Do they make Snowflower trees?

11 06 2010

It’s that time of the year again in my part of the world when things are getting mighty chilly!

The main things I do during Winter:

[1] Exhibit layers of knits & other warm fuzzy fabrics.
[2] Drink hot mocha (optional double marshmellow portions.)
[3] Rug up in bed & watch fluffy, romantic doramas (Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, here I coooooome !!!!!!)
[4] Cross my fingers & cross my toes that I haven’t left my umbrella at home / under my desk at work / in the car *runs to lost property to take someone else’s brolly*
[5] OVERplay (almost) every single version of Yuki no Hana & reminisce I’m Sorry I Love You (mind you, there are alot more versions of the song than what you’d probably imagine. Even as I went to do this post, I came across a couple of renditions that I never knew existed. It’s like, a different country decides to cover it every year -_-)

For some reason, I only listen to this song when it’s cold. It makes me shiver but it also makes me warm. It makes me want to take my shoes off w/ Mika. It makes me want to [insert (in)appropriate fan action of affection] So Ji Sub.

I don’t know why but it does *clears throat*


The lowdown:

If by chance I knew where you were, I would’ve become a star in the winter sky and shined on you.


Original: Yuki no Hana
Sung by:
Nakashima Mika
Composed by:
Matsumoto Ryouki
(Lyrics+translation HERE )

FYI, yuki = snow, hana = flower.
I believe, in a sense, yuki no hana can mean snowflakes.


Now, how many versions can you count?


ONE [1] Mika Nakashima, 雪の華, Yuki no Hana, Japanese

The original Yuki  no Hana performed by Mika Nakashima is just freaking farking beautiful. Her voice is pitch-perfect delicate. This is the Mika that I heart w/ all my hormones (btw, I couldn’t find the official PV anywhere. Darn ownership rights!):


TWO [2] Park Hyo Shin, 눈꽃, Noon Eh Ggot (Snowflower,) Korean

Okay, so I feel like I’m cheating on Mika when I say this but my all-time favourite interpretation of the song is actually from Park Hyo Shin. It’s best known for being on the soundtrack for the 2004 Korean drama series I’m Sorry I Love You (aka misa <3) Maybe I can’t distinguish my emotions for the song from my emotions for Cha Moo Hyuk (i.e. So Ji Sub‘s character in the series) but I don’t care. Park Hyo Shin‘s deeply rich vocals achingly bring out the pain of a man’s undying love. I remember reading somewhere once that Mika said the song was intended to be sung by a man & when you hear Park Hyo Shin crooning it, you really do so naturally get that feeling:


THREE [3] Seo Young Eun, 눈꽃, Noon Eh Ggot (Snowflower,) Korean

Apparently Seo Young Eun was the person who translated the song to Korean, before, of course, having it perfected by Park Hyo Shin later on. But she did a cover of her own, too, a beautifully broken down acoustic version, which appeared on the second soundtrack for misa (her studio version is better but alas, I could only find a studio audio clip w/ misa footage & I didn’t want to post it because sadly, I can’t handle the heartbreak T_T;;;):


FOUR [4] Han Xue , 飄雪 (Falling Snow,) Mandarin

Mainland Chinese singer Han Xue covered it in 2004. This one’s a smidgen too flat & a smidgen too girl-like for me:


FIVE [5] Joi Chua , 对不起,我爱你 (Sorry I Love You,) Mandarin

Singaporean singer Joi Chua covered it in 2005. I like this version. There’s a sense of familiarity in her voice- it sounds like she’s been thruuuuuu it all (´・_・`):


SIX [6] Tokunaga Hideaki, 雪の華, Yuki no Hana, Japanese

Singer/songwriter Tokunaga Hideaki released his own version in 2006:

[BONUS!] And here he is live w/ Mika (girl totally rocks it barefoot xD):


SEVEN [7] Vincy Chan, 花無雪 (Flowers Without Snow,) Cantonese

Hong Kong singer Vincy Chan did her version in 2006. It is by far my least favourite interpretation:

^^Side note: I don’t think Vincy‘s a horrendous singer per se (or do I? ((+_+))), she’s just never worked for me. How do I put it… I feel as if she thinks she’s a better singer than what she actually is. Esp in this song, to me it’s like she doesn’t know what she’s singing about (where are the emotions, girl??) I wish she’d never covered the song because had she not, I may actually still hold some liking towards her.


