MG VS HYD VS BOF – Part 1: The People

3 03 2010

Because it’s all about the people.


BATTLE 1: The Weed Grass Heroine

GOLD: Barbie Xu
SILVER: Inoue Mao
BRONZE: Do we even bother?*

My 2+CENTS: V. v. close btwn first & second place. I love LOVE LOVE Inoue Mao‘s perfect high-school girl portrayal of Makino Tsukushi, her on-song comedic timing & her amazing chemistry w/ Jun-kun but Shan Cai showed me a more human-like fighting “weed grass” spirit that made me empathise & believe.

I really believed that Shan Cai was wholeheartedly loyal & compassionate & truly, truly put her family & friends before herself. She was righteous, just like her lover ;O I cried w/ her, I laughed w/ her, I actually wanted to be there for her. Out of the three, I also genuinely believed she was the only one who would be able to find a way to make a living for herself even w/ the whole world scheming against her. And as strong as she was in protecting her loved ones, she also had the same amount of heart to love. I totally got the feeling she could protect Ah Si as much as he could protect her.

*Do we even bother?: I never thought Goo Hye Sun was a bad actress but Boys Over Flowers has made me think twice about her versatility.

I guess to be fair, Geum Jan Di was a pretty lamely written character w/ pretty lamely scripted actions (but on a positive note, amazing fashion sense ^^ OMG I want those shiny patent Oxford shoes w/ the hot pink soles she donned in Macau & one of the heels broke & then Ji Hoo had to piggyback her… or is it the piggyback ride I want? Anyways, I shall continue…) I thought she really lost her sense of self once she & her “man” of destiny Goo Joon Pyo realised their (so-called) love for one another. And this sudden snap in character was pretty abrupt. All I did was blink & the loud, obnoxious but at least semi-entertaining girl from the hood had vanished before my eyes! What was left was a silly ass woman who wept night in & night out over some curly-haired idiot, all at the same time whilst playing serious mind games w/ my darling Ji Hoo sunbae. Totally unforgivable ><” (one thing I did like about Jan Di though was her passion for swimming. Her choice for a medical career however, certainly made me ponder…)

BATTLE 2: The Arrogant Leader With The Bad Perm

GOLD: Matsumoto Jun
SILVER: Jerry Yan
BRONZE: Do we even bother?#

My 2+CENTS: In a nutshell, MatsuJun PWNS.

Many will argue Jun didn’t have the physical build to pull off the character but IMO, he more than made up for it w/ his acting. He may be the lankiest & the least tall of the three (notice my choice of words lol) but to me he was def the manliest of them all- & I say this objectively (totally crossing my heart here.) Completely bought his bakaness, his passion, his temper, his innocence, his loyalty, his innate, primal need to be Makino‘s man. And seriously, if you ask me, anyone who renders the King Of Pop‘s fashion & pulls it off deserves highest glory xDD

I loved Jerry’s portrayal of Dao Ming Si as well. The acting may not have been of any great technical excellence but he had a natural righteousness about him I thought the character should have. (Unlike Goo Joon Pyo *pfft*) PLUS, his dimple xDDDDDD

#Do we even bother?:  I’m sorry… no wait, I’m not sorry. He should be the one who is sorry. I’m here to say what I want!

By contrast to Jerry‘s portrayal, I definitely felt evil through Lee Min Ho‘s depiction as the F4 leader. On top of that, in my eyes, Goo Joon Pyo was a certified coward. Seriously, when did you see him fight for his “love” for Jan Di?? Heck, he would’ve been married to Jae Kyung had that crazy woman chose not to action a last-millisecond dispensing of the bomb-head. While Domyouji & Dao Ming Si admittedly had pompous egos, it was still evident that ultimately their love for their girl was the one thing they most wanted to protect. I can’t recall one event where Joon Pyo made a proactive move that forced other people to see just how much Jan Di meant to him (I mean, come on, getting out of you car to pash her in peak hour traffic? How much guts does that take??) If you ask me, the thing Joon Pyo cared most about was himself & his nasty perm.

