I remember why I used to love you!

26 08 2010

It’s all coming back to me now… (wait, isn’t that a Celine Dion song??????)

Until I saw this, there was no way this side of a shaken-not-stirred-martini I was touching the upcoming Korean action, thriller, spy, romance drama, Athena (fixed for a November 2010 air-date in Korea)>>>

^’Tis the brand spanking new MV for Park Hyo Shin‘s I Love You, which is a gorgeously slick, semi-beat-y track (& the theme song for Athena.) What can I say but this piece of promo work definitely does lure you to give the IRIS spinoff a good hard shot.

I would truly like to thank myself for holding on thru the first 36s (which, from what I deem so far, is all a little too James Bond cheesy for my liking- seriously, I came really, really close to smashing the little x button in  the top right-hand corner of my browser) because what followed thereafter was so, so, sooooo worth everything & more.

Can I explain myself? Sure. I have three words.

Jung. Woo. Sung. (Oh, I suppose Soo Ae shi was pretty chic as well. Not  that I was paying much attention to her -_-;)

Fair enough that filming in Italy automatically makes things look more romantic, more poetic, more “Ooh mah, I really wanna be there” but it takes a grown man (see; non-JE ><“) who has swishingly broad, strong-looking shoulders & a caressing, soft-touch hand that makes me want to cross my legs & act like be a lady (I know there is a lady somewhere inside me, really lololol)

Honto, ajlekjcaw;iue,  Jung Woo Sung is so divine in this clip! There is something about him against a European backdrop that is simply, utterly, disgustingly irresistible. I remember watching him in the K-movie Daisy (which also starred Jeon Ji Hyun *girl crush drool*)- his tank top+army cargo pants wardrobe goodness amidst the setting of the stunning city of Amsterdam flat-out made me overlook the man’s questionable, semi-wonky display of acting (to be fair, he wasn’t dirt-unwatchable, just… I find at times Woo Sung shi tends to overact a little.) And here in this new MV of Park Hyo Shin‘s / Athena promo piece, I am gushing my heart out.


1.47s:: O___o Manboobs! Pectoral muscles! Eat your heart out Pi Pi! (Of course I had to make a reference lol)

2.59s:: Shots lookin’ like alota fun >_> *sculls down straight vodka & passes out onto nearest Woo Sung‘s lap*

3.05s-3.26s:: I want to be there xD

4.03s:: Are you furrreaking kidding me??????????


More than anything, after sitting thru this clip & replaying it approximately 900million times, I completely recollect exactly why I once full-forced hearted on this man.

I remember living in a world pre-Johnny & Associates infatuation exposure & feeling good looking at a guy, not having to wonder if I was actually the more masculine one out of the two of us. When I first came across him, Jung Woo Sung definitely made feel this way (then I may have gotten distracted by those lip-syncing, hip-grinding man-boys of the Johnny-K clan) but now, living this new MV, I’m feeling it all over again.

There’s just nothing prissy about him at all! He even has a deep, manly (yet gently soothing!) voice. He seems like the type who would hold the door open for you, the type who would take off his jacket or coat & drape it over your shoulders when it gets chilly w/o you even asking. He seems like he could carry you w/o straining a single muscle. He seems like he could & would fix all the broken things around your house. He seems like he would totally build you a ritzy new kitchen w/ his two hands (A Moment To Remember ! A Moment To Remember ! You can blame this movie for any of these misconceptions you may think I have! But can you tell me honestly, after watching this beautiful film, can you not want your v. own hot-carpenter-turned-suave-architect to play with? *shakes head* Er, no, sorry, that was, to chill with.)

I guess I am just old-fashioned after all. But seeing someone like Jung Woo Sung makes me happy to be a woman who is quite submissively willing in letting the man be the man… simply because he is a man (though it would be nice if I didn’t have to do all the cooking & cleaning & ironing lololol)




7 responses

27 08 2010

love A Moment to Remember. it was the movie that introduced me to his manliness Jung Woo Sung.