Can you believe there are English versions of the song as well???!!! (This was when I fell out of my chair as I was researching the links for this post…) >>>

> American rock musician Eric Martin covered it in 2008. The track appeared on his album, Mr Vocalist:

> New Zealand born soprano Hayley Westenra also covered it in 2008 on her Hayley Sings Japanese Songs CD (superb album title there btw):

(Ah, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve stopped counting >_<;)


Finally, a clip that I’ve played a million times over…

So Ji Sub totally swooning us all in Nihongo <33333333333

^^I fully love that man xD (Bring on June 23, Road No.1 baby, Road No.1!)


There are also several other random performances from the likes of Jay Chou, Jong  Hyun from SHINee, Gackt… heck, there’s even a full-on metal instrumental from Marty Friedman (!) But I only really wanted to post the official releases, & well, also, the Jay Chou clip is polluted by two crazy fangirls’ scraping, irksome voices (seriously, & I thought I couldn’t shut up ><;!! It’s on youtube for anyone’s whose interested, just enter at your own risk xP.)

After so many listenings to the song in all its versions, I’ve realised that it is essentially a beautiful song in any language (even when certain “singers” take it on & don’t deliver it full justice.) I also get the feeling that it’s best sung w/ a bit of a vibrato situation going on (cue; Mika, Park Hyo Shin. Maybe subconsciously my brain is thinking; trembling voice = cold ??? Gosh, I make myself wonder sometimes ^^;;) No matter what, Yuki no Hana will remain one of my favourite songs for eternity. I love it & I love the cold. That’s my feeling.

And if the answer to my post title is ‘yes,’ then I would like one, please…

[ ^^picture credit as labelled ]




8 responses

12 06 2010

Love your post!! it’s hot summer here for me and i should be happy but you make me jealous with all the warm comfy descriptions of what you’re going to do… ^^
and thanks for the vids!!! we kinda have the same taste in music… i’m happy u included the “less known” artists… it always makes me happy when someone talented get a bit more exposure. it’s a shame most of the amazing artists do not get the spotlight. and so glad u included hayley westenra.. that girl is amazing and underrated..

haha… well, i’m not taking ur comment the wrong way… dont worry. cuz i was like 5 or 4 when ROCH 1995 was out so it’s totally understandable. but like a said, im a big Jinyong’s novels fanatic so i kinda watched all the adaptations of his novels (oh boy were some BAD) and my first dramas were really wuxia methink altho i was really a baby so dont remember. XD
ive seen the singaporian vers w/ viet subs. it’s pretty decent, not the most elaborate production or anything but it would connect w/ me. lol.. im embarrassed. i dont deserve all ur praise… it’s just that i like dramas too much for my own good. i like chinese books so i watch a whole lot of ch/tw/sg dramas and ive been exposed to jp dramas since young since my mom is a smap/kimutaku fan and well, who hasnt been affected by the hallyu wave. haha. and i watch some pinoy dramas too but that’s just pure cheesy guilty pleasure. but this summer, i really dont have time cuz of summer school. TT

and i dont think we’ve discussed my nationality, i think… anyways, i’m nationally french, ethnically chinese and vietnamese and currently in the states. well, i speak another language besides english… actually, english is one of my weakest languages since ive only been in the states for 3 yrs…
basically, im fluent in french, and vietnamese, and i can handle spanish pretty decently since i took 5yrs in school, and now, im getting a ok at english i guess. i can understand japanese dramas for around 70-80% w/t subs, and around the same for korean altho slightly less… im terrible at chinese but im taking classes for that at college right now (boy it’s HARD).

haha… i will finish CwL one day… dunno when tho.. and i already wrote too much already. gotta go do my homeworks… i need the weekend to catch up on them..

