Yankumi, it’s over

12 10 2010

I did it. I finally watched it– Gokusen: The Movie. Yatta (!) for me.


I’d had a copy of the feature film lying around somewhere in my room for faight-o-knows-how-long but I hadn’t been able to bring myself to play it (I believe my DVD player deserves so much better lol) But the other day, I got a sudden burst of energy. I  had so much energy I determined no turd-of-a-movie could possibly be bad enough to send me to sleep… &, well, YES. I was in the mood to be entertained by some eyebrow-groomy-Johnniness. So I chucked it in (hayaku! Put me out of my misery already!)

For those of you unfamiliar, Gokusen: The Movie is the film derived from the success of the identically titled Jdorama series trilogy. It is the story of a 4th generation heir to the Ooedo Group (a Yakuza clan in Japan,) Yamaguchi Kumiko, who has one dream- to be a teacher. But time & time again, no matter what school she wanders into, she finds herself dumped with that school’s ultimate black-mark-of-a-class. In the end however, with her unwavering belief in them, she always manages to lure these so-called delinquents back onto “the right path in life” with her philosophical naggings (*gags* gomensai) teachings on family, friendship & all-round general good-human-being-ness.


Had they just stopped at Gokusen 1, then I’d probably somewhere somehow still have some form of respect for Yamaguchi sensei. The original Gokusen series was episodically repetitive (like all of them) but at least I found the students worthy of my sympathy & emotional involvement. These boys & their futures– I actually did give a (giant) rat’s ass. As for Gokusen 2… *digs out KAT-TUN uchiwa & starts flapping* (oh it hurts putting that ‘A‘ in there Y_Y gahaha) Yamaguchi was still ditzier as ever but this time, it really, really, honto-ni, reeeally got to me. From episode 2 onwards, I kept thinking to myself, “Please girl, why are you still like this?” “Be a woman already!” “Is this over yet?” (& also, “JinnyJinJin, you have an anorexic dramaography as it is, why make it harder for me to enjoy you as an actor by churning out something like this?” *hops on first plane to L.A.*) But as much as I thought S1 was far classier than S2, I did enjoy watching Kame & Jinny act like they were friends lololol

And er, Gokusen 3, you ask? LMAOOOOOOO. Come on guys, don’t joke with me. I’m telling you straight right now, I haven’t watched nor have I even thought about touching it, not even with a ten foot pole. No amount of Miura Haruma alpha-male attitude+kawaiiness could make me voluntarily sit through eleven more episodes of Yamaguchi sensei‘s “You are my precious students!” droning preaching (much less the preaching at random strangers.) Unless dear little Miura personally asked me to watch it, nah-uh. No way. I more than paid my dues with the first two seasons.

And now also with the darn movie.

I figured to myself, how much more harm can they possibly do in 118min?

Quite a bit actually.


Gokusen: The Movie opens at the scene of Narita International Airport where a trio of hijackers is holding up a flight. But these three dudes, decked out head-to-toe in camouflage military gear & armed with enough firepower to crack those lens off from a certain piggy-tailed sensei‘s face, have clearly chosen to attack the wrong flight. Sucks to be you guys because this is…… *drumroll*…………. Yankumi‘s flight!!!!!!! (btw, one is Asian, one is Caucasion & one is African-American- the significance & reasoning behind this I can’t even be bothered deciphering >_>)

So of course, she ends up convincing the hijackers to surrender (we don’t get to see the negotiation process but you’d assume there were a million & one of her over-used phrases thrown around coupled with some butt-kicking action, you know, just the norm.) Now seriously guys, you had the chance to make this final Yamaguchi experience a short & sweet encounter for us all but you folded like a bunch of bleached-haired, ripped-school-blazered Johnny-boys *shakes head* Meanwhile, everything is being televised live on national TV. Oh Yankumi, you’ve done it again *claps hands & regurgitates* Excuse me, there are how many lives on this plane that you exposed to even more danger by challenging these three armed men? I know the plot isn’t supposed to be realistic but the least we can try to do is maintain a degree of respectability for the main protagonist. Maybe if she hadn’t looked so deer-in-the-headlight oblivious as she stepped off the plane into the sea of police authorities & media cameras I would’ve been a bit more forgiving. But alas, she gave us the classic “I am the clueless & naive Yankumi!” sudden bright-eyed look *rolls eyes a million times* This schizophrenic thing about her has never worked for me.


The film then moves away from this somewhat grand cinematic opening & back into the Gokusen drama formula that we have all become accustomed to over the past 7 years (that’s right, it’s been 7 years since Nakama Yukie first enacted the role of the tough-fighting, loving-spirited, clutzy but coordinated-when-it-counts female sensei everyone has grown to affectionately call Yankumi… well, count me out on the affection part. To be fair though, I like the actress, it’s the character I have a problem with.) It’s a new year at Akado High School (class 3-D from S3 have apparently just recently graduated) but that doesn’t mean fresh new innocent children. Oh no. As long as Yamaguchi sensei exists, there will always be a band of delinquents for her to warm the hearts of. It’s just a matter of trying to pinpoint the class leader as quick as you can- get him on your side & the rest is all gravy. And in this case, the main man boy is Reita Takasugi (played by Tamamori Yuta of Johnny Jr‘s fame >_>… & in my opinion, off-topic, totally looks like a mini Calvin Chen [from Taiwanese boyband Fahrenheit ^_^]) But this time, she’s not alone. She will have the aid of an assistant teacher. It’s Odagiri Ryu (played by Kamenashi Kazuya) from S2. Much to his former teacher’s pride, he is back by his darling Yankumi‘s side, with a clean-cut hairdo (still not black though ;O) & suiting attire. And it’s all ironed (the hair included lol.) He is there, mature, inspired & ready to stand by Yamaguchi sensei‘s teachings in changing these students for the better.

