Everybody’s Kazehaya-kun

15 06 2010

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve watched the Kimi ni Todoke anime (based on the manga of the same title written by Shiina Karuho) & I loved it.

There’s this magic about it that transports even the stiffest of adult hearts back to those fondest memories of high school. The trying-to-fit-in / finding-who-you-are awkwardness, the innocence of young friendships, the crushes (yes, plural xP) &, my most missed, the long leisurely walks w/ your mates just talking about… well, nothing in particular (nowadays, it’s like the faster we can get from point A to point B the better- more time for dorama watching lol) That carefreeness- that’s what made the time so unforgettable.

And so, I just totally spazzed out as I came across the trailer for the upcoming live-action movie (I knew this was bound to happen- the movie that is, not the spazzing >_<):

Tabe Mikako seems like a foolproof fit as Kuronuma Sawako. Her look & voice seem perfect. And Miura Haruma, well, funny thing is, as I was watching the anime, I kept picturing this pretty boy’s face as our beloved Kazehaya-kun. So whadduya know, wish granted ^_^

Kimi ni Todoke live action! Movie out in Japan on September 25. Official website HERE <3





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15 06 2010
Ender's Girl

did someone say… “Miura Haruma”?????? XDDDDD reading the first part of your post — the high school description — made me perk up a little, as in “hey, this sounds innerezteeng” (coz you know we’re such suckers for h.s. plots =D) — but I didn’t expect him to be part of the cast and seeing his name got me spazzing out SO BAD ‘coz he’s SO CUTE in the teaser with the short, normal, not-dyed-in-all-the-colors-of-a-martian-rainbow hair, and ZOMG THAT VOICE I’d follow anywhere, and best of all is that he looks EXACTLY how a high school boy should look. *takes out desk calendar and slathers “Sept. 25” box with bright pink lipstick*

jicks, I know we kind of promised ourselves to tone down on the Miura “he’s just 20??? ohmygawd jailbait” Haruma love, but — but — scroowit, life’s too short, baby. besides… how can it be wrong if it feels so right? lololol

15 06 2010

lmao *juice squirts out from nostrils* you made me laugh so hard!!

I know we kind of promised ourselves to tone down on the Miura “he’s just 20??? ohmygawd jailbait” Haruma love, but — but — scroowit, life’s too short, baby. besides… how can it be wrong if it feels so right? lololol^^*throws hands up in air* well, since you’ve caught me red-handed w/ all my attention-paying to him in my previous posts already, who am i to play innocent anymore lol i’m waaaaaay in xD

if you wanna see the boy w/ peroxide hair, suss out koizora the movie (not the greatest movie but still, have a tissue ready) or even better, crow’s zero II.

that’s right, oguri shun + haruma-kun in the one flicky together (i haven’t watched another movie since lol) xDDDDDD

(p.s. miura is the family name; haruma is his given name ;O)

16 06 2010
Ender's Girl

omg i was just about to go off scrounging for koizora and crow’s zero II (although i had always wanted to watch CZ for yamada takayuki and shun, honest truth! lol). koizora i read the synopsis so i’m expecting the worst, so whatev. but for miura haruma and gakki to star together is like, eye candy defcon 1, lol.

(oh, what i meant was, is miura haruma usually called by his last name or his given name? the way that you call kimura “kimura” but you call shingo “shingo”, since “takuya” and “katori” just wouldn’t seem right. if more people (=fans) use “haruma” then that’s what i’ll also use. (although “miuuuuuura” rolls off your tongue nicer, lol) ^^,,

15 06 2010

hi… i really love to read your blog…i adore and respect to your every point of view about movies and drama…i cant help it but to agree to most of it…^^ especially the battle of MG, HYD, and BOF…i enjoy it so much! therefore, i’d like to know ur view about ‘Cinderella’s Stepsister’…a Korean Drama…i hope u watch it and i really hope u can write ur comments and view about it…thanks…^^ keep on writing…!

