비: The Ultimate Triple Threat (& then some…)

9 07 2010

Okay, so I really wanted to post this straight after my Sang Doo episode 16 thing, but darn you MatsuJun!!!!!! Oh well. Randomness I serve…

Here is my tribute to Bi <3



Once upon a time, it was cool to like Bi (aka aka Rain aka Jung Ji Hoon.)

Remember those times (those good ol’ times)?

I (barely) do.


[ Oh the innocence. ]

The man was my first major Korean celebrity fandom (translation: the stalking of essentially useless goods branded w/ his face &/or his name O_o) It was the 2004 Korean romantic comedy Full House that shot him to superstardom @ the dawn of the Hallyu wave. The series helped spawn his music career to Superman heights. We took notice of him. I took (blazing) notice of him. He was unconventional looking… but waaaaah, strangely, alluring attractive. And, ‘ey-o, chotto matte kudasai! He knows how to swerve his hips, too! And not just in the slashy “Look at me I am a Johnny K‘s man-boy” way, Bi can absolutely rock it w/ the best of them. After hitting the big time, he didn’t slow down & try to wing the rest of his career solely by flashing his midriff (though he did certainly frequent the action- & not that I have issues w/ that ;O), he continued to strive hard & take on more projects than the number of stomach crunches he did every day.


Nikon Japan came close to selling me a D80 by using Kimura‘s face. Nikon Korea? Also a fair effort! ]

But then… his face (& his abs) got plastered on every second product across all of PanAsia & not long after, the great Hollywood itch found its way to the man’s chicken-protein-infused six-pack body (sorry for all the ab-tastic references lol) Suddenly, I was reluctant to tell any more of my white friends that, long ago, I had fallen for this Korean dude who speaks fluent urban-fool Engrish (btw, have I mentioned his abs already?? lololo)

It’s not that I’m embarrassed by Bi‘s “let’s try to crack the American market” antics, it’s just that… I’m sad [insert teary-angry emoticon here.] I’m sad that the image he is presenting to the mainstream American audience isn’t the same guy that I fell for. That same guy who drew so many (predominantly Asian) girls (& some boys) in & buckled them down for the long haul. (Pun intended) rain, hail or shine, his monstrous legion of hard core fans will not sway one bit in their support for the man. And yes, I am one of those stupid, unswayable supporters *inserts Speed Racer DVD -_-;* (though I’m not looney enough to cast a million online votes for the man to make him one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. Or the ultimate MTV Badass *slaps buttocks*)


[ Seriously, dude. ]

Alot of his fellow Korean celeb peers speak v. highly of him & many of his dongsengs practically idolise the guy, seeing Bi‘s success as the pinnacle of what they’re out there to achieve (click HERE to read what several male Korean celebs think about Bi :)) He is respected. He is a role model. He is known to always give his all irrespective of whether he is singing, dancing or acting- entertainment is his art. And his dedication has definitely paid off. But even w/ all the fame & fortune, there is still this sense of humility about him. I know it won’t matter what he does for the rest of his time in the spotlight, my fascination w/ him will never flame out. No matter what he does to his hair, no matter how much he (or someone else) f**ks up his acting projects, no matter how many concerts he cancels, no matter the number of magic sticks he prances about, no matter what kinda audience he slaps his tushie in front of on stage, I will still like him. The singer, the dancer, the actor, the ultimate triple threat of Asia- Bi.


Bi as a SINGER: from a bad guy to getting back to the basic.

(Warning; I may veer off onto some tangent to complain about the usage of the term R’n’B >_<;;;;;;)


[ Bi w/ Chinese singer Leehom @ the 2008 Beijing Olympics having a grand old time ! ]

When artists from random countries approach you for a collaboration opportunity, that is a sure fire sign that you have made it. Not that it’s always something to get too excited about as usually these guys are just trying (& needing) to cash in on your fame but hey, the entertainment industry is all about mutual benefits, ne?

Upon researching material for this post, I came across something I had never known- a Thai remix of I Do, ft Thai singer, Panadda Actually, it’s more like a Thai rap flicked into the hook of the song but still. Yep.

Oh, but the Bi cross-other-nations duets doesn’t stop there. We have (click on song title to link to youtube clips!):

Perfect Interaction w/ Wang Lee Hom

Man Up w/ Omarion

Oh Yeah & Too Much w/ Ai

^^These are the official releases. He also did a little jingle w/ Christina Aguilera in a 2006 Pepsi CF. Then there was the Kung Fu Panda track. And, at one time, apparently Lil’ Kim tried to hijack Bi‘s vocals for one of her tracks although I don’t think anything ever eventuated (thanking every hiphop executive this side of JYP‘s face.) On top of that, the man also tried his hand at a head-to-toe Mandarin track, Memory In My Hand for a Pantech commercial in 2006. Nice melody (& v. cool CF dance) but my parents claimed to not fully understand the words that were coming out of his mouth lol.


