Lesson 101: How To Form A Successful Pop Band!

25 02 2010

Well, more like “What kinda guys to bunch together in a drama series to make fangirls go all ga-ga.”

As I mentioned in my last post, these days I am oh-my-fricks besotted w/ the You’re Beautiful clan. The series was a blatantly obvious pre-calculated sucker-of-a-trap but I still fell for it. But you can’t blame me. I can totally explain. You too could set the same trap!

Basically, when total fangirl enslaught is the mission, search high & low & for your life to recruit these types of peeps (fangirls unite, stand in line & take your pick…):


#1 The Uber Cool Leader Hwang Tae Kyung
This guy epitomises what cool is. He may not necessarily be the most classically good-looking guy but he has a certain edge that draws your eyes to him- & for some freaking reason, you can not look away (・_・;) The Uber Cool Leader is usually strong & seemingly cold on the facade, comes complete w/ a fiery temper, but has a child-like (but not childish) innocence. Deep down he is a softie whose heart is waiting for his one & only special girl to come along & rescue him (more often than not from a terribly, terrible traumatic past ><;;) Once he (finally) realises that he had actually fallen in love w/ her long before they had even met, he is forever there to protect her. And in the sweetest, cutesiest ways ever.
Other examples I liked: Domyouji Tsukasa, Dao Ming Si, Sano Izumi, Prince Lee Shin, Sun Woo Hwan, Lee Young Jae, Shan Jun Hao, Ji Cun Xi, Jung Jae Min, Cha Moo Hyuk
His love slogan: Why would I ever give up? We are meant to be together.
What I want to say to him: Wow, what a torrential diva! But alas, I can’t get past your utterly endearing cuteness. And your undying courage to fight for your love. Actually, you seem like you would be alot of fun to be around. I want you to hug me xDD


#2 The Guardian Angel Kang Shin Woo
Gaaaaawd how many of these have I fallen for in my life ( ̄□ ̄;) The Guardian Angel is predominantly there to safeguard the girl until the main guy realises what the bjesus is going on. Usually more introverted & laidback in character, usually artistic in some form or another, usually insanely good-looking, usually the Prince Charming who girls want to swoop them up onto his damn horse & gallop away on a pretty flower-cladded meadow into the sunset (or maybe a rainbow? Or a meteor shower!) He wipes away the girl’s tears when she is sad, he wipes away her sweat when she is tired, he serenades her w/ the [insert appropriate romantic musical instrument here], he kisses her on the forehead when she is asleep (probably because she has a fever from working herself unconscious,) really, he would give his life for her… but seriously, all for whaaaaaat I ask ><” (!) *bangs head against the wall*
Other examples I liked: Hanazawa Rui, Hua Ze Lei, Yoon Ji Hoo, Han Tae Suhk, Zhong Xiao Gang, Park Jun Se, Xu Zi Qian
His love slogan: Loving someone doesn’t mean I have to be w/ them. Even if my heart is bleeding, as long as she is happy, I will be happy for her.
What I want to say to him: Oh my Guardian Angel, why is it that you never get the girl? Is it because you are suffering from “nice guys always finish last” syndrome? Is it because you can be just so darn boring on dates? Or is it because you are just too much of a sissy to fight for your love? Why the eff can’t you just say & do what your heart feels? Heck, in a way you know what, I think you deserve to not get the girl. But still, oh why, oh why, oh why do I love you?


#3 The Good Time Pacifist Kang On Yu (Jeremy)
This guy is usually upbeat, athletic & speaks to the younger generation because of his street smart coolness. Totally up to trend. He tends also to be the one who glues the group together, not really w/ his direct leadership per se, but it’s because he values friendship & loyalty above anything else.  At times he can be the comedic relief. May also at some stage harbour feelings towards the main girl & may have a minor “why can’t I have her” moment but soon enough realises where everyone stands & w/o much ado, steps aside for the sake of everything. Will be there to make her laugh & console her when both the other guys are just being morons. Sometimes, this guy may be the second male lead but only in the absence of the Guardian Angel.
Other examples I liked: Nakatsu Shuichi, Kusano Akira, Song Woo Bin, Jin Yuan Feng
His love slogan: Everyone in life has their own role to play. Our friendship means the world to me so don’t worry, I would never want to play another role to change this.
What I want to say to him: Let’s just play & eat all day together already!


And there it is. Fail proof. The only reason why you would fail is because of a lousy heroine (which Park Shin Hye was not! xD)

BTW, it is also essential that they look good together as a unit. So good that it’s as if w/o any one of them, the fandom universe would implode.

Ooh, one last pic (couldn’t help myself…):

[^^Can you see what I see?]




2 responses

29 01 2011

Can I re-open this almost 1 year old post of yours jicks?
your observations are really umm.. acccurate. :P

And one minor detail for the uber cool guy, I think he’s most likely linked with equally popular girl (like Yoo He Yi, though not necessarily true, hehehe) just to prove that rockstars get the hottest girls :P

For the good time pacifist, is nakatsu shuichi the nakatsu of hana kimi? if yes then, I agree with you 100% ! Even Akira of Nobuta wo Produce suits this description, don’t you think? :)

31 01 2011

Drats, I can not believe I forgot Akira-kun!!! *goes back to edit* You are spot on, I think he definitely falls in this category <3 LOL at your observation the rockstar always gets the popular girl… so true! Maybe not by his will but the girl always just a way to shamelessly throw themselves at the guy for the sake of creating that perfect couple image to the world. It's like, the whole Prom King & Queen effect lol

Btw, can’t believe You’re Beautiful was that long ago! I have to say I miss those A.N.JELL boys dearly (*´ー`*) Although I heard they had a cameo in My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, which I still have to get onto… have you managed to catch a glimpse of them in that yet?

And yah, Nakatsu of Hana Kimi is the man! One of the best things about that series he was :D Actually, note to self: must go back & edit this post (when I have some time lol) & add series name next to each character mentioned…..^^;

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