I honestly couldn’t care less in the first half of the movie with the whole evolution-of-the-new-students scenario because nothing new was brought to the table. Not even one new single joke or one new single catchphrase. And in the part where Reita goes to face the motorcycle gang, Black Skull, alone– I couldn’t help but LOL at this scrawny little kid (albeit kinda cute… there. I said it. But there are definitely no unchaste feelings there. I promise. Calvin however… xDDDDD) Reita-kun, even if those man-dudes played you fair & square in a one-on-one situation, nobody in their right mind would’ve backed you, boy!


I did appreciate the comic-y visuals however (e.g. when Yamaguchi had visions of herself heading the Oeda Group in her kimino, or when the kach!ng sheen flashes across the lens of Yamaguchi‘s specs on the plane, or also the part the new kids say “Ohayo!” to her for the first time, they show her face daydream amongst a field of blooming flowers.) I also liked the sound effects they’d implement to exaggerate, say, a head-turn or a blink or something. I really wish they had just taken this anime-esque quality over & beyond for the entire movie & really, really thrust the comedy factor in our faces. But the fun disappeared for a very long stretch in the second half of the film & the story got a little ambiguous in its direction for me- are you trying to be a drama, a thriller-action flickie or what? Wait, wasn’t this a comedy just a second ago?


The major plot that unfolds in the latter half of  the film involves Kazama Ren (played by Miura Haruma) from S3, who, after graduating from high school, has found himself a job as a courier (btw, I’m trying to imagine opening up my door to someone like him with a special delivery package… er, a parcel in his hands. It’s jail time baby -_-;) But money is tough (he has a sister to support too^^) & seduced by the thought of quick money, he impulsively accepts a dodgy sounding job not really knowing what it entails & ends up twisted into a drug dealing scheme. What follows is the usual Yankumi I-will-stand-by-you-no-matter-what action. Ren disappears, Yamaguchi searches & finds him then takes him back under her wings, she drops her entire life to find the true culprit, the students (both former & current) help because they see how devoted their ditzy sensei is to them, Voila (!) BAM (!), thankyou ma’am (!), case solved. Bad guys go home (or to prison rather.) Yamaguchi sensei & students are proven to be the pride of each other again. I would elaborate on details but quite frankly, it’s a waste of everyone’s time- if you’ve seen even just a single episode of any of the series, I assure you, you’ve seen it all before.


Can I say though, I hated the final Yankumi VS Politician! showdown… okay, so a teacher from primary school told me “hate” is a strong word. And to this day, it sticks in my head. Fine. Maybe I didn’t “hate” it per se, but it certainly made me… nauseous ><; I’m not sure if it was because I’d already decided I was going to hate not like it before it even rolled around, but as I was watching it, all I kept thinking to myself was, here we go, Yamaguchi sensei is making herself the centre of attention yet again. I don’t doubt her heart & her courage, but I think to bring someone down in front of all his supporters, all his colleagues & the entire freaking media… I don’t know, Yamaguchi‘s style is just too brash & too in-your-face for me. I prefer senseis (& people in general for that matter) who do things under the radar. Ones who help their beloveds without having the whole freaking world know about it.


Now for the Johnny boy of the hour, Mr Turtle Boy himself, Kamenashi Kazuya– I don’t actually get all the flak he copped for this project. I don’t feel like his screen-time in the movie really warranted the “This is all just one big stage to help boost Kame‘s career” conspiracy, I mean, to me, it was still Ze Yankumi Show more than anything else. And yeah Kamenashi Kazuya in Gokusen: The Movie wasn’t anything breathtakingly special in terms of acting performance, but then again, given what they were working with, who really was? The movie to me was never going to help boost anyone‘s career anyways; in fact, anyone involved in the film should seriously be counting their own blessings if they managed to walk away from this not having tainted their career, period^^;;;;;;


I sometimes wonder also, would Gokusen have ever worked had the students not been male? Would a bunch of adolescent catty girls been able to put up & come to like a Yankumi? Would the series have been as great of a success had they not used Johnny boy + ikemen power? I know the latter was what hung me in there. I guess I don’t blame them (in fact, somehow I’m thanking them) since my favourite thing by far in the movie was definitely the cameos. I silently squealed when Yamaguchi sensei bumped into Hyuuga Kosuke on the streets & learned that he was now a mechanic (Koide Keisuke is looking reeeaally good these days I must say. He definitely can service my car any any day >>; ) And oh yeah, Takeda Keita (played by Koike Teppei) was somewhere next to him as well. Also, at the politician dude’s national public conference, we had a robot sighting! I mean, sorry, that was Tsuchiya Hikaru (from S2, played by Hayamo Mokomichi,) who has become an assistant cameraman & was at the scene to help televise the event. Then near the end, we had some S1 love, when Minami Yoichi (played by Ishigaki Yuma!) & Noda Takeshi (played by Narimiya Hiroki… who was cooler-than-cool here. Like, rock gawd cool xD) swung by a dazed & confused (what’s new) but equally thrilled Yamaguchi sensei.


