I rate this scene: You’re Beautiful [episode 7]

23 05 2010

Since v mentioned this scene in the comments for my last post, I couldn’t stop reminiscing about it so here it is >>>


^^Hwang Tae Kyung being chased down by a wild boar xDD I LOLed to tears when I first saw it & it’s still as funny as ever. Tae Kyung‘s sudden flip from pure serene grace to frantic ahjumma-esque squealing mode along w/ his superhero galloping action had me in absolute hysterics (TUT);;;;;;

If you haven’t already, you need to watch it xDDDDDD >>>

For those of you who don’t know, the scene is a parody of my beloved So Ji Sub‘s COWON S9 CF, which I think you should check out & listen to his beautifully soothing voice right here (*´ー`*) >>>

Random FYI, I can’t wait for Ji Sub‘s upcoming series, Road Number One (June 23, baby; June 23.)

And another random FYI, just in case you’re curious, the background song for the CF is (of British X-Factor fame) Shayne Ward‘s Breathless.


Pig VS Hwang Tae Kyung = PURE WIN xD




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23 05 2010

Lol, I didn’t know that the pig scene was meant to be a parody of an actual CF! I thought it was just random idea that the director thought of, haha.

24 05 2010

haha… no surprise here… i LOVE this post!!! (and not just because my “name” got mentioned.. ^^. thx for that btw)

well, i get notified if u replied so i guess that y i replied rapidly… and give me anything YAB related and ill be quick to be on it.. XD what i’m surprised about is how quickly u posted this! um, *salute back(?)* XD.

well, public transportation in the southern US is nightmarish too… (not for the coasts tho) but i love public transportation in Europe. btw, ive only been to sydney and it was gorgeous! and yeah, when i saw jeremy’s hairstyle, i was like WHAT were they thinking? it took me a while to get over it… still love him anyways (but i like his FT.Is debut style most).

aww, that scene at the balcony was sweet! i like JGS before but i think i totally melted when he smiled after the ice cream lost scene. and his smile to UEE at the salon when they were playing miley cyrus was best!

yeah, like i said, i cant decide between prodai and kurosagi. i love prodai hairstyle but i prefer asian men with black hair so -_-“. but actually, someone did make a survey of fav yamapi hairstyles (as well as Jin’s… i dont remember but i think i chose the anego’s style, or actually, some other that i cant remember) on bakanosekai or some other forums (im on so many i dunno anymore).

yep, 2 sp dramas left before Rn1!! im looking forward it too! and shayne ward is hot! most of his songs r not my style tho but i still liked him since xfactor.

24 05 2010

Never been to Europe but I have read & heard great things. Of the places I’ve been to, I would rate Hong Kong’s public transport system right up there. Oh, good times.

Sydney is a pretty great city but not as cool as Melbourne ;O

I have no opinion of Shayne Ward apart from the fact that he has a nice voice ^_^

Re the icecream / getting lost scene was freaking hilarious as well. Actually, JGS was hilarious, period <33333

Glad you like this post (I knew you would) :))

BTW, where is this survey for Pi & Jin's hair????? *fangirl plead*

25 05 2010

lol. go visit europe when u get the occasion (if i would choose one country, that would be france but im biased on that one.. keke. but really, europe has many many beautiful countries). never been to hong kong but want to.
haha… looks like u have a soft spot for melbourne… ill be sure to go there one day, hopefully in the near future.
well, i took the surveys at least a year ago so i dont really remember… the jin’s survey is probably on JE site bakanosekai.com and the pi survey is probably either there or on lovesong forums methink. but dont count on my memory.
btw, i saw ur comment about missing legally blonde… interested in watching Prosecutor Princess? it might take several ep to warm up to it but i LOVE it. i havent been that excited and crazy about a drama like that since YAB and it definitely makes my top kdrama list. the main girl beats Elle woods anyday. lol… couldnt resist advertising. XD

26 05 2010

rofl!!! that made my day it was really hilarious! lol I like his eyes when he is clueless. I wonder wt he was saying…

26 05 2010

I don’t remember word for word but I think (from my poor short term memory lol) as he had his iPod in his ear he was talking to himself about how peaceful it all is & how his greatness matches the greatness of the environment (something along those lines.) As he sees the ahjusshi, he thinks he is waving to him because he’s a big top star but MUHAHAHAHAH Obviously it’s because he’s about to be headbutt by the hairy ass boar. Truly a magic moment xDD

Thanks for swinging by!

27 05 2010

lol now its even more funny pffff greatness lol

29 01 2011

this depicts the “epic star complex of tae kyung killed by the wild boar”! I also LOLed to tears in this scene, hahahaha… btw, I love your screencaps! :)

29 05 2010

As a matter of fact, there were a lot of parodies/scene re-enactments from other pieces of work throughout the entire series. This was one of the great things I enjoyed about YB, the up-to-date pop cultural references ^_^

From the top of my head, I think it may have bn ep15… Shin Woo + Mi Nam did a parody of Won Bin & Shin Min A’s CF for MAXIM Coffee. In the same ep, Jeremy did parody of Lee Jun Ki’s CF for Pomegranate.

I think both scenes were the imagination of their manager’s brain who was trying to match make them lol

here is a clip for the scenes i just mentioned>>>

(sorry, couldn’t find am eng subbed ver.!)

^^i cant figure out what the tae kyung scene is a parody of though… except the setting looks v. similar to one in boys over flowers when they were @jeju island, it was the part when ji hoo tries to wipe away jan di’s tears & she turns away saying, “sunbae, if you keep doing this to me i will lose my backbone” (or something lame along those lines lol)

the original maxim cf w/ binnie+min a

lee jun ki’s pomegranate cf

12 01 2011
KPoP Addict

Awwh, the video’s not there.. This episode is so hard to find on youtube!! can u please uploaD the video?

14 01 2011

Drats, they deleted the clip??? Grr, that sucks ><" Unfortunately the video wasn't mine, I just came across it on youtibe & was merely sharing the awesomeness.

I had another rummage around and this was the only thing I could find:
^Hope you enjoy it :) It's not of the full scene but at least you still get to see Tae Kyung's face go off lol

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