MG VS HYD VS BOF – Part 2: The Couples

6 03 2010

Chemistry. Sometimes you just have to be born w/ it.

For me, chemistry is the be all et end all in all series & movies that come under the romance genre. Just because it says so in the script doesn’t mean jack if you don’t show it through the way you behave. That’s correct, jack.


BATTLE 1: The Star Couple

GOLD: MatsuJun+Inoue Mao
Chemistry factor: 10/10 (& then some…)
In a word: Destiny.
Fangirl moment: The elevator scene in S1. From how Domyouji was peeing to how icked out Makino was when she had to hang onto his unwashed hands so she wouldn’t fall to the bottom of the elevator shaft, to the way she nursed him all night. The bird’s eye view image of them sleeping harmoniously side by side together is freaking fangirl iconic.

SILVER: Jerry+Barbie
Chemistry factor: 10/10
In a word: Fairytale.
Fangirl moment: The bus scene where Ah Si chases a million blocks after Shan Cai who is running away from him on the bus but eventually she realises she can’t suppress her heart anymore. She gets off & runs back to him. They smile, they tease, they hug. It’s all gooooood. I would also like to mention episode 1 of the (totally whack) sequel. They’re in Barcelona, sharing a slice of cake, Ah Si steals the only strawberry & Shan Cai playfully gets grumpy.

SC: You’ll have to make up for it!
DMS: Don’t worry, I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you

Then they wipe cake off each other’s faces. Disgusting (>_>;)

BRONZE: Lee Min Ho+Goo Hye Sun
Chemistry factor: …
In word: Let’s not even go there.
Fangirl moment: If I have to rack my brains… probably the declaration-of-war moment when Jan Di does a massive roundhouse kick right into Goo Joon Pyo‘s noggin. I did remember laughing out loud. Truth be told, that moment was golden. Actually, did anyone else think they only had chemistry when they were hating on each other in the beginning?

☆Allow me to ramble on a bit: The reason why I couldn’t stand the sight of Joon Pyo+Jan Di was because they made it look so callously dire when they were around each another. It was like falling in love was the biggest burden ever cast upon them. Jan Di‘s moments w/ Joon Pyo involved so much more pain than joy & content. When they fought, you could see it cut her deep. This was never the case w/ Domyouji+Makino or Dao Ming Si+Shan Cai. Even when they fought, it seemed like they were enjoying it. It was their way of showing affection for each other. Never, ever did it seem like they were ashamed or regretful of their love. Joon Pyo+Jan Di however, often made it seem like, “You know what, maybe life would be better off w/o you.” That, my friend, is not a good thing ( ̄□ ̄;)

BATTLE 2: The Couple That Could Never Be

GOLD: Vic+Barbie
Chemistry factor: 10/10
In a word: MARS <333333 (thank goodness for a redemption series, woot!)
Fangirl Moment: The scene when Shan Cai is searching for the meteor necklace in the water that Dao Ming Si tossed away to mark their “official” break up. Ah Lei sees her from afar & asks what’s wrong. She frantically pleads for help, he hops into the water (w/o even rolling his pants up!) to join the search party. He stops for one moment to look up at her & this is when he KNOWS. We all know. My heart broke for both of them but in two very different ways. Oh Hua Ze Lei, you silly complex human being.

SILVER: Hyun Joong+Hye Sun
Chemistry Factor: 8/10 (all from Ji Hoo‘s end really.)
In a word: Pfft.
Fangirl Moment: Many. When he was busking on the streets of Macau & then the piggyback ride home after her heel snaps (I wish I timed things more conveniently in my life like that.) When he goes to find her hiding at his Grandfather’s clinic mopping her troubles away. When he wipes away her tears after she finds out she has to give up her swimming. When he shields her from seeing Joon Pyo pash Jae Kyung in the stairwell. When he tries to give her his mother’s ring. When he cuts her freaking hair. When he plays the guitar/piano/whatever-the-heck-else for her. The car-washing together. The window-cleaning situation. The moment at the art gallery w/ the whole lotus thing. Him taking his beanie off to put on her head to keep her warm. Seriously, pfft, is about right I reckon.

