Sunao ni Narenakute [episode 1]

16 04 2010

The pilot episode aired last night!!

And I was totally streaming it. Do I understand Japanese? Er, no. I tend to do this for the first episode of any series that I really, really want to see but then spend the next few weeks (months even, fwoosh) agonisingly waiting for the release of subtitles to save my life. Sometimes it’s worth all the freaking buffering (& buffering & buffering……),  sometimes it’s not.

Was it worth it this time around?

Heck to the yes! They’ve already marked off some key checkpoints for me. Here are some quick screencaps to prove what I’m saying>>>

[✔] Piggyback ride :))

[✔] Totally wanting Eita. Oops, no, sorry, that was wanting Eita‘s tee. Ahem.

[✔] Guy bandaging girl’s wound xDD

>>> Close up *fangirl giddiness* (seriously, someone grate my knee now ><;;)

[✔] Swoop-in kiss!

OMG, wait, is that a shower scene..??

[✔] Oh yes it is (*^_^*)

[✔] And if we get a little closer, there’s some interesting looking ink (w/ some special meaning perhaps?)

[✔] I’m thinking some kinda dark-ish backstory ^_^

[✔] The soundtrack is awesome, too.

Sub me now please ^^;; <3




9 responses

17 04 2010


I have no words O______O

18 04 2010

hehe I know. I’m pretty sure I actually gasped out loud (GOL??? lol) And w/ that, I can totally forgive the hair ;O

17 04 2010
Ender's Girl

^ LOLZZZ (I see someone’s bin workin’ out, eh?)

Huh? Huh? They met already? I thought they were going to meet on Twitter first. Ah, well. (I can’t believe he kissed her!!!!!!!! Not that I’m complaining XDDD)

18 04 2010

lol I’d totally wanna work out w/ him!! ^^;;;;;;
According to what I made of it (not having the subs & having the frgn bufferring in btwn & all) they did befriend ea other on Twitter but they decide to meet in person.

I knew they couldn’t hold back on Eita & Ueno Juri not being onscreen together for too long but I didn’t think it would be THIS soon either… but what the heck, o yes, it’s all v. v. v. good d(^_^)b!

20 04 2010

Eita without a crazy hairstyle is definitely Eita ;)


btw, i don’t know why am i not given notifications when you post comments on my blog, as well as if you reply to my comments on yours :(

20 04 2010

have you checked your settings? the “send eMail whenever comments are posted” option?? (or something to that effect xPP)
no bid deal, as long as we get to read ea other’s comments, doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit delayed!

yeah i know, the crazy hair does MAKE him. sometimes i wonder if eita actually has a hairstylist. i’d love to meet & hug him/her xD

21 04 2010

Okay typo there. T_T should be NOT Eita.

Anyway, yeah. I’ll check it out. Maybe there really is something wrong with my settings XD

Let’s all go to Japan and give Eita’s stylist a big hug! :DDD

9 05 2010

oh! now I want to watch this! still waiting for the subs patiently! I like eita+ueno 2gtr they should get married they have such great chemistry!

9 05 2010

Hey! Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment! lol If these 2 did get married, I would be in tears of absolute joy (although at the same time heartbroken for Tamaki Hiroshi, if only women could marry more than one man, like in the ancient times for men xPP )… & I would probably try to trespass their wedding reception ^^;; But alas, I think Eita & Kimura Kaela make a cool couple too :))

I clicked onto your page & realised I’d bn there before… I was totally stealing some MatsuJun wallies xDDDDDD It’s a shame you don’t update anymore because I love your style ^_^

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