My favourite Nakaji+Haru moments

7 08 2010

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This is a countdown of my 9 most favourite Nakaji+Haru moments in Sunao ni Narenakute (#1 being the one I love on the most. Btw, why 9, you ask? Because 9 is the symbol for eternity in my language MUAHAHAHAHa I bet you threw up on that one *peace sign* I hold no shame…)

***Spoiler-meter: skip moments #6, #5, #4 if you plan on watching it & only don’t want major turning points in the plot revealed to you. Skip all if you want these moments to keep their maximum spontaneity, thus pertaining to greater enjoyment as you are watching them. I know sometimes some things are better left unexpected (how nice am I? xD)***


#9 I’m not honest either.


When: Somewhere in episode 08…
Experienced emotions: Shock, followed by lmao, followed by silent emotion.
Lasting image(s): The moon.
The 411:So Haru & Doctor are officially dating & going pretty darn well, Peach practically made a move on Nakaji (which Haru found out about) but he didn’t succumb to it (thank fudge.) Some scenes later, it is night time, we come to Haru & Nakaji sitting down at the park that they often stop by together, talking about everyone & everything. Nakaji brings up how Peach told him the story of how the girls became best friends (read the Haru section of my other SnN post,) making reference to his admiration of Haru‘s strength. Haru goes on to talk about Peach, how she is so much more frail than herself, & then, acknowledging Peach‘s feelings for Nakaji, she chimes out something like, “So, Nakaji, please take care of Peach.”

His immediate reaction? Mad slash hurt (!) He gets up & inches his face in front of Haru‘s, grasps her shoulders, shaking her & blurts out “Is that okay? Is that really okay?” Haru is completely gobsmacked, confused & totally lost for words (& seriously, I was like, Ommagawd, he’s gonna do it!! He’s finally going to admit to how he really feels!!!!!!) but suddenly, Nakaji erupts into laughter, egging & pretending to her that it was all an act (my reaction->> Nakaji, you turd ><)


Shocked & upset, Haru sucker-pushes Nakaji & sends him flying into the soil (this was when I LOLed) She said she couldn’t believe he would play w/ someone’s emotions at a time like this, & storms off. Nakaji is left alone, he muddles to himself, “I was just trying to talk my way out of it.” He slumps his whole body to the ground & looks up at the moon glowing in the pitch black sky.

“I guess I am honest either,” he aches.

Darn you Nakaji, why can’t you just friggin’ say it?


#8 Finding beauty in an unexpected place.


When: About a third of the way into episode 03.
Experienced emotions: Peace, warmth, & “Man, these two are so blind to each other’s feelings” eyeball churning activity.
Lasting image(s): The warm, serene hues of the sunset.
The 411: Haru is plodding along when she notices Nakaji on top of a bridge, pointing his camera away. She stops & watches him for a moment, smiling, then raises both her hands to her eyes to form an imaginary camera & takes “a photo” of Nakaji. He soon sees her & asks her to come up. “I have a secret to share w/ you,” he excites.


When she gets up there & takes a look at the landscape in front of their eyes, she realises that this is where he took the photo from- the picture that she fell in love w/ so much that she permanently uses it as her cellphone wallie (btw, if anyone has this wallpaper, pretty please share w/ me ^_^.)

Haru: “Now I get it. The picture… I thought it would be a more… impressive? More of a special place?”
Nakaji: “The scenery always has an expression. It has makes alot of different faces. The scenery you see everyday can sometimes be so beautiful that  it makes your heart skip a beat. Oh. I’m talking about the landscape.”

There is a momentary WTF moment btwn the two.

Haru: “Can I tell you one of your bad points?”
Nakaji: “Bad points?”
Haru: “You’re too kind. You’re probably really nice to all the girls you meet.”
Nakaji: “That’s not true. Well, maybe it is.”

They go on to joke about & agree on forgetting what happened the other day (when Nakaji accidentally overheard Haru‘s feelings for him at the train station.) The scene pretty much ends w/ Nakaji saying something like-

“But… I will never get tired of watching you. Just like w/ this landscape.”


He covers it up w/ a cackle but we know he knows he means it- he just doesn’t know he knows he means it yet. The camera pans out to an aerial view of the golden couple against the backdrop of the golden sunset. It’s possibly the most beautiful, most subtly romantic frame of the series & maybe even my favourite (yeah, I would hang it as art on my wall xD)


#7 Ganbatte.