BATTLE 3: The Autistic One

GOLD: Spare Me
SILVER: Seriously
BRONZE: …I can not choose.

Get over yourself already: If there is ever a debate category in Asian drama land that divides my heart up the most, it’s this one, right here.

I want to say Vic because he was the first. He is the one responsible for propelling me into penultimate Asian drama infatuation, no return. Ah Lei seemed the most like a lost soul (some may argue zombie or wooden mummy) before Shan Cai entered his life. He was the one I most wanted to baby & he will be forever my Hua Ze Lei. I think he looks the most manga-esque out of the three. And he also looks like the best kisser xDD

I want to say Shun because he acted the role the best. I think the other two were more born naturally into their respective characters but in terms of the technical aspect & understanding where Rui stood in the scheme of the story, Shun had the best grasp on the role. You saw & understood Rui‘s character development. Plus, it’s Oguri Shun xDD

I want to say Hyun Joong because his smile is like the sunshine & he played not one, not two, but THREE of my favourite musical instruments in the series! *melts* He did too freaking much for Jan Di & genuinely did not expect anything in return. He was her true Guardian Angel. And he was actually the better man in Boys Over Flowers. And did I not mention his Burberry coat? xDD

So who??? Who?? WHOOO?? *pulls hair out*

Screw it, give me all three of them & a dark corner now.

BATTLE 4: The Playboy

GOLD: Matsuda Shota
BRONZE: Do we even bother?^

My 2+CENTS: Can’t really begin w/o bagging the crap out of a certain SYJ.

^Do we even bother?: So Yi Jung in the beginning = relatively charming. So Yi Jung in dramatic scene(s) = EPIC FAIL *runs & hides from Kim Bum fangirls* Case in point- the scene where Ga Eul takes him onto the rooftop to see the whole billboard thing that his ex-girlfriend had wanted him to see x number of years ago… Kim Bum totally butchered this scene. 100000.236% butchered it. I think he got confused thinking excessive wailing = well-expressed painful emotion *buzzer* WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. Overrated to say the least. Go watch Shota-kun’s version of the scene & you will actually feel what you’re supposed to feel.

I also feel Kim Bum‘s looks were too boyishly cute to play the role. Ken was a smidge too much of a man’s man- but I loved the feisty, don’t-give-a-fudge attitude he instilled into Xi Men. For me, Matsuda Shota exerted the perfect blend of playboy good looks & masculine suaveness, just what I’d picture Nishikado Soujiro to be. All the tea ceremony goodness made me believe he was someone who valued tradition, too (major plus points.)

BATTLE 5: The Carefree Cougar Hunter

GOLD: Kim Joon
SILVER: Vanness Wu
BRONZE: Abe Tsuyoshi

My 2+CENTS: I almost, almost picked my homeboy Vanness but I was swayed by (my personal) THEY SHOULD HAVE GIVEN WAY MORE SCREEN TIME TO WOO BIN (!!!) Campaign. There wasn’t much womanising action from him but still, I think Kim Joon was so, so, so COOL. As soon as he said his “Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!” (followed by some pretty darn cute Engrish) in the first episode, that was me gone. Instant fan. He made the character what it was meant to be… an upbeat guy who valued friendship & loyalty & would stand up & defend his mates when they were in need. I would totally voluntarily be his right (or left) hand in fighting crime across the universe.

Argh, but I can’t help but feel bad for not saying Vanness was the best!! No wait, I really wanted to!!! In terms of the happy-go-lucky, older-woman-womaniser part of the character, & the silky, pan-straight, beautifully lustrous hair, he got it right (even the hair flicks were phenomenal^^;;) Probably the one thing Mei Zuo lost me on was his impetuousness. I simply preferred Woo Bin‘s, well, cooooolness.

As for Abe-kun… well, not his fault. His character was virtually a complete non-factor in HanaDan. Not his fault (did I say that already??)