[ Bad Guy Bi was oh-so-good. ]

Now that the whack is out  the way, can I just say- musically, in terms of Bi‘s solo material, I waaaaaay preferred his earlier stuff. I suppose this is because I grew up grooving away to 90s & early 2000s Contemporary R’n’B, a vibe that is very evidently present in Bi‘s earlier tunes (think, Bad Guy, How To Avoid The Sun.) I think there was much more soul in these works. I really enjoyed his It’s Raining stage for there was a catchy dose of pop w/o bubblegum overkill; however, everything since has been too club-banger for my taste (Rain’s World ? Eugh. Rainism ? Hmm.) Blame the mainstream moguls for mutilating the classic R’n’B sound & stripping its substance, these days disfiguring it to what I would much rather label as urban pop (here comes my tangent lol) It actually repulses me when people refer to this style as R’n’B & saddening to see real R’n’B artists twisting their styles for the sake of their bank accounts *face palm* Too bad it’s more about the sales than the soul. Okay, rant over (for now x))

I’ve never considered Bi‘s voice to be overwhelmingly strong but there is a gravelly, (good) crackly tone in there that I think works well w/ a semi-more bluesy, soulful theme. I think his voice expresses both fire & tenderness. And voila, his latest (mini) album is ironically (N) titled Back To The Basic, & it’s definitely one big happy step back in the right direction for me (though okay, yes, it’s not always all about me lololol) This is one for the fans who have followed him right from his initial days *foxtrots across dance floor* (oops, wrong genre lol.)

Anyways, go HERE to access his album discography ^_^


Bi as a DANCER: the second coming of Usher?


[ “Dang, they can almost see my navel…” ]

I can’t help it but everytime I see Bi dance, I think of… U.S.H.E.R.R.A.Y.M.O.N.D. (♫♪♫ Now baby tell me whatcha wanna do wit me ♫♪♫ Nice & Slow = classic <333333) Maybe it’s their build, maybe it’s the stripping-off-the-shirt-in-the-rain thing, maybe it’s both of them being inspired by the G.O.A.T., the late King Of Pop; maybe it’s the pouty lips (eat your heart out, KAT-TUN‘s letter A boy) but you’d have to be crazy not to see some level of resemblance in their limb-popping action. The way they both dance- there is power, there is grace, there is fluidity, there is showmanship, there is storytelling- their dancing is like a piece of art unfolding to some phat (!) beats in front of your eyes. For all I care, these two can merely just twitch their pinky finger & I would deem it a legit dance move.





[ Similar much? ]

You may not be able to distinguish Bi‘s style cleanly from Usher‘s yet that far from makes his ability & his presence any less awesome. I guess all those hours spent choreographing his moves in the subways of Seoul before he hit the big time was worth it, for the guy is regarded as one of best dancers of Asia- if not THE best. Hong Kong singer/dance/actor Aaron Kwok (who is one quarter of the legendary Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop) is the one other artist who I would consider to be a master of the art of dance. He exudes a completely different style to Bi, & is possibly a smidgen past his prime but is still just as prolifically commanding. I could watch these guys dance all day long (shirts on or off #^^#;;)


Bi as an ACTOR: a gigolo, a celebrity, an ex-K1 boxer & a happy-go-lucky detective.

(WARNING: Spoiler alert!!!!!! Spoilers ahead!!!!!! Read at your own risk ><)


And this where I know & love the man the most.

I will be side-stepping his cinematic work because, ah well, not everything needs to be spelled out so lucidly *bleeeeeeeeeeeeep* *ejects Speed Racer DVD & crushes disc. Crushes Ninja Assassin disc, too. Prepares to crush Cyborg disc but tosses it under bed instead* And, I am a dorama fan!


In Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School as Cha Sang Doo.




[ Sang Doo! We love you! ]

To this day, I still think this is Bi‘s best role (& the best series or movie he’s been a part of.) The character was written beautifully (kamsahamnida, Lee Kyung Hee) & Bi played the role w/o constraints. It felt natural that he was Sang Doo. His comedic faces were never puke-inducing cheesy, yet all his dramatic faces- his internal torment & loving emotions as Bori‘s father- came across w/ such guileless, earthy grace. I truly loved Sang Doo.

Sang Doo was a character w/ many untypical layers. He had gone through many challenges in his life & made alot of decisions which would appear questionable to the bulk of society but at the core, he was always & forever a good person. He always tried to imagine what would be best for the people he loved, & stood by the belief that even if it meant scarring his own life, that was the best thing to do. But seeing Sang Doo endure all these hardships & seeing his outcomes, I pose the question- is sacrificing yourself for others is in actual fact the best thing to do for them?

