I wish A.N.JELL were a real band so I could totally fangirl spazz over them

21 02 2010

Well, I’ma totally spazzing it out as it is anyways.

I’ve been randomly chanting out various A.N.JELL anthems at work (♪♩♫ I will promise you du nune neoman damgo salagalgg ♫♪♫ ^^;;) (!!), which, considering 99.99999999% of my colleagues are white people, can make the situation a little awkward.

But meh. What the heck. I will confess I will be ordering my Hwang Tae Kyung chibi phone charm in as I complete processing this entry xDD

I also made some wallpapers using the images from their High Cut photoshoot in which I think they all look as sophisticated as they are cool. Uber cool.

You're Beautiful,A.N.JELL,Jang Geun Suk,Park Shin Hye,Lee Hong Ki,Jung Yong Hwa You're Beautiful,A.N.JELL,Jang Geun Suk,Park Shin Hye,Lee Hong Ki,Jung Yong Hwa You're Beautiful,A.N.JELL,Jang Geun Suk,Park Shin Hye,Lee Hong Ki,Jung Yong Hwa
(friendly reminder, pls do not hotlink & kindly credit if re-sharing, thankyou :])

So if you haven’t hopped on the A.N.JELL bandwagon yet in You’re Beautiful, then get on it! The series is everything a Hana Yori Dango cross Hana Kimi cross KPop obsesser would love. That I am & that I did.

Will spazz more about them in a few days.


P.S. I do have new Arashi, Mika Nakashima & Nodame Cantabile magazine images to share but my scanner carked it. Shopping around for a new one but did you know scanners aren’t cheap these days??




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22 02 2010
Ender's Girl

Oooh, I plan to watch You’re Beautiful in a couple of weeks, when the semester is over. Heh, mebbe A.N.JELL can do a Taiwanese F4? You know, make drama first, form boyband after. =D

(Shameful confession: HanaDan was my first Jdrama ever, and I actually thought the cast was a real live boyband, just like in Meteor Garden. And when my best friend informed me that MatsuJun belonged to the boyband Arashi, I assumed Oguri Shun, Matsuda Shota and the other one (lol) were Arashi as well. Hahahaha silly me.)

Cool wallies, btw! You’d never guess they were in a K-pop band, lol.

24 02 2010

Thanks :))

OMG I love the Taiwanese F4 <33 But the fiction-to-reality situation for A.N.JELL is, unfortunately, unlikely, as 2 of guys are members of other bands already… but I am more than happy to take worship towards their bands respectively xDD I've never really seen Korea cross over their artists into different bands, unlike w/ J-Ent, I mean, if Johnny-san was involved, I am sure he would make the A.N.JELL sub-unit happen purely for the ka-ching! factor… & ultimately, fangirl satisfaction xD

haha Don’t feel bad about the HanaDan/Arashi thing! What I want to interrogate you about is which version you liked most: Meteor Garden, Hana Yori Dango or Boys Over Flowers? (I can’t believe I haven’t done a comparison on my blog yet^^;;)

25 02 2010
Ender's Girl

LOL! You can just imagine Johnny stabbing a knobby finger at Jang Geun-seuk et al., going, “You. You. You. You. Sub-unit. Now.” Ahhhh, where would fandom be without good ol’ Johnny K. =D

You should TOTALLY do an MG/HYD/BOF blow-by-blow, pound-for-pound smackdown! BOF I never even got to finish; I plodded through the first half before bailing. I couldn’t stand Goo Hye-sun. Like. AT ALL. I mean, I know that Kdramas have perfected the Ditzy-but-Endearing Heroine Stereotype, but GHY wasn’t even endearingly ditzy, she was borderline retarded, IMHO. Looked too old, too. They shoulda set the story in college instead, like in MG.

MG – OMG I think I was the most emotionally invested here. Cried buckets and all. The production values were the least impressive (I mean hello, Dao Ming Si living in a white museum/white fondant cake?!??!), but the chemistry worked for me.

HYD – I thought the cast was the most talented but least attractive of all three casts, lol. Great chemistry too. But I found myself turning into a RuixMakino shipper by season 2, something I never felt watching MG. It’s all Shun’s fault!!! hehehe

25 02 2010

lol “borderline retarded” We totally share the same thoughts on GHY! But I soldiered on thru BOF for my dearest JiHoo sunbae (& for the HanaDan legacy… actually I am thinking about watching the latest Chinese version too but that would involved alot of courage on my part^^;;)

That’s it! Decision made! It will be labourious but will def work on the comparison post!

Love the fondant cake comment. It’s so true xDD“`

26 02 2010
Ender's Girl

Oh yeah, the Chinese version. I don’t think it’s considered an official remake, because they didn’t wait for the mandatory waiting period between TV adaptations, and they totally ripped the concept and the story but marketed it off as an “original” (or something like that). Still, I suppose it merits inclusion in your “comparative analysis” (lol), somehow…

I am SO looking forward to that post!!! *rubs hands gleefully* The fans will luvehht!!! :D

3 03 2010

Oh no oh no I didn’t mean I wanted to review the Chinese version, I don’t think it warrants my time (I did not just say that…)

I have been thinking lately though, perhaps it is time Taiwan remade the bloody series. I don’t know how much you keep up w/ the Taiwanese entertainment bizo but I like the idea of Joe Cheng, Mike He, Ethan Ruan & probably one of the Fahrenheit boys as the new F4 xDDDDDD

BTW, my “comparative analysis” is totally in the works. Frckn ridiculous trying to find Meteor Garden pictures!

10 01 2011

i dont know how long ago this post was but i watched You’re Beautiful and it was awesome! DX its sooo BEAUTIFUL! SHIN WOO, JEREMY, TAE KYUNG, AND EVEN GO MI NAM! <3 im sad its over :'[ but it was a good 16 hours well spent ^^

11 01 2011

Heya! Thanks for sharing the luurve! lol

Well, you named Shin Woo first so I’m guessing he was your favourite? hehe ;P I did like the fact that he was always there silently looking out for Go Mi Nam / Mi Nyu but at one point it was a lil frustrating watching him not fight harder to win her over… but then again, there is no way the girl would’ve said yes. That was one thing I loved about Park Shin Hye’s character- her heart never swayed the teeniest tiny bit :)

Anyways, shall stop myself from rambling on any further (!!) Thanks again for dropping by, & have a nice day! (^_^)

12 01 2011

LOL… Well, I tell myself that I love HongKi but every time I stare at Shin Woo… he’s just so cool! I can’t help myself LOL. Tae Kyung was my least favorite but I still liked him and how he slowly began to fall for Go Mi Nam. It was really sweet! I just kept rooting for Shin Woo even to the end of the movie, when it was obvious she knew who she was in love with. LOL, I even cried when she wasn’t with Jeremy! Oh my gosh, I just love this drama so much. <3
LOL, it was no problem! I'm glad you replied :D and have a nice day to you as well! ^^

14 01 2011

Oh, do you mean the bus scene? I think every girl shed a tear or two for Jeremy there! But I loved how after the trip he just bounced back up & was his bubbly sunshine self again.

Btw, not that I’ve gotten around to watching it yet, but apparently the guys had a cameo in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho! Have you had a chance to catch them yet?

And could not agree more with you- YB is just pure love :D Much MUCH better than the overrated series of the same year that was Boys Over Flowers >_>;

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