i ❤ mika nakashima

7 02 2010

and her new single Always .


Always is also on the soundtrack for the new movie Sayonara Itsuka, which is based on the novel by Tsuji Hitonari. And !!!!! I just found out that the film is directed by John H. Lee, who also directed my (equal) favourite movie ever, Korean flick, A Moment To Remember <3 I am so even more eager to see the new movie now aaaaaahhh.

Anyways, enough already, listen to the title song here: [[[ Mika Nakashima – Always ]]]




3 responses

5 03 2010
Pat C.

I can’t wait to see it. John H. Lee is brilliant!

6 03 2010

I ♥ Mika too!
Orion, Focus, Glamorous SKy are my faves..
This new single is awesome, as expected. Thanks for sharing!

6 03 2010

^ORION & Glamorous Sky are also 2 of my favourites songs xDD Probably along w/ Shadows Of You. And Yuki no Hana :)) Yeah, I think she is amazing.

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