I rate this scene: My Girl [episode 13]

14 02 2010

Firstly, Happy Chinese New Year to all!! I hope that the Year Of The Tiger brings great prosperity to everyone. May all your dreams come true ☆彡

Secondly, Happy Valentine’s Day to all!! Whether you are single, coupled, married or somewhere in between, I wish you every happiness <3

Now let’s get down to business. I can’t think of a Chinese New Year scene from any series so since it’s also all about Saint Valentine today, I figured we can totally concentrate on kissing!! This one from the end of episode13 of My Girl (the 2005 Korean series obviously & not the jdorama starring my darling Aiba-kun^^) is probably my favourite kiss scene ever in Asian drama land.


That’s right, Seol Gong Chan & Joo Yoo Rin on the chilly streets of Seoul w/ all the cutesy teasing. The “saranghae” he sneaks in between seals the deal for me. Nothing overdone. Utter perfection. I think I remember ga-ga-gaaaaaaaasping.




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15 02 2010
Ender's Girl

Oh man, I remember this. I remember this. Pure magic.

Fave line: “Disappointed?” hahahahahahhahaha Gong-chanxYoo-rin 4vr! *sigh*

Hey dija know that LDH recently admitted she went steady with one of her leading men? I’ll bet my thymus gland it was TOTALLY WOOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 02 2010

^^Noo!! Did not hear that piece of news! But I bet you are right, there seemed to be a little something extra btwn those 2 when you watched them offscreen & @ other events. Thanks for satisfying my inner fangirl w/ such a nice dose of goss xDD

6 04 2010

hi there! i saw your comment on hangukdrama’s blog and i couldn’t help but check out yours~ I LOVE THIS PART~ i remember giggling and shaking my sister who was beside me when i was watching this.

7 04 2010

hi there right back at ya!!

lol At least you have a sis to grab & giggle w/!!! I don’t have any sisters so when I watched this scene I just rewound, rewound, rewound (after reawakening from passing out of course^^;;)

thanks for dropping by :))

1 06 2010

hehe, I have this scene on my ipod. It’s so adorable.

I love your blog and I’m so happy that I found it.

2 06 2010

nice to meet you & thankyou for leaving a comment!! are you a fellow kdrama fan?

i know, it doesn’t matter how many times i (re)watch this scene, it never fails to get me feeling all cupid stupid xDDDDD
can’t wait until lee dong wook returns from the military <3

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