BRONZE: Oguri Shun+Inoue Mao
Chemistry factor: 7.5/10
In a word: Domyouji.Rui+Makino were probably alot cuter together than what I remember but the lasting impression of Domyouji‘s pursuit of Makino burned into my deepest of fangirl hearts overshadows everything (but I still heart you, Hanazawa Rui.)
Fangirl Moment: Everytime he said “Makino” xDD Seriously.

Scene-wise, the bit after Makino & Domyouji break up at his house, Rui sees it all & runs after her. He gets halfway up the bridge & stops. Something goes off inside his silly head & he decides not to go after her. Instead, he just watches her back fade away before he turns around & walks back, the bridge forever separating them. I will never forget Rui‘s expression here & me lashing out at him on the TV screen, “AARGH! Why did you stop! I hate you! I hate you!”

Seriously, I hate him (N.)

BATTLE 3: The Unlikely Couple

GOLD: Ken+Rainie
Chemistry factor: 10/10
In a word: Mike He, move over (not really one word, but meh.)
Fangirl moment: Their “Gimme five!” moment after getting back at Xiao You‘s ex-boyfriend. And whenever he would go to the cake shop & lean over the counter to talk to her *SIGH* If Ken+Rainie were a couple in real life I would be so happy xDD

SILVER: Kim Bum+Kim So Eun
Chemistry factor: 8/10
In a word: Pretty (too pretty.)
Fangirl moment: Sadly, I must confess I did enjoy ogling at them when they were in New Caledonia & Ga Eul goes selca nuts.

Ooooohh, & all the pottery making. So not wannabeing Ghost at all (>.>;)

BRONZE: Matsuda Shota+Nishihara Aki
Chemistry factor: 7/10
In a word: Half-brewed.
Fangirl moment: In the epilogue, when Yuki is shamelessly making it obvious she is after Jiro. I’m really beginning to adore what I see here but gah, it’s all too late!

BATTLE 4: The Couple That Almost Got Hitched

GOLDJerry+Ke Huan Ru
Chemistry factor: 8/10
In a word: Bubbalicious.
Fangirl moment: The ear-biting moment. Out of the three versions, I dig this one the most xDD To me, they actually look like they could be a couple. Their playfight moments were kinda cute.

SILVER: MatsuJun+Kato Natsuki
Chemistry factor: 7.5/10
In a word: Crackalicious.
Fangirl moment: Whenever they were screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. This somehow entertained me alot^^;; The most overtly comedic, crazy-ass pair out of all three versions. I liked. Alot xDD

BRONZE: Min Ho+Min Jung
Chemistry factor: 7/10
In a word: Get-outta-ma-face-alicious
Fangirl moment: Mmm… maybe when they were shopping at the supermarket together?? I guess I just like seeing glamorous couples do everyday mundane, domestic activities (although I must say, grocery shopping is actually alot of fun xD) To clarify my feelings for these two, I stand by that they were both selfish human beings but they did work pretty well on-screen together, looks-wise & acting-wise. I just didn’t enjoy watching them- it was like, “Would you just get over yourselves already?”

BATTLE 5: The Couple That Never Really Was

GOLD: Vic+Winnie Qian
Chemistry factor: 8/10
In a word: Surreal.
Fangirl moment: Probably… in the sequel, in Barcelona, when Ah Jing tries to hold onto Ah Lei but he makes it crystal-clear that his heart is w/ someone else *COUGH*Shan Cai* It was like finally he was strong enough to come out from under her wings & fly free himself. He was no longer afraid to be hurt.

SILVER: Kim Hyun Joong+Han Chae Young
Chemistry factor: 7.5/10
In a word: Hotness.
Fangirl moment: When he kisses the billboard poster of her xDD I can not put it into words as to why I got so freaking excited. I also enjoyed the moment when Seo Hyun returns to Seoul & they totally hug it out in the airport w/ a million sets of enviously admiring eyes. Heck yes I wish I was wearing the white.

BRONZE: Shun+Sada Mayumi
Chemistry factor: 6/10
In a word: Wrong.
Fangirl moment: I’m sorry but I didn’t buy these two at all (x_x) But I suppose I didn’t mind the scene where she is trying to palm him off to Makino, he gets sulky & then she goes after him in the rain (I think it’s the darkness & the rain that makes it.) And also, well, the billboard thing again. Can you blame me for thinking Shun looks really good whenever he is in a full-on brooding, gaze-on state??