Bi interpreted Sang Doo so modestly it made me practically campaign for someone to die w/ him when I heard that truck speeding his way. And when I saw Eun Hwan lying on the road in his arms, even though they had died (IMO,) at long last I felt like their life together had begun. I’m so glad that he never had to be alone again, that someone else finally “sacrificed” for him. Sang Doo wasn’t just a well-written character in a well-written drama series, he was a person & I think Bi absolutely nailed it.


In Full House as Lee Young Jae.

[ I’m the King of… the South Korean pop scene? ]

Full House was actually my first Bi series. And you want the truth? *massages forehead*

When he first showed his face rocking up in that flashy sports car, my immediate reaction was, “Urrrrrr… So this is the main guy? Seriously, this dude, his face & all, he is the leading man, really? Why are his lips so… big~~? I don’t think I want to watch this anymore…”


[ Glad I carried on :)) ]

Superficial, I know, but I soldiered on because I loved (notice past tense!) Song Hye Kyo, thanks to Autumn In My Heart & All In (this girl needs to pick up her acting chops ASAP before I lose complete interest in her. Showbiz love, it’s a tough world ><;;) Who would’ve guessed though, the more I looked at his face, the more I liked it gahahah. Ahem.

In hindsight, I’m not even fully sure why I loved this series as much as I did. There were tiresomely draggy drama queen moments from all the characters & well, nothing ever really happened. All I recall is alot of arguing. And- okay, now it’s coming back to me… I enjoyed the silly playfights btwn those two super attractive leads. And their sweet moments (ice-skating, hawker street hopping, teamwork housecleaning & permanent markering wedding bands on fingers… hell yes I am a sucker) were sincerely just that. Sweet, like candy. Like icecream. Like the feeling when Mr Whippy‘s van rocks up in front of your house & you energetically dash outside & ask, w/ a huge beaming grin on your face, for a soft serve cone drowned in hundreds & thousands xDDDDDD“““


[ I want icecream ! ]

I also liked that they didn’t take themselves too seriously during the light-hearted moments. I think acting aloof is definitely Bi‘s thang (as opposed to acting He-man cool.) I mean, how gag-worthy the was the scene when Ji Eun walks in on Young Jae scoffing down the bimbimbap (…was it??? It’s been too many years since I’ve watched it!), his eyes pop out from his head & he just starts choking (^O^;) Or when he hops into the laundry tub behind her to “help” her wash the clothes? And of course, the notorious 3Bears performance- tears totally sparkled in my eyes xDD

Lee Young Jae is in many ways the stereotype romantic-comedy hero; the sterile-to-the-entire-world-at-first man who harbours an (often) unreturned long time love for some woman (who usually isn’t even deserving of such devoted attachment but whatever-Trevor -_-“) but Bi injected an endearingly playful & adorable luminosity to the role whilst maintaining a sense of street-coolness (this is crucial because after all, he is an idol.) His goofy faces were exaggerated but not retarded, in fact they made you do that aaaaawwwwww pouty face; yet, when he was serious, you were like, “Wow! What a man!” (☆U☆) Six-foot tall & muscly but still mighty huggable. I’m so glad he never gave in & went under the knife to slice in some double eye-lids because his lovable grinning face would def not have been the same w/o those squinty eyes ( ̄O ̄)  *hands to head like Mickey Mouse ears & starts bouncing side to side*


In A Love To Kill as Kang Bok Gu.

[ I will hug you still. ]

I was so holy-guacamole excited when I first found out this series was happening that I swear I almost danced my way to Korea. Things that immediately clicked for me: (1) a revenge love story that goes horribly wrong for the antihero & his “I never expected to fall in love w/ her” lover, (2) Lee Kyung Hee was the screenwriter (misa & Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School ❤-to-the-power-of-a-trillion) & (3) Bi going through rigorous training to persuade us that he is this former K1 boxer, his anatomy (& our eyes xD) illustriously reaping in the benefits (yeah yeah superficial again but… I don’t care~~~)


[ Wannabe masterpiece? ]

And I honestly felt like, after the fluffy jaluffiness of Full House, such a deeply twisted role would be an intriguing test to Bi‘s acting aptitude. And given how convincing & magnetic he was in Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School I inevitably had a mammoth amount of faith in Kang Bok Gu. But convincing as a former K1-boxer-turned-pretend-celebrity-bodyguard-in-factual-seeking-revenge-for-his-poor-hyung-schemer he was not. And magnetic? Well, yeah you kept watching him but it was definitely not for the reasons you’d necessarily hope for.


[ Sucky series aside, w/ all that griminess & scruffiness, I think Bi looked FINE. ]

Unlike Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School where everything was genuine & uncontrived, everything in A Love To Kill felt too deliberate & too simulated. It seemed too eager to be a classic, so much that it regurgitated in its own face. Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School was arguably just as melodramatic but somehow the series still felt free-spirited. And yeah life for Sang Doo was like dump-city w/ banana peels dispersed all over the ground but Bi still managed to make Sang Doo make you feel hope, joy & gratitude for being alive. Bi made you frown & tear up dearly for all of Sang Doo‘s hardships but not once did it feel like Sang Doo was shamelessly begging for your sympathy. But in A Love To Kill, things just kept getting worse & worse & worse & people just kept moping & moping & gaaaarrrghh!!! *fires shotgun* For crying out loud, I just wanted to tear my hair out & scream at the guys to just freaking let things go already.