When: A third-ish thru episode 10
Experienced emotions: *fist pump* Ganbatte!
Lasting image(s): The good luck charm :))
The 411: It is bright & early, the morning dew is still glistening on the greenery in the scene & Haru is off to take her full-time teacher assessment thing. From nowhere, Nakaji zips in on his bicycle & skids to a halt in front of the girl.


Haru (delighted shock): “Nakaji!”
Nakaji: “I made it.”
Haru: “For what?”
Nakaji: “Here.” He pulls out a little yellow packet & gives it to Haru. “A good luck charm.”
Haru is touched & smiling: “Arigatou.”
Nakaji, crossing his arms, jestering: “I kinda feel like a middle schooler but anyway.”
Haru: “You’re right, especially when you are on that bicycle.”

They laugh about it then Nakaji suggests that maybe she should get going before she is late. She begins to walk off, & then he calls her name. She stops & turns around. Everything is crystal clear silent.

Ganbatte,” he says w/ the most earnest smile.

*blinks 228 times in like, a second* I may have lost all my shiz because this was the first time that Nakaji had verbally enunciated those words- to anyone <3 Haru returns a heartfelt smile & says “thankyou” one more time. She resumes making her way to her exam as Nakaji sits still on his bike watching her back, seeing her off towards the biggest moment of her life. You know he is hoping & praying for her dream to come true.


#6 The final scene.


When: Episode 11, the final scene (duh.)
Experienced emotions: *gags on Long Vacationness* + *mammoth grin*
Lasting image(s): The bridge; Eita‘s tan; Eita‘s grin; Eita‘s part-time 5 o’clock shadow.
The 411: It’s been one long whole year since they last saw each other, since they last heard each other’s voice. Haru was strolling down the street just after her reunion w/ the re-born Peach & the just-returned-from-Korea-&-totally-running-my-father’s-business-bigger+better-than-before Doctor. The sun is out, the birds are chirping, Haru has a spring in her step… out of nowhere, she hears a voice call out her name. It is the voice of a guy who she is familiar w/. Her eyes dart around, The Ting Ting‘s That’s Not My Name kicks into background play-mode & suddenly a tall, tanned, semi-grubby looking Troll-doll-haired dude beaming his pearlers to the max catches her eye from the other side of the street. Oh. Em. Jee. It’s everybody’s Nakaji! He is back from Iraq!

Haru dashes over to the edge of the road, smiling from ear to ear: “You’re late!”
Nakaji: “I just got back today.”
Haru: “Why didn’t you send me a reply?”
Nakaji: “I thought I’d come here instead.”

The two are shouting ecstatically across street over the darn traffic, like two children in a playground. Haru suggests that they should go back to The Emotion &try to catch Peach & Linda. She does this left-to-right straight-line pointing hand-action thing, which Nakaji totally understands as “Let’s meet up on the bridge.” As they are bouncing along the sidewalk, Nakaji calls out “Haru!” again. Haru stops, becomes a little baffled & asks, “What?”

He leans up against the barricade on the sidewalk & calls out again, “Haru!”, still beaming.

Luckily for us, Haru doesn’t respond w/ an equally buoyant chant-back of “Nakaji! Nakaji!” (had this happened I v. well may have downgraded my love for this couple in this scene to a bonafide Sena+Minami wannabe status…) Instead, Haru coyly peers back over at him & simply smiles knowingly. Reminiscent of LV, yes; rip-off replica of LV, no (it’s a good thing these two can act.)

The camera follows Nakaji sprinting & dodging pedestrians up the stairs & then onto ze bridge where all of a sudden there are no people… not even Haruwhere the heck is she, I’m sure he is pondering. Bam! There she is! She pops out from the other end to give him a semi-fright cross semi-surprise. They’re looking into each other’s sparkly eyes. “Haru!” he calls out one more time. Haru finally says his name, “Nakaji. Let’s go.” She lightly grabs his forearm & momentums forward but….. he swings free &……… banzai ! He takes a firm hold of her hand xDD


Dude, seriously, I’m grinning like a retard.


#5 All I need is you beside me.


