I rate this scene: Orange Days [episode 07]

2 09 2010

So you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been a little, er, fogged up lately. And I probably didn’t give Tsumabuki Satoshi as much love in my posts as I did w/ the others *clears throat* but you need to believe me, I do think alot of him. It’s not just because he’s good-looking (although his eternally charming boyish good looks certainly works wonders *pokes fingers into dimples* xD)- I truly think v. highly of his acting. Which brings me to this– just how freaking drooltastic was he in Orange Days (!)

In the leadup to my favourite scene in the series, Sae (Shibasaki Kou) has pretty much just been played like a fool by a dude who she used to love & thought she still loved, but he was really just wanting to indignantly cash in on her talents as a hearing-impaired musician. She wanted someone to talk to & Kai (Tsumabauki Satoshi) is the first person she thinks of. She whips out her mobile phone & eMails him, “Respond to me Yuuki Kai.” And hey, whadduya know, he so promptly replies, “I have responded.” The rest of the text conversation goes like this-


Sae: I got dumped.
Kai: I see…
I was thinking, it must’ve been an illusion.
Kai: Yeah.
: After I lost my hearing, it was the first time  that anyone told me they liked me.
: Yeah. [jicks’ note: At his point, I was like, “Come on boy, do you wanna elaborate already before I smack you?”]
: I thought that I could fall in love again. I was feeling special beacuse there was someone who said they even liked someone like me. I thought that I could be that sparkling girl again.
Kai: Yeah.
Sae: That’s all you’ve been saying.
Kai: I don’t know what to say but I’m listening. [jicks’ note: At THIS point, I was like, “Sorry boy! I take my previous harsh comment back! P.S. I love you!”]
Sae: Are you really listening? Are you sure you’re not watching TV or eating cup ramen?
Kai: I’m not. I swear to God I’m not. I just turned the TV off. I just turned the TV off.
Kai (another msg): Are you cold there?
Sae: No, I’m fine [long pause] I want to see you. Can I see you?


Then… the battery in Sae‘s phone dies (it’s a dorama world after all -_-) But it’s all as sweet as pie because one of the most fangirl-melting moments in dorama history is about to adorn us (this is HOW couples should get together <3)


Sae finds her way back to their college & flips through the scribble notebook from their Orange club. Before long, the security guard kicks her out, she steps outside & somewhat shocked, she sees Kai in the distance, sprinting his heart out towards her.


Sae: What’s wrong?
Kai: What do you mean what’s wrong? You’re the one who said you wanted to see me.
Sae: How did you know I was here?
Kai: I had a feeling… although I did run around to other places, like the bookstore.
Sae (brief pause): I felt so sad. I knew it was a one-sided love but it was my only love. I treasured it inside of me. For a long time I had always treasured it. Like this. I had held it close, in my right hand… But you  know.. when I opened my palm there was nothing. Emptiness. There was nothing. It’s stupid, isn’t it?
Kai (brief, hesitant pause): Hey… try opening your left hand… Am I there? [jicks’ note: #O_o# *speechless*]
Sae (edges towards him): Hey… don’t you get embarrassed saying cheesy things like that?
Kai (soulful gaze + most endearing laugh/chuckle/smirk ever xDDDDDDD): You bet it’s embarrassing!


And then we have one big giant embrace (may I add that he looks like a really good snuggler?) I think the fact that their words were all expressed in sign made it that much more touching, that much more pristine, that much more romantic. It was dead silent but they were really listening to each other.

Seriously, if this series – this scenedoesn’t make you fall for Tsumabuki Satoshi, then I don’t know what will.

Enjoy :)))))))

(Btw, Eita & Juri-chan in Orange Days together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, they weren’t really together but I just had to mention them ;O)



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3 09 2010

It is a really sweet scene. I guess now I know why everyone keeps telling me that I need to watch Orange days. Now I am going to have to check this drama out . . . sigh . . . like I need another drama addiction :P

4 09 2010

*telepathic “GO watch it now wolforion!!!!!!!!!” signals* lol No pressure but yeah, OD is def a classic xD I don’t think there is anything that I can fault about it <3

I know what you mean, too many dramas & not enough hours in the day!