[ Based on her drama/movie resume, Shin Min A is def one of the luckiest girls ^^;; ]


[ …except for when Bi was trying to gobble her noggin lol. ]

What could’ve been another breakthrough role for Bi turned out to be a lacklustre, over-thought performance. Kang Bok Gu really felt exhaustively over-studied, like a third-rate text book’s “how-to” character. I couldn’t feel any of Bi‘s natural instincts that I felt in Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School or even Full House. I felt as if he was trying to shove this character down my throat, but there wasn’t much substance to go down w/ it. The variety & depth in his expressions lacked, the nuances to his character were pale & he really didn’t bring out the complexities of Bok Gu, again, unlike the way he played Sang Doo, or even the way So Ji Sub played Cha Moo Hyuk in misa. I’m not saying that in A Love To Kill Bi was all wrong per se, he was just painful to watch. And it doesn’t help that I didn’t feel much chemistry btwn him & Shin Min A either >_<; (nor btwn the rest of the cast for that matter/..) To me it seemed like Bi really didn’t have a good time making this series, so if he didn’t wanna be there to tell the story, why should I wanna be there to even attempt to take it in?


[ FAIL. ]

The scene I cringed at the most was when Bok Gu visits his comatose brother in hospital & he breaks down by his bed *major teeth clenching* Oh my. The slobbery shooting out of Bi‘s nostrils was unsightly. Someone puh-lease FedEx the man a ShamWow (!) so he can mop up the stuff leaking from his nose! I seriously do not get why some people think that as long as you get all your orifices running, you can evoke emotion. I’ve always felt that a good onscreen crier should have control over their tears & doesn’t need to wail non-stop to get the audience to feel what he or she is feeling. And I once thought that perhaps Bi could be a part of this elite group but this scene in A Love To Kill has surely made me think twice thrice.


In Fugitive as Ji Woo.

[ Operation Redemption? *fingers crossed* ]

So, what’s next?

Fugitive! Fugitive! Fugitive!

Not that it’s Bi who’s getting me the most excited (though he is getting me alot still, after all, I am a woman ^^;;) it’s because Lee Na Young is the leading lady! The girl can actually act (^_^)

We are set to be spoiled w/ some super glamorous filming locations (Seoul, Busan, Osaka, Yokohama, Shanghai, Beijing, Macau & Hong Kong) which will serve fit ‘n’ fine for all the money-chasing action planned for our good-looking protagonists. Daniel Henney has signed on to star in the series, too, so I suppose he will suffice as an eye candy side dish lol

The only “um+ah” I hold for the series is that apparently it is going to be a (wait for it)… a comedy. WTF??? This better not be an urbanised version of Kim Ji Woon‘s 2008 spaghetti western The Good The Bad & The Weird (boy did that movie disappoint me.) Last thing I want to see is a big blow on a big budget (see; EPIC FAIL: Air City.)


Onwards & upwards!


Well, I guess there’s nothing more to say except-


Dear Bi. Dear Bi baby.

Please, redeem your last few acting endeavours. I know your adventures out in the big American world must’ve been eye-openingly fun but it’s time to get back to what got you to where you are now & what you do best. It’s time to get back to the basics. I am diggin’ on your latest music so please, now, I would like to see a piece of work to re-validate you as an actor. If you ruin things again, I will never forgive you ever, ever again. I will cremate my $120 Full House box set! I will pulverise my Special Edition Rain’s World CD+DVD! I will draw moustaches & devil horns on every single picture I have of you! I will-


-no I won’t. That’s a lie.

Who am I to kid, darn it. Even if he screws things up again, I will still friggin’ love him.

And that’s a happily ever after.




21 responses

9 07 2010

jicks! Thanks very very much for this dedication!

Bi was my very first showbiz idol from any entertainment industry and for someone who did not believe in idol-worship, it said a lot about how much I loved this dude. I searched for his published works and spent a whole lot of moolah. Yesasia.com prolly loved me lots back in those days. I felt embarrassed to share this obsession with other peeps because my idolizing experience felt age-inappropriate. But then, one (or many) look at that adorable smile and um, smoking abs as well as acting talent (sang doo performance!), and it was like, I didn’t care anymore, judge me all you want, i’mma idolize Bi to my heart’s content. Heck, I still remember my friend congratulating me on having this first ever gushing-over-a-celeb experience. Good times, eh!

Here’s to Fugitive/Runaway meeting expectations, or if not, since those expectations are prolly set way too high, then at least be a decent, non-vomiting or unintentional laughter inducing, fare.

