The hair is frizzier than ever!

26 09 2010

Eita is the new face of Edwin Japan‘s 503Zero jeans campaign.



I’m not sure if I’m IN LOVE with it. I kinda dig the ruggedness in the first poster but I have to say it’s a very confronting Eita. I get the feeling he wants a staring competition lol (I would so lose! Never been able to keep a straight face…)

But the samurai-ballet-esque vibe in the second poster isn’t fully getting my hormones racing out impulsively to splurge 250 odd dollars on a pair of Edwin denims. It’s a very dynamic picture, sure, but mmm, his neck has kinda disappeared here, which considering the sheer real-life giraffe-length worthiness of it… *throws eggs at poster image decider* Hate to say it but I think Hayami Mokomichi‘s run from last season is much more likely to make me fork out my mulah (maybe it was the harmonica. See for yourself in his CM HERE.)

Alas, Eita in jeans+(white)tee still makes me grin. He’s certainly giving the whole “married men are more attractive” myth a good dose of fuel fo’ sho’.

CM right here (soar into the sky baby!) >>>

[ Bonus: an interview with Eita on the Edwin campaign HERE. If anyone would like to kindly translate or offer a general gist of what they’re chucking about, I will love you forever. I want to know why I was laughing ~~ ] <3




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27 09 2010

The 2nd pic … wow. Don’t know why, but it reminded me of this pic from the manhwa The One

But it’s definitely a new side to Eita and I can’t decide if it works for him or not

27 09 2010

There is an eerily similar resemblance going on there..! Thanks for sharing wolforion :)) Not heard of The One manga series before but it seems kinda interesting… may look into it. I tend to drop in & out of phases with reading manga (not enough time & money lol.) I take it you are a fan though?

27 09 2010

LOL, I know, right? When I was going through a crazy manga phase, I came across this manhwa. I haven’t kept up with the most recent chapters of late as I have been watching more drama than anything else.

Like everything I like in my life, I go in streaks. From manga reading crazes to drama watching crazes to re-reading Austen’s works, making jewelry, etc. And, now that I am back tutoring again and sitting through boring basic math classes, I am in a writing craze again :P

28 09 2010
Ender's Girl

Oy! The frizz is the shiz! (But only ‘coz it’s Eyyytuh lol) What strikes me the most is how the dude gets to slap on a few bristly hairs and voila! — his 9348th unique look, lol. Chameleon, thy name is Nagayama Eita!

I dunno but the second photo screams “Levi’s 501”. Can. not. compute. can. not. compute…

And seriously, there’s a denim brand named EDWIN???? Edwin is the name given to… accountants and officemates, not a line of jeans. (Or mebbe it’s just me, the Fashion Philistine Q_Q)

6 10 2010

>_>… Hmm, yes you are right about the Levi-ness of the 2nd piccie… may have gotten distracted by the hair lol But IMO, whatever the brand, (most) denim campaigns are hot xDD

Btw, The frizz is the shiz! (But only ‘coz it’s Eyyytuh lol) <<< lmao^^;;.

1 10 2010

Whoa~ Eita looks so rugged here. It sorta surprised me that he could pull the “manly” image off. I’ve always seen him as the sweet and compassionate guy for some reason, hehe.
I first saw him in Nodame Cantabile, and that image of him kinda stuck with me. I love his character there, haha. I loved him in Last Friends too. Such a sweet guy.

6 10 2010

^^Hey strangevision!

Sweet & compassionate is what I like him best as but, as E.G. mentioned, he is definitely very chameleon-esque. I really feel like his acting is getting stronger & stronger (& I may also have become a super thick-skinned & utterly shameless Eita… admirer xD) Have you seen his latest series?

14 05 2014
Wednesday Pic-me-up: Eita sells jeans | Noonas Over Forks 포크보다누나

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12 10 2014
Wednesday Pic-me-up: Eita sells jeans | Noonas Over Forks

[…] Image courtesy of Edwin Jeans, via Candy.Me. […]

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