The Great Sensei Debate!

23 04 2010

“Who is the greatest sensei?”

That is the question.

Somehow I keep getting sucked into watching all these Japanese teacher-student manga-turned-live-action doramas. I guess you can blame a certain few ikemen & a certain few JE boys *clears throat* *palm-shades forehead*

And as distracted & distracting as some of these students can be, in the end it all boils down to the teacher. Their leader. Their inspiration. Their Mother-of-Crap-Why-Didn’t-You-Appear-Sooner saviour. Their, ONE & ONLY, Sensei.

Is there one true correct answer to the above question? Probably not. But we all probably have our favourite. I know I have mine.

So in chronological order of appearance on the live-action dorama scene, here is my, er, report, on four of probably the more well-known senseis (of course I had to grade them xDD)









( notepaper background graphic: © Copyright 2007 Sharia Braxton )


Don’t agree? Well, cast your vote now:


Now quote this:-

“I want to be a teacher. The greatest teacher ever…”
– Onizuka Eikichi (GTO)


Word. And peace V(^_^)V



11 responses

23 04 2010
Ender's Girl

aaaaaahhh i can’t vote yet because i’ve only seen 1 of the 4. (take a wild guess which X___O)

wow A++ huh… then i really must get ahold of GTO. didn’t know what it was about, or that it was such a keeper. ohohohoho sorimachi aka mr. nanako plays the sensei!!! and nanako is… his student? wtf? for real? hehehe “to sir with love…” i always thought my first sorimachi drama would be beach boys or somethin. depends which one i find first =D

i have DZ somewhere in my CD file boxes but never watched beyond ep. 1. i dunno why; i mean it’s abe AND yamapi. (lolol pi a trumpet player?????????? this i gotta seeeeeeeeeeeeee)

i just might steer clear of rookies, though. i mean, it’s that annoying MAKOTO dude from pride. no thankee, uh-uh-uh.

gokusen – i think my fave moment was when yankumi, uh, became a construction worker so she could, uh… buy a certain pupil back from his, uh, indentured service. ^o^, then she came to the bar with the money but he didn’t want to leave his work!!!! he was so mean to her!!!! (i cried dammit, how pathetic is that lol)

26 04 2010

^lol Oh, can you imagine if we were running Yankumi’s classes?? Er, we wouldn’t even need to fight over the same student, we can pick one favourite each w/o any dramas!

I know, I know, Kame’s character was a bit of a brat for too long- I really thought he would give in much sooner, but kudos for him for making Yankumi work a little harder (sometimes I think she gets a bit comfortable. Those boys fall much too easily for her tricks.) Actually, I was worried for Kame when he was carrying those crates of beer at the bar… I wasn’t convinced he could hold on! But luckily, muscles, he did. And I bet he made you proud :))

Pi is far too cute in DZ… esp w/ Nagasawa Masami. I liked their relationship here much better than in ProDai.

Ooohh I want to see Beach Boys too! Sorimachi Takashi & Takenouchi Yutaka = major eye candy xDD If you know where to find a copy, let me know!~

1 05 2010

If only Yankumi isn’t as preachy ;_; BTW, I’m currently watching Gokusen 3! I don’t know why I still do, though. I love love love Gokusen with all my heart, but Gokusen 2 (even with Jin, Kame, and Mokomichi) ruined the drama for me. Maybe I’m watching just for closure. Haha.

I agree with almost everything you said! :3 I haven’t watched Dragon Zakura. I heard it’s pretty good :)

I love Yankumi, but I’d probably choose Onizuka-Sensei as the best among them ^^, Heee.

2 05 2010

The closure… is one factor for me but knowing that there is a huge bunch of pretty boys trying to be bad & it’s JUST THERE teasing me to ogle, leer at, er, watch them, I just can’t help myself.

The first Gokusen was fab, but the series overall isn’t one for the keepsakes per se, I mean, they were fun to watch but there were many moments when I just thought, gawd, can they just switch up the format of ea episode just even slight;y already……. or do something to Kame’s eyebrows to keep things more interesting….

The format of GTO was a bit episodic if I think about it, like as soon as they finished talking about one student then that was them, done. Over & outta here. But Onizuka still kicked major ass xDD

3 05 2010
Ender's Girl

“or do something to Kame’s eyebrows to keep things more interesting….” – LAWLLLLLLLLLL too funneh!!! :D

9 05 2010

do something to Kame’s eyebrows to keep things more interesting….”

– I LOLed at this too! :P Oh well, we just have to accept the fact that dramas like these tend to be episodic. Good thing the dramas’ pretty boys make it worth watching. HAHA.

18 06 2010
Vid Clip: Umaku Ienai by Yuzu (music video feat. Miura Haruma) « The Little Dorama Girl

[…] — me with my Nobuta wo Produce and Tatta Hitotsu no Koi reviews, and jicks with her rockin’ The Great Sensei Debate post and a now this first look at the upcoming live-action movie Kimi no Todoke (Reaching You), which is […]

20 06 2010

Aww… too bad this debate is limited to teachers in live-action doramas because my vote would’ve gone to Amami Yuki’s Akutsu Maya in Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. Seriously, this devil teacher has it all– she’s vicious and calculating and would pretty much put everyone else on this list to shame. Problem is, she doesn’t belong to the sensei-school-of-hard-camp but I’d take her tough love any day over these guys who tend to spout off cheesy platitudes and annoying slogans.

21 06 2010

hey, thanks for commenting :))

lol cheesy platitudes & annoying slogans… well, I don’t mind catchphrases (they bring da dollars to da bank ;P) so long as the delivery of them from someone legit.

unfortunately i haven’t seen jyoou no kyoushitsu (it’s sad but true, i tend to choose high school dramas where i can, er, admire certain “i’m not a boy not yet a full grown man” nicely fashioned males ^^;;;) but given your recommendation, i’ll def be considering it… sounds like i wouldn’t wanna be messing w/ oni sensei though >_<

22 06 2010

Lol, I understand your fixation. The tweezed eyebrows and the outrageous hair + endless posturing… now that’s what you call entertainment. :D

You definitely have to give Jyoou no Kyoushitsu a try. It has an amazing cast and a well-crafted storyline. It goes against every sensei-centric dorama I’ve seen thus far. There are no pep talks in that classroom, just a simple catchphrase which is “open your eyes”.

I wish more people would see it. Dang it, looks like I’m gonna have to start a campaign. ^^

23 06 2010

The tweezed eyebrows and the outrageous hair + endless posturing…
^^Bang! Bang! BANG! Dead on the nail there sister!! After a hard day’s work, it’s just pure leisure being able to ogle at such advertently primmed creatures xD

lol “open your eyes” The amount of times I’ve wanted to screech that @ some of my juniors. I fear the upcoming generation! jyoou no kyoushitsu has been tagged onto my list of things to watch but dang, this list is fully breeding ^^;;;;;;

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