9 07 2010

*raises pimp cup of champers* Cheers girl! Let Fugitive do what it has to do! lol I get what you mean, even if it doesn’t meet expectations, it will still be entertaining, even if it is for all the wrong reasons ^^

There’s no reason to feel age-inappropriate! Jeez, as you may have caught a glimpse, myself & E.G. are currently obsessing over liking a certain Haru. And let’s not even get me started on my obsessions liking for the Juns & the Jins of this (JE) world (albeit they’re only a 1-2 yrs younger, but still) or my my obsessions liking w/ the You’re Beautiful clan!

lol I was a bit embarrassed @ hitting the “publish” button in fear of this world judging me w/ my idolising words in this post but meh. Who gives a damn. As much as we spazz over Bi in a starry-eyed fan kinda way, I think alot of my liking for him has to do w/ plain old RESPECT. It’s not only the fact that his body is so stupidly cut like a Roman warrior statue, I actually respect this man for what he has achieved, where he came from & how he has got to where he is. As you said, he does actually have some acting chops. I know I am channeling my inner Bi-girl devotion to the max but to have the level of success he has in the ent industry really does takes alot more than just luck. Anyways, i need to stop now because I get too carried away lol

11 07 2010
Ender's Girl

This post is the Ultimate Triple TREAT!!! Bravoh! (I didn’t know exactly to what extent your Bi fangirling went, but now I do, hehe)

It cracked me up so to read your A Love to Kill mini review. I was seriously toying with the idea of watching that drama but decided otherwise (even though I luffff Shin Min-a) bec. of the negative reviews. If his perf. (and the writing in general) was as bad as you said so entertainingly, then I have no regrets passing it up.

Full House could’ve been a GREAT romcom with a better writer, because at least Bi and Hye-gyo’s chemistry was there (I liked them best when they were sparring and acting like kids). But the repetitive, Gokusen-esque scenarios (SHG waits on the porch! Bi comes home at 2 am! they stare awkwardly at each other! SHG breaks the contract! Bi reluctantly promises amends! SHG resumes contract, but with revisions! SHG waits on the porch! Bi comes home at 2 am! etc etc etc….) just killed my viewing enjoyment, that I was craning my neck for the ending as early as Episode 6.

And OMG I love Bi as a dancer, too!!!! Totally channels Usher (and JT), but that’s okay because all three pop idols SURE KNOW HOW TO MOVE IT, and be sexy and sinuous but still OH-SO-MANLY. (Of the entire JE stable only Kimura can dance like a man… a sexeh sexeh man…) Bi puts those cake-a-licious Johnnies to shame, all right… And YES to everything you said about Bi’s tush! He and Kang Ji-hwan share the award for Best K-heinie in my book. ^^;; I thought Bi’s uber-buffness in Ninja Assassin (yes I gave it a spin, but couldn’t finish it, the plot was all over the place and the violence was just too gratuitous) was dangerously encroaching on Rambo Yonsama territory, so I liked his body best when he was lean and toned (from a few years back, maybe).

I like what you said about RESPECT, because I think that’s what I feel for Bi, too. I also read what his industry peers and fans have been saying about his professionalism (okay, barring those canceled concerts, but it wasn’t JUST his fault) and good work ethic and all-around good guy-ness (I remember an interview of his where he said he didn’t like to party out much, and preferred chillin’ at home… mmmmm my kind of guy! lulz), so like you, yes yes I sincerely hope that he gets back on track with his drama and movie role choices.

I also think that part of my respect comes from that fact that his face is pretty much the same old face he’s always had (omomo that first picture from 1998, so kawaiiii!!! how old was he back then? mid-teens?), so even with his stretchy eyes (is it just me or does his face sometimes remind you of… Brandy? totally random, I know XDDD) I still love how he’s comfortable with them.

Btw I’m sure you’ve seen Bi’s storied dance-off with Stephen Colbert? So freakin’ brilliantly hilarious.

12 07 2010

^^Yea-ah I’ve seen the infamous dance-off! The love btwn Colbert & Bi is just beautiful isn’t it? xD

lmao Now that you’ve said it, I can see it. I can see it! I can totally see the Brandy-esqueness. It’s the darn lips again! But they both do have that hip yet kinda wholesome appeal about them… pls now though, heaven, don’t let Bi get long braids… ;O

While you wanted it to end @ep6, I managed to watch Full House 4 or 5 times in full (I don’t even remember now) & torture myself thru the tedious plot purely because I loved watching the star couple as you said so perfectly, “sparring & acting like kids.” I guess I’ve totally come out of my Bi-closet now lololol

Kang Ji Hwan & heinie in the same sentence????? (O_____o;) *fans self* Speaking of whom, are you or will you be watching Coffee House??