When: Midway thru episode 10.
Experienced emotions: *chokes on tears* *loss for words*
Lasting image(s): The clear blue sky; Nakaji reaching over his shoulder to hold onto Haru‘s hand.
The 411: Haru is taking her teacher entrance exam as Nakaji frantically stands by Linda, watching the medical staff trying to save him. But impossibly, Linda leaves us. Haru comes out of her assessment, checks her phone & discovers the tragic news. She rushes to the hospital & finds her way to the rooftop of the hospital & sees Nakaji sitting on the ground all alone, shrieking in tears. W/ the softest look in her eyes, she faintly breathes out his name, “Nakaji.” She sits down beside him as he uncontrollably continues to sob, gasping for breath. She edges closer to him & places her hand onto his left shoulder, tenderly rubbing his back to help soothe his pain. He slowly regains his breath & his left hand reaches over his shoulder to grab a hold onto Haru‘s hand. The camera pans to a bird-eyes’ view of the two on the rooftop of the hospital, the clearest blue sky blanketing them (I like to think that Linda was there overlooking them.) I am choking on my own tears by now but I was completely drawn in by the fact that apart from Haru‘s uttering of Nakaji‘s name at the start, not a single other word was spoken during this entire scene. Yet, all the sorrow, grief & conflicting emotions were furiously perforating your heart. Can I love on their acting skills any more?



#4 Please pick up…


When: End of episode 05.
Experienced emotions: Nooooo!!! Why??? Noooooo!!!! Why??? Nooooooooooo!!!!!! Whyyyyyyyy????
Lasting image(s): Haru‘s vibrating cellphone; the profile silhouette of Nakaji on his phone.
The 411: Well, technically, they’re not within proximity or in any sort of physical or dial up contact w/ each other but it’s a v. pivotal point in their relationship. This was the first moment we saw through Nakaji for good. Yeah he looks out for everyone around him but you can see it in his eyes- Haru holds a special place inside his heart *flashes Eita+Ueno Juri banner in Nakaji‘s face*

So Haru is surrounded by bunch of delinquents who are threatening her w/ narcotics, brute force, blades & other random weapons (seriously, these kids are lucky they were born into the right series & not the other one featuring a certain 4th generation heir to the Ooedo Group sensei.) She tries to escape but er, of course she is on the rooftop of some building & those boys have manned & sealed off THE ONLY exit.

But fortunately, she is up so high! Reception should be no problem! She manages to tweet ‘HEL’ before those brats woosh her phone out of her hands. Nakaji & Doctor see it & decode it as ‘HELP,’  & w/ the Twitter GPS tracking feature, they both go running wildly to her aid. You sense their fierce urgency as Weaver‘s Hard To Say I Love You kicks into high gear. In the middle of their sprinting escapade, Nakaji‘s phone goes off, he answers it & stops. Is it Haru on the other line? No, it’s freaking Peach (!) He looks as alarmed as he looks torn but soon resumes running- only it seems like it’s in a whole ‘nother direction.

Flash back to Haru & the rascals on the rooftop- there is alot of banging on the door. ALOT of banging. Someone is here to her rescue! Someone is on the other side of that door. Is it Nakaji? KAPOW! The door flings open. It’s…

(Noooooooo!!!!! jicks screams; Doktaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! Why is it youuuuuu???) Ahem, yes, it is Doctor. He sacrifices his body & gets battered & bruised (& receives a self-willed gash to the palm.) While he is being beaten up, Haru finds her phone & pretends to call the police. The gang hear & make a dash for it, wussy-style. Haru pleads to go get an ambulance but Doctor pulls her to him.

Doctor: “Did I pass? Did I manage to protect your properly?”
Haru, in tears: “Baka.” And then, they’re hugging it out.

At the same time, Nakaji is tending to Peach, who he finds squatting down in pain, blood weeping from beneath her skirt. He escorts her to the hospital where they lay down the bad news, confirming that Peach has lost her baby. Emotionally & physically drained, Peach goes to take some rest. Once Nakaji sees that she is finally sound asleep, he takes out his mobile phone from his trendy lacey bum bag thing to call Haru, but mother of f**k, her phone is on silent. It’s vibrating, sure, but it’s on freaaking silent.