But this moment was when I fully squealed… —>>>


It’s Shun baby!!!!!!! (^^Although, as you may sense, I ain’t approving of the cute finger to her cheek, almost lip, thing~~)


Well, okay, it was really his character Haruhiko Uchiyama, but the crazy peroxide dreads were gone (or at least concealed) & the voice had definitely deepened. Heck, even the walk had been streamlined to ultimate suave kakkoi extreme! *bats eyelids* *drops to knees* *faints*……

After the cameos wound up, I did experience a lingering void. A feeling of being unsatisfied. I realised I needed a shot of Sawada Shin (& maybe even an Eeemrcanaised Hayato-kun -_-;) Not to say that I think Matsumoto Jun is a better actor than Kamenashi Kazuya (I actually believe Kame is the better overall actor) but Jun as Shin was the main attraction in my short-lived liking for Gokusen– that horrid streak of blonde hair, the semi mono-brow thing going on, the “Is there something going on between him & the class teacher?” vibe… Sawada Shin was & still is the ultimate Gokusen man-boy in my eyes. And his main men were probably the coolest of them all, too.

And with that realisation, the following thought came into my head- what if the plot had been centralised around the star students from S1 & S2 (& S3 of course)?? What if Yamaguchi‘s prominence had been scaled down completely, the story now focused on these students post-grad & we saw with our own eyes how their nutty gangster sensei had changed them & their futures for good? Sensei could’ve gotten into her own trouble for being such a bubblehead! Perhaps the students could then flex their biceps, team their efforts to physically save her this time instead & show us all they had become real men (& not just storming into the building at the climatic moment &, voice breaking & all, screaming out “Yankumi!!!!!!” to delay the baddies crushing her limbs, thus allowing the woman to stand back up & kick some more solo ass whilst the students just stand around, watching, chilling, looking cool.)

I know, I know, manga says it like this… but… what if?


[ Credit to dreamstime.com for the main “WANTED” poster graphic above. A few changes added by me to make it relevant to my post of course ;O Other pics capped by me, some of which I may have added my own annotations to *giant grin* ]



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12 10 2010

I’m without internet and computer at home, so I’ve been neglecting my dorama fangirl blogs for a while (gooomeen!!), but I’m sure glad I read this. Not only because your Gokusen experience mirrors mine !perfectly! (wee-eeell, with the exception that I did peek at a few S3 episodes… at the time I was, uhm, err, curious to see this Miura baby in action, err) but your commentary of the film (which I haven’t been able to watch past the first airplane scene for each and every reason you mentioned!) made me LOL so hard that everyone at work thought I’d gone crazy!
Oh, and the Jun & Jin wanted pics? priceless! :D

In the end I know I’ll cave in and watch it entirely because… because… well, I don’t know why, honestly, but I will. Maybe I should be thankful that I don’t have internet or computer access at home right now, saves me from self-inflicting this pile a crap for the time being!

13 10 2010

No internet AND computer??? How are you surviving??? ^^;;; Hope you get things back up & running soon!!

Sometimes I know we just need to complete a certain actor’s dramaography so I wouldn’t hold it against anyone for watching any part of S3 lol I guess you must like Miura ALOT thehe
If the day does come, it would be purely be because of Miura that I do end up seeing it for… but I ain’t holding my breath haha

Oh those “Wanted” posters?? Glad you enjoyed them & thanks for making mention of them ^_^ I just couldn’t help myself whipping them up ;OO

P.S. I’ve wanted to ask you for a while now… I’m having trouble navigating my way around your website. Most of the links that I click onto always come up with a “Waiting… This page will be back in a few hours” note- am I showing my technologically challenged side?? xPP Please enlighten me!

20 10 2010

No internet AND computer??? How are you surviving???
By sheer will power, excessive use of my phone (Saving Shun Oguri pics on my phone through wap surfing. yes, that’s how I spent my last sunday afternoon. Weekend before was Takeshi Kaneshiro. There are men out there counting their blessings that there are oceans and continents separating me from them…) and piggy-backing wireless with borrowed appliances. not to mention using the pc from work between classes (you wouldn’t say, the way I write in some of my comments, but I teach English for a living, haha)

My Miura interest started more or less like yours now, with a “sisterly” affection. He has such puppy eyes I could just melt at the “cute” he radiates. But I’ve noticed lately that the kid is getting less puppy and more tie me up/tie me down by the day and that is baaaaad! very, veeeery baaaad!

oh, and re your PS:
am I showing my technologically challenged side??
no, no! you’re just uncovering my technological laziness! those “few hours” were, uhm last year actually. I’d taken down the content from my site to clean the code because I wanted to have a nice clean W3C approved coding and some of the website’s content was causing minor errors (the site could be navigated, but W3C wouldn’t certify it was 100% perfect because they’re so square). So I started studying how to make a proper website and correcting all my xhtml blunders… and then got distracted by shiny objects and left the website as it is -_-

BUT being without a computer has taught me the importance of taking advantage of what you have when you have it, and since having an online portfolio wouldn’t be a half-bad idea finishing the website is in my toplist of “things-to-do-when-i-get-my-shit-together”. But thanks for visiting! XD

21 10 2010

Thank goodness for 3G/4G & WiFi mobile phones hey! xD Hope you get the computer issues dealt with soon :))

You’re an English teacher? That’s so cool! What year levels do you teach?
You know, you could always flee your way to Japan & offer your services to some of these J-boys ;P

Ooh, you like Kaneshiro Takeshi, too?? I know him more for his work in his time spent in the Hong Kong / China movie industry but have never seen any of his Jdoramas… what about you? Anything you would recommend?

21 10 2010

You know, you could always flee your way to Japan & offer your services to some of these J-boys ;P
Don’t think that idea doesn’t cross my mind 34998245 times a day! Truth is last year I had come up with a plan to make JE hire me so I could teach… English to all ze boys. But I realized Johnny might recognise a dangerous glint in my eyes and not let my paws anywhere near his preciousssssss.
(but Jin’s music talk vids def make me want to teach HIM something, 30% because I dig his face and 70% because he makes my ears bleed!)