lmao @Rambo Yonsama comment! Too funny! I agree there is a point when someone is TOO muscly (i.e. veins popping out of tree-trunk neck) so yeah, same as you, I prefer Bi back a couple of yrs ago when he had more of a swimmer’s kinda body xDD (btw, I think I watched Ninja Assassin… I was clued in for the first 30-45mins, then I suddenly found myself watching the credits, but had no idea how I’d gotten there lol)

Shin Min A was actually pretty good in A Love To Kill, just the chemistry wasn’t all there btwn her & Bi (& of course the lacklustre writing thing) I don’t mind the girl either but she keeps hooking up w/ Ju Ji Hoon in her works so my love for her has to be halted (esp after watching those semi-fleshy scenes in The Naked Kitchen xPP)

13 07 2010
Ender's Girl

“pls now though, heaven, don’t let Bi get long braids… ;O” << Bwahahahahha! Too late, Imma immagining it already… *jicks and E.G. sing "The Boy Is Mine" lulz* @_@

Re Coffee House (lol, at first I typed "Coffee Prince" then I was like, no that's not right. had a Freudian slip — mmmm Joo Ji-hooon — like doozy did somewhere else on your blog) – YES I'm so watching Ji-hwan, er, I'm so watching this drama! Even if it stars Park Si-yeon, whose face I simply cannot stand (I don't care if people say she's blossomed as an actor since her Tennis Girl days in My Girl, but she's gone under the knife so many times I shudder just looking at her).

"veins popping out of tree-trunk neck", you say…?
Who’s Your Beef Daddy? XDDD
(btw this was something I did a couple of years ago (and shared over at JiSubAddicts.com), at the height of the beef shortage crisis in Korea. so obviously the text is a bit dated. but Yonsama’s Ramboid glohhhrrrry? timeless baby timeless!!!!!!)

*sits back and waits for jicks to put E.G. on Candy.Me’s comments blacklist, lol*

14 07 2010

lol That picture graphic you did of Bae Yong Jun is epic! That’s exactly what I was talking about w/ my “vein popping out of tree trunk neck” comment… I remember there was a frontal shot of him from the same photo shoot where he was in a semi-body-builder pose & no joke, his veins were erupting. I think I may have threw up my lunch… not that I am suggesting Yonsama of taking such narcotics (my Mum likes the guy ^_^) but this is what I refer to as “The Steroid Look.”

Park Si Yeon is someone who I can’t work out whether to like or not. If she had left her face the way the way it was when she entered Miss Korea then I’d probably be fanning after her. But I do like her more than her dongseng Miss Korea buddy, Honey Lee, who I used to think was so strikingly gorgeous but the more I watch her the more I am bored of seeing her face. Maybe it’s the dodgy characters she’s picking up or maybe it’s the acting.

Well, actually, the fact that there is a kitchen & Kim Jae Wook involved in Coffee Prince, & both a kitchen & Kim Jae Wook were also in the K-movie Antique which starred Ju Ji Hoon as well, couple that w/ the whole YEH thing… (am I making any sense?? Do I ever?? ^^;;)… it feels perfectly natural to me at times to associate JJH w/ Coffee Prince, too (btw, Kim Jae Wook in Bad Guy… arghhhhhhh *drops to knees in melted puddle*) The mere mention of Ju Ji Hoon is enough to get me into a Freudian hoopla anyways xD

gahaha ♫♪ “I’m sorry that you, seem to be confused, he belongs to me the abs are mine” ;O

Btw, would never blacklist you, after all, you do put up w/ all my spazzy “let’s italicise everything” comments over at your blog lol

13 07 2010
Ender's Girl

Erratum: I wrongly associated Joo Ji-hoon with Coffee Prince (wTH E.G.???), shoulda written “Gong Yoo,” but I guess my mind jumped from Coffee House => Coffee Prince => Yoon Eun-hye => Goong => JJH. Gomen!!! A Freudian slip within a Freudian slip!!! Eeenteresteeeng…

15 07 2010

Goodness, that eat-me Yonsama poster is crazy hilarious! Reminds me of those promo stills of Song Il Gook for A Man Called God and that one beef commercial that goes something like, “Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner.”

13 07 2010

Wowww you can go on and publish a biography of Rain and his many facets! Thanks so much for the entertaining read!! ^^ I’m not a super fan of his, but he did great in Full House and yes, his looks grow on you :o

15 07 2010

lmao, Thanks but I wouldn’t even dare venture anywhere near a Bi biographical write-up! I really wouldn’t wanna find out anything I didn’t want to know & have my image of him ruined (-_-;) Sometimes the lives of celebrities should be just left w/ a delicate mist of mystery surrounding them- I think that’s what helps to keep their appeal (that, photoshop & regular doses of botox lol ;O)

25 07 2010
Điểm blog 17-24/07/2010 « luv phim Hàn

[…] hè oi bức và bạn thèm chút mưa? Ghé thăm bài viết này. Blogger jicks đã dày công tổng kết lại sự nghiệp ca hát, nhảy múa và diễn […]

25 07 2010

Hello jicks,
I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for some time now, and really enjoyed all of your posts (especially the massive BBF smash-down^^). Thank you so much for taking the time to write up this detailed and informative Rain’s semi-bio.