27 08 2010

^^Same, same. First JWS exposure right there, one of my favourite movies ever. I thought he & Son Ye Jin looked AND were perfect together, they had so many cute (some v. funny) couple-y moments xDD Then of course there are the many Pass-me-the-Kleenex moments *sobs*

Speaking of which, I do have one beef w/ the film though- it completely opened my tearducts like a dahmn floodgate lol Ever since this film, watching anything now, I just get worked up far too easily ^^;;;;;;

Do you keep up w/ much of the Korean scene yourself, doozy?

28 08 2010

yeah! jws and syj had major chemistry! that’s why the second half was so hard to watch… when he was reading the letter that she left behind, i was like, “darn you, k-melo! darn you!”

I’m always amazed at how the korean casting peeps almost always manage to pair actors/actresses who have incredible chemistry together. So many memorable couplings!

Re: your question
Full House was my first k-drama, which I saw in 2005. After that, I kinda ditched TVB and joined the k-drama frenzy. Although my zeal has decreased, I still enjoy watching k-dramas and do follow korean entertainment from the great dramabeans.
Currently, I’ve heard good things about My Girlfriend is a Gumiho so I’mma check it out. Have you seen?

29 08 2010

lol TVB, I’m still hanging in for the love. Although I’m not really being rewarded much these days as you’d probably know.

My first K-drama was Joyful Girl’s Success Story, which I think is pretty underrated. Still remember Jang Hyuk & Jang Nara being so cute together xD
Nowadays, I’m v. selective about the K-dramas I watch (usually I choose them based on actors) because I can’t always handle the sheer length of them. Much prefer my short & sweet Jdoramas. But My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho looks delectably adorable so far so I will def be getting onto it as soon as I can. Heard Lee Seung Gi & Shin Min A have super chemistry. Go the Hong Sisters!

28 08 2010
Ender's Girl

^ thirded, AMTR is prolly in my top 5 asian rom movies of all time. made me wanna piggyback some random carpenter for like, a week. and woo-sung def. makes my top 5 k-actors. oh yes indeed, i remember loving this man to pieces. i suppose it’s just latent (like my luv for jang hyuk or kang ji-hwan) given the current fog (fog bar! lol) of J-goodies we’ve been living in lately, but something tells me that when Athena rolls around, we’ll be back on the woo-sung love train, baby.

loved the theme song, btw. i just hope… er, there isn’t too much k-melo in this drama? and i’ve always been leery of spy thrillers and action/suspense dramas given the korean treatment, because plot plausibility usually gets sacrificed for sentimental effect.

hey any of you seen Iris? been stewing in my DVD case for months. i really ought to watch this before Athena comes out, for the full Real Man in a SpyActionThriller experience. (yeah i love byung-hunnie too) =D

lmao at 192483748 JE references in this post! this was totally freudian, admit it!!! XD LOL that no matter what k-goodies you blog about, JohnnyK and his moffies are never really too far away…

28 08 2010

made me wanna piggyback some random carpenter for like, a week.
ahahahahahahahah… me too!

29 08 2010

I second doozy‘s ahahahahahahahah. Random carpenter, hey ^_^ If only they all looked like THAT though! The ones I’ve come across are either like 16yr old apprentices (& no, they don’t look like those Hey! Say! JUMP kiddos) or super scruffy, prickly blokes who’s pants seriously need to be pulled up up ’round near the back way *shields eyes*

I haven’t seen IRIS (probably won’t either, I try to steer clear of anything w Kim Tae Hee; gorgeous girl but can’t act to save her life) but I’ve heard mixed reviews. I think if you’re a fan of the actors then it’s a hells yes, otherwise, I have a strong feeling that it tried a little too hard & lacked a bit of believability. But who knows, you can only tell these things once you’ve watched it for yourself.

As for Athena… K-melo or not, Woo Sung love train, here I come! (I’ll bring the coal lol)

And yeah, I can’t help it (!) I will always get my jollies referencing those cross-dressing homies- it is a Johnny’s World after all xDD

Btw, curious, what makes the rest of your top 5 Asian romance movies? xP

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