Those Fog Bar boys on Oshareism again

15 10 2010

[[[ Related post: I still heart my Fog Bar <<<—Last year’s show^^ ]]]

Man, I have a wish. I wish for new Uno Fog Bar CMs every year. That way we can make this show an annual event. Maybe we could even turn it into a(n) (inter?)national holiday!


(photo credit: maisakura @sina china as labelled)

Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita, Miura Haruma & Miyazaki Aoi on Oshareism 10/10/10 (what a ten outta ten date! haha):

>>> Watch it here ^_^ <<<

[ As usual, I need to make my own commentary so this time, look out for indigo bold italics~~! ]


※ The boys walk on stage with Tsumabuki Satoshi & Eita intentionally switching places because Eita wants to avoid Ueda-san [ The poor thing must’ve been scarred from his drilling one year ago! Oh the good times *fond tear* ] But as soon as go to sit down, they revert back^^ [ Under strict marketing directions from Shiseido? >_> Btw, Eita’s “Shu” in the beginning is already too much… xD ]

※ First topic of conversation is drinking. They note that Miura is now the legal age [ did you hear that??????? *rests  chin in between thumb & index finger & cackles* *pounds down straight shot of tequila* ] Before they shot the latest Uno Fog Bar CMs, Shun, Eita & Miura went out to have a few drinks together in London (Satoshi couldn’t come as something came up.) [ No wonder the CMs ended up so cracktasically hilarious lol Just joking ;O But for some reason I’m wanting to see them pull one of those lame contests to see who can get the most phone numbers in one night lol My bet? Satoshi, if he was there ;P Otherwise, my money would be on… Miura for some reason. And I don’t think he would even need to try (´ε` ) ]

※ We already know Shun turns into an emotional mess when he’s drunk but what about Eita? According to Shun, our frizzy hair master morphs into a super manly passionate, er, man when he’s downed one too many. One time when Eita was drunk, he said to Shun, “Listen, no matter what, I will always look out for you!!!!!!” The audience is like, aaawww. [ *buries head in pillow* *wails* This makes me feel so gooey inside! I know I’ve said this before but I mean it more than ever- someone fuureaking moosh these two in a dorama right now!!!!!! I am willing to give up my… Buzzer Beat DVD lololol ]

※ Apparently Satoshi drank so much once he passed out at Shun‘s place. Shun then took a secret photo of Satoshi & later sent it to him [ I must say Shun is quite noble~~ If Buki was unconscious in my house, I wouldn’t be simply taking photos that’s for sure. But I’d imagine I wouldn’t be doing anything to him that doozy would be doing either tehe ]

※ Then begins the personality tests, where the boys are probed with three questions. This time, Ueda-san joins in on the action ^_^

1. Imagine there is an old shrine deep in the mountains, and a monkey is trapped in a cage there.  Draw the facial expression of the monkey.
Meaning: This what you they’ll look like when they are older. [ lol @ Shun’s eyeless primate attempt. It looks more like a frggn lion^^; Satoshi, forever the kawaii babyface xDD LMAO @ Eita’s sketch & how the hosts keep asking him if he’s gonna be okay when he gets older if he’s going to turn out like that. But hey, at least he still has the big ears xD Shun’s laughter at Eita’s sketch is also funny as heck. And Ueda-san’s angry vampire monkey is ROFLtastic xD ]

2. You are looking for a flower, and you find the flower you were looking for at the florist, what would you say to the flower?
Their answers-
Miura: I’ve finally found you.
Satoshi: We’ve finally met each other.
Shun: It’s here.
Eita: Looks as great as I thought.

