MG VS HYD VS BOF – Part 4: The Other Bits & Pieces

22 03 2010

The props, the setting, the costume design, the music score, the etc. the etc. the etc. … little (usually) golden statues aren’t created around the world to award excellence & achievement in such individual categories for nothing, you know.

It’s about making it all come alive.


BATTLE 1: The Necklace

GOLD: Meteor Garden
The Romance Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: As big as some random asteroid ☆彡
Why we remember it: For the scene on the balcony. Dao Ming Si invites Shan Cai for some lovin’ star gazing at midnight hour & gifts her the meteor from the sky in the form of this super puuruty necklace… who could forget that moment *SIGH* Telescope, anyone?

SILVER: Boys Over Flowers
The Romance Factor: 8.5/10
Importance to Story: As huge as Goo Joon Pyo‘s ego (not quite that big lol) er, perm.
Why we remember it: Not that I understood or felt an overwhelming amount of emotion from Joon Pyo‘s presentation speech (I prefer the Moon / Star talk in You’re Beautiful much, much more instead xDD) but the charm itself was pretty. And it did play a significant role in working the love triangle btwn Joon Pyo, Jan Di & Jae Kyung. But I despised the font of the JJ engraving on the back of the pendant (yikes.)

Scene-wise, I didn’t like that she just dropped it (I think it def would’ve been more impactful w/ the guy tossing it away instead ala MG & HYD ) but I did like the desperation Jan Di showed as she was trying to retrieve the necklace from the bottom of the pool. Although girl, you need to stop drowning. Or get Joon Pyo to hire you a personal lifeguard. Speaking of whom, did anyone else think he looked like he was about to drop her as he was carrying her out the water ><;; ???

BRONZE: Hana Yori Dango
The Romance Factor: 8/10
Importance to Story: Seventh planet scale, baby (btw, are all things from outer space automatically deemed romantic??)
Why we remember it: Makino chasing after it along the river stream T_T But… I have a confession. I personally didn’t LOVE the look of the necklace (see, I am & can be objective!) Quite honestly, if someone gave it to me as a present, I’d be hoping they’d kept the receipt (actually, it would make a decent phone charm lol) But I do like the reasoning behind Domyouji‘s choice in getting it or at least the way that he tried to explain it (#^_^#) Actually… I’ve changed my mind. I would accept this necklace. But only from the hands of Jun-kun xDD

BATTLE 2: The Cookies

GOLD: Hana Yori Dango
The Love Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: As big as Domyouji‘s ego xD
Why we remember it: Well, apparently they taste like love *cue Hikki‘s Flavour Of Life* Even after 365+ days when they’re half-way to mould-city, my dearest F4 leader still makes them look like they’ve walked straight out of Martha Stewart‘s oven. But I do think they have the greatest silly resemblance- like, they just feel like him.

SILVER: Meteor Garden
The Love Factor: 9/10
Importance to Story: It’s a Kodak moment ^U^
Why we remember it: It’s truly the thought that counts because seriously, Shan Cai, guuurrl, these cookies ain’t too pretty. However, the most important thing is that the receiver loved them ^_^ Ah Si‘s expression when he opened up the bag of them was just gorgeous. Why they framed it, I don’t know but it is kinda sweet (albeit slightly creepy.)  I must also mention the part when Hua Ze Lei just takes a monster bite out of the DMS cookie head (^O^) I so wish I was in that bed xDD

BRONZE: Boys Over Flowers
The Love Factor: 7/10
Importance to Story: Meh.
Why we remember it: All the freaking icing! *licks lips* Out all 3 versions these were undoubtedly the most stylised. Yes they were presented gloriously (perhaps too much extravagance actually… what was up w/ the black-faced/white hair cookie?) but as soon as my dearest Ji Hoo took a bite out of one of them, they were pretty much all but forgotten.

BATTLE 3: The Fashion

GOLD: Boys Over Flowers
The Lust Factor: 10/10 (but even so that doesn’t describe how much I wanted it.)
Importance to Story: Runway grade, girl!
Why we remember it: The fur (!), the blazers, the hooded mufflers, the vintage scarves, the layers upon layers & all the rest of designer goodness. Whether you liked the fauna carcasses or not, you can’t deny the BOF peeps were stamping serious fashion statements left, right & centre. Really, if you took out the fashion, the series definitely wouldn’t have been nearly as close to what it was. That’s how important I think it was.