Oh, and I teach in a language school, so my students are mostly teens and adults who need to improve (learn from scratch) their English because they need to pass an exam/get a promotion/marry a Canadian.

Ooh, you like Kaneshiro Takeshi, too??
“like” is an understatement. I want to be the ground beneath his feet covers better the idea, I think! Like you I’m only familiar with his Chinese productions, the obs… admiration started when I was in full teenage hormonal storm and saw him in Chungking Express. You could say the latest chapter is how I overload on a daily basis the server of Citizen’s new promotional campaign website by watching over and over (and over again) the “behind the scene” video and squealing at the exact three seconds where you see Takeshi break into a smile *fans herself*
But EG recommended K-20 so that’s def on my to-watch list!

22 10 2010

but Jin’s music talk vids def make me want to teach HIM something, 30% because I dig his face and 70% because he makes my ears bleed!
^^LMAO, you only rate his face at 30%? xPP Is that pre-America days or what, because it’s not fair to judge him atm since he’s obviously been living too well in the States lol *pinches Jinny’s cheeks* (keep it clean girls… >_>)

Well, I guess whether you are a baby, a teeny-bopper or an adult, there are always things to learn! Sometimes I think about giving up my day job & going over to Japan or something to teach English… tehehe

lol A slight infatuation with Kaneshiro Takeshi? xPP Don’t blame you, the guy’s face is close to perfection & his acting has improve alot over the yrs IMO. And I think it’s so cute whenever he tries to speak Cantonese^^ I think I liked HIM best in Turn Left, Turn Right & House Of Flying Daggers (Btw, he’s the face of Citizen watches?? Haven’t seen the campaign but I will get onto them for you ;O)

Chungking Express is handsdown one of my favourite films of all-time though… I think after watching it I switched to a diet of canned pineapples for about 6months lol But as cute as Takeshi was in that, it was Tony Leung who did it for me… I love that man xDDDDD

13 10 2010

They really should have stopped after season 1. But then there was season 2 followed by season 3 and a movie event that probably would have been better off never being made.

I have always been disappointed that they never showed what happened to MatsuJun’s character and Yankumi’s. In the manga series, I know their relationship was never set in stone, but it looked like they had a chance to get together (they weren’t that far apart age-wise anyways).

I was cautiously excited about the movie until I actually watched it. A springboard from season 3 which played as a really long episode versus an actual movie. Oh well. It was the same thing with Liar Game, though I admit to liking that movie (even though it did just seem like a TV special versus a theatrical release).

I agree about having a little less of Yankumi and having more of a focus on what happened to her previous students vs. their last minute cameos.

13 10 2010

I’ve only ever glance thru a few pages of the manga across a few different volumes but quite frankly, the graphics aren’t pretty enough for my eyes lol This is actually another puzzler for me as to why the Gokusen legacy has been such a success- there are so many more better drawn mangas out there.

Re Sawada Shin & Yamaguchi, I know right? It’s a shame that the live-action producers just sorta shunned that off. I think Odagiri & Yamaguchi had a little something extra on btwn them but even so, they had nothing on Shinny & Yamaguchi. Jun is like, the ultimate toy-boy lol (& has the dramaography to prove!)

Re Liar Game The Final Stage, I still haven’t seen it yet!!! But I so badly want to!!! Need subs but not released yet… (at least I can’t find them ><") Even with all the incomprehensibly stupid bad guys in the series, I still enjoyed both seasons a heck of alot. It was kinda amusing seeing Matsuda Shota just whoop everyone's ass w/o even breaking a sweat xDD

13 10 2010

OMG, I love you jicks for doing this recap/review/commentary. You just saved me from having to watch this movie, although I have to admit that I didn’t even have the heart to take a peek at the SPs that came before it. LOL x) For some reason, I didn’t really take to this series even when it first came out but it was interesting though to see how it was kind of a launchpad for up and coming actors in and out of JE wonderland.

This is one show that definitely worked itself into my Murtaugh list after having suffered thru 2 seasons of it. Had lots of fun reading this entry and I can’t help but notice how fans of the show are generally tired of Yankumi and her antics but for some reason, still manage to force themselves to watch and live to complain about it. I guess that just goes to show how much season 1 made an impression on folks… so much so, that producers of the series are willing to exploit the lingering affection that fans have for the show by producing so many disappointing and unnecessary follow-ups to it.

I sometimes wonder also, would Gokusen have ever worked had the students not been male?

I wouldn’t bet on it. I think about 95.9% of Gokusen fans would have to be female (give or take the odd male who crushes on Nakama Yukie)– and they’re not watching this thing out of Yankumi’s girl power. This show will always have a following because of the pretty albeit waifish boys.

And with that realisation, the following thought came into my head- what if the plot had been centralised around the star students from S1 & S2 (& S3 of course)??

Have to agree with you that the writers should have at least tried to switch things up for the movie and make the story more about them instead of just having them do glorified cameos. It might have also worked better if all the popular kids got a roll call. Imagine perfect attendance… maybe then I’d consider giving this movie a chance, at least it would have made people happy to find out what happened with their favorite delinquent.

13 10 2010

No probs zooey! Glad to save the day lol Sad thing is, like you made reference to, alot of ppl who end up falling into the trap of watching the move (& S2 & S3 even)… I know this was self-inflicted pain on my part. Can’t blame anyone but… Oguri Shun lol I suffered 117mins of Yankuminess for 60secs of the man -_-; But, at least his acting didn’t disappoint during that one minute lol

It might have also worked better if all the popular kids got a roll call. Imagine perfect attendance… maybe then I’d consider giving this movie a chance, at least it would have made people happy to find out what happened with their favorite delinquent.
Oh the role call sounds like fun :)) Actually, I’m thinking maybe something happened to Yankumi’s school & they all came back to help rebuild it or something. Or a new school for some Johnny Junior hopefuls underprivileged kids. They could all offer their different new skills to help with the process.

