the airline industry (plus Kimura in a pilot’s suit? Ah, hello! *flushes bad thoughts out of brain* ^^lll) What did you end up thinking of it?

Also, care to share your top 5 series? ;P

27 10 2013

I love to watch Engine, Long Vacation, Hero, Mr.Brain and Priceless and also now most newest series, A.I Know Love. Never get better seeing kimura acted

14 03 2014

Hey hallowdraft!

I apologise for this ridiculously delayed reply, but thanks for stopping by : ) Unfortunately I haven’t seen Ando Lloyd, but for Kimura, I will totes get onto it soon(ish)! What are your thoughts on the series?

Have to say I was a bit disappointed with Priceless, not that it was a bad show, or Kimura’s acting was bad (far from), but… I guess there was nothing really new brought to the table for me. I am extremely eager about his upcoming lead role in Miyamoto Musashi. Luscious haired warriors also scores highly with me XD

29 11 2013

watching long vacation! so 90’s! so good!

14 03 2014

sennuki, all I have to say is, “Maware maware merry go round!!!!!!” <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Thanks for dropping by XD

10 01 2015
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My top 5 Kimura Takuya drama series | [Candy.Me]

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