Shu! Shu! Shuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

27 08 2010

They’re here! They’re  here! The new Shiseido Uno Fog Bar CMs are here! I kid you not, you will be in tears :)))))


Shu-shu-shu, shu-shu-shu (translation: Watch them now, watch them here. lol x)) >>>

[ edit: Click HERE to the Shiseido website to view the 60s version of the Run CM for now. It’s the 4th clip along the first row. BELIEVE me, you need to! Waiting for file, but as soon as I can do it, I will amend the embed & update the 30s one to the full version. Thankyou for your understanding ^_^ ]

(^^Love to YeSeul over @youtube for upping these!)

^^^Seriously laughed to the point of crying from start to finish in all 3 of them (TOT;;;)


In the Run CM (60s ver.):
Miura Haruma almost not making the gondola… hayaku! Hayaku! You’re gonna be eaten aliiiiive!!!!! xDDDDDDD
※ The choir boys chasing down the Fog Bar boys (the key change in the singing is pure gold xD)
Eita finding time to spray his hair amidst all the chaos lololol
※ The boys’ reaction to the Minotaur… fuuureaking priceless^^;;;;;;
※ The Minotaur joining in on the Fog Bar action *sheds tear*


In the Barber CM:
Eita, Shun & Satoshi‘s admiring, “Why can’t it be me?” faces at how Miura gets to have his hair done by the pretty blonde (btw, Miura‘s “Shhuuu” there OMG, kill me now gaaaaahhh *slaps self in face*)
Eita‘s face at his Chopper-esque looking hairstylist (!) *bangs fist repeatedly on desk* ^^;
※ When the vanity mirrors drop down & the four boys lean in to check themselves out (sucks to be so cute, ne? xDD)


In the Women CM (Yes that is Miyazaki Aoi. She has joined in on the Shu! Shu! forces. Lucky, lucky gal -_-;):
※ The boys’ reaction at the Chopper-dude’s toothless twin *wipes sweat from forehead*


*takes deep breath* They looked like they had waaaaayy too much fun filming all this!!! xDD I didn’t think they could top themselves from their last batch but these CMs had me in stitches even more than what, say, Yamapi‘s Engrish speaking stint in the Kurosagi movie did (click here.) Pure advertising brilliance.

A few more pics hey for the love of it. ‘Tis the perfect way to round out our working week <3


Shu-shu-shu-shuu, I so want these four boys in a dorama now (I will settle for a movie if need be) :))))))



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28 08 2010

Omo! Loving these. Eita finding time to check out and touch up his hair during the running bits was hilarious, as well as the Shu conversations. Thanks for sharing! Ah, H.M., H.M. gotta love him :)

28 08 2010
Ender's Girl

bigger, better… er, mussier! XD now i’m actually kind of torn between the 2009 and 2010 campaigns. 2009 was so… wimbledon and the queen and lawn parties, lol. and their light tan suits and sedate hair were so classy. (the 2010 striped suits = so much more dandified, just like the hairstyles ^^;;)

this time they sure upped the kooky+comedy+frenzy factor. the CMs were LOTSA fun to watch, thaaaaaanks for uploading ’em, jicks! you make our life so much easier lol XD

hahahaha @ eita’s expression before the minotaur, his was the BEST!

and lololol @ how miura always gets left behind? why’s he so slow? (well the better to catch you with and do unimaginable things to you, my dear!!! man what i wouldn’t give right now to be a 10-ft furry gray mascot hahaha)

my fave CM? RUN of course!!!!! ….. but what i DON’T like is how those shiseido peeps excised the scene where this bunch of crazy demented shrieking fangirls, grown women all, wearing the boys’ faces on their shirts and carrying all sorts of paraphernalia ranging from chewed-up japanese magazines to even MOAR chewed-up photo books to mickey mouse figurines to gundam action figures to jars buzzing with insects to — oh yeah, almost-empty fog bars, chase the four boys all the way into the thames. i guess they cut out that scene because that would mean no more fog bar CMs next year, hahaha

p.s. lmao @ how you found a way to insert pi’s engrish!!! XD

29 08 2010

^^Have I taken it too far?? ^^;; I will CREATE ways to make a dig @ that man-boy Rambo-Pi each time I flip out my notebook ><! I thrive off it lol j/ks No… okay, I am going to try & go at least- TWO!- posts without making fun of him *crosses all my limbs*

2009 was so… wimbledon and the queen and lawn parties, lol.
^lol So Wimbledon. I like :)) I know, the original series will always hold a special place in my CM heart lol I guess that’s the glory of being the first right? But these latest ones just make me want your con/heist movie proposition (starring also Yamada Takayuki!) to become a reality even more! These four guys really have a natural comedic flair together. The timing is just spot on.

Heck, I’m even willing to give them all my savings to help fund this darn flick! I will even throw in my beloved Japanese magazine collection (which most of them grace the pages of anyways) as a bonus. And offer them free at-home hair treatments…….. *mind wanders off into a v. shu-shuuuuuuu-world* If my hands get too full I may palm a certain one off to you though ;O

P.S. I’d love to take the credit for it but these vids were actually uploaded by YeSeul. I’m far too lazy to rip videos lol All I’m doing is stalking ppl’s youtube channels until I come across them xD

28 08 2010

OMG! SO CUTE and HILARIOUS! ahhhahaahahahhaha


Thanks so much, jicks for the goods! Love them!

Eita, you and your hair vanity… ahhahahha.

(in girl barber CM)
Eita: hell naw, girl! we may have the same creepo wrestler/hairstylist BUT my hair is prettier!

I wear glasses too! can i take the place of that dude wearing the white shirt?!

the minotaur in the RUN MV is so wtf?! what i wouldn’t give to be shu-shu-ing with these four boys… and Satoshi’s reaction to the beast is priceless… ahahahahha.

yeah, their hair looks more poofy this time. Shun’s looks the most different compared to last campaign.

29 08 2010

I wear glasses too! can i take the place of that dude wearing the white shirt?!
^haha Well, I’m looking in on the WWF situation so I can take the place of Eita’s dude (it does make me laugh how he got the mean looking hairstylist) so for you, I say go for it girl! Kick that white shirt stylist outta there! lol I’m sure ya boy wouldn’t mind ;O

Eita: hell naw, girl! we may have the same creepo wrestler/hairstylist BUT my hair is prettier!
^lololol Eita’s hair does have alot more volume xD Hmm, just realised these 2 were in a flim together! Will need to get myself onto Sukida asap.

29 08 2010

*emphatically shuu shuus her thumbs up*

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