BATTLE 6: The Vanilla Best Friend

GOLD: Kim So Eun
SILVER: Rainie Yang
BRONZE: Nishihara Aki

My 2+CENTS: This role is difficult to pull off w/o getting on the nerves of a modern-day female (truly, feminists of this world, look away.)  Aki-chan’s effort was a little too unfocused for me. Rainie was too painfully little girl. I would say I liked Kim So Eun‘s interpretation most. Ga Eul was every bit the girly girl but she didn’t turn into a colossal loser when she lost in love (I adore Rainie but remember Xiao You miserably roaming the streets of Taipei before plonking herself into a dismal squat on the side of the street after she got played?? *shakes head in disgrace*) I found Ga Eul to be quietly strong (esp for Jan Di) & genuinely chaste- w/o being irritating. This could be more a case of just being naturally right for the role. Kim So Eun‘s pure, innocent looks definitely working to her advantage here.

BATTLE 7: The First Love

GOLD: Winnie Qian
SILVER: Han Chae Young
BRONZE: Sada Mayumi

My 2+CENTS: Oh Winnie Qian, oh Winnie Qian, why are you so pretty? You gave Tang Teng Jing such a refined, ethereal aura that we all know not just any man would be able to stand within a 100m radius of you.

Oh Han Chae Young, oh Han Chae Young, why are you so pretty? You carried Min Seo Hyun w/ such a glamourously expensive air of elegance & made her the type that all powerful, wealthy hoteliers would fight to be-wife.

I chose Winnie as my favourite, partially because she was the first, but also because I really think she captured the clean grace of the character. She definitely wasn’t the type to just mingle w/ anybody but she wasn’t someone who looked down on those who were socially &/or economically lesser fortunate than herself by any means. And I truly believed she was the one who had guided Ah Lei to where he was now.

Sada Mayumi is a very pretty girl but I didn’t buy her as the successful but (apparently) down-to-earth Todo Shizuka. To me, she totally came off as fake. Like, I-know-you-secretly-enjoy-filthy-rich-men-showering-you-w/-gazillion-dollars-worth-of-pearls fake (>_>)

BATTLE 8: The Kick Ass Big Sister

GOLD: Kim Hyun Joo
SILVER: Mary Hsu
BRONZE: Matsushima Nanako

My 2+CENTS: Lusciously even battlefield here!! Easily could’ve been a 3way tie. I think all three ladies were perfectly cast. I had an enormous girl crush on Kim Hyun Joo prior to Boys Over Flowers as it was anyways but her enactment as the super-duper-sassy-cool Goo Joon Hee made me love her even more. I suppose I most relished watching her execute some major ass whooping on the fool that was Goo Joon Pyo. I also enjoyed Mary‘s role as Dao Ming Zhuang for the same reason- her punches & kicks were amazing (am I closet sadistic??) Domyouji Tsubaki was a little more muted in her violent behaviour towards her brother but nevertheless, she was still extremely elegant, extremely graceful & extremely charismatic.

BATTLE 9: The Crazy Monkey Fiancee

GOLD: Kato Natsuki
SILVER: Ke Huan Ru
BRONZE: Lee Min Jung

My 2+CENTS: Well if it wasn’t for the Mike Tyson diet monkey girl. I think this is more a matter of who grated my nerves the least. On this accord, Lee Min Jung definitely loses. For the love of mankind, Jae Kyung wasn’t even a person you could empathise w/, she was just downright childish. Tell me it’s friendship you are really missing, girl & I will regurgitate right now in your face. I thought Jae Kyung was definitely a spoilt princess who always wanted what she couldn’t have. Her face came first. Even when she “gave up” on Joon Pyo, she did it at the altar in front of EVERYONE. Humiliation to the max. If I were the parents I would’ve smacked her down on the spot.

On the other hand, both Kato Natsuki & Ke Huan Ru were able to express the lonely, isolated side of the character much better. You could see that deep down, they were just a little girl lost. And you couldn’t completely hate on them! I give Natsuki-chan’s Shigeru the slight edge though because she showed a very formidable maturity & genuine appreciation for her friendship w/ Makino & also because she was just too kawaii ne.