15 06 2010

hello, welcome & thankyou!! i love meeting fellow drama fans ^_^

re cinderella’s sister- unfortunately, i haven’t even thought about watching that series yet but i’ve heard many great things about it. have you seen it yet? what did you think? i know the girl can act but sadly i haven’t even gotten around to watching moon geun young’s last series painter of the wind yet *palms face* believe me, i really want to see that but… darn all those distractions flooding out from johnny kitagawa’s lair ^^;;

22 06 2010

i’ve already seen it until 16th episodes…it still airing on KBS World…however, it was ended few weeks ago at Korea…for my point of view, this drama had a complicated plot…sometimes you love the characters…sometimes you hate them…the characters kept changing…their emotions and behavior are really something that hardly to understand…unless you have some psychological knowledge…which i really anticipating how the story ended…there are many scenes that i cried too after the ‘dad’ died…since i lost my father 10 years ago, i cant hold my tears every time the sisters missing their dad so much…how the their life change after the dad died…however, for me, this drama is on-time-watch-drama…since sometimes the plot are too slow and too much crying scene…

23 06 2010

Lucky you have KBS World (wish I did >_<")! Where abouts are you from?

Well, it's official, you have made me want to watch Cinderella’s Sister alot more. I have heard that the series does deal w/ alot of complexities but hey, what would a serious Korean drama be w/o chopping & changing characters & emotions?? Psychological aspect? I hope it’s nothing like Moon Geun Young’s psychological horror movie A Tale Of Two Sisters because I def will not want to watch CS alone then *dives under doona*

Speaking of whom, how is Moon Geun Young’s performance in the series? I keep looking at her as a little girl thanks to Autumn In My Heart & quite frankly, her styling of late is kinda off-putting. I know she is trying to shed the young girl image but if it works for you, why wouldn’t you just stick to it is my theory…

29 06 2010

lol…i am Malaysian…i live in Malaysia…we got KBS World here…^^
btw, sorry for my poor English….
MGY and Seo Wu definitely gave a superb performance! MGY especially…she made me totally forgot how adorable she is in My Little Bride…^^
she’s grown up…and mature in this drama….dont worry, its nothing like A Tale Of Two Sisters…
in the end, u’ll realize that all bad people arent bad afterall…and u cant hate them….
cant wait for the ending this week! even though its already on YT…i prefer to watch it on TV…^^

4 07 2010

Your English is perfectly understandable, no worries! I love Malaysia, I was born there! Apart from the heat, & maybe the general public toilets system, it’s all good. Great food & superb shopping culture xD

Hopefully you liked the ending to Cinderella’s Sister :))

15 06 2010

OMG!!! this is good news indeed!!! it’s too funny cuz when i read the manga (i still havent seen the anime, is it good?) i was already casting haruma as kazehaya. he’s one fine fine fine actor! in every sense and i feel so good that he is older than i am, borderline, but still older. ^^ i think i literally jumped out of joy when i first found that out. XD
and ur right, mikako really fits the role! and is it me or she has gotten prettier?

lol, poor vincy chan… haha. but i agree, the english version suits it just fine! altho hayley singing the yueliang dai bao wo de xin was not the best… of course, her voice was amazing but her accent was really distracting.

and lol, i wouldnt say that im proficient in a lot of languages. im just OK in vietnamese and french and then i cant say that im proficient in any of the other languages… in a way, i’m not good at anything and i’d still rather have subs when i watch dramas since i like it when i get all the details. i only watch dramas without subs for which i can’t wait to watch.

and wow, im impressed with cantonese! it has so many tones i dont think i’ll ever even attempt it. XD

and no, i didnt read Jinyong’s novels in chinese. i read them in vietnamese, and then tried to read in chinese to learn the language… a bit like how i read harry potter in french and then read the english version later… however, it didnt work well since u dont get any real clue in chinese about what the characters mean… -_- i’m actually taking a chinese class for summer school and it’s crazy… since it’s a compressed class, we’re learning like 20-35 characters each day!!!!!! SERIOUSLY>>>i feel just like dying.
for me, my fav jin yong’s adaptation was the TLBB w/ jimmylin and all… but my fav book is the Xiao ao jiang hu one.. altho some others such condor heroes and many others. it’s hard to say since they area all good.
and yeah, i loved ashes of time too!!!!

btw, im a HUGE federer supporter!! so high five girl!! my childhood best friend is a nadal supporter since middle school when he first became prominent… and we’ve been clashing about this ever since… she thinks he’s hot (whatever…) but i think federer is so elegant in his play!! and im sorry you guys lost to germany… im sad that france had to go into this whole thing with the henry’s hand mess… but im happy korea’s won! and im so into this whole world cup thing right now it’s so frustrating i have to take classes during most of the games…

15 06 2010

ps… road no1 finished all the filming!!

