I still heart my Fog Bar

18 08 2010

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Uh oh, Mother of crap.


(picture credit: 石栗子 @baidu)

Looks like we have ourselves a new product in the Shiseido Uno Fog Bar range. It’s a navy blue bottle! Something to do w/ wax? And it appears that perm waves are in?? (Dear goodness, Pi was so ahead of time!)

Surely this means a new CM is on its way, but man, heaven help us all if  they are going to try & outclass their original series of CMs <3 I mean, anyone else remember all the rather adorkable Shu! Shu! Shu!-ing & Michel Legrand‘s Di-Gue-Ding-Ding trancing in the background? I don’t think I stopped humming the Diguedingding-ding-ding for weeks. And I can’t even watch Heston Blumenthal‘s cooking show because as soon as they start playing the theme song, instead of drooling over cool British food, I just think of four Japanese guys dressed like The Beatles joozhing their hair & being silly all over London xDDDDDD

But alas, if they do decide to make a new CM or CMs, well, I will be there to embrace them lololol

In the meantime, I want to share a six-part clip! I came across this Oshareism Ikemen Daishugo Special the other week where the four Fog Bar boys came on to do a bit of promotion work (I think it was late last year, ’round the time when the first Fog Bar CMs premiered.) Funniest show ever (& I didn’t even have to understand them word for word ^O^)

Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6

Here are some key points that I managed to excavate from other pages around the place (note: khaki bold italics = my thoughts/narrative… because I just have to ><;)-

※ All four of them are scared of bugs (lol .) Eita– some six-legged insect (didn’t get the name,) Oguri Shun– centipedes, Tsumabuki Satoshi– cicadas, Miura Haruma– praying mantis. The host asked them to reenact a scene where this insect lands itself onto a girl who asks them to help her get rid of it (seriously charming xD And who wishes they were ze girl?? *shoots hand up in the air* ) During Shun‘s turn, he said that even though it would freak him out a little,  he would still act as he’s totally fine & try to shoo the creepy crawly away from her (I personally would be using my Fog Bar can to spray these bugs outta there- nothing like showing off a product being used in more ways than one! )

Miura Haruma loves to play the game Monster Hunter. One day he went over to Shun‘s place & all excitedly taught him how to play. When Shun‘s character was dying he got all anxious and cried “Your character’s going to die!!” (Feed them Green Mushrooms!!! Or is that another game?? ) Shun said that Haruma stayed at his place playing until the bright & early morning.

※ After they’d finished filming their CM(s), everyone returned at first to Japan except Eita, who decided to stay in London by himself & do a bit of sightseeing. He made reference to the communication barrier. There was a moment where he strolled into Starbucks to get a beverage (high five bro!) & this was how it went down-

Eita: “May I have an iced latte?” (in Engrish lol English)
Waiter @ counter:HAR ???”
(LMAO x 100. Well, I am more than available for English lessons- over an iced mocha xDDDDDDD )

Satoshi calls Shun “Ogurin,” Haruma calls him “Shun-san” & Eita calls him “Oguri-san.”

Satoshi & Shun are good friends from working in Tenchijin together.

※ Someone revealed that Shun often cries when he’s completely hammered (lol. I am trying to imagine a drunk Oguri Shun & what many of us people would want to do to him xD)

※ Another said that Shun gets all serious and kakkoi while singing but the truth is, he can’t sing to save his life (actually, I do remember hahahaing @ the scene in HanaKimi where he is singing Love Me Tender *loves on Sano Izumi* )

Shun has around 50 pairs of Nike shoes and many Mickey Mouse toys because he loves Mickey. He also owns a 1.5m tall Gundam toy (fully raiding his house now…)

Shun did a monomane (mimic) of Mickey Mouse while Miura Haruma did Beat Takeshi.

Eita brought a photo of this 99yen toilet brush he bought but never used (I seriously almost wet my pants during this part. Eita is so much funnier than what you’d prolly imagine… I think it comes from him not really intentionally trying to be funny. He seems to say things in such a normal, dry tone & it just makes him so much funnier. Plus, the host tends to drill him a bit xD )

Miura Haruma ran after a giant flying squirrel once- naked– while at a hot spring (for some reason, I find myself grinning. And I don’t really know if that’s entirely a good thing -_-;;; )

※ There is one part when Shun is trying to answer a question but Eita‘s stomach suddenly starts growling (I want these two in a series together right now! )

Satoshi owns over a 100 pairs of jeans (*trumped* & my family complains I have too many clothes…)

※ At the end of the episode, they all participate in a mini psychological quiz:
1. Out of 100 flowers, how many would you pick out to dry?
2. Draw a picture of an octopus.