And there we go. The couples, done. Which brings us to the latest GOLD tally…

Taiwan: 8 Japan: 5 Korea: 4

What the, Japan is trailing? Honto??


Next installment: The Scenes.

(P.S. This is really hard work, I must say.)




8 responses

7 03 2010

I really enjoy reading these battles.
Even though the japanese version will always be the best one for me!

8 03 2010

^^Don’t worry, I will rig the upcoming installments to ensure a HanaDan victory lol

No, actually, the Japanese version is my favourite, too, which is why I was shocked to see the Taiwanese leading after 2 rounds (I am doing ea installment as I go so it’s not pre-determined per se) We’ll just have to wait & see what my brain churns out… I’m curious (& slightly worried^^;;) xDD

7 03 2010
Ender's Girl

Awwww, too bad you awarded the Bronze to Rui+Makino. Hehe. Rui was the reason I deep-sixed Domyouji in HYD S2 because I found myself rooting for R+M. =D (But that Vic-Barbie shot you used => awwwwwwwwwww!!!! *sniffles*)

Lol, I dunno about Ken and Rainie, I always felt there was something off about their pairing — physically, that is. She’s so petite, and he looked so… large (mebbe it was all those argyle vests ‘n’ sweaters he was wearin’?), I felt she could fit inside his chest, like when a kid hides inside a refrigerator or something. X__X

(Oh, and I loved Matsuda Shota, too!!!!!! But you’re right, the Jiro-Yuki thing didn’t work for me, either.)

Seriously, you should promote this in the Livejournal comms and all the forums and all the chatrooms in the all the world because the aggregate fanbase of this whole MG+HYD+BOF juggernaut is HUGE and I know lots of fans will totally love this comparative analysis!!!!!!

Looking forward to the next installment!!! =D

8 03 2010

^Thankyou for the enthusiasm!! I am enjoying expressing all these feelings that have been crushed in my chest for so long (I have no immediate Asian friends in my day-to-day life who I can discuss these things w/ face-to-face!!!!!!) but it is every bit as strenuous as I had imagined.

And OMG, finding good- heck, not even good- SEMI-DECENT quality pics of the original Meteor Garden is like… Tiger Woods trying to find his good guy image again.

^^Which is all really an excuse for me atm to let you know that the next installment may just take a smidgen longer to release… but I am working hard ^O^;; Damn work & everyday life activities lol

4 04 2010

I may have never watched all of MG but that pic of Vic and Barbie is so heartbreaking D:

Also, all I had to do was read the first part of this post and I totally plunged into the world of Hanadan. AGAIN. *gasp* What have you doonnnneee! XD

5 04 2010

Wow. Great comparisons again. I loved the “10/10 fairytale” for DMS-SC. They are my ‘gold’ for the star couple but the descriptions is great so I dont mind at all.

As for the 10/10 for Lei-SC. So heartbreakingly true. I also have to say I love the “8/10 surreal” description for Lei and Jing. I love the scene you noted but for me, I’d give them a 10/10 because of their dance in episode4 of MG. The steady gaze of Lei and Jing just smiling up at him. Beautiful scene. (Then SC sadly remarks to herself “The gentleness in Hua Zhe Lei’s eyes is for Jing alone.”)

5 04 2010

Oooooooh yes the dance scene, I remember it!! That was pretty delicate. The gaze, oh the gaze… Hua Ze Lei, why for the love of mankind is your gaze so entrancing??? lol

I think the reason why the scene I mentioned stuck to my mind was that I felt like this was when Ah Jing actually looked at Ah Lei as a man, & not a child anymore. It was as if she wanted to completely submit to him (really should’ve added that into my main post, ah well, never mind ^^;;) Whereas in the other versions, more or less the First Love always saw the Autistic One as her kōhai or her dongseng… you never got the feeling she took him as a man she wanted to wholeheartedly depend on.

BTW, loving your nice comments! :))

12 02 2013

love your comparison
though I hate Japaneese version I agree with lots of what u wrote about other things esp Lei/SC

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