It continues to ring, & he continues to hold (no joke, no one holds on the phone for that long these days.) The camera zooms up close to Haru‘s phone to show us Nakaji‘s photo if only to remind us that Nakaji is always just silently there *shakes head* Sugawara Sayuri‘s Sunao ni Narenakute is playing in the background & that guy w/ the fried hair is still holding, craving for her to pick up. This image of his silhouette w/ his phone up to his ear takes us out right through to the end of the episode where we hear Sayuri‘s melodic voice cry out the last two lines; ♫♪ I want to always convey how much I love you // I want to straightforwardly say “…I miss you.”

This is the moment we see how much Haru means to Nakaji but alas, it is also the moment Haru makes up her mind to finally let go of her feelings for Nakaji & accept another man *shakes fist @ Peach‘s badly timed miscarriage*


#3 The “date” at the zoo.


When: Midway thru episode 06
Emotions experienced: Spazzy girly giggling followed by giant fond tear.
Lasting image(s): Haru crouching down by the riverside; the photo Nakaji snaps of Haru, Nakaji acting like a gorilla (D for actual resemblance but an A+++++ for the effort ^^;); the Nodame bear lookalike mascot.
The 411: I don’t think anyone could ever be at the zoo & not be happy!


Haru has had a bad day at work, so bad that she is beginning to question whether or not she should keep teaching (btw, top above piccie of her standing on the pebble rocks in the river- arguably the 2nd most beautiful shot in the series.) Maybe she’s not cut out to be a teacher after all? She wanders to the riverside by herself to do a little reflecting. She has her phone in her palm, she scrolls up & down her list of contacts, passing Nakaji‘s name over & over again & finally goes ahead to dial him. He senses her mood & rushes to see her, soon deciding to take her to… the zoo! *claps hands* (every couple totally needs a fun-time date!! See; zoo, aquarium, theme park, something to do w/ fireworks, something to do w/ icecream &/or gelati, anything to do w/ children xDD)

And so it begins. Chicago‘s Hard To Say I’m Sorry starts pedaling in the background, Nakaji snaps his camera away at Haru. They approach the penguins & he directs her where & how to stand in the composition of his photo.


Nakaji: You’re cutting the penguins out of the shot. A little to the right. A little more- ah, too far! To the left, to the left (jicks‘ note: Beyonce style? lol) You’re walking like a penguin. Heregoes.”

*vomits from part laughing, part aawing* “You’re walking like a penguin.” lol (Oh my. Eita, can I marry fan after you?)


Anyways, he presses the shutter button & then chuckles. Haru looks perplexed.

Nakaji: “The crow that was crying a little while ago is already smiling.”
Haru: “You were the one who told me to smile.”
Nakaji: “No I didn’t. All I did was point the camera.”
Haru: “Oh.”

She continues to look sad & Nakaji fires a few action shots of her pouty face.

Nakaji (smirking): “You look pretty good when you’re frustrated.”


They resume their rounds visiting all the happy animals, they get approached by a v. Nodame bear looking mascot who hands them balloons & Nakaji gets all goofy & makes a v. adorkable attempt at mimicking a gorilla. And he lets her take his camera. Let me repeat that- Nakaji lets Haru take his camera. His real camera. For someone who loves & cherishes his art so much, the symbolic magnitude of Nakaji‘s gesture here is like, lhjalkfsjalifhl to the power of 623million. To put his prized possession in her hands is like entrusting a piece of himself to her. During the reel of these scenes, their conversation is being voiced over the music. We hear Nakaji talk alot about himself to Haru, everything from his work to his relationship w/ Kiriko-san, but he spoke about it all w/ a v. positive attitude. There was one line when Haru said, “It makes me feel better when you are being optimistic.” There is no doubt Nakaji knows this, & so by making sure he kept on a sunny face, he felt like he was able to help take Haru‘s mind off her own problems.


By the end of their “date,” she is smiling (if Eita tried to cheer me up by, er, going ape, I’d be happy too xD) They go to sit down & scan thru all the images on his camera together, laughing & teasing like a couple who just also happen to be the best of friends. Without even thinking, Haru unguardedly says, “It’s so strange. When I’m w/ you, even if I start out crying, I always end up laughing.”

Nakaji looks at her, his expression changing to an attentive closeness- “You were crying?”

Haru stutters, ” Oh, no- well, just a little. Even the toughest heart will sometimes be moved to tears.”

