Sunao ni Narenakute wallpaper

19 09 2010

Exactly as the title says ;))

Couldn’t tell you how much I abused the series OST whilst I was making these three wallies. It may not necessarily appear like it but I did put quite a bit of time & effort into them… & they’re definitely some of my personal favourites to date (if I do say so myself lololol) Second one is currently gracing my desktop.

Guess I’m not quite over Nakaji+Haru yet xD

sunao ni narenakute,eita,ueno juri sunao ni narenakute,eita,ueno juri sunao ni narenakute,eita,ueno juri

Some ones of Eita I made a while back. Kinda wishing the guy would announce a new project soon (though I get the feeling he’s hanging free waiting to become a first-time father… Wish him & Kimura Kaela all the best <3)

Eita Eita Eita

Have a nice Sunday! (*´ー`*)




14 responses

19 09 2010

Awesome, I really like the middle one and the first one.

19 09 2010

Thanks wolforion20!

19 09 2010

Gorgeous! I’mma take the sunset one. Thanks, madam!

and re: the OST… I’ve replayed it so many times that I’ve lost count. I love Zimmer’s instrumental pieces, especially “Cry” and “Maestro”.

p.s. ooh, and you’ve added some new navigational shortcuts to the blog. cool!

19 09 2010

Thankyou & no problem :))

The sunset moment is definitely a moment to remember, ne? Makes me wanna just stare into the horizon &… daydream like Akanishi Jin lololol *slaps self in face*

Oooh yeah, both those instrumentals you mentioned are two of my favourites, too. Everytime I hear them- or any of the other tracks for that matter- I just think of SnN xD

20 09 2010
Ender's Girl

furreeeeakin’ bootiful. amazing job, jicks! *yamapi buzzer beat salute*

better start my SnN watch so i can relate what you guys are talkin’ ’bout hehe (not to mention finally get to read your posts, jicks ^^;;)

22 09 2010

sankyu! lol@pi reference… oh how i love the mere mention of his name! xP

ooh you’re about to dig in! hope you like it as much as doozy & i do… but either way, once you’re done, i’d more than love to hear your thoughts & observations regardless- i definitely won’t take any offense if you turn out to be one of “the others” xP

21 09 2010

WOW. So beautiful. I love them all (but especially the Eita ones) !!

22 09 2010

Thanks elinchan!

I knew we shared a love for Arashi but now Eita, too?? xDD *high five*
Have you seen Sunao ni Narenakute yet?

23 09 2010

Yes I’ve just finished watching it.
I just love the UenoxEita pairing! <3

25 09 2010

Well, I make no secret that I am a fan of theirs :))

What other series of theirs do you like or would recommend (both individually & as a team)??

26 09 2010

Well, My favourite drama is Nodame Cantabile so of course that one!
Two other good dramas with them both are:
Last Friends & Orange Days.

26 09 2010

Yeah, Nodame is fun-tastically brilliant, Orange Days is definitely one of my all-time favourite series but it wasn’t so because of the Eita+Juri pairing.
I loved them both individually & together in Last Friends but the series itself went a little haywire in the end. This was when I almost gave up on Nagasawa Masami as an actress (but luckily since she has picked herself back up.)

20 10 2010

Ow! Very nice wallpapers. I just downloaded them all :X

” Sunao ni narenakute” is one of my best fav drama ever.

I watched the series over 3 times with my brother and we both became fans of the series.

It’s really really good series with the good actors, the beautiful sountracks and the intersting story.

I’ve got to say that I’m absolutely satisfied to see so many scenes in which Eita and Ueno Juri are together, talking and laughing. They make the couple Nakaji and Haru seem to be born for each other, like a destiny.

The acting of Eita here made a perfect impression on me. Eita possesses the eyes which expresses all his emotions . Thus, even though he doesn’t need to shout or to cry, I can feel smoothly all the movements in his thought and emotional status.

21 10 2010

Thankyou for the nice comments… glad to share the luuurve xPP

Wow, 3times viewing already? I’ve instant-replayed certain scenes a few times but… I salute you for the commitment! And getting your brother in on the action, too :)

I second everything you said about Eita’s skills as an actor. He’s really come into his own, I noticed especially in SunaNare, just like you said, the depth in the expression of his eyes & his body language has really become something that I can’t help but just blindly love on. Really looking forward to his next piece of work, whenever & whatever that may be. Maybe his new life experience as a father will enhance his acting even more, ne?^^

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