1. The number written represents what you think of your looks. The higher the  number, the better  looking you think you are. (Seriously guys, really? We love you even more! And lol, Eita, you need to stop ^^;;;;; )
2. The longer the tentacles, the more dissatisfied you are (lmao @ Miura & Eita’s octopuses, lol @ Satoshi’s reaction to Miura’s sketch. Shun, nice octopus impersonation *hearts* )

^^See their responses & have a little chuckle yourself ^_^

(Episode translations credit/source: Queenbee @GaulBox Community via smapxorenji @shun’sLJ; kiramethyst @A little girl lost, a little girl found LJ; MusicJapanPlus.)



25 responses

18 08 2010

HAHAHAHAHA. Freakin’ Hilarious!! xD

*Feed them Green Mushrooms!!! Or is that another game??* xDD BTW, it’s Mario. :)

19 08 2010

haha Oh yeah, it’sa me! Maaaareeoh!!! lol
I guess all those Arashi Wii CMs have slightly influenced me xD Ahem.
No really, always have been a Nintendo / Mario fan, always will be. Besides, never been good at RPGs like Monster Hunter… actually can’t really stomach the intensity ><"
Unless of course, perhaps someone would like to instruct me on how to play as they did w/ Oguri Shun ^^;;;;;; *shamelessly waves PS2 controller in air*

18 08 2010

the boys (men) are back! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

thanks for the heads up and for posting the translation. but it looks like there’s not much on Satoshi compared to the other three based on the translation?

19 08 2010

Heya! No probs on the sharing of the love! ;O
Nah, actually Satoshi does speak alot in the show… it’s just that I couldn’t find much of his translated words :( He knows how to draw one cute octopus though ^_^
In fact, I’d say he & Shun probably get the most talk time, probably because of the senpai factor, but either way, it’s all goooood tehe

18 08 2010

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jicks first lemme just give you 999 roses, and a big hug^^
Is it that Sisheido ad campaign the best thing ever happens in human history? (I’m speaking with a fangirl brain here, hope you understand hehe) Shun is my all time fav Jboy (man now), I’m hearting on Eita, and Miura has been lurking around lately! And now I see them fix hair TOGETHER! I watched the Fog Bar commercials like thousands of time already, but this show is really a treat!!!!! Thanks so much for providing us the gist of the show and links. I’m off to watch now. Will be back for the “post” discussion lol.

19 08 2010

lololol I am in 100% agreement!!!!!!! *nods head smack bang into keyboard* ^^; Whoever decided to band these four guys together def has, er, decent taste lol Maybe you should send then half of those 999 roses to them instead lol Btw, A hug right back at ya! xP

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the show ^U^

18 08 2010

Shun has around 50 pairs of Nike shoes and many Mickey Mouse toys because he loves Mickey. He also owns a 1.5m tall Gundam toy (fully raiding his house now…) >>> Don’t know if you’ll find much use with the shoes since he probably has, you know… big feet. LMAO ;) Thanks for sharing this, I had a lot of fun watching the video and reading your thoughts/comments. Wouldn’t have been able to see this without you since I’m not really a fangirl but I couldn’t help but smile at these clips.

Eita is so much funnier than what you’d prolly imagine… I think it comes from him not really intentionally trying to be funny. He seems to say things in such a normal, dry tone & it just makes him so much funnier. >> He does have a knack for deadpan delivery. I’m still adjusting to how his hair looks all smooth and shiny. I guess I can back any product that can combat his signature frizzy-russ troll hair.

19 08 2010

Don’t know if you’ll find much use with the shoes since he probably has, you know… big feet.
lmao, You are certainly feeding my fangirl inhibitions w/ that comment xD But no seriously (!), I promise, I am a huge sneaker-freaker!!

lol@comment on Eita’s smooth, shiny hair ^U^ Actually, not sure if I am the biggest fan of it, I mean, it just doesn’t feel like him lol (although I have to say I much prefer this slick-back style over his beehive in Sapuri ><" *runs from bad memories*)

I’m not really a fangirl but I couldn’t help but smile at these clips
^^I think that’s one of the positive of these four guys, the lack of the slashy, gag-factor. Unlike w/ alot of the JE gatherings we see, everything in these CMs are just so much more wholesome xD
Anyways, will shoosh up now before I get too carried away -_-

19 08 2010

You’re so right about the lack of slashy, (and may I add sparkly), gag-factor in these four guys. That’s why I prefer them over the guys from JE. I always have a problem taking JE idols seriously after seeing them prance around the stage like hormonally-charged idiots. >.<

21 08 2010

…hormonally-charged idiots
^^This is funny because is so true (not all just alot of the time lol)…!!! But sometimes, sadly (or not,) I am in the frame of mind to be, er, entertained in such a way.\^^;;
Though… I’m gonna be bold & say, gimme these 4 guys (all at once too lololol) over any Johnny (almost) anyday (perhaps I can keep my Arashi boys on the side xD)

18 08 2010

LMAO! This was hilarious. I just couldn’t picture these 4 together and yet here they are. Thanks for posting with some of the translation and your comments :)

Who knew that Eita’s hair could be controlled at all? It is always a flyaway mess when you see him ;)

19 08 2010

You’re welcome! Glad to share the spazzmatic lurve xD

hahah I know, Eita’s smooth (almost) shiny hair!! Shiseido Uno Fog Bar = Hairdressing miracles in a bottle xPP

19 08 2010

uwaaah. seriously now, a new CM? I love their old one ; ) looking forward to the new!

