Fukuyama Masaharu, you are my new old man crush

15 05 2010

(Sadly?) It’s true.

I marathoned Galileo last Sunday (the day of rest, but for me, it’s like the only day I can take full advantage of getting some dorama lovin’ action x_x.) I had to get it under my belt ASAP as TVB‘s adaption is going to air in Hong Kong on the 23rd May.

And this what I developed, I did not expect- an old man crush on Fukuyama Masaharu.

Fukuyama Masaharu the physics scientist.

Fukuyama Masaharu the professor.

Fukuyama Masaharu the squash player.

Fukuyama Masaharu the artist.

Fukuyama Masaharu the archer.

Fukuyama Masaharu the boxer.

Fukuyama Masaharu the rock climber.

Fukuyama Masaharu the chef.

Fukuyama Masaharu the cheesy detective …(=_=)

As Usher would say, OMG. OMG yes, it’s a crush. A big BIG old man crush.

But I feel terrible for using the term “old” because for one, he looks amazing for his age & two, he’s not even that old.

But ’tis the only term I can use to describe my feelings for him. It’s not like I’m pining after him the same way I do w/ a certain Shunny, a certain Junny & a certain few other Johnnys but… the man is just so… suave *SWOONS* Like, if he asked me for a dance, I would totally giggle like a stupid little school girl w/ fond, idolising, star-lit eyes (*´ー`*) before crumbling into a million pieces in utter giddiness (not dissimilar to Shibasaki Kou‘s character in the series really.)

Ahem. Anyways, shall we talk a little bit about the series?


^Firstly, I liked the mugs (^U^) I was actually waiting for some colour psychology spiel when Yukawa watched Utsumi pick up the poo brown mug after much deliberation on her side… however, it didn’t happen (poo!) Oh well. For the record, I would choose the… yellow xD

Now, if I judged it solely by the pilot episode, I would rate Galileo to da max. Great crime-disguised-as-supernatural-phenomenon fiction situation, quirky characters w/ charm, chemistry between the star couple, subtle comedy & like most Jdoramas, it used soundtrack very effectively. And, er, yeah, apparently I am showing a liking towards the main physicist dude as well ^^;;

Buuuuuut (you knew there was a “but”)! The first case was incidentally, IMO, the best case, the one that tickled the thinking caps the most. The rest of the series wasn’t much of a surprise. On the whole, it simply ended up feeling a little all too episodic. Ten episodes, & nine of them followed the same format, at pretty much the same pace:




Now that I think about it, Voice fell into the same pattern as well. Both conclusively aren’t marathon material. But heya, lucky Voice had Eita. And lucky Galileo had Fukuyama-kun xDD Good acting does go a long way.

I think Fukuyama Masaharu was the perfect choice to play the tensai physicist / henjin (i.e. weirdo) Yukawa Manabu. The believability as a professor, the corny evil plan laugh, the hand pose at the end of his possessed equation inking on random surfaces move (& not to mention, it was kinda pointless, I mean, did the equations actually correspond directly to the answers to the cases?? Likely, a big fat NO… but still, I bet I wasn’t the only one mimicking his golden hand pose ^^;;)… the man made cheesy look goooood.


And everytime I watch Shibasaki Kou, I want to be her (yes, even when she was a physco-biiiaatch in Battle Royale ><“””) Sure, in Galileo she was a little (or alot) like an undercover blonde (come on girl, I love you, but are you really a policewoman?? If so, solve those darn cases yourself!) & many may argue she was v. v. whiny but the girl is just so pretty & so lovable. Not to say that she is a bad actress, because she isn’t (although she has shown much greater displays of her talent in other roles,) but I think Shibasaki Kou is a classic example of how sometimes having natural charm (& lots of it she does have^^) can really boost &/or save your ass.