SILVER: Hana Yori Dango
The Lust Factor: 8/10
Importance to Story: I think it screams for itself.
Why we remember it: Firstly, the series was a few years ago. Secondly, it is Japan. And I don’t mean this in a bad way! I’m just pointing out the sublime, distinct craziness of it all :)) I think the character styling was most spot-on in HanaDan. You could most easily pick the F4 member just by looking at their wardrobe.

BRONZE: Meteor Garden
The Lust Factor: 6.5/10
Importance to Story: Hmm.
Why we remember it: I have 3 fashion-related memories from Meteor. Firstly, the groovy, multi-coloured polka-dot shirt Mei Zuo wears in the opening credits in MGII (seriously, I don’t know why but iHEART.) Secondly, the hideous black, grey & purple swirly shirt that Dao Ming Si had on in Barcelona in ep1 of MGII. Lastly… just how Shan Cai could afford a new Emily The Strange/BAPE/Paul Frank t-shirt every day of her life??? Please explain.

BATTLE 4: The Mansion

GOLD: Hana Yori Dango
The Grand Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: As huge as the house??? lol
Why we remember it: I remember the sheer length of the dining table. It was very much a literal & metaphoric symbolism of the disconnection between the Evil Mother & her children. I also think the exquisite, classic British style really distinguished the class of the Domyouji family & their power status in Japan. I also got the feeling I did not want to touch ANYTHING in that house in utter fear of soiling the damn property.

SILVER: Boys Over Flowers
The Grand Factor: 9.5/10
Importance to Story: Confusingly undecided.
Why we remember it: For the prettiness. I would so live there^^ (that said, I want to live in Ji Hoo‘s house more *evil fangirl smirk*) The flowers, the luxurious textures, the ambient lighting, every single last detail that was meticulously crafted… I love how much emphasis Koreans spend into making things so indulgently easy on the eyes. But the feminine nature of the home kinda detracted from the fact that the Evil Mother was meant to be an undomesticated, animalistically business-minded person.

BRONZE: Meteor Garden
The Lust Factor: 7.5/10
Importance to Story: Proportional to the amount of white & space.
Why we remember it: For all the blinding whiteness lol But in analysis, this starkness represents the missing warmth & the minimal decor indicates the lack of time & attention dedicated into creating a home. I do shudder to imagine how difficult it would be to keep everything so freaking white though. Poor housemaids~~ The family must have shares in some sort of bleach company somewhere.

BATTLE 5: The Red Card

GOLD: Meteor Garden
The Fear Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: Do not open your locker or really, you will be dead.
Why we remember it: For the moment when Shan Cai charges into the cafeteria & forcefully pins the Red Card onto Dao Ming Si‘s forehead. Golden moment! The card is kinda ugly & at first you might be thinking it’s a joke but you soon realise it most definitely is not. I could actually sense the banded power of all four of the boys behind each delivery of the card. You so would not wanna be the lucky contestant.

SILVER: Hana Yori Dango
The Fear Factor: 9.5/10
Importance to Story: Do not mess w/ guys w/ perms.
Why we remember it: The simplicity of it. Not much to look at which is good because you’ve saved yourself some time to get the heck outta there (!!) By contrast to the Taiwanese version though, I kinda felt like whenever this card was issued, it was more a Domyouji thing rather than a joint group effort. But still, just get the heck outta there.

BRONZE: Boys Over Flowers
The Fear Factor: 8.5/10
Importance to Story: Skull it, baby.
Why we remember it: I do like the skull. I like that it kinda shows that although it’s serious business, the boys are just boys after all & the skull is a playful reminder of that. Which also in a way works against the effect. To me, it felt like they were kinda sending it out as more of a careless game but the abrupt violence that often came along as an aftermath & the lack of control they seemed to have over it just disgusted me.

BATTLE 6: The Soundtrack

GOLD: Hana Yori Dango
The In-Your-Head Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: The size of a planetarium (please excuse all the lame jokes throughout this post. And all my other posts for that matter. Gomen A(^_^))
Why we remember it: Well, I came thisclose to placing BOF as the gold medal recipient, but then I remembered just how badly Otsuka Ai‘s squeaky high-pitched vocals in Planetarium consumed & infiltrated my brain at the time of watching S1 of HanaDan. Yet, I can’t help but love it. And also, Flavour Of Life = Utada Hikaru perfection. Every time I hear these 2 songs, glowing images of Domyouji+Makino frantically flash inside my head.