Or!!! I’m even kinda imagining like a S1 Vs S2 Vs S3 School Festival Event or something. Tug-o-war, sumo-wrestling, or they could dress up like women & open up their individual cafes to see who could draw in the most patrons ala HanaKimi… *pulls duct tape out* I’m thinking I need so shoosh myself up now -_-;

18 10 2010
Ender's Girl

Yattaaaaaa!!!!! I’m beside myself that you reviewed the Gokusens! This is epic jicks, ahhloveeehhht! (bwahahaha @ “turd-of-a-movie”)

LMAO @ YellowGold’s “anorexic dramaography” though I do second the sobsniffle @ the missing “A” from KT-TUN (I know right? *EG = glum!*). At least Akame fangirls will always have G2 ne?

After your review I suddenly had fond memories of Gokusen when before I had none, lol. (In other words I had more fun reading a single paragraph of your review than a whole season of a Gokusen, hahaha.) Thanks for making me laugh at your wisecracks and nod in agreement with your wonderful insights and roll my eyes at the G-franchise’s manifold shortcomings.

And I second zooey, had Yankumi’s students been girls instead (and I mean real biological girls lol) the dynamic would’ve changed completely — for one, byebye sexual tension and byebye eye candy! Same reason that nobody went to watch Mona Lisa Smile, I guess. heh heh

Wait — Tamamori Yuta? Good to know the kid has a NAME. In GokutheMovie I sort of got used to calling him “The Boy Who Sucked on a Giant Lemon.” What a sullen little sourpuss!

Re G3 – are ya shu-sh-sh-shu-shuuuure you wouldn’t rise to the bait even if Miura was standing in front of you, asking if you could try and watch G3 — pretty please with a cherry on top (him being the cherry, ehehehe)??? =D Don’t blame you though. I think I tried giving Episode 1 a spin and midway I just had to hit pause and tell myself, “wait a minute. I’m watching Gokusen 3. Gokusen THREE” haha. kind of that Far Side cartoon where these cows in a meadow suddenly look up and go, “wait a minute — this is grass. we’re eating GRASS.” lulz)

Bwahahahaha I cannot believe you linked that shameful – er special delivery package. *headdesk* But tying up his courier job in GokutheMovie to our favorite parcel? GOLD! Never thought of it that way! And zomg it just hit me, too: my 2 fave J-boys are in THIS movie. Dunno if that’s a good thing or what, though. They had just one scene (in the classroom) and outside of that didn’t get to bond much. Just as well, ‘coz if the two spent anymore time together I’ll just bet K. would need restraining in trying to scratch M.’s eyes out and screaming, “you’re too pretty!!! why can’t I be as pretty!!!” (lulz)

But THANK YOU x 138409384374 for those 4 screencaps of Odagiri+Yankumi+shot glass. Turtle Boy’s salaryman attire + normal hair + filled-out shoulders had me squeeing major time. This scene was so effin’ cute (def. one of my faves in the movie) and you’re just THE SHIZ (lulz). Also, thanks for putting things in perspective re Kame’s casting and screen time — you’re right, despite the Johnny/ikemen-heavy cast it WAS “Ze Yankumi Show,” always had been. And I’m sure if MatsuJun had returned as Shin, people would’ve gone easy on Kame and stopped blaming him for everything that was wrong with the movie (or with the franchise for that matter). Not fair, yo.

“Sawada Shin was & still is the ultimate Gokusen man-boy in my eyes. And his main men were probably the coolest of them all, too.”

^ Absoutely 19937% agree. Shin was “rargh! sexual tension! give him a few more years and he and Yankumi should TOTALLY shack up!” But I did also enjoy what Yankumi and Odagiri shared in G2 (I cried when he was all mean to her outside the nightclub in G2 remember? paaathetic) – even if back in G2 Kame was still so young and fugly with the constitution of a chicken. Which is why I didn’t really mind he came back for the movie. Hihihi

Lastly, you raised a terrific point about how it would’ve been better to shift the movie’s focus to the S1 & S2 boys (ok fine, throw in a couple from S3 — no make that just… one XD) and what their lives would now be like as college students and young professionals, instead of assigning them little cameos while introducing a whole new bunch of sullen, hardheaded kids that would become Yankumi’s precious students. With the existing star students the emotional investment would already be there (I mean, SHIN & his posse HELLO! I mean, Akame HELLO! lulz) and at least it would’ve been something DIFFERENT, something other than yet another retread of the same old drivel.

Oh and one last thing: THOSE WANTED POSTERS? GOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahahhahahha so freakin’ funny!!!!!!!! Loved the pics that were used, too! (Also was LMFAO @ MatsuJun’s 10 mirriyon yen to Jin’s 800 K. Poor Jinny!) These posters are a keeper!!! *fond tear*

21 10 2010

and I mean real biological girls lol
^^gahahaha ^^;;;;; I was reading this part in the tea room on my lunch break & seriously broke into hysterics- everyone in the tea room wanted to know what was so funny but alas, I couldn’t share with them my dark secret fandoms lol I wouldn’t even know where & how to begin to explain to them what the heck a Johnny boy is…

Re G3 – are ya shu-sh-sh-shu-shuuuure you wouldn’t rise to the bait even if Miura was standing in front of you, asking if you could try and watch G3 — pretty please with a cherry on top (him being the cherry, ehehehe)??? =D
^^lololol SO many wrong things just ran thru my head with that one single sentence >_> *pre-plans prison escape route* Nice attempt at getting a G3-viewing outta me but… well, fine, if such a scenario presented itself, I would consider it (would it count if I FF thru all the non-M.H. scenes??)