In terms of the cases: great concepts, pretty good execution, but probably all a little too straightforward for what I want in a crime drama. I certainly could’ve done w/ a twist or two. Or someone (or something) to really challenge Yukawa‘s genius. I didn’t expect (nor wanted, for that matter) anyone to outwit him, but please, we could’ve made him sweat a teeny bit at least. And I really would have like to see Utsumi‘s existence in the police force warranted a tad more ><” Apart from the fact that she never pro-actively assisted in solving a case, having her smack bang in the middle of the pickle that almost spelled half of Tokyo’s doom didn’t help her credibility as a policewoman either (& wah, your favourite colour is pinku?? Hontou? ) Utsumi Kaoru, you are lucky your sensei was there to rescue you.


Another thing- there wasn’t sufficient individual character development for my liking. I mean, WHO are these people & HOW did they get to where they are now? In all the FujiTV doramas I’ve seen, I’ve usually connected alot more w/ the characters on a one-on-one basis. But thankfully for all, the chemistry btwn the star couple here was delightful enough to keep things rolling (plus the all-star guest cast worked wonders, too.) I really indulged in seeing the understated way the relationship btwn Yukawa sensei & Utsumi developed. It felt somewhat realistic, somewhat endearing & somewhat left me wanting to see a bit more. But at the same time, I’m glad they didn’t let any of the lovey-dovey stuff take over & murk up the story.

My favourite moment btwn them is this gorgeously filmed scene in the final episode where Utsumi goes to tell Yukawa that she no longer wants to trouble him anymore. I was completely able to forgive everything involving the repetitive formulaic episode action for the previous nine episodes all because of the ravishing visual spectacle of this scene. On top of that, the delicate emotion shown by the characters here was just perfect. Put simply, this one scene more than made the entire series absolutely worthwhile for me (click on image for larger view)>>>


^^Breathtaking, indisputably. In a way, the lighting & the ambience kinda remind me of the scene in Wong Kar Wai‘s Ashes Of Time w/ the spinning cane basket situation. Both times, I could not freaking even semi-blink (O_o) Silhouette. Love. Architecture. Love. Warm fuzzy sun-dew glow. Love. Dialogue. Love. Yukawa sensei. Love. Fukuyama Masaharu… LUUURVE xDD

So would I watch the series again? Probably not, but I did enjoy it. The series isn’t going to blow your mind away but it will switch on your detective senses, warm your heart in some moments & most definitely, it will give you a good chuckle.

In the words of Yukawa sensei, it truly is omosiroii.






30 responses

15 05 2010

yoohoo!! thanks for the review.. i quite enjoyed Galileo too. fukuyama masaharu is not a “pretty boy” but he’s a charismatic man so u don’t have to feel too weird for liking him.. i also had quite a crush on him when i watched Galileo.. did you know the guy also sings? he doesn’t have a stellar voice but it’s still quite nice. if i remember correctly, he also sang for Galileo…
i actually liked him before that.. he has some quite enjoyable doramas in his pocket liek perfect love, or hitotsu yane no shita, or bijo ka yajuu, or until we meet again.
as for shibasaki kou.. i never really loved her as an actress but i do enjoy her and her dramas. And she got paired up with Kimu TWICE!!! XD
hmmm… mugs… i quite like them too, i first thought i would pick the white, but then i changed it to brown.. and now that i think about it, it all depends on what i drink.. lol. if you picked yellow, does that mean you’re a bright person? haha.. i suck at this.

15 05 2010

i’d always seen fukuyama-san top many Japanese “who women want to do xyz to them” polls & i’d heard some of his music before but was never that taken away by his singing voice but now that i’ve seen him in a dorama, i totally understand. his speaking voice is much more appealing (to me at least) than his singing voice & he just carries himself w/ this gentlemanly, mature confidence that you just don’t sense from alot of other idols.

thanks for the recommendations. i will def suss out the series you listed of his, now that i am a fan ;O

re: shibasaki kou, i actually liked her in one million stars moreso than in good luck, albeit that was a smaller role i think she really left a strong impression on me (heck, the whole twistedness of the series left a strong impression on me)

yeah, i think yellow is the cheery sunshine colour. my choice is probably due to the fact that i tend to relate mugs to coffee & tea which in turn relates to early mornings so in my opinion, the brighter the colour the more likely i am to be woken up lol ^^;; as per the colour brown, i’d imagine it would point to things like order & stability since it’s an earthy colour. hmm, i think i might look into it (?_?)