15 06 2010

^^girl, you have just made my day xD i almost feel like drawing up a banner to welcome the day lol

although, i was always under the impression that korean & japanese series usually film while the series is still airing so to make leeway for the potential popularity spurt & the “need” to extend the series (& sometimes ruining what could’ve bn the perect series- darn the money-making side of the business) or even for the sheer fact that they want to cater the ending to the audience response… i guess road no.1 is going to end the one way regardless of who ppl end up shipping hey (ji sub ftw) & pls let his character live on at the end of the series, though i don’t fancy his chances given his track record in his dramas, movies & even MVs lol

re tabe mikako, i do agree w/ you. i don’t think the girl is really classically beautiful but she has this incredibly intriguing look about her that makes you keep looking & looking at her.

ooooooh jimmy lin! he’s so pretty ^_~ i used to fan after him in his debut yrs as a wannabe idol singer but i lost track of him, i think after he served his military sentence. but still, after all these yrs he still looks amazing :)) my lucky star = xD

re roger federer, my thoughts exactly. the man is all grace, all class. i do like rafa though, i don’t personally find him “hot” per se but i have bn up close to him & his guns are something out of this world- biggest biceps ever lol your friend may have a point xD

16 06 2010

lol. glad you’re happy. ^^
me too, im quite glad that the filming finished before airing. usually, when they film while airing, all the actors look dead tired at around the middle of the drama and the writing starts to go wild. of course, there are exceptions. i think it’s especially true in korean dramas… it’s less extreme with japanese dramas.
well, someone actually posted a spoiler of the ending and i read it… hm… i dunno what to think of it but i can say that it could be worse. but ur right, w/ sjs’s track record, there’s sure to be some angst in this.

“wannabe idol singer” is the right word for him. he has some good songs but let’s face it, the poor guy can’t sing. but he’s really cute [haha… note how superficial i am] and ur right, he doesnt seem to age much at all. lol… i used to be a (stalker) fan of jimmy too! but i stopped following him for a while now… last ive heard, he was engaged or something.

i dont hate rafa but it’s probably the many yrs of defending federer against nadal that makes me have some kind of negative impression. i do root for him in most of his matches though, EXCEPT for the ones against federer. XD. and yeah, his body is really hot but i’m not attracted to him though.

if i remember right (im too lazy to go check), u said u liked rain right? have u seen the last colbert show where he mentioned rain and the mtv awards? HILARIOUS!! and then i started watching all the colberts vids on football (soccer)… wow, i laughed so hard i was bursting and then i had to cram in all my hwks… playlists of vids are DEADLY. XD

17 06 2010

bi? mtv movie awards? *hides face* j/k yeah, i’ve loved that man long before the Hollywood bug decided to attack & itch his washboard chicken protein abs.
& yeppies, i did see the clip! i’m not the hugest stephen colbert fan but i can’t help but laugh @ some (alot) of his jokes. but, i think i must’ve LOLd harder @ bi’s acceptance speech– you could so tell it was scripted which made it was so lame it was hilarious. & the other thing is, in a non-Hollywood context, he is so much cooler than that, so in a sense i think it’s unfortunate for the american audience only gets to see an amereicanised ver of the man (-_-;) but alas, i will continue to heart him…. have you heard about hsi new drama w/ lee na young? omg i think i almost fainted upon the news xD

no no no no no… spoilers are bad for so ji sub situations! i don’t wanna knooooww! *covers ears & gallops off into the sunset*

i agree w/ your “actors look dead tired at around the middle of the drama and the writing starts to go wild” note- last time i remember consciously thinking that to myself was in boys over flowers… that cast was corpsing around set w/ check-in luggage-sized bags under their eyes. did feel bad for (most xD) of them <3 and well, the writing… *tapes mouth shut*