I think they managed to work the BGM most effectively, too. They didn’t just use instrumentals & broken down renditions of the title songs but there were actual BGM pieces hunted down &/or composed to schematically stir up particular emotional responses for particular situations. Remember when your blood would boil, your tear ducts would kick in & how goosebumps would pop from your skin w/o you even really knowing… it’s all in the power of the BGM!!! Kinda felt like I was bopping around in a manga at times (#^_^#)

Oh yeah, & a couple of Arashi tracks don’t harm either xDD

SILVER: Boys Over Flowers
The In-Your-Head Factor: 9.5/10
Importance to Story: K-Pop is love.
Why we remember it: ♪♫♪Almost paaaradiiise !! ♫♪♩ I totally remember chanting this, anthem-style ^O^ And SS501‘s Because I’m Stupid was concreted as my phone’s ringtone for heaven-knows how long. I think I must’ve youtubed every single live performance of that song that ever existed as well (oh, why does Australia cap bandwidth ><“)

There is no question that part of the great success of Korean dramas lies within the burning force of brilliant K-Pop catchiness. And when a series manages to release not one, not two but two-pointfive (!) official OSTs, you know we are all digging the tunes (btw, why did they not include Kim Hyun Joong‘s acoustic version of I’m Stupid somewhere in those 2.5 albums is still beyond me. Plain rudeness.) Now excuse me while I go & plug in my iPod *scrolls to Boys Over Flowers OST folder*

BRONZE: Meteor Garden
The In-Your-Head Factor: 9/10
Importance to Story: Importance to story? How about importance to the Asian boyband world? Frkcn 1243890713498719374 (*cough*) Fahrenheit degrees, darling ^^;;
Why we remember it: ♪♫♪ Oh baby baby baby / My baby baby / Wo juen bu neng shu chu ni ♫♪♩ Can’t Lose You was the first Mandarin song I learned, word for word. No pretending-to-simulate-the-syllables situation here. I totally knew what every word meant. And I don”t even speak Mandarin >_< I’m glad it is such pure boyband golden goodness as the sequel really needed all the help it could get lol

And heya! Harlem‘s Qing Fei De Yi !! It has such an easy-going, “let’s swing side to side” kinda vibe about it but the man’s hearty vocals brings the perfect mass & style of sentiment to the song & the series.

***Actually, can we please just tie all three countries for this category??? <<( -_-)>>


GOLD: Hana Yori Dango

Nominated Vid: opening from S1

The Wow Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: Very. It is a warning of the tunza fun of a world you are about to enter xDDDDDD
Why we remember it: For the school-girl hand scribble in the notebook serving as the credits to the cast & their characters. For Rui‘s wink *fangirl melt* For the way Domyouji tries to keep Rui away from Makino. For Makino‘s play-punching at her OTP. For Jiro‘s oh-so-swervy sway. For Akira‘s head-to-toe brown leather look (v^ー°) For the way they all just gape their mouths as wide open as possible & scream at the top of their lungs. Arashi. WISH. I make myself sick when I say this but pfft– I shall say it anyways. I truly get uncontrollably happy when I watch this vid xDDDDDD

P.S. I would also like to shout out to the opening sequence for S2. The opening bird’s eye view of the five of them snoozing on the lawn & the final shot of them all bowing & then looking up at us altogether also makes me grin mad crazy. Love is so sweet ^^;;

SILVER: Meteor Garden

Nominated Vid: opening from MGII

The Wow Factor: 9/10
Importance to Story: “Pretty OP! You’re here to save me??? Thank gaaawdd !!” cries MGII.
Why we remember it: The rose petals!! The damn rose petals floating poetically across our screen!!! And the lush green scenery of some random vineyard in Spain. And!! Of course, Vanness‘ hip polka dot shirt xD Ooohh, & Vic‘s manga-esque, super intense, pensive gaze. Gorgickerous.

BRONZE: Boys Over Flowers

Nominated Vid:The first (& only?) one.