THANK YOU x 138409384374 for those 4 screencaps of Odagiri+Yankumi+shot glass.
^No worries, that was just for you!! xDD lol No seriously, that was one of my favourite scenes as well… actually, I enjoyed most (if not all) of Odagiri’s scenes- they seemed to have the most emotional undertones & substance to them; like, I could feel his true feelings of gratitude for his sensei. I do agree with you about his chemistry with Yamaguchi in G2 though… I do vividly remember getting worried for my Shinny boy lol For some reason right this sec I’m thinking maybe they could’ve made the movie a Shin VS Ryu “Let’s battle it out for Yankumi for the Teacher’s Pet position!” situation instead… then Hayato could fly back from The States & give Odagiri the “I thought you would wait for me..!” speech & show him some “AKAME forever” ink on the left hand side of his chest… *gags* Btw, I think I may have made Jin’s price tag too high on those posters lol

And I think both ya boys were looking just as purdy as one another!!
^_^ More woulda been nice, ne?

28 10 2010
Ender's Girl

^ jicks. you. have no. idea. how much THIS PIC MADE MY WEEEEEEK. did you cap this yourself????? thank you thank you i don’t know how to thank you enuffffff. i just came from the worst week of the whole bloody year (my sis got hospitalized for gastroenteritis, and now 2 other family members have the pinkeye, gahhhh. when it rains it pours, argh :-/) and i could barely get any work done (ah crud!)… but man oh man this photo put a big smile on my face — i mean the loopy, drippy kind of smile with accompanying “ehehehe” sounds, lol — because i didn’t expect it at all. so… THANK YOU!!! *dance of joy*

(imma totally take this for my personal stash and imma photoshop those other boys out of the background (stop looking at the CAMERA eejits) and — um can i rip your pic from your facebook? — put our faces in, gahahaha. so which side of the room you wanna be? ^^;;)

btw… hayato flying back from eemrriicaaa with his “i thought you’d wait for me speech” and “AKAME forever” tattoo? LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!!! that’s like so butt-squirmingly sick and twisted and AHLOVEEEHHHHTTTT XDDD. oh poor jin, after toiling in a strange land he comes home to find kame consorting with — a GIRL, eeewww. so much for the song PINKY which he obviously wrote for kame: “hey you are my pinky never cheat on me…” hahahahaha poor chump!

31 10 2010

Wishing your sis & your other relatives a super speedy recovery!! Gastro & conjunctivitis are no fun I’ve heard… nor is work lol But hey, here’s wishing good health to everyone ^_^

You know it! I did cap that piccie! (I wanted to use it in the main body of the post but it didn’t feel like it fit…) As soon as that camera panned around to those two’s faces, I KNEW I had to clip it (didn’t even see the others in the background so yeah, go ahead, crop them out lol.) They both look so… brother-like gaha

LMAO @you wanting to PS our faces in there ^O^;;;;;; Actually, I’m going to be gracious & decline & offer my spot… to you lol Feel free to put your face in there twice so you can be next to both of them at the same time thehe

2 11 2010
Ender's Girl

thanks a bunch for the well wishes! yep my sis is much better now (’twas that gyoza she ate at the mall that downed her, hatessss! urgh).

gotcha 100%, so i guess it’ll just be me photoshopping my mug in the background, then. actually i think what i’ll do is replace those extras’ faces (all 6.5 of them, lol) with my FB profile pic, but retain their bodies. hahahah. it’d prolly creep miura and kame the hellz out of their cocoa butter-slathered skin if both boys bothered to turn around — which is really more than i could ask for. hahaha

26 10 2010

sooo, have you watched the John Woo directed Tony & Takeshi reunion droolfest, err, i mean, epic film, Red Cliff? I’m (slowly) building up to that. dunno if I keep procrastinating because I feel that I could just die as a happy woman afterwards, haha!

btw, some crazy Takeshi fangirl (who could it be? lol) uploaded the making the photoshoot for Citizen on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK0l8jcy-As
Takeshi’s smile at 0:44 and 1:17 brightens my day every time!

LMAO, you only rate his face at 30%?
mind you, Jin is still a guilty pleasure I shan’t deny, he has made me re-watch the PV of Real Face, against my better judgement, several times. But his Engrish just gets to me so badly even his face falls behind it. And let’s face it, the layers of hamburgers piling on his figure ain’t helping, but Jinny has always been rather yo-yo in the weight dept.

and omg, sorry i’ve been going so off-topic!!!

27 10 2010

Yeppies I’ve watched Red Cliff (part 1+2)… there is no way in this universe I would’ve bypassed the flick… although if you’re after sex-o-rama Takeshi, I think you may be disappointed in this one ;P Movie itself was alright, epic but I didn’t overly get emotionally invested in it. Lin Chi Ling was actually in this & from memory she served her role pretty well unlike a certain other acting performance… >_>

OMG I love you for upping that Citizen clip! He looks sooooo divine, like better than a mannequin divine lol He def looks like a Citizen MAN.

Re Real Face PV, not my favourite I don’t think, the blood red fur-trimmed outfits didn’t work for me & there was probably a bit too much in-the-camera hip-gyrating action from Kame from memory lol My favourite KAT-TUN PV may have to be.. Signal. Everyne looks like they’re enjoying themselves whilst looking normal haha I like White Xmas, too, because Jinny looks, er, rather huggable.