I’m not familiar with Rain the singer. I can’t even name a single song of his. I guess I check out his MVs and stuff only to see him dance. What a mesmerizing dancer he is!

Rain-the actor is the one I know best. Although I’ve never been his fan, for some bizarre reasons I watched all of his movies and dramas. There’re hits (I like Let’s Go to School Sang Doo and Bi’s performance there) and misses (A love to Kill-A drama to Kill), but overall, I think Rain has the actor’s charisma. Looking forward to seeing more of him.

I hope you don’t mind I recommend this post on my blog (hence the link above) ^^


25 07 2010

Hey tinysunbl,

Thankyou for commenting ^^

Rain / Bi is a fascination, I don’t think you have to be a fan (like myself *cough*cough*) to appreciate what he can do (& what he has achieved) because just as you said, he has this impeccable charisma. I like that you kindly referred to A Love To Kill as a “miss”- actually, “miss” is probably the better term to describe the series, it wasn’t completely woefully unwatchable (I think I may have been a too harsh in my mini-review xD)

And why would I mind you pinging me back on your blog! I feel more than privileged! If anything, I should be sending you a basket of fruit interspersed w/ Johnny uchiwas xD

Btw, stay silent no more! Totally stoked to hear your thoughts.
Have a nice day :))

26 07 2010

“I should be sending you a basket of fruit interspersed w/ Johnny uchiwas”

ROFLLLLL. I always wish for one of those Matsujun/Kame uchiwas.

I don’t like the directing of A Love To Kill. It’s way too melodramatic it’s coated with cheese. I don’t think it’s the actors’ fault however. Well, they tried their best, but there wasn’t a whole lot you could do with the materials given.

To respond to the questions asked in my blog, yes, I’m a native Vietnamese, but I’m currently studying in the States. I guess I’ll be seeing more of some bakanishi, or probably not…? It’s great to hear that you know a friend of Viet heritage^^

29 07 2010

Re A Love To Kill, I think the acting & the chemistry btwn the cast could have been better, but yeah, you’re right, they were bogged down by the melodramatic heaviness of the story. Oh well. At least Bi is looking gooooood in the preview piccies of Runway!

lmao, glad I’m not the only one who has an uchiwa fetish! I wouldn’t want one w/ Kame’s face but Jun-kun *nods head furiously* Ah-Huh, ah-huh!

Which part of America are you from?

30 07 2010

Oh yeah Bi looks yummy in those photos. I hope you don’t find his 2-cm-shorter-of-height discovery a complete shock LOL!

“I wouldn’t want one w/ Kame’s face”->LOL may I ask the reason behind this Kame-face-phobia? I thought there’re many decent non lip-licking Kame pics out there…

Talking about post-mil So Ji Sub, I definitely refer to his drama works! I admire So Ji Sub greatly as an actor. There’re few young k-actor out there that have such a grip for emotional expressions. It hurts me to see So Ji Sub wastes that talent in two consecutively atrocious weep-a-river dramas. I’m 5 episodes into Road No. 1 now, and have to resist the urge of throwing rocks at my TV screen every two secs. The juxtaposition of war and flowers and butterflies and fond love memories fails terribly. Nevertheless, I’ll go with it till hell, just for So Ji Sub.

Thanks for subscribing to my youtube channel, btw. I’m currently working on a Sora Kara MV, with Kimura is the focus of course. It’s coming out soon.

I’m from the (grumpy) East Coast ^^

30 07 2010

haha non-lip-licking Kame poses.
No, it’s not that I have a problem w/ Kame’s face, I’m just the typical Arashi, er, supporter, who would prefer one w/ Jun’s face on it where he is wearing Fasio mascara (-_-;)

Haven’t started watching Road No.1. I was excited for it but the feedback hasn’t been really all that superb, not that I always fall into the majority (as shown in the case of SunaNare) but I am v. worried that it is just going to turn out to be one giant melodrama-fest. Alot of ppl liked Cain+Abel but I totally wanted to hurl rocks at the TV screen too! The characters were all so mopey. Plus the ending was such a letdown… I don’t think it was fitting to the tone of the series.

Anyways, rant over. Like you I will go thru w/ it for Mr SJS <3

Can't wait for you Sora Kara vid! I love that series for all it's sick, twisted darkedness… *sheds tear for Katase Ryo*

Btw, how is Bi 2cm shorter?????? I thought if there was ever a time to be wearing his manheels, it would be when he is next to a taller gal like Lee Na Young! ;O

14 09 2010
Ender's Girl

Bi was in Manila for a 9/11 concert with U-KISS. Cecille Zamora, a fashion/society columnist for one of our local dailies, blogged about the press con for The Fugitive (omg the cast was here in full force!) on her Livejournal. Apparently they’ve been here the past week or so to shoot some scenes for the drama. (dammit I wish I knew where to stalk them!!!)