The Lust Factor: 6/10
Importance to Story: FF►► button taking a workout (・_・;)))))))
Why we remember it: Well, I barely did. No I’m not on another “Let’s attack Boys Over Flowers” rampage. It wasn’t bad… it just wasn’t anything… spesh. It was semi-glitzy, it was pretty (kinda girly actually), Ji Hoo was pretty, they flickered a few scenes here & there but overall as a clip, it just doesn’t really embed itself into your mind. It seemed merely a way to establish who was playing who & that was about it for me.

BATTLE 8: The School

GOLD: Hana Yori Dango
The Prestigious Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: Frckn huge.
Why we remember it: For F4‘s lounge. The simple fact that it was elevated over the area where their little minions hang during their breaks & how grand the staircase was leading up to it, speaks volumes.

SILVER: Boys Over Flowers
The Prestigious Factor: 9.5/10
Importance to Story: Frckn huge.
Why we remember it: The school facilities! Well, really, the pool. I thought it was quite funny when Goo Joon Pyo immaturely empties an entire litter truck into the pool knowing that Jan Di was going for her swim. I also loved the moment when a very deep-in-thought Yoon Ji Hoo was poolside by himself & sets free a paper boat into the water, watching it sail away from him. And course, when Jan Di has to give up her swimming & her precious sunbae is there to console her Y_Y

BRONZE: Meteor Garden
The Prestigious Factor: 7/10
Importance to Story: Frckn huge.
Why we remember it: I remember alot of stairs. Alot. And alot of old-style stone-based structural fixtures. I liked how they elected to set the storyline against a university backdrop as the actors def looked more legit as tertiary students (as opposed to high school kidlings.) But somehow, my main memories of MG don’t really revolve around the university. Well, except for maybe for the balcony.

BATTLE 9: The Balcony

GOLD: Hana Yori Dango
The Wish-I-Was-There Factor: 10/10
Importance to Story: Shh, *puts on best tennis official voice* “Quiet please.”
Why we remember it: Because Shun made it look like he actually owned the joint lol I don’t know, the thought of him in a secluded dark-ish stairwell just makes me wanna… [to be continued] (; ̄ー ̄) Alot happened here. I think it brought out a side of Rui we didn’t get to see elsewhere.

SILVER: Meteor Garden
The Wish-I-Was-There Factor: 9/10
Importance to Story: Well, we practically never heard Ah Lei speak outside of this zone ^^;;
Why we remember it: This was basically where we see Ah Lei open up his soul to Shan Cai. Without the balcony, these two would never have developed the bond that they did.

Oh. I would also shut myself every time I saw Ah Lei sit on the damn edge… don’t people realise just how high the freaking building is???

BRONZE: Boys Over Flowers
The Wish-I-Was-There Factor: 8/10
Importance to Story: Not very. I barely recall the balcony when I think of Ji Hoo & Jan Di.
Why we remember it: Ji Hoo doesn’t actually look like he would choose a random balcony from a fire escape stairway as a personal hangout spot per se. I don’t think he was as much of a loner as his Taiwanese & Japanese counterparts. I think spending time w/ the older &/or the younger generation who he didn’t know &/or didn’t know him was more his style (e.g. his Grandfather’s clinic.) But alas, we still have a fangirl moment; the part where he shields Jan Di from seeing Joon Pyo & Jae Kyung going it at. I think the look in Ji Hoo‘s eyes were like lethal laser beams trying to take down the biatch of a fiancee.

☆Speaking of fangirl moments: In all the versions, I loved the scene when the Autistic One goes to sketch the Arrogant Leader on the balcony. It pretty much just ends up being an expressionless lump. He asks the Weed Grass Heroine to take a geez, she does & she chuckles, she takes over & draws out all the Arrogant Leader’s silly traits, she pauses, she tears up, he looks on. He can only look on.

Man, I gotta get me my own balcony & dodgy stairwell now.


GOLD: Meteor Garden
The Please-Stay-Together-Forever Factor: ∞
Importance to Story: About the same as the number of Asians in this world lol
Why we remember them: If it weren’t for the Taiwanese F4.