BATTLE 10: The Evil Mother

GOLD: Zhen Xiu Zhen
SILVER: Lee Hye Young
BRONZE: Kaga Mariko

My 2+CENTS: I think I had nightmares for weeks after looking into the eyes of Dao Ming Feng (…is someone spying on me, still??) I think the very elegant actress Zhen Xiu Zhen absolutely nailed this role. Bona-fide one woman empire. She exuded the utmost discriminating self-composure & you knew w/ her every glance, she was mentally crushing everyone & everything she deemed to be unworthy of her presence. If looks could kill, you’d wanna stay the heck out of this woman’s way.

I liked Lee Hye Young‘s interpretation as well but I don’t think her Kang Hee Soo quite had the suffocating presence of Dao Ming Feng *still shivering* I like Kago Mariko-san but somehow I can sense a warm, underlying friendliness to her face. To me, she seems too much like the dear little oba-chan who would eventually let you get away w/ doing something naughty after much loving pleading, cuddling & adorning ;D


Whoa! I made it! I actually hurt! Quick GOLD tally (because we all know, you don’t win the silver, you lose the gold^^;;):

Taiwan: 4 Japan: 4 Korea: 4


Next installment: The Couples ^^



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7 03 2010
Ender's Girl

jicks, what you did was EPIC! You took 80++ episodes across three different series across three different countries across — what, 7 years, and you squeezed out the nitty-gritty and presented them so lucidly and entertainingly!!! You made it so easy for us but I know how much work you must’ve put into this. Bravo!!!

I was LOLing every sentence, literally — hahaha where do I even begin? :D Oh, and I love the Olympics theme!!! And I love the battles and the titles you gave each one! (Hahahahahah “The Autisic One” lolzzzzz)

(LOL, you really really really… don’t hate Jun Pyo, do you now? XDDDDD)

And ZOMG, Dao Ming Feng scared the living daylights outta me, too.

MatsuJun as Domyouji – Yesssss. Love him best of all. Though you gotta admit, there was a meanness about Jun Pyo that Dom didn’t have, like he was more calculating, with a more refined kind of ruthlessness. But I totally agree re Domyouji’s primal nature, as if his world were reduced to the most basic of instincts: food, sex, violence (lol). Love his bakaness, though. And how he wore his heart on his sleeve… (Jerry Yan was a hot mannequin!)

7 03 2010

i enjoy reading your comparisons but i totally disagree on your F4 leader choice, though jun matsumoto is a very good actor, he does not look the part of the arrogant leader, i’m not saying that he is not handsome, he is actually very handsome, how can he beat the crap out of a couple of guys bigger and taller than he is? Jerry yan- he has no acting talent to back up his good looks, cmon his acting sucks and he looks stupid in formal suit which is essential in the story as he will be an heir to a business empire. Lee min ho, well for me, he totally looks the part of an arrogant rich handsome heir who is the leader of F4, i think if he is JUST goodlooking BOF would not be a big hit, cmon, the guy could act even if the korean storyline version sucks.

8 03 2010

Thankyou for reading & commenting!! Re The F4 leader position: I have no question that Jerry’s acting leaves something (alot) for the mind to wonder about but as I explained, it was the natural vibe about him. Re Lee Min Ho… I probably didn’t hate on him as much as I may be making it sound. Image-wise I will agree that he most looked the part & had the strongest PHYSICAL presence but… I preferred Jun’s & Jerry’s interpretations Objectively speaking, it was more a matter of his character that I didn’t like but Min Ho probably did the best he knew how to save the character. Blame the scriptwriters as I stand by my opinion that Goo Joon Pyo was a complete coward. There’s no real right or wrong, sometimes actors just don’t connect w/ everyone the same way, which is why it’s fun to debate, er, discuss!!

I figured w/ the Winter Olympics using medals to decide things would be most fitting lol But the only sequence I actually watched from the events was Kim Yuna’s ice-skating brilliance. And I know nothing about about winter sports. major LOL @ food sex & violence comment ^U^;; And the hot mannequin thing. I’d pay to dress & undress such a thing!