17 05 2010

ditto about fukyama masaharu.
haha.. didn’t mean them as recommendations but if u have time and interest, go ahead and watch them… though most of his earlier dramas are (pure) romance stories.. don’t know if ur in the mood for that.
i’m not personally… maybe that’s y i’m having trouble with TnK despite all the cast. oh well, ill get over it.
and ditto about shibasaki kou, liked her better in sora sora.. her role was minor but it was memorable. she was quite something as the obsessive GF. lol. and yeah, the serie is not my fav and yet i remember most of it vividly. it was INTENSE but nicely done.
wow. i’m impressed with ur explanation for yellow. i’ll look into it too (if i remember to do so.. i have so much on my plate right now.. lol)

18 05 2010

i think sora is either a love it or “wtf was that” kinda series for most, i fall into the first category. actually, that series had me @ the title ^^

i’m always up for a good old romance story (preferably w/ a good-looking cast lol) but sometimes they can get all a little too sappy. it’s much more exciting when they throw in other elements (pains-in-rear-ends family, evil backstabbing friends & random other people & events delaying their first kiss ><""" ) i guess i like balance xD

btw, if sora ain’t on your list, what is your fave kimura series??

19 05 2010

ditto about romance.
and about slow dance, it’s worth watching for tsumabuki satoshi but it’s really slow, slow, slow, slow or like E.G. said, “t Slooooowwwww Daaaaaance” haha.. but i’ll watch anything with tsumabuki satoshi in it cuz i’m shallow like that XD
as for sorax2, dont get me wrong, i loved it and it’s one of my fav kimu doramas but not the top one… which is Pride (Halu!!! “maybe, must be” ….and i just died and gone to heaven) altho it has numerous competition… not from TnK tho from the first 2 ep ive seen. -_-”
what about u, whats ur top of the top kimutaku drama? or just ur top ones is ok too.. i know how are it is to make a choice and rank. lol.

21 05 2010

^my favourite kimuta takuya series? read all about it here!
but as E.G. once said, you can liken his series to having children- you love them all, in different ways but in equal amounts nonethesame lol

don’t worry too much about being apparently shallow, i mean, i’m an akanishi jin fan interest-taker-innerer. & somehow i’ve also managed to watch a truckload of yamashita tomohisa doramas.

at least tsumabuki satoshi can actually act…

21 05 2010

oh right… i forgot that i already read that kimutaku post.. hihi. that’s what happens when u marathon through a blog. it becomes blurry for my poor small brain. XD
love that analogy between kimu’s dramas and children.
haha… i love jin too, for totally superficial reasons and pi, for irrational ones. btw, do u still follow sunao n t with eita and uneo juri? im behind by one ep.. what do u think of it?

22 05 2010

no worries, i’m still in awe (& gratitude) that you endured all my babble!!

lol, pi for irrational reasons <<<dead on. the guy must have superpowers, i think it's something to do w/ his pecs.

i watched ep1 of sunao ni narenakute live & left it. i'll wait for the whole thing to be subbed before marathoning it in one big fell swoop, that's more my style lol

are you enjoying the eita+juri-chan glory so far??

17 05 2010
Ender's Girl

The title of your post had me LOL-ing already! XD I think I stopped watching Galileo after ep. 3 or something — mebbe ‘coz I never liked any of my college Fizzix subjects, blech. But wow, I didn’t know he’d later box and go rappelling and shoot arrows and stuff!!! And oh my goodness, that pic you posted from Ep. 10 looked straight out of an art film! Absolutely gorgeous.