You could argue (& very likely win) that these four boys revolutionised the boyband scene across Asia. And the Asian drama scene as a matter of fact. When a cast becomes so popular that they actually form a band according to their title in the series, you know they did something quite infinitely friggin’ amazing. Individually, they each represent a distinctly endearing character that most girls would want to date at some point in their lives. As a group, they truly seem like they are good friends. And they look good together. But it’s not like they’re taking attention away from one another either! They just look like they were meant to be together xDD That is what F4 should be about. Seriously, I think so much of them that I will not even crack a single joke here lol

SILVER: Hana Yori Dango
The Please-Stay-Together-Forever Factor: 8/10
Importance to Story: Apples, my friend, apples.
Why we remember them:  Well, aside from the apples (^_^;) I definitely rated the metro-sexual fight the four boys conjured up on the night time streets of Tokyo. Even though it got bloody gory (& semi-laughable -_-), the friendship was oozing out from every orifice of their bruised & battered bodies. For me, the series was probably a little more about F2 than F4 (compared to MG at least) but whatever. Every Jun+Shun moment is unquestionably one for the keepsakes box. And I will take every one I can get xDD

BRONZE: Boys Over Flowers
The Please-Stay-Together-Forever Factor: 7/10
Importance to Story: Important but lacking memorable moments.
Why we remember them: I think for the length of the series, we def weren’t spoiled enough w/ F4 moments here. And when they were together, I never really got the feeling they hung out by will as much as the other versions (Yi Jung seemed the most at leisure when he was licking the delicious hands of French patissiers >_>) To me, most of the time when they were together, it was as if they were there because they had to be.

I did like the part though, when Joon Pyo was at Ji Hoo‘s place & they are watching a foreign movie together for the nth number of time. At the end it it, they say something along the lines of this-

JH: I don’t know how many times we’ve seen this film together. Nine or ten times maybe?
JP: Eleven times. We’ve seen this eleven times together. If you really valued our friendship, you would remember it.

I must say, a rare moment of respect for Goo Joon Pyo shi for me (/–) (btw, I don’t remember the exact numbers either. Someone please feel free to correct me. I guess I don’t value their friendship either lol) Had there been more of these kinda moments, who knows how my feelings towards the Korean F4 (& the entire series even) would’ve been like. But instead, I ended up thinking these guys were competing more than anything else. Was Ji Hoo truly happy for Joon Pyo & Jan Di in the end? Frankly, I’m not entirely convinced.

And seriously, put Woo Bin in the scene already. That one emo friendship flashback was so not enough ( ̄□ ̄;)


There it is! The final blow-by-blow comparison installment! I’m really exhausted! I tried to rank the things here based on their weight in the series, how meaningfully it was used. Tougher than what it sounds xPP

Now, tally time! Do we dare?? How many GOLDs? How many GOLDs??

*drum roll*… *squints in fear*…

Taiwan: 16 Japan: 14 Korea: 5

Darn it, I tried to rig it (no, I did not ^^;;) for Japan but failed lol


Next installment: The Last Words.

(I need this for closure. )



15 responses

24 03 2010
Ender's Girl

how could you award the bronze to the MG OST, how could you jicks??? *sobs* man, but Qing Fei De Yi still turns my insides to jello…

(lol and i still have the F4 MG2 poster hanging behind my bedroom door, still lovingly encased in its plastic cover)

My favorite bits and pieces: =D

“I must also mention the part when Hua Ze Lei just takes a monster bite out of the DMS cookie head (^O^) I so wish I was in that bed xDD”


“I think the character styling was most spot-on in HanaDan. You could most easily pick the F4 member just by looking at their wardrobe.”

OMG, yah. totally.

” Zuo wears in the opening credits in MGII (seriously, I don’t know why but iHEART.) Secondly, the hideous black, grey & purple swirly shirt that Dao Ming Si had on in Barcelona in ep1 of MGII.”

hahahahahha true!

“Because Shun made it look like he actually owned the joint lol I don’t know, the thought of him in a secluded dark-ish stairwell just makes me wanna… [to be continued] (; ̄ー ̄)” …. “Well, we practically never heard Ah Lei speak outside of this zone ^^;;”


and ohmygosh, everything that you said about Battle 10, EVERYTHING.