2 10 2016
Joon Pyo Neh

Totally agree about Joon pyo! I love lee min. But not his character here. Atleast for dao ming si, he chose to fight for his love by trying to commit suicide. Joon Pyo just followed his stupid mom. He would have married the girl if she didn’t object.

30 03 2010

Doumyouji was, after all the wild animal, to give the classic quote from the HYD 2. I’ve seen Korean and Japanese version, but with all my heart I have to admit I was reluctant to see Japanese one because Korean was bad. Lee Min Ho as Go Jun Pyo did what he could but wasn’t even near as standing out PERSONALITY as Matsumoto kun’s Tsukasa. And I have to agree that Kim Joon was the best out of F4. Plus, I can’t stand Kim Hyung, but since I adore Shun, so the choice is simple.
Great, nice writing style, you explained everything I had in mind^^

31 03 2010

Thanks for dropping by ^_^

Nice to know that we share the same thoughts (I do heart Kim Hyun Joong though ;O… but whenever I see Hanazawa Rui I do also forget everyone else lol Seen much else of Oguri Shun’s works??)

And yeah, I will reiterate: Jun >>>>>>>>> ALL xDD

31 03 2010

Though I don’t agree with all your choices, thanks for doing this. ^^

I must say it’s hard to compare the three because of the writing and the mood. MG was more true to the manga, yet it had a more realistic theme. HYD was deep, dark, and dramatic (alliteration!) while BOF was more melodramatic (and typical Kdrama ^^). MG writing was pretty good, HYD’s was great for the most part, and BOF’s sucked for the middle half. *gets hit by fangirls*

Thanks again~ I kinda want to do this myself. Except I haven’t really watched all of MG. Maybe after I watch Mainland version……. (Dunno if it will happen, but would you mind if I did? xP)

31 03 2010

Thanks for your kind comments :)) I know not everyone shares the same opinions but that I think that’s what makes it so interesting. It’s amazing to see how the different cultures affect what’s accepted in the plots & even the pace of the series.

I haven’t been able to find the Mainland Chinese version in full w/ Eng subs (heads up anyone??) but I’m not sure how close that plot stayed to the manga given that it wasn’t an official remake ^^;;

But please, go for your life on the comparison!! When you do it, make sure you send me the link, I will make sure I stalk it lol This topic never gets old ^_^

5 04 2010

First of all, I applaud the very objective comparisons. I agree with most, esp for Shan Cai, Lei, Winnie Qian(yeah, why is she so pretty? so elegant?) & Dao Ming Feng. Although to be honest, 9/10 of my ‘gold’ would have gone to all MG characters but I wont ramble on that except for Dao Ming Si.

I love Jun and Min Ho but both characters were too ‘violent’ for me compared to Ah Si’s childish mature. In the manga, Tsukasa was also a goofball and I think Jerry was funniest. Joon Pyo and Doumyouji had their funny scenes but for me it was the scene that was more funny not like in MG where you would just zero in with Ah Si’s foolish look and such. Anyways, everyone is entitled to his own opinion so I just wanna say that coz I’m a Jerry fan. Biased or not, that’s me. Anyways to Jun fans, I respect his great acting. For Min Ho fans, I respect him too. It’s all just a matter of personal taste. Oh, and jicks thanks for appreciating Jerry’s dimples. *swoons* ^^

PS. It is Ken’s character that is named Xi Men while it is Vanness who is Mei Zuo.

5 04 2010

^^^^^ *blushes in embarrassment* *smacks head* *goes back to edit* *peers left & right* *hopes no-one notices*
OMG, thankyou for pointing out my boo-boo! I have no idea why I did that but I did… can I blame my sleepless pursuits of Meteor Garden images on the web??? ^^;;;;;; (seriously, how embarrassing, eek..)

haha It’s nice to know that such hardcore Meteor Garden fans are still so active out there! HanaDan is my fave but I will most def defend MG at all costs as well xDD

Re: Jerry’s dimples, how can you not appreciate them is my question lol

P.S. Nice to meet you! Do you have a blog or a page of some description that I can stalk in return??

