Quote It: Jiang Zhi Shu

16 07 2010


“Only when we fly that high, do we realise how big this world really is, and there are still many, many things left for us to do. Only after looking back on the meaning of life, do we realise we were ignorant. Place your sights further, alright?”

Jiang Zhi Shu (They Kissed Again, ep01)


^^We do live in a big world & there is so much for us to learn :))

I decided to rip a line from the Taiwanese series that made me (& a million other girls) fan after Joe Cheng since the Korean adaption of It Started With A Kiss is well & truly on its way. And everybody’s favourite Ji Hoo sunbae aka Kim Hyun Joong has just been cast as the leading man (apparently after his beloved F4 leader Goo Joon Pyo aka Lee Min Ho declined the role *pfft*)

The immediate activity I’m witnessing in cyberspace is; Team I-love-Hyun-Joong-FTW VS “Team Not-so-sure-if-Hyun-Joong-can-act-well-enough-to-pull-off-this-role.

Where do I sit? Probably somewhere in btwn (fence-sitting 101, darn my dark Libran traits ><;) I don’t want to get into it too much… well not right now anyways, perhaps when the remake is done & dusted, then definitely maybe I will have something to say gaha^^;;

Right now I will say though, Joe Cheng was the closest thing to perfection as Jiang Zhi Shu. He synthesised all the layers of aloofness, the intelligence, the inner worries, the distance, the caring, the devotion & (at times) the humour of the character so seamlessly & naturally. He made kissing in the rain & other exotic faraway lands look like an art *wipes drool off chin* He was so dreamily marvelous that I dragged myself thru the 20eps of the severe mental & physical pain that was They Kissed Again (I seriously do not recall Ariel Lin being anywhere near that aggravatingly irritating in It Started With A Kiss. Golly. Why do sequels so often suck?)

I want to digress that these days I welcome remakes, practically w/ open arms. They’re fun to anticipate. I used to get upset & infuriated at them but I realised that no matter how turd-worthy the remake is, it will never, ever diminish the greatness of the predecessor(s.) If anything, a bad remake will only make the predecessor(s) appear even greater (& also give us a fureaking good chuckle xD) If the remake actually succeeds, then hey, who’s going to turn down some quality dorama watching? I personally see it as a win-win situation (=∀=)

Okay, random comment: how puuuruty was Aaron Yan in They Kissed Again as Ah Bu *tears of affection* xD

edit; 16 July, 9pm: Jung So Min has been confirmed as the female lead in the Korean remake. I guess I better start taking more notice of her in Bad Guy (if only Kim Jae Wook was not so distracting… (´ー`;) *loves on Tae Sung*)



4 responses

26 07 2010

lee min ho declined the jiang zhi shu role?why did he do that! hehe..

Oh, another remake.. Taiwan’s version is a hard to surpass with ariel and joe.. I can’t miss hyun joong’s performance here.. this could make or break him, but i think the role suits his looks and aura, so no worries. hahaha

And I’m looking forward to your wise analysis on these remakes.. the taiwan vs japan vs korea analysis.. =)

29 07 2010

*blushes* I don’t know about being “wise” so much as to being, er, passionate w/ a big mouth xD Now that you’ve said it, I will probably end up uncontrollably doing a comparison attempt thing, that is, of course, Hyun Joong makes it worth it. Have you seen the sneak peek photos released of him filming the series? They kinda make me wanna go back to school… xDD

But the wait isn’t going to be too long! It’s slated to air on Sept. 1 as soon as Road No.1 finishes *buckets of tears for So Ji Sub*

30 07 2010

passionate w/ a big mouth? lol! hahahaha..

btw, I just saw the sneak peek photos, Hyun Joong looked younger and boyish in the street scene, so different from the sophisticated looking hanazawa rui hahaha.. and I just realized, he looks like yamapi in prodai here–> (http://ss501fighting.wordpress.com/2010/07/25/photo20100725-kim-hyun-joong-playful-kiss-shooting-scene/) :D

about the lead actress, I don’t find her goofy or dumb looking at all (like xiang qin), she looks smart.. and bitchy! I was expecting some big-eyed, innocent looking korean actress, hahaha.. (disclaimer, not jan di, grrrr)

Can’t wait! I I’m crossing my fingers for this remake..
road no. 1, haven’t watched it yet, I heard it’s good..

30 07 2010

^^lmao, any time we get to take a dig @ geum jan di i’ll take it xD *hugs goo hye sun* you’re right though, the girl does have a catty meow factor to her. but i like that she does look like a school girl :)

thanks for introducing to me that blog! the more double s oh gong il in my life the better! & yepyep, i’ve always thought that pi & hyun joong have a similar vibe, like if you blurred your eyes you’d almost think they were the same person. i guess it’s the hair & porcelain prettiness (-U-;) if you ask me, i think yamashita-san is facially the more beautiful one but huyn joong has the better smile xD

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