He looks at her again but keeps the mood lighthearted. They go to part ways, not before a quick “let’s both do our best” kinda talk. Nakaji walks off first, but not long after, Haru calls out to him. He turns around to her smiling face- “Arigatou,” she says, waving him off. Nakaji returns no words, only an encouraging grin. The sun is glimmering down on them, giving them hope & giving them life. Best friends, soulmates, fated for each other… whatever you wanna call it, whenever these two are together, they always feel better about themselves. And I automatically feel better, too (´ー`)


#2 How many square metres?


When: End of episode 06.
Experienced emotions: *boots Kiriko-san out of Tokyo*
Lasting image(s): The two of them sitting at the same table but not facing one another; Ueno Juri blowing her nose ( -_-)
The 411: So Haru is going thru some isshuuuues w/ her star student & her boyfriend, Doctor is not being so empathetic. She tells Doctor about how she spoke to Matsushima-kun, who is now in the juvenile detention centre but Doctor can’t side w/ the kid at all. In fact, he can’t side w/ anyone who voluntarily involves themselves w/ drugs, unforgivingly proclaiming it to be a weak, irresponsible act. Fair enough everyone is entitled to their own opinion but can you pls at least try to understand where your girlfriend is coming from? For goodness sakes, he is her student! Their meeting is basically summed up w/ him strongly asserting to Haru, “Don’t get involved w/ him anymore.”

Meanwhile, Nakaji & Kiriko-san officially break up… Hallejuah ! (Chance? xPP) *Mexican wave* The husband enlisted the talents of a detective, busting them w/ secret photos of their liasons. She pretty much asks Nakaji to dump her, essentially electing to stay w/ her hubby. All I can say is, this is certainly one of the greatest moment of my life *evil laugh*

Later that night, Nakaji & Haru bump into each other at their local convenience store (I love all their encounters there! Convenience stores always remind me of A Moment To Remember *loves on Choi Chul Soo*) Haru, in a v. unenergised tone of voice, points out that something is “weird” about Nakaji & asks him if there is anything wrong, to which he denies. I’m thinking he is doing so because he doesn’t want to worry Haru since he senses she isn’t in the highest of spirits either.

They walk home together (they live in the same direction, & OMG, Haru apparently lives near Ikea!!! jicks‘ note: So there is one thing I didn’t like about you!! xP) & arrive at Nakaji‘s house. He sees that her mood is still pretty fragile, & half hesitant of Haru‘s response, he offers-

“If you want, I’ll listen to  you.”

Haru: ” “But… it’s your house.”
Nakaji: “I don’t mind.” (Hmm, if I were Haru, I would’ve pounced even w/o an invitation ^O^)


They sit down in his bachelor pad & she begins to let out all the feelings & thoughts she had towards drug users that she couldn’t express to Doctor (or rather, Doctor didn’t allow even the tiniest gap for her to do so *deletes all DBSK songs from hardrive*) She speaks solemnly about how she perceives drug users as people who really just need our help. Nakaji picks up on how close the topic is to Haru‘s heart & asks, “Did someone close to you do drugs?” Haru, fighting to hold in her tears, confesses yes, her ototto was once a drug user. She admits to Nakaji that she always worries about her brother & struggles to trust him all the time.

Haru: “Are you going to look down on me now?”
Nakaji: “Why do you think I would?”
Haru: “Well… that’s  the kinda of family I have. And I’ve never told anyone before.”
Nakaji, shaking his head- “No. Not at all. I will not look down you at all.”

Haru is further moved by his words, & unable to contain her tears anymore, she turns her face away. Nakaji moves closer to Haru, & w/o looking at her directly because he knows she is trying to hide her tears, pushes his box of tissues over to her. He attempts to cheer her up- “Aren’t you going to say ‘That isn’t good’? (N.B.: Haru’s favourite saying used whenever Nakaji does something kinda sensitively caring for her.) I like that. Your ‘That isn’t good’.”

Haru, still unable to pick her mood back up, says, “I’m so disappointed in myself.”
Nakaji, pauses: “You don’t have to be happy always, little Haru-chan.” He pauses. “Someday you’ll be happy again.”
Haru: “Really?”
Nakaji: “Really. I guarantee it.”
*rolls eyes a million times*

Finally, a hint of a smile is back on Haru‘s face. She then asks if she can blow her nose in front of Nakaji (blowing you nose in front of others is customarily considered rude in Japan) & of course, he’s like, go for it.