20 04 2010

For Sada Mayumi, I felt she was childish at some point. Especially when she sprayed the host to the girls who belittled the Japanese version of Shan Cai.

20 04 2010

^Yeah, I got that feeling, too. I really don’t think her character was anywhere near as gracious or as graceful or as poised as what Rui’s first love should be.

Thanks for dropping by :))

28 12 2013

it’s not the Japanese version of Shan Cai. Shan Cai is the Taiwanese version of Todou Shizuka, the original name of the character.

As for the rest, I didn’t think the champagne drench of Shizuka was in character in the HYD version, but I don’t fault the actress for that scene. She portrayed that scene and Shizuka very well, for what was being asked of her, and what little she was given to work with. Do you think she wrote the script, or could change it?

I think she was the prettiest of the Shizukas as well.

23 04 2010

hi…it’s good that you wrote this one.. i haven’t watch the japanese version though…=) it made me realize that junpyo really didn’t do something great to fight for his love for jandi…that thought was kind of “tingling” at the back of my mind until i read your blog…but still i’m a fan of BOF…=) I’m a fan of Kdramas actually…

MG (taiwanese) had really a great impact here in our country when it was aired here so i’m also a fan…BOF and MG did great actually great here in our country…

Cheers! =)

23 04 2010

Hey thanks for stopping by!

Which country are you from? I’d like to know how MG & BOF have affected you xPP

I like Korean dramas, too, but I don’t watch as many as I probably could. My patience can only last so long lol I prefer Japanese dramas but I have to say that when Kdramas are good, they are freaking farking fantastically awesome xDD

29 04 2010

Now I’m the one who stumbled in your site! Great post! Can’t wait to read the rest of the series. :)

30 04 2010

Thankyou, thankyou!!! Glad to be of some kind of amusement lol

Hope you enjoy the rest of the long, semi-rambling(*coughs*) posts (-_-;)

And I’d love to know what you think ;O

24 07 2010

oh.. i ABSOLUTELY agree about Daoming Feng. that girl is pretty but soo evil. props to her

16 10 2011

Meteor Garden FTW! i love them all. shan tsai and dao ming zs <3 I watched meteor garden when i was in grade 5, and now im in my senior year in college. I miss them a lot! BOF ang HYD was good, but MG was GREAT, AMAZING, and REALISTIC! I wish there is MG 3.

Hmm. from what country are you from? anyway thanks for posting this!! pls.reply, i want to open this topic! :)) I have just finishd watching MG 1 and 2

18 10 2011

Hey ama,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Yeah I know MG is definitely something special, a true classic and to be honest, I really can not argue against anyone for supporting it as the best. There was something very special about Jerry, Vic, Ken, Vanness and Barbie that comes around once in every 100million thousand trillion years! I love how you described it as being the most realistic one our of the three— so true. In fact, to this day, I’m still convinced my own Hua Ze Lei is lurking around the corner waiting for me, hehe.

Just curious, do you have a favourite F4 member (because you know, everyone does! ;PP And feel free to list every single reason why you love him, lol.)

What country am I from? Answer, good ol’ Australia! What about yourself?

Btw, an MG3? I’m not sure if I could handle watching Ah Lei have his heart and soul left stranded again…

28 12 2013

Meteor Garden was a joke. Yeah, the people were pretty, but their acting left a lot to be desired, the script wasn’t anything to get excited over and the production values were lackluster.

HYD will always be the one that all the others are compared to. The acting was far and away the best, the script was tighter and better written (for so few episodes, it covers a lot), and the locations and production values were out of this world luxurious. HYD looked like the world that the F4 boys would inhabit. You could smell the money, feel it, touch it, taste it and hear it crinkling and whispering in every scene.

