A quiz, a super idol & an office lady’s pet

22 05 2010

Firstly, a random A.N.JELL quiz I accidentally found myself doing >>>

(click HERE & you too can enjoy some completely pointless amusement for yourself!)

^^Fun times ^U^. Now, yea-ah, news officially confirmed that Jang Geun Suk shi will take on the lead role of the Korean adaption of Kimi wa Petto i.e. You Are My Pet (actually, this was solidified a good couple of months ago but I’m talking about it now because I just wanted to post my results of the A.N.JELL quiz I did lol)

The role was previously intended for everybody’s dearest Ji Hoo sunbae, aka SS501 leader, Kim Hyun Joong, but somewhere, somehow, he pulled out. Sounding kinda too familiar of a situation?

Stretch your memory back to the whole experiment-gone-wrong that was Boys Over Flowers (right, right, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, yes, I did enjoy it… but remember, that does not equate it to quality.) The role of the bad perm dude was originally marked for Jang Geun Suk but…he didn’t want it! He wanted to play the role of the fragile acoustic guitarist instead! However, the producers were adamant in wanting Hyun Joong to BE Yoon Ji Hoo (did work out pretty well I must say.) So the guy JGS basically said, screw you guys, I’m off to be a humungous pop star idol (well, this is how my mind is seeing it ^^;;)

And so we have, You’re Beautiful ! It’s only occurring to me now that I never really did a review on the series. In some strange way, I feel like I still have all this fluffy-duffy feel-goodness from the series fermenting inside of me, wanting to be released into spazzmatic words. I think it just hurts that I never really got to express how much Jang Geun Suk killed it as Hwang Tae Kyung– & I mean KILL. His pout, his skinny pants & his eyeliner make-up were far beyond anything we’ve ever seen in the pop idol world xDD


Anyways, is there a point to this post? Well… I want to say I am a bit apprehensive on the idea of a You Are My Pet movie. For starters, I didn’t like the whole concept of the manga as it is- the older woman adopting a younger man as a pet situation does not make me wanna be there, esp when the boy actually acts like a darn dawg. Even so, I did coerce myself through the torturous 10episodes of the Japanese live-action dorama (no prizes for guessing why -_-)

I much prefer seeing JunJun act like a man. Quite honestly, I hated the Koyuki+Jun-kun combo as well (did you see the chemistry btwn them? No?????? What do you mean??? Oh yeah, that’s right, it wasn’t there!!) And, I love him, but my favourite Arashi boy really looked like he could’ve done w/ a VIP voucher to Kame’s Eyebrow Grooming Parlour ^^;;

But alas, w/ Jang Geun Suk being a better actor, perhaps he will be able to turn my (dis)liking for the story around. For everybody’s sake, I hope he can pull it off (HERE is a wallpaper I made of him btw ^_^)

In the meanwhile, shamelessly w/ all that said, I still wouldn’t mind my own pet Momo.


Then again, I’m not good w/ pets ><




8 responses

23 05 2010

yay!!! i CAN’T miss a post on sukkie and ANJELL… gosh, YAB was good, good, good awesome times. lol
lol at ur quiz… i dunno whom i want to be my boyfriend… really, i would be satisfied with any of the 3 guys… altho taekyung had me going crazy for him the most, shin woo would have been the “perfect” bf, and jeremy… kya, how cute can he get… he totally made me become an FT island fan. haha.
as for the KwP movie (?)/drama (?), yeah, the news was out for a while and i’m excited to see JGS take the role, don’t get me wrong, but KwP is not my fav drama, or rather, the whole pet concept thing is not my fav, mainly cuz the man doesnt get to be, well, a man. well, it’s still a j-classic and deservedly so, so i hope JGS will be able to make something out of it. as for the BOF story, i think the guy rejected the offer to go to Beethoven Virus… BUT, im sure that had he been on the BOF boat, then he would never have taken the YAB role after that. and ur right, Hwang!Tae!Kyung! ROCKS!!! with his pouts, and all… but i have to say, the so ji sub commercial parody with the pig in the field is his most EPIC moment! XD

haha.. i wouldnt be surprised if Pi had supernatural powers… and it would have been good if that had to do with his pec… would have made me feel loads better.. the thing is, i was crazy about him when he didnt have pecs, or abs, or biceps… nada. -_- at least, for jin i understand y. for pi, not so much… and for kame… NO IDEA…
hmmm. about eita+juri. well, the drama is cute but not excellent.. .however, i am kinda enjoying it but hoping it gets better. i am also watching Kimu TnK and also Yanke-k&M-c.

23 05 2010

lol Oh dear PiPi. I liked him alot more PRE-gym-membership days too. And PRE-frizzy-hair days for that matter ^^;;

Caught the first ep of TnK live as well, will also wait for it to be subbed. Are you enjoying it?? The opening scene w/ Kimura & Matsuda Shota donning their (what I’ve assumed are) RayBans whilst cruising down the highway in their convertible was enough for me ^_^

Re JGS, yeah I read that he picked up Beethoven Virus straight after BOF too, & I’m glad because BV > BOF. But like you said, I def think had this had not occurred, he wouldn’t have signed on for You’re Beautiful as the genres are practically identical.