6 09 2010

Just watched the first episode and am loving it. We have Eita, Tsumabuki, and Narimiya – three good looking guys and an interesting storyline. I definite was expecting the end of the first episode. Now I must watch more, lol.

4 09 2010

Orange Days was actually my very first jdorama and it was a lovely experience. Highly recommend this one to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet!

My reaction when I saw this post: :D :D :D :D :D !!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks, jicks for spotlight mah boy. Love you!

4 09 2010

oopsie… typo in my haste =)

*thanks, jicks for shining the spotlight on…

6 09 2010

hehe No worries! I am notorious for typos when I leave comments around the place (even in my posts sometimes, you think I would proof read properly;O)- moreso when I get excited lol

I knew you would like this scene! Glad to please… though I did have a hard time deciding on my favourite scene from the series- remember the part when they’re on the beach together, Sae storms off & Kai starts yelling out words of luuuuurrve behind her back & she eventually turns around because she realised everyone on the beach was reacting to something? Definitely rate that scene too <3

5 09 2010

Mmm.. Tsumabuki Satoshi.

I actually was only starting to watch this dorama recently.. And then did I realize that I was really missing out on some stuff. Like doozy, I really highly recommend this drama (even though sometimes I really wanted to slap Shibasaki Kou in the the face..) But this scene was one of my favorite scenes from Orange Day. (:

6 09 2010

Aw, you really wanted to do that to Sae?

I could see how she could come off as slightly irritating to some people at times but given her circumstances, I could forgive her. I liked that she was always kept things real & didn’t hide the way she was, what she felt blah blah

I don’t actually mind Shibasaki Kou as an actress either. I think she has a certain charm to her & she has def shone in quite a few roles (this being one of them ^_^)

5 09 2010

His smile is sooooooo cute!
I haven’t seen this drama (but I will! I will! I will!) so at first while watching the scene I thought “It would be so wrong if now he said Oi, I don’t speak sign language.“.
But aside from my inane musings, that scene was sooo sweet, I ended up with this massive smile, so i’m heading to dramacrazy and imma watch it right! now!

6 09 2010

lmao, Oi, I don’t speak sign language. << That would've been priceless! But instead, he gave us something to smile rather than to laugh about :D

Love to hear your thoughts on the series when you're done!

13 09 2010

Aww, just finished watching the finale and had to wipe a little tear from the corner of my eye. This is the type of drama that I love and hate the most, as I’m in that stage of your life before having your family but after saying goodbye to, well, to orange days! So part of me feels I should be angry with dramas like this one, always stirring up emotions that kinda sting a little, but the stupid grin that appears on my face when I watch them fights back and says “No! No! This is great!”

Being a drama there will be always elements that are… overly dramatic, haha! But this characters were made particularly loveable by being so realistic. Even perfect Kai, so patient and kind, would sometimes blunder and get lost. I loved it when he said “I don’t always do what you want me to do, Sae. I’m not a robot.” Finally people that don’t just randomly apologise or randomly throw accusations, but speak about real feelings! Sankyou for getting me to watch this jicks, it’s definitely settling up there among my favourites!

14 09 2010

Aaaaahhh Mil! I’m glad you enjoyed Orenji Deizu! xD

“I don’t always do what you want me to do, Sae. I’m not a robot.”
^^I also like this part :)) I liked that these two were that honest with each other & even when it would piss the other off, they would just say it because they didn’t want to pretend.

I’m not exactly sure what it is yo are growing through but I don’t think should never be fighting your own feelings! Enjoy the series for how it makes you feel & don’t let anything affect you I say. After all, for me, dorama watching is a mighty good way to escape the daily grinds of what I call life (or work lol.)

Btw yeah, the cast = good-lookers xDD

13 09 2010

P.S. oh, and the insanely cute boys didn’t hurt either, haha

(I had almost gone through the whole comment without letting my hormones take control of my fingers, but alas, it didn’t last!)

16 09 2010

When I was watching this drama a second time, I stopped on after this episode. Gosh, I just love this drama!

17 09 2010

Hey chukuma,

Orange Days is one of my all-time favourites, I agree it def warrants a second (third, fourth, fifth…) time watching… but if only I had the time ^^;;

Thankyou for swinging by :))

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