14 03 2014

Hey Eq8,

I appreciate how passionate you are about Hanadan! Completely agree w your observations on the series being a gloriously luxurious depiction of the F4 boys’ world. For me, it really was like the manga or anime had come to life.

I think MG though wasn’t aiming to go for this extroverted model though, for me, yes, it was very much more subdued, but I think that’s why I appreciated it and could relate – their world was like my world. Honestly, seeing the way they interacted with each other brought back fond memories of my university life. The awkwardness was almost like watching my real life friends and acquaintances at times (not that I know anyone who looked like those Taiwanese F4 boys, lol).

But 100% thank you for sharing your love for Hana Yori Dango! I could not express my love enough for it just like you XD The production, just like you said, is out of this world fabulous. Thinking I want to rewatch it now :D

16 10 2011


23 09 2012

I’m actually shocked. Freaked out. By how similar our tastes are! I agree 100% With eeeeevery single one of your medal awards, it’s all so just.
Except maybe, with Barbie loses a couple of points, for her attire, the belly cut-out dress still gives me nightmares, so Makino’s school uniform (which she wore everywherreee) wins. (Jan-di… I’m sorry who?) But I agree Barbie did seem to possess a more earthy and real dimension or two than her J-counterpart.

OMGosh Woo-bin, so precious! <3 The only one I liked. Also the only one ignored! Grrrrr.

26 09 2012

Believe me, it was THISCLOSE between Barbie & Inoue Mao, but in the end Shan Cai was more… attainable for me. As a female viewer, I believe it is imporatnt to have a female lead that is down-to-earth, like you could picture her walking down the street. With Shan Cai, I could definitely see myself in her shoes more as opposed to Makino, I more wanted to be in her shoes if that makes any sense.

lol, and of course Jan Di was a no-brainer. Honestly, I was bit apprehensive with this comparison sitch as I didn’t want to upset fans of Boys Over Flowers, but I think at the time I was just aggravated reading many comments claiming BOF was the best even when the commenter hadn’t seen the Taiwanese and/or Japanese versions before. However, it’s nice to know that there’s someone else out there who shares the same sentiments as me~! I knew I followed your blog for a reason XD

And yes, Woo-Bin-For-More-Screentime FTW. That shirt flashback scene of his past was so not enough for me (not to mention, a little too… emo.)

18 11 2012

-Sigh- I agree with you so much about Jun Pyo. As much as I LOVE the actor Lee Min Ho, it was the way his character was written in BOF that got me so disappointed. First of all, they got rid of Domyouji’s troubling violence and unwavering devotion to Makino. They made a hot but childish prince out of him that every fangirl can swoon over — thus losing the point of the original story.

We are supposed to hate Domyouji at first but in Jun Pyo’s case, I started loving and hating him eventually– for reasons that he’s a certified coward like you said. It’s just that what’s appealing about the character Domyouji from the manga/J-drama and Dao Ming Si from the T-drama is that his love for the heroine never wavered. Once he makes up his mind, that’s it. He doesn’t need Makino’s affirmation for her feelings. Whether she loves him or not, he doesn’t care and wouldn’t even hesitate to give up his riches just for her.

Korea really did a thorough assassination of the characters’ original personalities. I actually arrived to the point where I ask myself, “Who the hell are these people? What happened to the Domyouji and Makino who will fight for their love against everything?”

Okay sorry for ranting so much in your journal >.< Great job on the comparsions btw!

2 03 2013

Marie! Thank you so much for your comments! Appreciate them greatly. Always happy to meet a fellow fan of the Hana Yori Dango series :) :)

We are supposed to hate Domyouji at first but in Jun Pyo’s case, I started loving and hating him eventually
^ALMOST exactly my thoughts… except that I never loved Joon Pyo, lol. Again, the acting chemistry just wasn’t there for me, but I also feel like the writing had alot to do with it. It’s been a while now but I recall the sense that because of Kim Hyun Joon’s popularity, they purposefully shone alot of the light on Ji Hoo, really making him the “Prince Charming” who went out his way to do everything not expecting receive anything in return. They created alot moments that were new and unseen from the original story for Ji Hoo, whereas practically all of Joon Pyo’s “acts of love” we had seen before in the Taiwanese & Japanese versions. I don’t feel like there was anything substantial that emotionally set Joon Pyo apart from Domyouji and Dao Ming Si. There was nothing he did better (apart from stand taller.)