AND… don’t hold this against me, but the LIPS PV unfortunately does do something for me, can’t help but stare… something to do w/ the freaking black eyeliner & the farking fedoras ><;

P.S. Don't worry about going off-topic… I am a pro at that myself lol

28 10 2010

if you’re after sex-o-rama Takeshi, I think you may be disappointed in this one
oh, worry not, I did see the stills early in the promotion stage! (and I remember I was looking and looking and thinking “where the bloody hell is Takeshi??” and when I did recognize him my heart broke a little. So I ransacked the net for recent photographic campaigns to see is he was just “into the part” or had really become, heh, much less than perfect? trust me, this Citizen ads were good for the heart on many levels, mostly to show that the man is still smokin’) <- James Joyce in brackets.

Lin Chi Ling was actually in this & from memory she served her role pretty well unlike a certain other acting performance
*snorts* considering my expectations concerning her are, well, zero, she can’t possibly disappoint me! :P Mind you, I didn’t dig Tsuki in general (didn’t even finish it actually), to be entirely honest, twas one of those doramas with such unoriginal plots I wouldn’t even bother watching if KimuTaku didn’t have the effect of switching off my brain and make me move on autopilot. bzz-brain-OFF-hit-PLAY-VIDEO-bzz

there was probably a bit too much in-the-camera hip-gyrating action from Kame from memory lol
mwahahahah! true, but on the other hand Kame was so on the puny side I could see right past him, lol! well, Real Face comes to mind because it was the first KAT-TUN video I’d seen. It first caused a major brainfreeze as I tried to deal with all the moral issues it brought up and the fact that somewhere in me there was a future JE-acolyte screaming “whoo-hoo! cute boyz!” (plus the “Jin version” of Real Face conveniently cuts all the excessive Kame and his invisible hula hoop out :P)

and, hahaha, I won’t hold LIPS against you, I think the only reason why the naughty fedoraness and the jewelry diet (really Jin, don’t bite on neckwear, can’t be good for your teeth!) doesn’t have its full impact on me is that I’m too distracted by Junno looking like a Narnia extra :)

28 10 2010
Ender's Girl

lmao am laughing my (real) face off at this little exchange!!! Real Face was like SO KAT-TUN, like the KAT-TUNiest PV with the red and the fur and the swivel-hips. i think my fave PV would be Rescue because of the polished look.

(junno = narnian = is freakin’ hilarious!!! mr tumnus’ distant asian cousin perhaps? XD)

funny you were discussing takeshi. a couple of nights back i was watching an old 2002 SmaSma episode where takeshi guested in both a billiards shootout (man the dude is good) and Bistro Smap, where he ordered a poultry dish. it was kind of embarrassing how nakai & co. kept teasing kimura that he and takeshi ought to do a project together, and they kept leaving the 2 in the same camera frame and kimura kept drawling, “aww shucks you guys keep DOING this!!!” *hair flip* (lol) and luckily takeshi was very nice and gracious the whole time. so weird seeing him speak nihonggo (he had to learn it when he came to japan at 18 i think) when i’m more used to seeing in chinese/hongkong stuff.

i’ll just bet kimura felt flattered as heck, although it WAS embarrassing to even put them in the same league together (OH NAKAI) because as much as i love kimura, they’re… well, NOT really. in the same. league. i mean:

takeshi: movie actor…….. kimura: tv actor
takeshi: pan-asian superstar…… kimura: dorama king (lulz)
takeshi: multi-lingual world citizen…….. kimura: Engrish speaker
takeshi: chungking express………… kimura: shoot! hit the goal (lulz)


31 10 2010

Man they’ve taken the Susan Boyle clip down! (I’m too slow~~) Hmmm… *off to search for clip in cyberspace…*

!!! Your Takeshi VS Kimura standoff is hilarious ^O^;;;;; As much as I love to poke fun at the Dorama King (albeit sloping lol,) I think I would still elect to watch him in a series over Takeshi most days (definitely not most nights though, you know, when there is a Moon involved lol) xDD

I guess it depends kinda on where you are & who you are, really. Say for instance, my Dad thinks Kaneshiro Takeshi can’t act to save his life & my Mum, well, she likes him but let’s just say it’s not really for his acting either~~ From my knowledge, Kimura is hugely respected as an actor in alot (if not, most) Asian countries (like, worship status,) whereas from what I have followed of him in the Hong Kong media, I feel like Kaneshiro Takeshi did start off definitely being more known for being kinda nice-looking than being a good actor & the image has kinda hung around…

Btw, I was watching a Red Cliff interview last year & Takeshi’s Cantonese has gone downhill! He had to conduct the show speaking Mandarin (but he was not the only one, Xui Mei aka Lin Chi Ling was Mandarinning away too…) So… now instead of like, 5 languages now, he can speak 4 lol

2 11 2010
Ender's Girl

lololol, takeshi’s cantonese is slipping away? lmao! (is mandarin that much easier to speak than cantonese, or is it just because it’s used in taiwan more and takeshi and LCL happen to be from there?)

i actually haven’t seen any of takeshi’s jdoramas (golden bowl, and that weepy AIDS drama with long name). i knew him first as a movie actor (chungking, flying daggers, k-20, turn left turn right) so i guess the impression kind of stuck that he had a better rep with the critics and intl audiences. whereas i have yet to see a kimura movie that really blew my socks off. (he was good in 2046 but his role wasn’t really major, plus i felt that the movie itself didn’t measure up to WKW’s best work.) so i guess what i’m trying to say is, if kimura and takeshi were in a movie together i don’t quite think it would jel, but yeah, like you, i’d still prefer to watch kimura on TV than takeshi. (rofl @ the lunar prohibition clause!!! XD)