The post is very Henney-centric, btw. And it’s kind of embarrassing how nobody from the media seemed to know Lee Na-young and Yoon Jin-seo (never mind Lee Jung-jin, lol), who got desultory applause at best. (Hello they’re Lee Na-young and Yoon Jin-seo!!!) The screams were reserved for Henney and Bi, of course.

LNY (so pretty!!!) came in Prada, and I loved YJS’s slinky black dress (me wantee!!!). Henney and Bi were ridiculously cute as always. *sigh*

Here are some of the translated comments:

1:11 “I can’t take it anymore” (reacting to Henney lol)

1:23 “What in the world… He’s too good-looking” (reacting to Bi)

1:50 “Oh, did not grow” (reacting to Kwak Jung-hwan, so mean so mean!!!)

14 09 2010

OMG, this is such a treat! (except, yeah, boo to the D.N.G. remark ><)

Agree with everything you said re the ladies! Lee Na Young was just demurely chic & elegant (but still youthful!) while Yoon Jin Seo was every bit the sultry kitten (but still classy!) in that lil black number.

*stuffs napkin into mouth* Of course, yes, the boys look nice, albeit, Bi looks a bit tired. I think Lee Jung Jin is looking manly swish, too xDD

Thankyou for sharing this (& providing the translations ;O)

The post is very Henney-centric
^^lol I get the feeling the entire blog is a little Henney-centric… not it’s a bad thing xP

3 11 2010

Ok, I loved your article. I have to give you brownie points for taking on a review of Rain because that’s hard to do. I also appreciate hearing someone else’s SERIOUS opinion of his work. Sometimes you read stuff and it just seems so bias/slighted either negatively or OVERLY positive.

I am a recent but big fan of Jung Ji Hoon. I’m not crazy enough to travel continents to slip into his hotel room (yes, I did think of it, but reality & credit card bills brought me back to earth) but I have a strong respect for the work he does. I haven’t seen Sang Doo yet, but it is on the list. I have seen all of his other works including his Banju episodes and have always loved the “flavor” he adds to a character.

Sadly, I watch ALTK for Lee KiWoo (now there’s a tall drink of sexiness…WHOA! Sorry!) *cough* and never noticed Rain at all probably because I had no idea who he was at the time. I thought ALTK was too long and sappy but the characters were believable – for kdramas. Some” instead of my “Lee Ki Woo eyes”…still love that man (he needs to get out of the military soon!)

This article is before Fugitive started so I hope you will come back and do an “addition” to this covering this drama! My short opinion of Fugitive…I love it! I know those who don’t like it were expecting something different and seemed disappointed that it has a comical side. I have never laughed so hard at a drama, most of the time without subbing because you really don’t need them for the funny parts…it’s well acted so you totally get everything that is going on! To date, we are half way thru the drama (episode 11 is tomorrow) and I really hope people will return to this drama for a second chance – you won’t be sorry!

I didn’t touch on his singing and dancing because after seeing a few videos on youtube, I was all over the web buying all his CD’s and concert videos. Plus, thinking about Rain on stage, his body, the moves, THE ABS…*wiping my chin* well, you know! Maybe I should be attempting to get into his hotel room *rubbing chin & thinking*….. ;0)

4 11 2010

Thanks StarRain for leaving such a great comment! Glad to meet a fellow Bi fan/supporter ;)

OMG, I want to see the Banju eps so badly but I’ve not been able to find it subbed! Hearing your thoughts on his performance in it makes me want to see it even more… :(
Btw, would love to hear your thoughts on Sang Doo when you are done :)

I agree, the guy does cop alot of flak & at the same time, there are alot of die-hard supporters who defend him at all costs all the way to… The Ab Roller Evolution Factory (lol.) But you’re gonna get that everywhere in life & hey, there’s something to learn from everyone right? I know even myself sometimes I tend to get a bit… passionate lol xDD

lmao @ you wanting to travel the world to stalk his hotel room(s) xDD don’t worry, we’ve all been there (the thought only that is^^;)

re ALTK- I actually disliked Lee Ki Woo in the series, sorry -_-; (well, his character at least) I think my only memory of him is… his height lol He is so freaking tall! So hey, you can drink him all up yourself all you want ;O… I’ll take Bok Gu. I’ll just have arm myself with a mop to clean up his snoot whenever he decides to break down & cry lol

Fugitive is on my list of things to watch most definitely! It was marketed as a action comedy from the get-go so i’m not sure why people would be confused anyhow! I’ve heard the variation & impact of Bi’s comedic faces are downright brilliant xDD so yeah, definitely will get onto asap & knowing my uncontrollable urges to, er, express my thoughts, I probably will blog about it at some stage hehe

Thanks again for dropping by ^_^

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