Taiwan FTW!!! (close call, though XD)

25 03 2010

^lol I know I know I want to smack myself in the face too… the OST was by far the most difficult one to decide & I will say it is v. subjective. In fact, I have the urge now even to edit it & go ahead w/ the 3way tie, it was that close ><;;

MGII poster, OMG, is it the shot of them in Barcelona & they're all wearing white?????? *DROOLS* I never got one as Australia was idol merchandise deprived at the time (& in many ways, still is) lol

Battle 10 was an easy one for me. The Korean F4 gave it a fair shot but they did have a huge legacy to live up to. Although Jun+Shun+Shota+Abe were physically smaller in build (w/ exception of Shun), I felt like they were more like man's man kinda thing in comparison to Korean F4, whom for me, ran more off a boyish charm.

But by far, it's JVKV FTW!! Anyone who experienced at the time know the impact those guys had at the time was freaking scary & completely monumental into structuring the idol scene across the Asian community that we see today. The Taiwanese F4 are forever amazing <3

I know the final tally score is unexpected on my part so I will be posting a final installment to explain myself …otherwise I will fail to live on as an Arashi fangirl ^^;; lol

24 03 2010

though i agree w/ your comparisons, i also disagree on some. Here are my choices: The best F4, i choose BOF coz they totally look and act the part, they may be over- rated but, cmon, they could ACT, for guys who never appeared on lead roles before and 2 of them never had real acting jobs before BOF, they are more than o.k. especially LMH. The Unlikely Couple – it has to be Kim Bum and So Eun of BOF – their chemistry is so great that people are asking that they make a drama of their own. The Autistic One – though nobody could top oguru shun; the silver should at least go to kim hyun joong, Vic Zhou does not act autistic he acts like a robot. I guess i could honestly say i’m more of a fan of BOF than HYD, as for MG, the only plus point for them is that they started the series and they have the handsomest-looking couple in jerry yan and barbie xu.

25 03 2010

Hey! Thanks for dropping in again & sharing your thoughts :))

I tried to base my ranking on F4 as a group, their chemistry together & how they complemented one another. I guess it all depends on what perspective we stand from. To be objective, BOF was a great production.

If you are talking robotic though, I dare say Hyun Joong (& bare in mind, I do freaking love him!!) was more robotic in the beginning than any Arnold Schwarznegger role ever portrayed!! But he did grow into his role beautifully. I labeled the character as “The Autistic One” because it just had a ring to it & it was semi-relevant but, he was indeed autistic as a kid growing up but he is no longer by the time the story comes around (thanks to The First Love.) As an adult he’s actually more just a laidback character, quite lazy & just prefers to stay in the background but w/o a doubt though, he is a man w/ passion & will express his emotions when necessary (although not always in a literal way.) Which is why based purely on a technical acting level, I agree, Shun does PWN (but still, I love Ah Lei, Rui & Ji Hoo equally xDD)

And I actually think Vic acted the most autistic, esp in the beginning. He genuinely looked like he was frightened at times & needed someone to hold his hand. Or maybe it was a simple case of Barbie natural big sister kinda vibe ^^;;

5 04 2010

MG wins overall, me happy but what made me most happy out of all MG’s ‘gold’ is that Taiwan F4 wins. That’s one of the most important battle for me. I so agree they just jibe together as a group. Korean F4 and Japan F4 are good together too but sadly most of the story, it was focused on F2 and not F4. In BOF, there was a time I get a feeling the screen time was F1 and weed 99% of time. In MG, even when Ah Si and Shan Cai are already in their lovey stage, you’d still find F3 there, teasing and torturing them(play boy Xi Men complaining that the couple is making him want to gag).

Also agree that MG red tag is far the best. Very distinctive. 50 years from now, when people see that card, they’ll remember that it was from Taiwan F4.

24 07 2010

definitely like someone said.. MG is my first love and only love lol. i know im being too un-vague but i dont think nobody can ever love like daoming si and shan cai.

25 07 2010

hey thankyou for commenting :))
haha i know i know, jerry+barbie are def one of my all-time favourite on-screen couples so your love for mg is fully comprehensible ^_^
i really wish those 2 will make a series together again <3

23 03 2011

i know im about a year too late LOL but MG was the only asian series ive seen…and really liked (back in 03-04)! I tried watching BOF and HYD online recently but:

1) chemistry – they lacked it

2) the boys werent that cute! grr

3) Shancai was cast to be skinny cute unsexy — but Jin Hoo looks lesbian and has 0 sex appeal. hence my reason #1

3) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? the OST for BOF was AWFUL. id give it a 2/10 if possible. MGs OST is super catchy, i still remember it to this day.
but yes, production value was good for the recent MG counterparts. the clothes (save Joon Pyo’s gay furry lapelled coats) were fabulous!

