Is this the prettiest cast ever?

10 04 2010

Please vote YES, NO or MAYBE lol I think I’m going crazy w/ all this drama goodness xD

Well, I didn’t think it would be fair to keep raving on & on about Eita & Ueno Juri‘s upcoming Twitter dorama *swoons yet again* & not drop a mention about a certain Dorama King’s forthcoming piece of work *cough*Kimura Takuya*cough*

Tsuki no Koibito (i.e. Moon Lovers) will be airing on May 10. Oh yes. My eyes are liking what they are seeing already. And hooray for shorter hairdos! Kimura looks way younger, way more polished & my, thank goodness Shota-kun has shed his Liar Game II mane off. I’m gonna say, so far, Tsuki ni Koibito scores 1 point for hot hair; Sunao ni Karenakute, zilch (but I still love them all xDD) Anyways, here’s the latest Tsuki ni Koibito CM:

It’s gonna be a great Spring season (well, Autumn for me -_-; Move me to the Northern Hemisphere already.)

Aah, one last thing! Abe Tsuyoshi is in the series, too, which means we have ourselves a mini F2 reunion! d(^_^)b



10 responses

10 04 2010

YES for the short hairdo of takuya and for the CM’s background song and for ABE! :)

11 04 2010
Ender's Girl

YES to the shorter hairdos, YES to kimura in anything, YES to shinohara ryoko being hotter than hot despite popping that baby, YES to keiko because she’s talented and pretty, YES to an F2 reunion (yay), YES to renzoku ren’ai (instead of another procedural, yukkz)

NO to just 7 episodes, NO to the bloated prod’n budget, NO to (purportedly) bad acting from the mainland (heh heh)

so i guess the YESes win, 6-3 =D

15 04 2010

^To be fair, it’s only Chi Ling’s second “real” acting job. And the language barrier is probably killing her. But then again, anyone who gets to act w/ Tony Leung & Kaneshiro Takeshi on their first acting job THEN Kimura Takuya on their second deserves no sympathy lol

@yetisspageti: Didn’t notice the BGM until you mentioned it (was distracted by Kimura’s toplessness ;O) but yeah I do LIKE… kinda gives them a really hip upper class vibe ^U^

19 04 2010

she’s not from mainland. she’s from taiwan

19 04 2010
Ender's Girl

oopsie, my mistake. thanks! =D

20 04 2010
Ender's Girl

New 28-sec CM with scenes from the drama:

Never mind if the only thing I understood was the announcer saying “coming soon!” at the very end, lol. Btw Matsuda Shota looks 2Kool4skool in those shades. +D

20 04 2010
Ender's Girl

Oops, here’s another one. All they do is open their eyes, but still… ^^,,

20 04 2010

Oh no to Shota’s double piercings!! My eyes! lol

I like the 28s CM ^_^ Yeah lol Matsuda Shota does look 2Kool4skool but I think Kimura looks even cooler xDD

Kitagawa Keiko looks sassy pretty, Chi-Ling looks clean pretty (lol) but the power & allure in Ryoko’s eyes, waaaaaahh– knocked me out, that’s for sure ^^;;

26 05 2010

this is on my watch list, actually I am watching this too! yay summer! its really good of course, I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds… hahah

26 05 2010

Aarrrgh are you watching it already?? Do you understand Japanese? If so, I envy you! lol

I’ma waiting (semi)patiently for the subs. Gawd, what would life be w/o fansubbers <3

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