Quote It: Noda Naoko

6 05 2010


“You may say that it’s nothing serious but your heart naturally experiences it.”

Noda Naoko (Anego, ep03)

Quick word: My apologises for laziness in updating! I’ve been distracted by-

[1] The NBA playoffs
[2] Survivor & the final season of LOST
[3] Dramas, dramas, dramas
[4] Hotel City on Facebook *palms face in shame*
[5] People- apparently I still have a social life lol

And it just clicked w/ me that my last post was a good fortnight ago so… since a certain series to do w/ moons & lovers is airing in a few days (breathe girls, now breathe (‘o’).。。。。OOO) I’d thought I’d dig up a quote from Anego (I would’ve selected a Kimura Takuya line but I actually think Shinohara Ryoko is the hotter thing going by the CM previews thus far ^^;;)

BTW, Jin in the above pic = xDDDDDD



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7 05 2010

woohoo! my first comment in one of your post!
and ANEGO!! loved that drama… shino ryoko and Jin definitely had chemistry!
makes me wish Jin could do more dramas like that and not something as crazy as Yukan club. he was seriously cute in this drama and the ending of the SP had me going crazy. lol. and i’m excited for her and wonder how she’ll do in moon lovers.

and yeah, DO i still have a social life???
and phew.. i need to catch up on LOST… i’m WAY behind on that show. haven’t watched Survivor.

7 05 2010
Ender's Girl

Shinohara Ryoko IS the hottest thing about TnK!!! booyahhh

And I remember this scene… OH JIN. *luvs on Kurosawa*

Hihihi “Jin in the above pic” is kawaii indeed, even if it’s just a nose, two glassy eyes, a hand and those shaggy bangs… ;-)

[1] I feel like I’m getting a heart attack every time I watch a Suns game. Who are you rooting for????? Say it ain’t the Evil Spurs!!!!!!!!!! Y_______Y
[2] Lost is finally ending? Hallelujah chance! >D Survivor I haven’t been able to follow this season (Heroes vs Villains, is it?) though I was a Survivor nut for years and years. (Hey didja know that Ethan Zohn of Africa has been battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma? The cancer’s in remission now, hope it stays that way.)
[3] Too many dramas and too little time to watch them! *sigh*
[4] LOL never played Hotel City, I’m hardly on FB anyway. Sounds addicting though ^^,,
[5] Last I checked, my social life was still there… Though it’s more about attending weddings and baby showers these days, haha. I’ve had the same bunch of friends since we were 13, and whenever someone gets married or has a baby, my respect level for them grows exponentially, because it means that now they’re REAL adults, lolz @__@

7 05 2010

Jin needs to make more droamas, period. I’ve intentionally dodged Yukan Club up until now because of the negative feedback but sooner or later, I think I will just put myself myself through the 10eps of torture (albeit v. good-looking torture ><;;) What did you think of it??

Is it the Suns you like or Steve Nash?? xPP I don't really go for a team these days, I more just go for certain players (used to be a Bulls fan circa Michael Jordan days, then progressed onto the 76ers for Allen Iverson <33) Of the peeps left in the playoffs- I like Kobe, I like Deron Williams & I like… Tim Duncan, so lol I guess in a way I am going for the "evil" boring, old Spurs haha But as long as LeBron doesn't win, I'm all gooooooood xDDDDDD

lol@"Halleujah chance" comment ^O^ (aah, Pi Pi xD) Re LOST, I've never enjoyed watching something for so long despite not really knowing what the heck is going on lol

Re Survivor, no, never heard the news about Ethan. Wish the man all the best though <!!

8 05 2010
Ender's Girl

Hey I used to be a Jordan/Bulls fan in the ’90s, too! All my friends were rooting for the Jazz, hehe. Good times, good times. (I prefer to blot out from memory the succeeding years when MJ came back to play for the Wizards, because he obviously hadn’t proven enough in his career, durr. *roll eyes*)

Haha so you hate LBJ, eh? I have no opinion of him, or of any other team except PHX, whom I love (yes the whole team, though it def. started with Ol’ Nashty back in the ’04-’05 season. I was like, hu dat white dude scurrying back and forth on the court like a lab rat? and why does he shoot/make plays so good? ’twas love at first assist, haha), and their archrivals the Spurz. Duncan I got respect for, Ginobli too, but is Tony Parker-Longoria the Face of Evil or what??? I mean just look at him. Hahahha. Game 3 just ended and now the Spurs are in a 0-3 hole. Hahahahahha victory at last!!!! (well, almost)

Yukan Club – From what v said abt it I’m not touching this with a 20-ft pole (whereas before it was just a 10-ft pole, lol). But I’m fond of Jin-Jin and like you guys said, I hope he does more quality dramas in the coming years.

Sorry to butt in, but isn’t “Lovejuice” a Jin song? I think he performed it at one of the recent KT concerts (maybe even all of them). I have all KT cons since their debut but don’t really sit through all of them (too excruciating! lol) and normally just FFWD to the Kame parts. Ha Ha Ha @____@

8 05 2010

“Jin needs to make more droamas, period.” AGREE. XD
and about YC, um, it’s bad, actually, quite bad but you can’t totally hate it either but both Jin and Yuu have done and can do way better. I mean, if you go into it without expectations and your brain, I think it won’t be too much torture. lol. sounds promising huh?
btw, forgot to ask you in “about this blog”… you talked about “lovejuice” and somehow, i got this thing in my head that it’s a JE title song… have any hint for me? or maybe i just made that up.. lol

9 05 2010

lol… sorry i scared you away from YC… it’s not totally bad but you won’t miss anything if you skip it.
and thanks for your info about “lovejuice” :D …. it WAS a Jin song… the good news is that i wasn’t imagining this and the bad news is my memory is seriously declining.
and yay for KT concerts! i have all of them too, along with other concerts/perf they appeared in! lol. and i watch them in full. haha. but i do use the FF button occasionally, like in the middle of a song, but that’s rare… my fav KT concert has to be kaizokuban, or maybe the queen of pirates.
however, my favorite JE concert ever has to be Never Ending Wonderful Story of NEWS.

9 05 2010

E.G.’s right. Yeah, “Lovejuice” is one of Jinny’s solos where sings in head-to-toe English (or should we say, he tried to *hearts* Would gladly offer English speaking tutorials ;O) Sorry for lame joke lol

lol “if you go into it w/o your brain” comment. I will take that piece of advice v. seriously xD

As for Yokoyama Yu, I’ve only ever caught in him in The Quiz Show II (which I only really watched for Sho-kun anyways) & all I have to say is… he looks drugged ^^;;

What Wizard days??????? *runs to hide Washington #23 jersey***** I don’t remember those times at all (>___>”””) OMG yes I came home yesterday & saw the Suns had stolen Game 3 & profanities exploded from my room. I guess you will be seeing more of your Nashy-boy & his Suns for a lil while longer (btw, big LOL@ “love at first assist” comment xDD And oh yeah, I agree, French-boy wasn’t really born w/ a “nice to meet you” face ^^;; Good thing he has the accent thing working for him though…)

10 05 2010

yep, can’t believe i forgot that lovejuice is a jin’s song… and dont worry about your jokes… urs made me laugh so it can’t be that lame right? XD
as for yuu, i never could exactly express how he looked (and that’s just not in quiz show, which i also watched for sho btw.. lol, but in all of his dramas so far) until i read your expression “he looks drugged”… Haha… totally agree!
i still like him nevertheless but don’t worry, i dont fall for drug addicts. must be the JE curse workings. lol XD

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