NEWS out, Todoke in

2 08 2010

As of August 1, NewS are no longer the poster boys for the Japanese clothing brand, RUSS · K. Poor boys *sheds tear* (I was honestly thisclose to posting a piccie of 山P, Ryo-chan & the rest of the crew in their RUSS · K gear but I couldn’t bring myself to let their faces grace my page… ><; *hugs*)

But *coughs* I’m not really crying as, er, the company have picked up 3 young & fun, pretty pretty looking people.

The new faces?

Ishida Nicole, Kento Kaku &, my (& E.G.‘s) flavour of the (extra long) month, Miura Haruma.

I couldn’t resist myself as I was stalking the RUSS · K website- I fully just have to share these bright, happy snappies (someone get me to a diner now xD):-



[ 14 Aug edit ] More pics added @ RUSS · K website xD





^^Last pic: Who wants to be a hamburger?? lol [ edit over. ]

Makeover, success! I think these 3 really give the label the fresh, youthful vibe it needs.


Oh, & since self-control is overrated, here is the new official trailer for Kimi ni Todoke the live-action movie:

*drops to knees @0.37s mark* (seriously, this is so wrong.) Yeah yeah it’s all about the star couple but I’m just as excited for the Ryu & Chizu relationship (who said I liked the silent brooding types?? -_-;) The styling is spot on for all the characters from what I can see so far & even alot of the frames are practically identical to the anime. Can. Not. Wait. xDDDDD

And banzai for flumpool singing the theme song for the movie!




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2 08 2010

I’m sooooo tempted to check out Miura Haruma! Yet my *very dark* and fragile heart is occupied at the moment by a K-boy whose TV show is ironically called Strong Heart.

“I couldn’t bring myself to let their faces grace my page”->lol poor Ryo. But NEWS is no news now. It’s time to move on :)

Thanks for sharing the pics. I like the ones with the three (loitering?) hanging out in front of the store. Not sure what they’re doing but they’re cute. I think Miura’s eyebrows remind me of Kame’s

2 08 2010

Miura‘s eyebrows are a little… more angular than usual, no? lol But I still don’t think they have the same hair molecule millimetre precision as Kame‘s ;O

Strong Heart! Hmm… is it Lee Seung Gi that you are hearting on? xD I’ve liked him since his Will You Marry Me? days, then Shining Inheritance set me riiight off “Hwaneeeee oppaaaaaaa!!” (gosh, I hope it is Seung Gi you like because otherwise I’ve just made a huge fool of myself lololo)

Do you like Nishikido Ryo?

5 08 2010
Ender's Girl

Aaaaaah. Just what I needed in the middle of an extra stressy week (but it ain’t over yet, crud!). Sankyou!!! (lol @ “(extra long) month” hahahaha)

Reactions to the Russ K catalogue;

1) Oh my gosh they have normal clothes in Japan!!!!!!!!!! (So tell me… did Pi look half as yummy in casual wear as M.H. does here?)

2) Well well well if it isn’t that idiot boy from Samurai High School. (And no, Miura, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout you, babycakes. You’re just fiiiiine lulz)

3) 2nd photo: garghghgh stop looking at me Miura!!!!! lololol

4) 6th photo: LMAO @ how Miura isn’t looking at either of his co-models. Seems happily lost in his own reverie. I hope he isn’t thinking of anything dirty, lol

5) I want what they’re eating!!!!!!

Kimi ni Todoke – Oh man I hope this movie turns out well. May the writing please please be good!!!!! (i.e. NOT Koizora) And for effsakes I hope no one DIES here. Urgh.

6 08 2010

lol @ comment #(4) Hmm, maybe he just caught a glimpse of his own reflection somewhere ;O

Pi in alot of Russ K adverts had straight hair so kaching! That automatically means he looks pretty a’ight. Pi in Russ K in Hawaii chuckling “Oiichi!” is gold ->> [ CLICK HERE ]

Most of the NewS Russ K CMs are pretty fun to watch though (I urge you to youtube them if you deem them to be worth your bandwidth lol)

But even so, I still don’t think they look as bubbly fresh as the new Russ K crew xD

P.S. A little nervy stress is a good thing because it motivates you to go in the right “let’s do this!” direction but don’t let it rule you!!! Grrrrr!!!! I know that fine line far all too well… hope it all subsides for you soon! In the meantime I advise you to pop some JE tunes to de-stress… Pi’s new single One In A Million perhaps, hearing him stretch his vocals will sure put a smile to your face ^^;; Actually, the CD cover is enough- there is a big fat ‘Y’ plastering his face & it too makes me wonder…

12 08 2010
Ender's Girl

ZOMG that Pi RussK CM? SO KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I wanted to knock him to the floor in a giant bear hug while screaming “Oh Akiraaaaa, I’ve missed you so!!!!!” This is the REAL Pi Johnny-san!!!!! Sankyousankyou for linking the CM here, I shall cherish it forever. *bows solemnly*

Pi’s “One in a Mirrion” is oh-so-catchy!!!!!! LMAO @ the PV, though. Also been listening to the latest SMAP songs, heh heh heh.