So her nose is cleared & slowly, she says “This place… is comfortable” & Nakaji is like, “What?” She goes on to express that she feels like she can talk to Nakaji about anything. He smiles, comfortingly-

“You can come here whenever you want. I will always keep a place open for you.”

Haru: “How many square metres? How many square metres will that place be? ”
Nakaji, chuckling, “You mean your place? As in surface area? Weirdo… you can have as much space as you need.”
Haru: “It’s fine, it’s just temporary… it’s just until I get back on my feet.”
Nakaji: “No. The duration… it’s limitless.”
Haru, trying her best to be somewhat upbeat again, uses her favourite saying & goes to Nakaji, “That’s… That’s not good.”


He laughs, then chotto matte! We have a message! Haru‘s phone goes off & she flips it out to see who has sent her a text at this hour. She opens it up & sees on her screen-

[ Ganbatte.] –Nakaji.

By now, she is crying w/o regrets, “Baka,” she sniffles to the silly guy sitting right next to her. He looks over at her, finally, & asks, “I’m not an idiot am I?” Haru tells him off, “Say it out loud sometimes- ‘ganbatte.’ ” They’re looking at each other, she’s just sobbing away & his eyes are welling up, too. He gets up & walks over to hug her. And we have Sayuri‘s gorgeous vocals again singing us along to this v. yearning moment.


#1 Fireworks at the beach.


When: About two thirds of the way into episode 09.
Experienced emotions: This was the moment I coined the phrase for my other SnN post; Why can’t these two be together forever?
Lasting image(s): The flame; Eita‘s gaze.
The 411: The SunaNare gang have taken a day trip to the seaside to eat, be merry & play right into the night w/ fireworks on the beach (how v. Kitagawa Eriko <3) However, their supply doesn’t last forever, so they action the ever-reliable “Rock! Paper! Scissors!” decision-making game to determine which two get to journey out to buy more sparklers & other various fireworky gadgets. As fate would have it, Nakaji & Haru get the honours.

On the way back, Haru tells Nakaji that Doctor has asked her to move to Korea w/ him. My poor Nakaji is still trying to hide his true feelings but manages to mumble something like, “So this may be the last time I get to walk w/ you like this.” He looks up into the night sky & vocally basks in the beauty of the moon & moves to sit down by the riverside for a while to admire it (but really, we all know that he just wanted to make the most of this final span of time of him & Haru being alone together. I did get the feeling that Haru was like, huh, why now? But she coincides anyways ^_^)


And I know Nakaji was thisclose to saying something mushy but he suggests that they have a competition instead to see who could hold onto a lit sparkler for the longest. “The first one to let go loses,”  he says. I feel like this line kinda reflects how he is feeling- why the eff did it take him so long to acknowledge that Haru is the one he doesn’t want to let go? But for the love of leather pants (which Nakaji is totally sporting in this scene xD,) it’s all too late now (or… is it??)

W/ a sparkler each in their hands, they light them up at the same time & the “game” is on. Haru takes it all v. seriously, focusing her attention solely on the flames all the way, muttering silly things such as “I’ll definitely win- that’s if I don’t drop it first.” All of a sudden, Nakaji is like, “Let’s join them!” He connects his flame w/ hers to form one (symbolic much?) Nakaji‘s eyes during this entire scene, NEVERleave Haru. She is freely content in the present, completely oblivious to Nakaji‘s longing as he is taking a mental picture of this girl for the last time, forever burying her innocence into his heart.

Mother of crap, I think I’m in love.

Stuff Chiakisenpai.

I swear to be an Eita+Juri fan for life*




*By ‘for life’, I mean this is super unlikely to change, but still, we should never say never, right? It’s a fan’s prerogative (^^;)
[ Again, pics from the series used in this post were capped by me from Querbeet Subs goodness :)) ]




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8 08 2010

Love your Haru+Nakaji moments! I agree with all the ones from the episodes I’ve seen so far … which is like up to episode 8. Now I really need to watch 9 so I can see all the great moments you chose from episode 10.

My all-time favorite thus far is when Nakaji says that he will always have a place for Haru – as much as he can possibly spare. It was a great moment indeed.