Btw, it ain’t ranting, it’s expression of self, which is welcome anyday, anytime ;)

26 11 2012
Edgar batister

The korean version is the best, second is the taiwan and the last is japan, japan version sucks really sucks this surely bias comparison one who made it surely loves japanese but hide it so he let the taiwan win.
Korean is the best actors jan dii specially and jun pyo they where really good ofcoarse they make changes a lot of it others just copy the anime thing this medaling sucks

2 03 2013

Hey Edgar,

I’m sorry I caused any upset! Reading back over my posts, I honestly feel like I did bash BOF a little hard… but I still stand by my underlying sentiments. HanaDan is my favourite, followed very closely for Meteor Garden, and BOF just missed the mark for me. But of course, what works for me doesn’t always for everyone else and vice versa, which just goes to show that there are so many different people and cultures in this world. And it’s kinda the beauty of it, hey?

30 05 2013
Mary JaDe Tan Bagarinao

hey. yea. its been awhile since u post ds blog hmm? well, its just dat i’ve been interested now of such blog sites. haha.

uhm, well. i’m also a total fan of d manga. I’ve seen the versions of such countries, the taiwanese as well as d japanese & i’m kinda lookin’ forward of seeing d korean, Got a copy of d animaton as well. WOOW! Ur really an epic!! seeing d every versions and comparing them… weeeew glad to meet u!!!!!!! coz i’m kinda looking forward to do what u have done.. haha! even though i did not seen d korean version yet.. i myself also have some opinions as well.. Japanese version definitely conquers my hearT! HYD is d best drama i’ve ever seen. Its been a few yrs since ds dorama aired but i’m still hooked on it. HYD makes me fall in love.. soo much..hands down.. i also watched and liked MG.. but MG can’t surpass HYD.. i just like the bonding of f4 in MG i really can feel dr great friendship…

14 03 2014

Hey Mary,

I have been terrible w replying/updating this blog, and I don’t even know if you will read this but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts! : )

I haven’t seen the anime, but have flicked thru bits and pieces of thet manga. Hope you got something out of the anime and could share your feelings on it too? Also, have you seen the Korean live action version yet?

100% agreed w what you say about the F4 bond in MG too! : ) : ) As far as we can see, they really are friends in real life so it just goes to show the chemistry is real <3

26 08 2013
Blocht Urslcykov Pinee

Omg lol I totally agree with you 98%. The korean version of main guy lead just didn’t do it for me. However, as a certified kim bum fangirl, I can’t help but cry at your judgement. ha ha ha. I understand where you are coming from though. :)

14 03 2014

hahahahaha, all good with the Kim Bum love! Look, in retrospect, I probably trashed him a little hard, but hey, the just is there, lol. He’s been reptty decent in some of his subsequent work, and, gots to say, he’s also gotten manlier… though still prettier in the face than ever, lol.

Glad I was able to share my feelings with you! I hope you get to read this and receive the following two words – thank you! : )

21 12 2013
Herman Nucleosis

This was a rather interesting read. Thanks haha

14 03 2014

haha, thanks Herman! : )

17 10 2014

i saw the korean one first and then after a year i watched the dram and looooovvvvved it!!! i was like, “why isn’t gu jun pyo like this?!” then i watched the japanese, loved that too becaues he was like domyouji! then i saw a little of meteor garden. now i’m watching the anime.

17 10 2014

sorry, meant to write manga

7 11 2014

Hi BMO! haha, I thought I was missing out on the anime at first too but no worries ;P How are you finding the manga? And how do all the series versions compare? Anyway, just wanted to say I really appreciate your comments, and also… you are much smarter than me for ditching BOF early, haha :D :D

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