“Hmm, maybe he just caught a glimpse of his own reflection somewhere ;O” << Ahahahhaha. Egads I hope not, 'coz I don't want him to be like those Johnnies!!!!!!

Make Your Own Miura (a DIY game):
– is wholesome & pure
– doesn't cuss or fib
– doesn't overpluck brows
– doesn't wear black nailpolish
– doesn't SMOKE (yeahhh right)
– wears normal clothes — like Russ K!!!
– likes school!
– helps older people with their groceries
– is kind to animals and to fans
– doesn't litter
– isn't vain
– brushes 3x a day (and flosses, too)
– reads the newspapers
– exercises because he wants to be HEALTHY
– is computer-literate
– is straight (but likes to cook)
– takes good care of his skin


18 08 2010


-respects the environment
-is considerate but not a push-over
-is funny/witty

6 08 2010

@Jicks: Hello, so I’m back after a trip :)

You make no fool of yourself cuz bingo! Lee Seung Gi is indeed the said boy hehe. Lee Seung Gi recently crushed my heart with his “Will You Marry Me?” performance, too (this one: Imagine an uber cute boy singing that song to me!!! How can I possibly utter the word “rejection!”

Ah ha Shining Inheritance! I was more of a Hwan’s fan than a Lee Seung Gi’s fan back then. The writing for Hwan’s transformation won me for its consistency. Unfortunately, Hwan’s bird-nest hairstyle totally undermined the cuteface of Lee Seung Gi. I didn’t even remember his name and always referred to him as “that bad hair dude”

“I still don’t think they have the same hair molecule millimetre precision as Kame‘s”

OMG I swear this totally sums up and explains the whole Kame’s eyebrows buzz. “molecule millimetre precision”->LMAO

Do I like Nishikido Ryo? Well, I see him whenever I watch Arashi’s performances and MV, which is like…never lol. I watched one drama in which Ryo starred, and that is Last Friends. He plays a doubled-face, abusive character in there… That’s probably not a good introduction to Ryo, I guess. So in short, I think the boy is cute, his face memorable, but I’m not at all invested in him.

I just listened to your playlist on the sidebar. You have so many Tings Tings’ songs. Are you a fan? I’m a big fan of the Tings Tings. Their favorite songs for me are “Keep Your Head” and “Shut Up and Let Me Go”. Love their electro beats to bits.

@Ender’s Girl
“1) Oh my gosh they have normal clothes in Japan!!!!!!!!!! (So tell me… did Pi look half as yummy in casual wear as M.H. does here?)”

->Pi is a GIANT (literally) boy! He will probably look yummy with anything on, and even without…(lol excuse my bias!)

8 08 2010

Oh dear, why did you have to share that clip w/ me??? xPPPPPP *melts into puddle of Hwanee goop*

That was so cheesy but… oh-so-good xDD There is def something about him hey… well, I hope you run into him one day & he serenades you in a bellboy costume & pulls off about 20 different heart hand poses ;OO

Re Shining Inheritance, I think that entire drama was just well written. I mean, alot of it was a seen-it-all-before kinda thing but I loved all the characters, even the evil psycho step sister lololo

P.S.- LOVING your new avie xDD
P.P.S.- Lucky you got to go away, hope you had a great time on your trip! Where abouts did you go??

11 08 2010

Haha thanks for the wish about bumping into Lee Seung Gi. I’m pretty sure I’d be hypertensive by then, leaving alone the serenade part. LOL@bellboy costume. At least that’s REAL clothes vis a vis JE boys’. A those hand hearts are so cheesy they’re good lol.

I know you’ve been talking about Eita and Juri, but your fav couple moments post totally convinces me to give this one a try. They are such a cute and warm couple (well, partners/friends) in Last Friend that I’m glad to see them reunite in this show. This time they can be the real couple :)

Oh yeah I realized I made mistake re: Ryo. He’s from NEWS, not Arashi (would make a big fool of myself if he isn’t either hix)

Thanks for liking my vid. It wasn’t in good shape at all and I’m working on it. The final version will be release once Lee Seung Gi’s newest drama Gumiho Girlfriend starts^^

P.S.I just went around New York for some days. Just for fun. How about you, doing anything fun for summer vacation/break?