All these guys in the video, Shuuunnnn, Eita, Miura, and Satoshi. SHUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!

19 08 2010

Well… I’m hoping there’ll be a new one soon, although they did go to alot of effort to make the original series (flying to & from England!) but really, I don’t think you need to invest so much into a CM when you already have these four dudes on screen together. I mean, not much more convincing is needed on my part to purchase whatever the heck it is they are endorsing *selects quantity 128 for white bottle of Fog Bar & smashes BUY IT NOW button now*

Guessing Shun-kun is your fave?? ;P

20 08 2010

“I don’t think you need to invest so much into a CM when you already have these four dudes on screen together.” – so desu ne : ) the four of them are the AD for the product : ) but of course, I didn’t mind the Beatles + London concept ;) oh-wee^^ Yes, I heart Shun ; )

I’ve yet to get acquainted with Satoshi, and gentle Miura ( I don’t know but I seem to associate gentle with Miura^^). As for Eita, I loved him in Nodame! I know that Chiaki-senpai was the man in that series, and I loved him too, but Eita, it’s hard not to notice and LOVE Mine!

19 08 2010
Ender's Girl

glugluglguglgugngnngjhgrhgrggr *drowns in a sea of kawaiiiiiiiiii*

jicks i CANNOT believe you made me sit through a full hour (actually more, counting the 19038734 instant replays hehe) laughing like crazy and grinning like 6 kinds of stoopid =D

thanks for digging up the *cough* Shun-heavy *cough* nutshell recap. +D i came across these vids a while back but didn’t know what the HEY they were talkin’ bout (for obvious reasons). this is one of those times when you wish you knew a lick of Japanese, dang it!!! so now i’m like, yay i can relate now!!! (well, sorta lol)

and LOL @ your comments, like seriously!!! lol @ green mushrooms! (i wasn’t sure at first if they were from mario bros. or legend of zelda, or, um tetris? i’m obviously not a gamer, harhar) (thanks, @asiandramareviewer =D)

i want their old hair back!!!!!!! (lol @ PiPi mention, oh you just had to sneak him in did you jicks?) the beatles + light gray suits + shushushu-ing + diguedingdingding-ing + london 4vr!!!!!! man, that 2009 campaign was one for the books. hard to top THAT.

i think everyone (including me) laughed hardest whenever it was Eita’s turn to speak. totally agree with everyone here re his dry, straight-faced delivery actually coming off the funniest. he’d blend in just fine with those brits! and LMFAOOOOO @ his starbucks story. (heyyyy jicks… was it juuuust English lessons that you had in mind…? lulz)

and i loved their tako sketches!!!!!!! (Miura’s octopus looked like a starfish hahaha but so cute, so Satoshi’s reaction was utterly warrented lol) Shun’s was the most realistic of all! ohhhh Shun, you phlegmatic serious-but-cries-when-plastered man… ohyeah i remember “love me tender” from Hana Kimi, that cracked me up so, hahahhaha

LOL @ the boys’ robot toy collection+clothes/shoes fetish+photos+cartoon character mimicry+entomophobia XDDDD

Fujiki Naohito being there was so… random, lol. at least it seemed like he and Miura genuinely hit it off when they visited the rooftop veggie garden — although SERIOUSLY, crunching on those freshly picked peppers and taro and okra and stuff??? hahahahahahaha their faces were so cute. the veggie platter looked none too appetizing (was that an okra shake???? yukkkkk. but Miura loved it! if it’s good enough for Miura it’s good enough for me! so… yummmm i guess, lol)

oh speaking of M.H…..



