You, me & a date w/ FujiTV (April 15 @10:00pm, baby)

28 03 2010

Seriously, someone tell me why I am so excited (@_@)!!!!!!

^^It’s only a 15s CM, but hearing Eita & Ueno Juri‘s voices here is already making me go nuts.

Somehow, the final shot gives me the same youthful freshness vibe as Orange Days ^_^ Good much? And am I right to say that our golden couple have matching hairstyles?? I’ve also been doing some thinking (because I am a thinking woman lol)- does a Twitter focused plot mean that physical Eita & Juri-chan on-screen together time will be significantly limited??? Noooooo!!! I don’t wish to spend half my time watching people text/type/bash keyboard keys!!!

*deep breath* I guess we can only wait & see. But I totally have faith in Kitagawa Eriko (no pressure at all, girl) ^_^

Photobucket[ My eyes are so happy xDD ]

Ooh, by the way, the fifth cast member is none other than Hero of DBSK fame (who, my gawd, is freakishly pretty in  the CM.) I haven’t seen Heaven’s Postman (& probably won’t get around to in the near future, for that matter) so I’m not really sure what to think of him as an actor. But time will tell. If anything, at least he will be serving as some pretty nice eye candy.

Now, shitsurei shimasu, I’ll be getting back to my Facebook ;O




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30 03 2010
Ender's Girl

eita’s massive shock of hair kept filling the entire screen, lol. so distracting, tsk.

can’t wait for this drama, too! (……..and the other drama as well — y’know, the one starring the hot ojisan from that weird pop group that like to cook? whatsisname, mimura something?) XDDDDDD

31 03 2010

Oh yeah Moon Lovers lol
The cast sounds ridiculous. Mr Dorama King himself in a ROMANCE story w/ Shinohara Ryoko (have you seen Anego? I have. For no wannabe bad ass party boy in particular really ><") PLUS Matsuda Shota kun w/ a hidden agenda??? That's my kinda drama for sure xDD

1 04 2010
Ender's Girl

Oh boy, Shinohara Ryoko (who is funny, hot & gorgeous) single-handedly made Anego worth watching. But yeah, your Jin-Jin was really cute here, his best role yet (lol, it’s not like he’s done a bunch of dramas X__O). I just wish his role were more developed. (Have you seen the remake, Dal Ja’s Spring? I thought it was the better drama, overall.)

What’s your fave Jin moment in Anego? Mine was the scene involving a sloshed Anego on Karaoke Night. (And Jin’s puzzled, helpless, “please don’t molest me!” face => priceless! XDDDDD)

2 04 2010

Yeah that moment was hilarious (^O^!!) But I more kept thinking about how she was sitting on his, er, lap & was actually quite worried for Jin’s self-control lol

Gosh, I never thought about my favourite moment since I was so distracted by his semi over-sized suit… hmm. I did like watching him kick some ass when he was playing some *grunting voice* manly rugby. I also liked when he gets all teary after he & Noda-chan have a fight over her affair… aaw.

For comparison’s sake, have you watched Sapuri yet?? xPP Never thought in my life I would enjoy these younger man / older woman relationship stories as much as these boys made me did… ><;;

2 04 2010
Ender's Girl

Hahahahaha LOL @ “semi over-sized suit,” so true! :D Well, he was a lot ganglier in Anego than he is now. (*remembers AnAn shoot heh heh heh*) I read he played soccer a lot in school, and he did look mighty cool playing rugby. (I dunno, but any dude in football/rugby attire just makes me go bat-crazy XP) I LOLd when he had to go to Mongolia, though. I was totally rooting for Jin’s character (what was his name? Kurosawa or somethin’?), and didn’t like it one bit when Anego kind of tossed his feelings aside… Y__Y

Re Sapuri, I actually enjoyed Anego more. I couldn’t see the chemistry between Kame and Ito Misaki, and their kissing scenes felt so gauche, like Kame was pashing his own onee-chan. X___O (But he could kiss just FINE in Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, so, what gives?… can.not.compute. can.not.compute…) I think I enjoyed the ad agency dynamics rather than the romance itself. And Sato Koichi (ENJOY! lol) and Shiraishi Miho were my fave characters. Sorry, Kame. :D

4 04 2010

lol@Mongolia scenes (& yeah Kurosawa was his name ^U^) I thought he looked pretty good in traditional Mongolian attire :))

Agree w/ everything you said about the Anego & Sapuri thing!! I felt little chemistry too… but your boy was still nice to look at in his jeans & w/ all the dirt on his face ^O^

Forgot to respond to your earlier Q: nope, haven’t seen Dal Ja’s Spring!! And heck no did I know it was a remake of Anego! That’s certainly makes it more interesting… Chae Rim’s face sometimes freaks me out though… she’s pretty but almost too doll-like ^^;;

5 04 2010
Ender's Girl

“but your boy was still nice to look at in his jeans & w/ all the dirt on his face ^O^” => ehehehehe. good for a little roll in the grass, much? *hentai leer*

LOL, I think Chae Rim’s face is 97% plastic by now. She looked so different in All About Eve, back when it was just, um, 13% plastic? But, well, that was eons ago. XP Dal Ja’s Spring has the same plot outline (perky, spinster-ish woman caught between a much younger guy and an older, more stable but very much married man…. what to do? what to do?). Lee Min-ki plays the Jin role here, though his role is much more substantial than Bakanishi’s. And I don’t have to say that Lee Min-ki is ohohohoho-so cute here. *stage whisper* (And a way better actor, too…) XDDDDDD

11 04 2010

Juris’ hair is loooong O_O I can’t wait to see this!

10 02 2011

I’m currently watching this series, and I can see why it’s impossible to NOT heart Eita. sigggghhhhhhhh.

11 02 2011

Hey twentynineandcounting! Oh you’re watching SnN, yatta! Glad someone else is falling for leather pants boy lol ^^;;
Would love to hear all your thoughts when you are done with the series :)

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