14 08 2010

haha Never mind about getting mixed up w/ Ryo’s band status. Besides, the boy’s probably enjoying too much praise from his latest movie to even notice ;O

One Litre Of Tears was the first jdorama I watched so I think I will always have a nostalgic soft spot for Ryo.

Re My Girlfriend is a Gumiho– I want to watch this so badly!! The trailer had me in hysterics already, Lee Seung Gi & Shin Min A look like they have great chemistry, plus the Hong Sisters always know what they are doing ^_^

I’ve read some of the recaps of the first 2 eppies & so far it’s all looking like LOVE. Have you managed to catch a glimpse?

Btw, re The Ting Tings- I don’t mind them at all xD I like their indie pop style… it’s a nice change to all the Asian boyband pop that I make myself listen to lol *hearts on Arashi & SS501*

14 08 2010

P.S. Hope you had a ball in the Big Apple! xD

No official vacationing plans right this moment, but I have annual leave coming up in October… so hmm. Maybe. I shall see what I can conjure up… but knowing me, I’ll leave it till too late too organise & then just end up sitting on my couch for 2weeks watching doramas lol

13 08 2010
Random Fandom: Miura Haruma (Kimi no Todoke promo) « The Little Dorama Girl

[…] links: Russ K catalog picspam @ Candy.Me; J-hotties picspam (Miura included, natch!) @ […]

6 09 2010
Ender's Girl

jicks! have you seen the latest Russ K piccies? (well they’re like a month old)

>> i love what he’s wearing here. argh the cuteness in these photos is just riddikulous. (me + him + beach + some beatup truck + leather seats hehe)

>> wtf his pants are made of the same cloth as his samurai high school uniform! so goofy haha. and, um. 4th pic from the top: I DON’T NEED TO STATE THE OBVIOUS.

6 09 2010

OMG OMG OMG Thankyou for sharing the links!!!!!! The beachy ones I’ve seen before but only in super low res so these enlarged pics are beaut :) Fave pic is probably the last one of him licking the inside of his mouth (heh,) although he does seem to be looking a lil bored in it I gotta say (I’m sure if we were there he wouldn’t be like that… actually, he’d probably be sprinting head first into the ocean to escape us lololol)

Re the 4th pic down:: LMAO. Er, well, he definitely isn’t bored in this pic xP But then combine your 4th pic w/ the LAST pic & one can’t help but wonder, what the heck is he trying to do to Kento-kun? ^^;

Gah, get me some Russ K gear now. And btw, totally watching Bloody Monday 2 at the moment xD

8 09 2010
Ender's Girl

aaaah your fave pic is prolly mine too!!! (it’s that damn profile, lolz)

“(I’m sure if we were there he wouldn’t be like that… actually, he’d probably be sprinting head first into the ocean to escape us lololol)”

Er, well, he definitely isn’t bored in this pic xP

^^ LMFAO!!! I can’t believe the Russ K ad people didn’t even notice the little guy… or did they? XDDDDDD

Yah, the Kento boy in that last photo looks like, “uhhh… director? cut?” lolz

Hahaha man I wish you could liveblog BM 2, wud love to hear your spontaneous micro-reactions to M.H.’s new fur-lined parka and Haruka’s new boyfwendo and Sato Takeru and Narimiya Hiroki’s new hairdos, among other stuff that is ^^;;

11 09 2010

Just over halfway thru BM2, off to finish it now ;) Don’t know but so far, everyone & everything seems… weirder. Especially J, I remember him being cool but now he is just a flat-out weirdo. But… I do like the silver white scientist hair! lololol

You’re looking at Miura’s fur-lined parka??? xD I loved the first ep when he just starts stripping off in front of Aoi-chan (poor girl btw.) If that were you or me… MUAHHAHAHAHAAAA *unthinkable thoughts* (they’d have to move the series to a later time slot lol)

Sato Takeru looks like he’s aged an entire Russian Revolution… but I like him so far :)

Haruka & her new boyfriend… I have the same thoughts as Falcon-boy. Don’t hang out alone with him, girl!!!!!!!! lol

Will probably spam your BM1+2 review once I’m done :))

10 09 2010
Pic: Miura Haruma (Russ K 2010 Catalogue) « The Little Dorama Girl

[…] I hate taking responsibility for my own actions, I really ought to.. uh, THANK jicks for first blogging about Miura, Ishida Nicole and Kento Kaku being the new image models for the Russ K clothing brand. […]

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