@ doozy LOLLLL @ your one-track Satoshi-centric mind!!!!! ^^;; yeahhhh of the four he certainly seems to be Mr. Congeniality, ehh? Mr. Life of the Partay, ehh? his animated anecdotes — with the voices and the faces and his inimitable boy-angel smile — had me grinning the whole time. your boy is FIIINE, dooze =D

@ zooey LMAO @ Shun + big feet comment… *thinks unthinkable thoughts*


SERIOUSLY, someone get these four boys in one movie!!!! i’m thinking con/heist flick, nothing too emo but v. quirky and hilarious and well-written — along the lines of Guns and Talks. lots of cool gadgetry & stuff and interpersonal dynamics and bromance DONE RIGHT (i.e. NOT Johnnies lol), and maybe the producers can throw in Yamada Takayuki as the villain ehehehehe (‘coz it’s hard to find an actor with enough talent to match the other four, so YamadaYamadaYamada!!!)…. and preferably no chicks (well maybe one or two), but ohyeahhh lots of hair styling product lulz

19 08 2010

Hmm, a movie that’s quirky, hilarious and well-written with Yamada Takayuki as the villain… shooting for the stars, are we? LOL. Well, regardless of whether it’s well-written or not, I’m quite sure that if that happened, I’d sit through the whole movie anyway, granted they keep the Beatles outfits. :D

21 08 2010

You know it, I had to mention Man-pec Pi! Anytime, any moment, I will take it!!!!!! xDD

Re the old hair, I know I know! I much, much prefer their 2009 style. Miura’s slight-beachy-curliness here is the only one that I actually don’t mind (I think the boy is at the “I’m so youthful, hip & cool that I can pull off any hairstyle & colour I want” stage, lucky thang) But truth be told, I don’t think that poster of them is all that flattering really, in particular, Eita… he’s looking kinda airbrushed. But I guess at least the hair isn’t poofing out further than 30cm from the sides of his head (it’s just erupting from the top that’s all -_- )

heyyyy jicks… was it juuuust English lessons that you had in mind…? lulz
^^You see right thru me..!!!!!! lol Err……. well…. let’s just say my mind may be in or around the ballpark of zooey‘s big shoe comment & your morphing-into-giant-flying-squirrel endeavours gahaha

OMG Your movie idea sounds riidiiiculous! I would so be there w/ a Fog Bar spray bottle in ea hand to crash the VIP premiere of the film…! And, don’t know why, maybe a bottle of six-legged winged insects lol

23 08 2010

I just came back from traveling and was finally able to watch these clips. Did not understand one word except when Satoshi was saying sumpthing about speedo? but oh my, they are soooo cute!

and lookie! it’s Buchooooouuu! but what the hey is that thing under his chin? me no like the facial hair.

29 08 2010

(lol. I am trying to imagine a drunk Oguri Shun & what many of us people would want to do to him xD)
E.G. linked this entry on her bloggy and I’m soooooo grateful to her for linking it, you for posting it and Shun for guest starring my dreams tonight!

Hahaha, who am I kidding? He appears so frequently he’s more of a regular cast member than a guest star! *swoons*

29 08 2010

Hey! Thanks for dropping by E.G.’s is so much fun to read, I pretty much stalk it & everyday lol

Actually, I owe alot of my blog traffic to her :)) Kinda cool that we all share such similar fixations interests & get to spazz about it all together ^^;;

Btw, fellow Oguri Shun fan! *high fives* What did you like him best in?

31 08 2010

Personally I’m a Hanazawa Rui stalk… admirer. *fans self*
But I first saw him in Gokusen and I figured that if I could fancy him with his stupid blond spikes and the hairband then what I would do with him when he had a normal hairstyle and didn’t look 20 goin on 12 could… not be mentioned without risking a sexual harassment suit! :-P

2 09 2010

^^ahahahaha 20 going on 12. Oh the memories of Gokusen! EVERYONE had bad hair in that, it wasn’t just Shuny-baby *regurgitates @ thought of Sawada Shin’s streak of bleach*

Yes, Rui is def one of my all-time fave characters, also liked really HIM in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (the series, not quite as much -_-) Really looking forward to his new Dr Dolittle series situation though Rui+Makino, yay xDDDDDDD

Btw, I have no idea what you mean by the term “stalk”… lol

2 09 2010

*regurgitates @ thought of Sawada Shin’s streak of bleach*
mwahahahah, oh! I can’t believe I’d forgotten MatsuJun’s golden lock!
though, maybe something is wrong with me, but I’m entirely indifferent to Junny’s charm, and I often tend to blur him out (which makes watching dramas starring him… kinda confusing in retrospection. It definitely makes you wonder how the heck I managed to follow the storyline of Hana Yori Dango: “Wait Makino, what the heck are you doing? Rejecting Prince Perf… I mean, Hanazawa Rui for a blurry shape?!”)

Really looking forward to his new Dr Dolittle series situation though Rui+Makino, yay
me too! me too! yapping-like-a-puppy level of excitement over here!
the only thing that doesn’t really convince me is lil’ Hiroki …as a charismatic love rival?! I find him H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S in Yankee-kun to Megane-chan but c’mon! It’s Shunny he’s up against! :D

15 10 2010
Those Fog Bar boys on Oshareism again « [Candy.Me]

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