Hey, you might want to dig up your new old man crush’s music videos on Youtube. Lots of vids from the ’90s — and boy was he cute in them!!! My fave Fukuyama Masaharu song has got to be “Tokyo,” which was the best thing about Slooooowwwww Daaaaaance. (That, and Tsumabuki Satoshi’s uber-kawaiiness, hehe. X__O)

18 05 2010

oh don’t worry, i’m youtubing fuku-kun a’ight. i’ve decided i’m def more engaged by him when he performs live, as opposed to a studio situation, you know, when he’s in semi-acoustic mode & all xD

fully haven’t seen slow dance yet, perhaps i am intentionally subconsciously dodging anything w/ fujiki naohito but if tsumabuki satoshi is as cute in it as you say then i will just have to get onto it :))))))

29 05 2010
Ender's Girl

OMG, you DON’T DIG fujiki naohito???????? naaandeeee???? alas, jicks, this is where we must part ways, for we can never be friends again… lulz

re fukuyama masaharu, watching his performances on youtube (whether live or in the studio) always give me that singer-songwriter vibe, like… we can actually take him seriously as a musician — unlike your garden-variety johnny, lolz. just an observation, hehe.

30 05 2010

ahahahaha well, well, well, if you wanna end our friendship over fujiki-san… i’ll go dob you in to kame first xPPPPP

i did like fujiki naohito in his earlier dramas but ever since prodai when he made life so SO difficult for our bootiful pre-frizzy-hair-days pi-pi, my liking for him halted. how dare you mess w/ the johnny boy who loves pink! ;O

24 06 2010

Man-crush X) I’m on board in this one. Fukuyama Masaharu happens to belong in my top three leading men who are over 40, next to Osawa Takao and Tsutsumi Shinichi. Sorry to disappoint E.G. but as much as I’d want to add Fujiki Naohito to that list, he just isn’t old enough. He’d have to wait another year or two. LOL. Besides, Naohito’s the type you always see around because he never runs out of projects. Unlike these guys who only get to star in a dorama every how so many years…

Ah, Galileo. It’s been a while since I saw this but I agree with your assessment. It is quite episodic and the sensei never even breaks a sweat in solving these problems. And don’t get me started with his acts of vandalism…er… genius scribblings… I remember liking the ep with Katori Shingo the best because Kou got to do some “undercover work” in it. But did we really need to see Shingo take a shower? C’mon now 0_o

27 06 2010

lol I am actually not a fan of fujiki naohito anyways (i think the guy is only 37 therefore you dissing him out of your hot guys over 40 list is fully legit xP ) so it’s all gravy btwn you & me at the v. least. i’ve given the man many chances!

see; >>> strike 1: he got to get all cake-bakey w/ takki, strike 2: he was screwing w/ yamapi, strike 3: he totally messed w/ my image of hanazawa rui (i recently caught a 10minute glimpse of the original 1995 live-action hana yori dango film~!)… *blows hard into whistle* fujikisan, O.U.T.~! ^^

re shingo’s shower scene~ haha. i guess it added some much needed humour to the repetitive action of the series… at least he didn’t break out into any smaptastic dance moves… whilst being semi-nude lol

29 06 2010

Ooh, not a Fujiki Naohito fan, are we? Glad you didn’t get to see him in Kou Kou Kyoushi 2003, because that was one twisted and soul-sucking drama series. Bet you wouldn’t even be using a baseball analogy on that one.
See >> *blows hard into whistle and pulls out a red card* And he’s out of the game. ^^

Speaking of Shingo, have you by any chance seen the comic sketch of Galileo entitled “Goroleo”? He made for one freaky looking Utsumi. LOL :D

4 07 2010

I’ve read about Kou Kou Kyoushi but I think I will be sidestepping that one, since I still like Ueta Aya & wouldn’t want to risk ruining the image I have of her (!)

Re:”Goroleo” Nooooo! Haven’t seen it but would love to… are you pls able to direct me>? xD

4 07 2010

Goro did a good job on it. He sounded so much like Yukawa-sensei. Don’t know if there’s a subbed version out there but you can check out the video at veoh -> http://www.veoh.com/search/videos/q/goroleo#watch%3Dv1581552EhDBAq8h :D

5 07 2010

Thanks for the clip! That is one scary ass Utsumi lol
You’re right, Goro was fabbo as Yukawa-sensei, the tones in his voice, the gestures in his body movements… I seriously see some resemblance to my old man crush… O_o *slaps self in face* *hops in ice cold shower* *yikes* (don’t worry Fuku-kun, you are still me ichiban xD)

22 02 2011

jicks, I’m in the mood for a jdorama police procedural and Galileo came to mind. And I remembered vaguely that you had written a post about it so here I am. Usually, the watch it or skip it factor for me depends largely on the cast and in Galileo, the only one that I’m familiar with is Shibasaki Kou. So I dunno. I recently saw Ep.1 of SPEC after reading good things about it, but so far, it’s decent but not doing much for me. Also, the last jdorama that I finished with this crime-solving premise was Mr. Brain and yeah, tis why I’m seeking your advice. All things considered, would you recommend Galileo? Or is there a better similar-genre jdorama out there that I should check out?

