26 05 2010


Love is the super uber coolness of a first track from the Korean rock-indie(ish) band’s latest mini-album, Blue Love (you can find the full album @ iHoneyJoo.)

Watch the MV right here (w/ subs+romaji!)>>>

^^lol @attitude from bartender in opening scene ^O^

Yong Hwa + azure blazer + black eyeliner + white guitar = xDDDDDD

Fantastical Engrish.

Totally doing the whole “CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!” thing (almost as epic as the *clap clap clap clap* in the theme song for Friends ^_^)

All in all, it’s straight to the top of the iPod playlist, baby!




3 responses

26 05 2010

yoohoo! a CN Blue post!!
i love their comeback, it was not disappointing like i was afraid it would be.. i like all the songs, especially the one composed by JYH… and as much as i love yonghwa, i wished that in their comeback perf, they would show more of the others, especially jung shin and min hyuk, they never get screentime… it’s so sad that yonghwa might have to go through surgery… i hope he gets better soon so that we can have more cnblue perf and WGM ep!
anyways, thanks for the post!

26 05 2010

I agree w/ the screen time thing. Min Hyuk & Jun Shin are so pretty, Jong Hyun as well, but w/ the screen time situation, sometimes it feels like we’re watching “Yong Hwa & the Prettycat Dolls” as opposed to CN Blue lol

I love all the tracks too, despite the fact I find LOVE to be v. reminiscent of I’m A Loner… except w/ a catchier pop vibe. So for me, that’s a good thing ^_^

it’s so sad that yonghwa might have to go through surgery
^^That’s news to me! :(( What surgery is he getting done? *sending well wishes*

P.S. Thanks for the rec, will def take a look @ Prosecutor Princess! Actually, someone else has suggested that series to me so it must be fun xD Elle Woods is tough to beat but if there is someone blonder, I’d def wanna see it ;O

27 05 2010

“Yong Hwa & the Prettycat Dolls” >>>>XD, LOL
janna also said smth similar: “Today on Inkigayo I realized CNBlue was a band, and not a one man guitar playing singing/rapping/ring-losing sensation. Not that I wasn’t amused at the camera always being on Yonghwa, as we saw him gape at clapping away accessories (bro that’s not clapping, that’s like swiping your hands, I understand you have that guitar and all). But your group is equally capable at getting some ladies, so they should get some screen time too. ” haha…. too funny so wanted to share.
and he was getting vocal nodule surgery but now, i dont think he’s getting it anymore (
hehe… ur welcome for PP! well, she’s not exactly elle woods, actually, she’s quite different but i love her! and while we’re at it, try coffee house if u get the chance!

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