24 06 2010

what’s up?? ive been so busy lately so that’s y i took so “long” to answer.
“i’ve loved that man long before the Hollywood bug decided to attack & itch his washboard chicken protein abs.” LOL… me too. altho everybody seems to to jumping on the hollywood scene as of late. like han chae young and also jang dong gun and his new movie. btw, the trailer looks really cheesy. speaking of trailer, have u seen Rn1 trailer yet? perhaps not since u dont like spoilers…
and I agree, bi’s acceptance speech was so [can’t find the right word] that it left me speechless, awkward and a bunch of mixed emotions. i havent watched the MTV for such a long time but i watched it especially to see if rain would surprise me and get the award. i was w/ my roommate in our room and she’s ignorant of asian-e world so when it was so embarrassing when i screamed like crazy when he was called out and then, instead of being super cool and all, i got awarded w/ the most awkward speech ever. Rain, way to help me explain my support for you. it made it seem to my roomie like i was crazy to like such a guy. of course i know better but still.
was the speech really scripted?? if that’s the case, um… WTH were they thinking?? i think even i might have written smth better. “i worked out”… “y so serious??” LOL/-_-“/$^#%# rain, i love u anyway.

lol… i agree w/ ur comments about BOF… seriously, that show was crazy and made me crazy too. frankly, i was following it live until ep 14 and i gave up after that… i waited it to be done to finish it cuz i couldnt handle the stress it gave me watching it. really, by ep 4, i was more into soeulmate than the main couple altho ill give it to LMH, that guy is FINE.

26 06 2010

OMG… seen Rn1 yet? i had to stop middle ep 2 cuz i was an hour away from a test i didnt study and had to tell myself to stop but ill resume the watch tomorrow. XD

27 06 2010

nah, i haven’t, i’m gonna wait for the subs in full for this one & hit it like a man in one go! as you know, i don’t like spoilers, so it’s gonna be hard during this time lol i did check the ratings for the first couple of eppies & while they’re not superb, it ain’t all doom per se. a little worried that the viewership dropped in the 2nd but fingers crossed it’ll pick up. not sure if the timing of the world cup is affecting anything but now that south korea are knocked out (darn you uruguay >_<) perhaps the nation won't have the football as a distraction anymore.

have you seen it yet? are you liking it?

30 06 2010

well… ive watched it and it’s not bad… but not mind-blowing either so far… of course, the problem does not really lie on SJS or any of the main actually.

but anyways… that’s really not on my mind now…
have u heard… Park Yong Hwa was found dead….. *stoned face*
I’m in freaking shock right now. it’s the first time an asian celebrity death took me so much aback. WHAT THE… is what i want to scream to anybody.
sorry if im being gloomy… im not exactly rational right now.

4 07 2010

I only found out about Park Yong Ha’s death from reading your comment, the news is truly devastating.

It’s saddening that a life ends in such a tragic way, esp @ such a young age. We can only hope now he is resting in peace. He will definitely be remembered for his talent.

I wish his loved ones all the faith & strength in this world during this tough moment <3

18 06 2010
Vid Clip: Umaku Ienai by Yuzu (music video feat. Miura Haruma) « The Little Dorama Girl

[…] Hitotsu no Koi reviews, and jicks with her rockin’ The Great Sensei Debate post and a now this first look at the upcoming live-action movie Kimi no Todoke (Reaching You), which is — you guessed it! […]

3 07 2010

Okay, so I have to be honest… I never got past episode one of the anime and was pretty meh about the series. Does it get better later on? (haha maybe it’s because I just graduated high school so it doesn’t have that nostalgic charm in my eyes? XD) but knowing that Miura Haruma will be in the live-action… well, I’m willing to watch anything as long it as lots servings of Haru =P. I’ve already spazzed (in a very civilized manner). I wonder how long Haruma will be able to keep play high school roles?
Can’t wait for this to come out though! September seems so far away, and the DVD release is probably a couple more months down the road T-T

4 07 2010

I almost gave up after the first eppy but it does get better. I think you’re right w/ the whole nostalgia thing, if it weren’t for my recent high school good times reminiscing, I may not have enjoyed it as much. But the story itself is actually just really endearing, & filled w/ many comical moments. The drawings are beautifully simple. The relationship btwn Kazehaya & Sawako was sweet but if you were to ask me, I actually liked Ryu the most (you know, the silent, brooding manly type who safeguards his long-time love in the background ^^;;;;;;) May I persuade you into a full viewing before the movie airs? xPP

Re Miura Haruma playing high school roles- well, the guy is only just 19 or 20. And he does still look like a high school boy so I’m still perfectly fine w/ it for now. I don’t think it would be right if he (or anyone else) passed up a role simply because he’d already already played a similar role before, IF he is the right person for it. I much rather see actors play a similar character & do it well than seeing them take on a drastic, left-of-centre role to challenge themselves to try to show viewers their apparent acting depth… then, in the end, failing (not cool ><")

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