Re: fujiki naohito
Just wanna give Buchooo some loving here. ahhahhahah

22 02 2011

lol, haven’t seen Hotaru no Hikari so I can’t comment. Perhaps I need to so my perception of Fujiki Naohito will change?? xPP

Re Galileo, the first case/episode was by far the best, everything else after that wasn’t exactly WOW, but it was okay. Cases lose a bit of creativity but compared to TVB’s version of it (Mysteries Of Love, starring Raymond Lam, baby!) it is a much, much better production. If you’re a fan of Fuku-san and Shibasaki Kou, then
definitely investigate it. I wouldn’t watch it again but I did enjoy it overall.

But if you’re after a police procedural, I’ve just done watching Unfair. Recommended for sure. I’ve heard Odoru Daisousasen is pretty awesome and Shinzanmono ain’t too shabby either. Both are on my “to watch” list :)

And, I dunno if you’ve seen it already, I’d also suggest Kimura Takuya’s Hero. While it’s not really a police drama (more kinda a detective show with a good dose of comedy) it is definitely one of the best Jdoramas going around :)

23 02 2011

You haven’t seen Hotaru no Hikari?! Wah~
Please check it out! If you want, I’ll watch it again with you and will even supply the beer (or your beverage of choice) and snacks too.

Thanks a bunch for the Jdorama recommendations!

24 02 2011

^^No probs ;)

Re HnH, that good hey that you’re happy to rewatch it, doozy? Okies, I’m sold! Just add it to my monstrous list of things of things to watch xDD Definitely no beer for me, (unless Arashi try to feed me Kirin,) not that I drink much anyways but if and when I do, I’m much more of a cocktail or a “mix vodka with random soft drink” kinda girl. I need it to not taste like alcohol lol. I’d be happy with ice mocha or lemon tea, really. Snack wise… ??? It’s gotta be Pocky! Actually, Pringles. Pringles AND Pocky! :D :D :D

17 06 2011

Haha I actually know him as a musician first and I really like his singing voice. Maybe it’s a matter of taste but I think he’s got one of the nicest singing voices out there. But then even as I knew his name and face (vaguely for the latter), I never actually got into him until I saw this a couple of months back and then was told about his radio shows and gave those a listen. I was sold at first listen (although the huge gap between his actual personality and Yukawa-sensei sent me into a temporary state of severe shock–but once I got over that, it was good feelings all the way).

It’s funny, really. Cos even though I’ve known about him for more than a few years now, it was only a couple of months back that I could properly memorize his face. >..< Sorry!

P/S: Have you seen Yougisha X no Kenshin? It's good and doesn't follow the formula you described above. ^_^

26 06 2011

^^Nopies, haven’t gotten around to Yogisha X no Kenshin, but I think I want to because I have read some decent reviews. Will have to and WANT to watch Galileo Episode Zero first (if anyone is wondering, Miura Haruma has nothing to do with my decision… >_>…;;;)

Haven’t had alot of contact I’ve only heard a handful of songs from Fuku-san but I must say, he does have a very easy-to-listen-to voice. It’s, like, a voice you can depend on, ahahaha. Any fave tracks of his you can recommend?