3 11 2010

some do say cantonese is more difficult to master because of all the nit-picky intonations but i’ve tried my hand at mandarin & failed. all the words sound the same to me lol

in takeshi’s case, yah i think you’re right, since taiwan is all mandarin speaking nation & he’s obviously been hanging out there (& mainland china i think) he’s probs just lost his canto mo’jo thru not having to use it lol

i think 2046 gets better with ea rewatch… but that said, i agree with you, i wouldn’t pick it as my favourite or best wong kar wai flickie :)

well, should kimura ever lose his dorama king crown (not that i’m suggesting the time is near ^^;;;) mebbe he can go gung-ho on his movie career then…. until then… Have you seen the poster & trailer(s) for Space Battleship Yamato though? Looks kinda cool (Kimura looks especially cool with his messy tousled hair xDD) The CGI for the movie seems pretty good from what I can tell so far as well. Didn’t realise until recently that Koyuki was in it as well though… hmm… >_>

btw, i hope you guys reported that gyoza place… save the planet! save the earth! lol

31 10 2010

lmao, Junno looking like a Narnia extra <<<GOLD.

Man, I didn't want to be the one to bring up Jin-biting-on-the-bling thing… so now that you've mentioned it mil, you’ve allowed me to do this —>>> xDDDDD
I’ll be the first to admit it was lame but alas, that manskank still got my attention *throws up in mouth* *grins* lol

29 10 2010

i love love this post!

i was on fangirling hiatus, but i just had to share my thoughts on this. i enjoyed reading the post although i would have to part ways with you on how i feel about gokusen because i love the whole thing.^^

the first time i watched it, i was actually turned off by the preaching, especially on how i thought yankumi was advocating violence. i quite misunderstood. anyway, i got over it, and accepted the things you disliked about it – the repetitiveness, predictability, etc. hehe.^^

but i’d have to say that i liked gokusen 1 the best for it really began my descent into jdorama – er -matsumoto jun madness. I will forever be thankful to you Sawada for giving me matsumoto jun et arashi. And most of all, shinkumi. i’ve been kinda obsessing on the sawada-yankumi angle; there was that ‘is there something going on between yankumi and this sawada boy, is there?? there is, isn’t it??’ kind of nagging vibe. the final scene where sawada ‘confesses’ just had me squealing happy. (sawada, you sneaky boy!). During the cameo parts in Gokusen the Movie, and up to the last minute of it, I was still hoping for Sawada to appear and greet yankumi with his ‘can’t read my mind even if you tried’ stare.

i LOLed at your reaction to shun’s cameo in the movie *high-five* I found uchi totally cute in the series, and in the movie, well, *faints along with you*

i must mention, odagiri ryu – charming. clean-cut, suit-wearing odagiri ryu. SIGH.

What if Yamaguchi‘s prominence had been scaled down completely, the story now focused on these students post-grad & we saw with our own eyes how their nutty gangster sensei had changed them & their futures for good? Sensei could’ve gotten into her own trouble for being such a bubblehead! Perhaps the students could then flex their biceps, team their efforts to physically save her this time instead & show us all they had become real men — you’re a genius. i want to see this happen. :)

31 10 2010

Hey twentynineandcounting, long time no see!

Fangirling hiatus lol It does take alot outta ya but… hey. Sometimes I can’t control the inner beast lol

But thankyou for commenting! High five right back a’cha! Never mind our differing opinions of the Gokusen series. I’ve liked my fair share of series that the majority of everyone else bagged. I think alot of the times it really just depends on how you as the viewer chooses to see a series (or movie or whatever.)

During the cameo parts in Gokusen the Movie, and up to the last minute of it, I was still hoping for Sawada to appear and greet yankumi with his ‘can’t read my mind even if you tried’ stare.
^lol “‘Can’t read my mind if you tried’ stare.” I thought I caught a glimpse of it (his mind.) Surely got a “I wouldn’t mind getting into your pants” kinda vibe. Or mebbe not xP But you’re right, even though I knew beforehand that Jun wasn’t in the movie, I still had that longing hope. Heck, I would’ve been fine even had they make her walk past an Arashi billboard or something lol~~

25 01 2012

Gokusen isn’t complete without SHIN SAWADA…
We want Gokusen movie part 2 we love the yankumi and shin pairing

19 02 2012

Hey Shen,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I completely agree with you that it didn’t feel right without Shinny kun but that said, I don’t think I would want a second instalment of a Gokusen movie. Kinda nice to keep the mystery of the pilot series don’t you think?

17 09 2018
Deanna Albert

As I sat here reading your blog, I couldn’t take it seriously, and all I could think of is the meme of a stick figure with the point flying over its’ head. You disliked Yankumi’s idealism, and wanted the movie to be about the kids as their lives continue?

Did you ever read the manga, or watch the anime? I know both the anime and the dorama differed from the manga in some respects, but they didn’t change her. She IS idealistic and she DOES preach. But she’s a TEACHER. What else are teachers supposed to do? She deliberately acts like a ditz and a clutz, to hide her strength and who she is. She inspires her students to be better people because while she hides her family situation, she never hides who she is. They said it several times over in the series. ‘She’s the only one who takes them seriously. The only one who butts heads with them.’

There have been real versions of her – people who’ve ignored what others said they should do because ‘society disapproves’ in ordered to make a difference and help others. Books and movies have been made about real teachers who’ve helped their students who were looked at as unsavory. The only difference is that Yankumi is childishly idealistic.

I understand that when seen as often as they are in this show, the lectures can be annoying. But, the idealism she had was the entire point of the series. It’s called Gangster Teacher, not Reformed Delinquents.

(And yes, I agree on all the guys being pretty and how it would have been nice to focus on the original series actors. I also would LOVE to have seen Sawada show up as her love interest. BUT, considering their real life rocky relationship and breakup, I was unsurprised by him NOT coming to the movie.)

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