14 06 2010

i think hayley westenra’s voice i insane (in a good way ;O) & i do think that the song actually works in english… at least it works much better than in cantonese (maybe i’m just bashing vincy chan now ^^;;;)

no no no if i were you, i’d soak in all the praise!!!!!! seriously, i think it’s fantastic that you are so proficient in such a broad array of languages… no wonder you’ve raced thru so many dramas, you don’t have to worry about finding subs, lucky thing!! lol xPP

fortunately i grew up being made to speak Cantonese in the household, so i can count myself bi-lingual. however, learning new languages now is an insurmountable hurdle for me, i am def one of those ppl who struggle w/ learning how to twist my tongue in new styles & directions haha

when you say you’ve read Jin Yong’s novels, did you read them in Chinese? i’ve grown up watching alot of HK dramas & there was a period of time when they dominated w/ making dramas that will forever stand as classics, alot of them based on Jin Yong’s brilliant storytelling. The 1994 Legend of the Condor Heroes is probably my fave series to date. Didn’t mind the 2000 Duke Of Mount Deer (think this was a Tw-drama.) But you’re right, some adaptions have been pretty laughable… not so much the story of course, but the casting of the characters (sometimes it’s a big WTF lol) movie-wise, i love Ashes of Time (though this was based loosely on the Condor Heroes)

15 06 2010
Ender's Girl

what a lovely song! ^^,,) i vaguely remember this track from the 8 episodes of MiSa i got to watch some years back. very sad and haunting sound. and yeah, who knew the same song could feel so different with each interpretation? i’d say my fave would be a toss-up between Mika and Park Hyo-shin’s versions… although i must say that Ji-sub sure knows how to rock that song AND that ponytail! +D

15 06 2010

oh, he was donning a ponytail??? *takes eyes off ji sub’s chest popping out from suit* xD

mmm, you only lasted 8episodes?? ah well, i know it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea ^_^ but it does get better (or more melodramatic xO). i think i hold this series so close to my heart because episode 1 was filmed here right in my home city. & well, for so ji sub. he had a such an awesome year in 2004 w/ this & what happened in bali ^^

21 06 2010

Hi, I discovered your blog through Ender’s Girl :)

I enjoyed reading your post on the Meteor Garden-BOF-HYD faceoff, and will reread it again and comment! :)

I was actually about to read a different entry of yours, when for some reason I just started scrolling down, and my eyes fell on the words “misa” and “Cha Moo Hyuk” (“stopped dead in her tracks*), scrolled further down (I didn’t know that Yuki no Hana = Snowflower), and saw So Ji Sub in one of the videos. I spazzed out~! :)

I loved MiSa, even bought the original soundtrack. So Ji Sub endeared himself to me as Cha Moo Hyuk (and from which began my love for SJS). This is where I began to love Im Soo Jung, too. I think she as Eun Chae holds the copyright to the title “most beautiful saddest face ever”. When I finished the drama, I couldn’t get myself to watch MiSa again. Every time I would hear the first strains of Snowflower in any of the scenes in MiSa, my heart would slowly melt, and I felt like finding myself my own little corner and nurture the sadness, Eun Chae style. : )

Listening to this song again here brings back precious memories of the drama. ~~~I’d like to wish we could have known what would have been of Moo Hyuk and Eun Chae had it not *sigh* ~~~ : )

21 06 2010

A fellow The Little Dorama Girl stalker! (seriously need to send E.G. a big basket of fruit or something for promoting me & letting me leech some of her readers (; ̄ー ̄)) And a fellow misa fan!! Heya!!

I think she as Eun Chae holds the copyright to the title “most beautiful saddest face ever.”
^OMG, that is so true!!!!! And you know what, she didn’t even have to be streaming tears down her face to make me feel so sad for her & Moo Hyuk <3

Like you, this is one drama I've not been able to re-watch. I know it's corny & everything but honestly, I don't think my heart could handle it Y_Y

P.S. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the whole MG/HYD/BOF situation xD
P.P.S. Do you have a blog I can stalk in return? xPP

22 06 2010

She would surely appreciate that :)

Right, Eun Chae only has to look the part and sadness here we come~~ (*cues Snowflower*)

Okay, it will probably take me five more years before I could rewatch MiSa^^

Will share reactions on the F4 dramas soon, hopefully soon!

And yes, there’s a blog : ) pardon the randomness, ramblings, and ungrammatical content, all churned out in the name of spazz^^ douzo : )) ))

22 06 2010

Sorry, I forgot. My name should lead you to my blog, here on WordPress :) )

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