I rate this scene: Last Friends [episode 8]

8 04 2010

Well, we’re at the threshold of another Eita & Ueno Juri collaboration (yeah yeah that’s all that’s in my head atm… mmm, that & Tsuki no Koibita OOOOOOMG^^;;) so let’s trek back to their last series together, Last Friends.


At the end of episode 8: Ruka, planning to leave everyone & everything behind, leaves Takeru a letter, revealing her secret to him but it doesn’t change his heart one bit. He races (& I mean RACE. The boy is totally Olympic caliber fit :O) all the way to stop her.

(sorry, couldn’t find a link w/ English subs, but I shall provide a little of a translation situation >>>)

“Don’t go, Ruka! I’ve read your letter. I understand your feelings.
You may not be able to answer my feelings, but, even so, I, I still love you, Ruka.
Whether it’s as a person or as a woman, don’t ask me which, because I don’t even know myself…
but I, I just want to protect you.
No matter how you change, I want to stay by your side.

I don’t want to lose you.” Takeru.

Prisoner Of Love starts playing in the background at THE perfect moment.

Eita is like, askfdjaisej Y_Y And Juri-chan, not speaking a friggin’ word, is friggin’ faultless.

This is what I call, acting your ass off (can I label them my golden couple??)

Sunao ni Narenakute in a week’s time!




3 responses

11 04 2010

I suck for not being to watch this :(( I bought the DVDs ages ago but I found out that episode 5 onwards are missing. I didn’t bother to watch the rest because I was so irritated. LOL. Eita and Juri. I miss them both. I’ve loved their pairing since Nodame-Mine days! Haha.

15 04 2010

Oh Nodame. One of my fave series ever <3
I know about Juri's hair! I think she's looking great ^_^ But I never understand who quickly these celebs always seem to manage to grow their hair back out… I chopped mine about a yr ago & have struggled to get it past my shoulders since lol

20 10 2010

Last Friends is a very good drama, even though the ending didn’t satisfy me at all : (
Love Eita & Juri as a couple since this series.

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