23 03 2011

oops i meant Jan Di (in #3)

28 03 2011

Hey Kitty! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment :) :) Just to let you know, IMO, it’s NEVER to late to share the love! ^_~

Some pretty cool points you raised there. Re the chemistry, I can see where you are coming from, esp with BOF but I did feel something-something btwn MatsuJun & Inoue Mao (& Shun baby! And Shota-kun! And Abe-kun!) But I can most definitely understand your praise in regards to the Taiwanese cast- Jerry, Vic, Ken & Vanness- these four were something for the ages. And Barbie was definitely the perfect fit for the four of them. Could not have imagined anyone else to play the role.

It’s too bad you don’t think Oguri Shun, Matsu Jun & Matsuda Shota lookers because personally I think they are fuuuureaking beautiful!!!!! To be honest, I wasn’t taken away by them immediately, I guess I was distracted by the crazy hair & the bizarre outfits, lol but they surely grew on me (BIG time.) But really, it’s all gooooood- this just means you & I won’t be fighting over them, lol. But heck yes, the Taiwanese cast is very pretty (!!!) You can especially see that since none of them is over-styled, you can just see THEM in their naturally, Heaven-given good looks^^ Jerry, Vic & Jerry’s dimples are indeed all very, very are beautiful xDDD

hahaha I do get the feeling the “Almost paaaradiiiiiise!!!!!!!!” thing could irritate some, lol. I think the soundtrack thing ultimately comes down to personal taste but I do think each OST suited & complimented that series perfectly- the music definitely brought out the spirit of its story.

Thanks again for stopping by!

18 11 2012

Great job on the comparisons again! I agree with you so much about Hanadan winning the mansion thing. It will indeed give you an ominous feel *shivers* And OH MY GOD, I always find myself getting freaked out everytime Vic sits on the edge like that D: I was soooo scared he’ll fall and break his neck or something. It seems to be so high too!

12 02 2013

lovely part
happy MG won @ the end!!!!!!!
(& keep in mind i only saw all 3 verisons for the first time a couple of months ago))))
MG is old & underproduced but u can see the heart thudding in this series & the emotions! these are real guys & girls. They dont have crazy hair & dont overact. Its all real!
Agree with the whole above comment from Kitty. esp about (the Jap mostly 4 me) guys being ugly. tastes differ I guess seeing they have lots of fangirls lol to me they’re insufferable.)))
My rank is MG>>>>BOF>>>>HYD haha
Vic played great part in the decision )))) thankfully no one calls him a robot now (gah gah how amaing he is in Black & White & the ‘Home’ series!)
Recent f4 reunion was fabulous!

2 03 2013

Omg Lola!!!!!! I am so glad you left a comment because otherwise, I could never have known about the F4 reunion!!! I seriously shed a tear when they were talking about life on stage *sniffs* :`/ It feels like they really know each other quite well, and genuinely love each other.

I’m glad Vic has broken free from the “robot” tag, too, lol. Haven’t seen his Home series but I agree he was awesome in Black And White (his kissing scenes esp, hihihi~) I remembering him being snubbed the best actor award to his co-star Mark Chao that year though for some local end of year ceremony. Was a bit disappointed but hey. Though as great as he was in Black And White, my favourite acting performance from him is still Mars. Haunts me still to this day (in that freaking fabulous way.)

Oh, and no worries at all on your feelings for the Japanese F4. Like I’ve said before I think, that just means that’s one less fangirl I have to fend off, lol.

Glad to have you here again! Happy dorama-watching and hope to see you around! :) :)

30 10 2013

about photos of HYD’s school above. that pict is not eitoku, it’s domyouji house.

14 03 2014

Aaaaaaahhhhhh how terrible of me!!!!!! Thanks for pointing it out, nisak!! Appreciate it! How could I not tell, given how much I wanted to spend time in that house, LOL. My eyes and brain must’ve gone haywire from doing the posts, hahaha. Gomen! XD

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