P.S. Welcome and thankyou for commenting~! Btw, you say Fuku-san in real-life is really different to Yukawa sensei? So what is his real-life personality like? I haven’t really ever seen much of him outside of Galileo and er, his CD covers^^;

11 07 2011

Hahaha, I’m just jumping right into this conversation, but I’ve been coming back to read this blog post every once in a while because it made me grin every time… so I’m a teenager obsessed with Masha, I think he’s absolutely amazing! As an actor, musician, photographer, radio dj, all that…

So anyways, his songs! There’re his sweet ballads like Milk Tea and Squall which I’d say are my favourites of that genre, but I also like his pop-ier songs like Niji and Sore ga Subete Sa… And I also love his rock. Keshin is win, as is Nigerarenai 2007 (just Youtube that with his name and it should come up!) as well as Phantom. His bestsellers are Sakurazaka, It’s Only Love and Hello. His style is really diverse so you’re bound to find something that suits you with a bit of browsing through his Youtube mix.

Hahaha… Masha’s real-life personality… well… let’s just say he’s incredibly brutally honest about things. He’s talkative, makes jokes all the time, and very, very funny. Also way more emotionally sensitive than Yukawa… His character from an ’05 drama, Bijo Ka Yajuu, is quite close to his real persoality (similarly, people get shocked when they watch it after Galileo, too XD).

Gah O.o sorry for the really long post!

18 07 2011

Hey Halad,

Make no apologies for a long post! Meaty and passionate, that’s how I love ’em xP

I’m a fan of the song Niji, thanks largely to Water Boys (Eita & Yamada Takayuki in speedos is, like, totally one of the best things ever in jdorama land, lol) and I also like Squall & Sakurazaka a heckuvalot. Haven’t heard the other tracks you’ve mentioned but I will get onto ASAP! Thanks for recommending them. It’s nice to know that Fuku-san’s charms span out to females (& males even~~) of all generations ^^

And you have no idea how happy you’ve made me! I’m all for guys/men who are honest, funny and emotionally sensitive! xDD You sound like you are a avid fan of both his music and drama work… what other series of his would you recommend? Would you say he is a better actor or a better musician?

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you around ;)

16 09 2011

I didn’t realize you replied to my post until now! O.o I feel awful… I hope you’re still around and kicking here however! I love talking about Masha :)

Niji’s probably one of the top songs for me too, as I said~ His recently released single is very good as well. Kazoku ni Narou Yo is pretty beautiful and Fighting Pose is an awesome and insanely catchy rock song (the guitar solo in the middle is quite epic). And yes, you should see how many different people are at his concerts – there’re grandmas, middle-aged guys, little kids, both boys and girls… I find it pretty amazing!

Masha’s a very likeable person compared to some other celebs, IMO! He’s got very few antis and for good reason, too! I am an avid fan indeed XD I’ve actually only watched Galileo , Bijo ka Yajuu and Ryomaden when it comes to his dramas. I find the older stuff to be… well, too old, and I think Masha past the 2000’s is more attractive XD Ryomaden was very nice though, although it’s a big change from his other doramas.

Personally, I think he’s very good at both, but probably a slightly better musician as that’s what he says his occupation is (compared to some of the seasoned co-stars in Ryomaden, his acting is a bit less pro); As for his music, I don’t think his singing isn’t amazingly great or anything but he has the artistic vision, a good voice and wonderful melodies/lyrics :)

18 09 2011

hehe No worries on the timing of your reply (in fact, I am the expert in that field, hahaha^^;;;)

Since speaking to you, I have tuned in to more of Fuku-kun’s music and completely agree— his voice does have that soothing effect. Like, he could totally sing some bad news to me and I would still smile all chirpy and be alright, lol. And I don’t doubt his professionalism at all. I mean, you can’t be successful in the business for so long without sacrificing a high degree of commitment and dedication.

Agree with your thoughts also on many old dramas simply being too old, although that said, there have been one or two exceptions I’ve come across, namely Kimura’s Takuya’s earlier stuff. I think I watched Long Vacation about 12 or 13 years after its year of release but it instantly became one of my favourite doramas of all-time. Just goes to show that a good plot, good acting and good chemistry really are timeless ^_^

8 12 2013

thanks for the review,,,
really love yukawa-sensei ^-^

14 03 2014

Hey Lina!
Late reply (sorry!) but just wanted to say thank you, and love to Yukawa sensei! hehe XD

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