8 08 2010

I know, when he came up w/ that answer, I totally shoved my face into my pillow. It was so… THE perfect thing to say. But I like how he didn’t make it gag cheesy & we know he did mean it. This scene really honed in on the fact that Nakaji is actually a v. good listener *thumbs & toes up* Juri’s display of altering emotions was well-acted in this scene, too <3

When you're finished, let me know what you think of the other moments, I'd love to hear ;O

I've just realised that I am really coming off as an obsessive Eita+Juri fan lolol Oh well, WTH xD

12 08 2010

jicks! *waves*

LOVE this entry and your choices of screencaps!!! My favorite N+H moment is also the beach scene. *melts*

Nakaji is actually a v. good listener
fo sho! He’s not just a good listener but also reads moods and body language extremely well. That’s why N+H is one of my favorite OTPs because when they’re together, not much dialogue is necessary and they can still connect on an emotional level and understand each other so well.

LOL @ for the love of leather pants ahahahahah

And what’s this I read? jicks doesn’t like ikea?! but why? *curious*

12 08 2010

stuff Chiaki-senpai ahahahah
actually, can you please stuff him with food or something of nutritive value? I saw the Nodame movie part I recently and he’s oh so skinny! what happened?!

14 08 2010

^^lmao, can you please stuff him with food or something of nutritive value? <<So true but so funny!! I know, the man's cheeks are becoming borderline-ghastly hollow… heroin-chic is so 1990s. Need to feed him more riceballs.

Glad you enjoyed this entry, doozy! I knew you’d be a fan of the beach scene xD He’s not just a good listener but also reads moods and body language extremely well. *nods head* Ah-huh, ah-huh, in total agreement there, sister!

Re the ikea situation, Oh NO! No! NOO! Don’t misconstrue me, please! I would hate nothing more in this world than for anyone to think that I don’t like ikea!!!!!! lololo I am actually the biggest ikea geek around ;OOO My comment was more a signal of my envy of Haru… she gets to be near 2 of my greatest loves (Eita & flatpack Swedish furniture ^^;;)

17 08 2010

I am 2 episodes into this series now and I have to say I love it. The premise is simple yet interesting. Love the execution and all the actors, eps.the main couple . The editing is a bit strange for a drama, I must say, but it made the show special :)
Haha now I understand why all the Tings Tings songs on your playlist. Seriously the director must be a big fan of the Tings Tings or something! It seems like half of the OSTs are Tings Tings. I like!
I just notice that Eita’s ears are HUGE. I guess that’s why he hears that wierd hairdo (and still looks cool). It suits him well. (now go spazzing over your Eita header lol)

17 08 2010

haha I did think that, too, The Ting Tings totally dominating the OST, they used so many of their tracks it’s almost as if it was a “buy one song get one free” scenario xP But not that I’m complaining, they are hip & grooovy xD

lmao, yeah, Eita’s ears are kinda… prominent. Never thought about it actually, but you might be onto something- his choice of big hair is to help detract from his big ears? Though, it is a signature trait of his, similar in a way to how Will Smith’s (love that man) ears tend to fan out a bit more than the average person. Doesn’t make them any less attractive though me dun thinks xD

P.S. Def will watch Gumiho as soon as I can get my hand on a good copy. Loved your Lee Seung Gi promo vid for the Vietnamese fansite btw, two thumbs up! d(^_^)b

20 10 2010

U know what?
Ur post is the best thing about Sunao ni Narenakute that I’ve ever read. Thank u a lot !
I and my little brother love this series so much, too.
About the 9 moments u pick up ( I like the number 9, too ) , I couldn’t agree more.
Nakaji + Haru make the best couple to me !

27 06 2012

Hi jicks!!! I just wanted to drop a line to let you know I finally got to watch this series and looooooooooved it!!! Thank you for making all these Eita + Juri posts to make me curious. I am fully converted and totally ship them. Personally, I would have to say that the train station scene was THE moment for me when I realized just how perfect they were together. I was in squee heaven. If only Haru hadn’t played it off as a joke… they could have saved themselves so much heartache. I am going to go watch Last Friends now =DDD

28 07 2012

mud!!!!!! I am so happy that you watched the SuNare! Oh the train station scene, YES! Heck, I almost forgot about it! They sure had you convinced early, ne? hahaha. I guess by the time I’ve replied now, you should be done with Last Friends? Please share your thoughts! Do you want them to start making babies together yet? xDDDDDD

15 01 2015

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I love all the points you’ve made.

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