OMG YES! That scene where he gets chased by that wild boar & he starts galloping away like a loose maniac in the fields!!!!!! Classic moment, gosh, I was in tears it was so funny. Darn it, I think I may need to post a link of it… hang on, be right back…

23 05 2010

lord.. not his frizzy hair!!! which one is ur fav hairstyle for him? im undecided between kurosagi and prodai.
well, TnK is ok to me… honestly, it is disappointing but i’ll stick around because i like the cast!! but yeah, that convertible scene does make it worth it! ^^

here’s the original CF with SJS (<3) = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndRJJUp-Lkw
and here's JGS's parody! (LMAO) = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BCv3uVK27I&feature=related
there used to be a vid which combined the 2 but cant find it anymore…
anyways, that drama was full of priceless hilarious moments such as the 100 points, the suju parody (haha… i'm still not over the sorry sorry part), the PIG-RABBIT!!, jeremy the cutie, the leg/shoes scene, the angels scenes in the bathroom (HAHAHA), the dig at IRIS, UEE's pregant scene and her phone… BRILLIANT!!
and i know this is not a funny scene but jeremy the bus scene (TT, WHAT a scene!!) was truly something! and ive raved about this drama more than i intended so i'll just shut up now..

23 05 2010

girl, you are super quick!! i went off to youtube & cap the scenes as soon as i read your last comment, had lunch & now come back to do a new post, but you’d already gotten onto it! *salutes*

jeremy‘s bus scene ALMOST made me wanna start using public transport again <3 (seriously, if you lived in australia, you'd hate buses & trains too lol) i have to say though i really disliked his asymmetric hairstyle, 'twas way to edgy for me. i much preferred his cut in the first couple of episodes but i suppose they had to downplay his coolness since his character wasn't supposed to be the main star ^_^

there were so many great scenes in YB, they were all done so purely & felt so uncontrived. kinda a high school, good times, first love feeling xD i really liked the moment in ep4 when tae kyung sees mi nam (nyu) cry after finding out her mother had already passed away & he goes over to comfort her on the balcony at night. instant fan!

my favourite yamapi hairstyle?? well, def not buzzer beat ^^;; mmm… probably his cut (&colour) in ProDai. Straight, silky & shiny. ken-zou, oh ken-zou, why are you so pretty??? xPP

darn it, someone needs to do a blog post rundown on his hair chronology!! it would be epic lol

23 05 2010

I didn’t know that Kim Hyun Joong was originally meant to get the role of the Korean Momo. Although I did hear about “competition” for role Ji Hoo sunbae. Anyway, I love both of them :) (I’m currently obsessed with Kim Hyun Joong XD)

I’m glad that Jang Geun Suk will be releasing something in the future. Although I agree that “Kimi wa Petto” wasn’t all that great. I started watching it over a year ago and I stopped at episode 3 because I got bored. When I heard that a Korean version will be released (with JGS in it) I tried to finish watching the series. But I got bored again after episode 6 and decided to just give up and wait for the Korean movie.

23 05 2010

I wouldn’t consider myself obsessed w/ Kim Hyun Joong per se (I have too many other fandoms lol) but I do like him a helluva alot & can completely understand why you &/or anyone would be besotted w/ him ^_^

lol @ your Kimi wa Petto watching schedule installment breakdown plan…ganbatte, you can do it! there’s only 4 episodes to go, fight-o! but i know exactly how you feel… i wanted to give up so many times but darn that gorgeous Momo ;O

23 05 2010
Ender's Girl

Oh man, the KwP premise is almost as screwy as a high school girl having her own sexbot named Night-o (in the manga the Aibu Saki role is just in school, ugh)… No, make that “screwier”! I mean, wazzup, Japan??????

Haha, I don’t think Koyuki has chemistry with ANY of her leading men. She’s like an Ito Misaki: beautiful and model-esque, but a walking black hole of kemmis3… @__@

lololol @ “Kame’s Eyebrow Grooming Parlour”!!! I can just imagine Kamenashi running around with his Magic Tweezers, singing the OST of Hairspray and teaching his regular customers (those would be… Koki and Ueda, haha) to “bend-o… and-o SNAPPO! bend-o… and-o SNAPPO!” hahahahahha. (Sorry, Legally Blonde ref. thrown in.)

24 05 2010

lol @”sexbot”, at the time of watching the series, I really didn’t mind one myself ^^;; I know you didn’t favour Zettai Kareshi too much going by your review but I personally didn’t mind it. But it did take alot of self-deceiving on my part lol ^^;; Oh dear Night-o even managed to make me temporarily “hate” on Abe Tsuyoshi as he wandered onto the scene as the evil robot but then Domyouji face appeared in front of me & kicked some F4 sense back into my head lol

Oooooh I miss Legally Blonde!

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