Meaning: This is what they say to pick up a woman. [ Bravo boys! Bravo! That’s what we wanted to hear! *tears stream from corners of eyes* (Except, well, Shun you may wanna work on your line a bit. Lucky you’re hawt *giant hug*) I love how the entire audience is female btw. Some of their reactions almost put me to shame lol (what’s that saying about the stove & the kettle & something about being black? xPP) ]

I’ll confess, Miura’s one-liner got my eyes glistening the most… I think how he so bashfully half-hid his face behind the writing pad as he was speaking the words made it just the more, er, likeable *throws a sisterly hug* ]

3. Your favorite food is on the table, when you look at the food, what is your facial expression?
Meaning: This is the face they show only to the one they love. [ *grins like a mad woman* Shun, you had me at THAT look *melts into one humungous gloop* Ahem. Miura’s two-hand fist pump in the air thing made me giggle. I’d cook you dins anyday sweetiepie *slaps self in face* lol@ Satoshi not being able to keep a straight face. And Eita’s? ROFL 1 million & 28 times. Gold *bangs fist repeatedly on desk* ^^;;;;;;;; LMAO @ Shun looking like he was trying not to burst into hysterics… ]

Miyazaki Aoi [ can’t help but like this girl^^ ] then joins the party & talks about working with the guys. She noted that she had worked together with Satoshi, Shun & Eita before [ well, well, wasn’t someone good in their past life? xD ] so she felt perfectly comfortable, however this was the first time she & Miura had worked together. Aoi & Shun gave known each other since their high-school years.

Aoi-chan’s nickname for Satoshi is Tsumao, & for Shun, it’s Guri.

Satoshi likes to run, 5-6kms everyday [ *hand-to-head salute* Way to go! That is amazing *drops to floor* I personally couldn’t even slow-dance that distance lol ]

Shun now has a  love for Lego, thanks to Eita who introduced it to him [ Seriously Shun, love you, but have you been living under a rock? ] He assembled the ship in one night [ Alright Shun, you, me, at the bow of the ship at 3 *puts on English accent* “I’m flying Shuuun! I’m flying!” *leaps into Atlantic & smashes head on giant iceberg* -_-; ]

Shun shows a picture of his All Night Nippon (his radio show) magazine & Ueda-san points out on the cover it says there is a section for Over-18s & questions why [ uh-oh…… ] Shun replies it’s because they talk alot of ecchi late at night[ Oh snap. For once I have nothing to say (*_   _*) ]

Shun also showed a photo of his Gantz manga collection. Apparently recommended to him by Miura. [ I’m beginning to think that these boys are terrible influences on each other… drinking to the point of intoxication, manga, video games, excessive fashion & toys accumulation… no! No! No! Muahaha of course I’m joking. Please let me play ;O ]

Eita brought in another photo of the infamous 99yen toilet brush, one year later, still exactly the same, unused. [ Gaaah!!! Eita-kun, please, let me be your housemaid!!!!! I’ll show you how to use that toilet brush properly xDD ]

※ Lastly, we had the palm reading rounds. This is what I can make of it-
Miura‘s career luck is very good. But something about being spoilt & being a baby was mentioned. [ Aaw, cut the baby some slack! He’s only 20, he’s fully allowed to… do that 53:42 tongue-in-cheek thing~~ ]
Satoshi has very strong luck overall.
Shun‘s currently at a challenge with his work but has incredible popularity.
Eita has two destiny lines which spells out to having twice the good luck!

Btw, LMAOX100 @ Eita’s card shuffle fail at the end xDD

Another brilliant barrel of laughs! Seems like these four enjoy each other’s company as much as we enjoy theirs~~ That’s for shu! xP

( Translation credits: tokyohive, Life In A Bubble,,,, with the trusty(N) ” help” of BabelFish ^^; Corrections, amendments & additional points more than welcome!!)



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16 10 2010


oh, and btw jicks: I think how he so bashfully half-hid his face behind the writing pad as he was speaking the words made it just the more, er, likeable *throws a sisterly hug* <- sisterly, huh? yeah, right! :P

16 10 2010

*eyes dart manically* Hmm…

lol Believe me, I am trying my hardest to not extend my “interest” for that boy beyond anything of the sisterly variety… but some of the faces he just pulls just doesn’t help at all >_>;

Did you enjoy the show? I couldn’t stop laughing (just like last yr’s show;O)!!

16 10 2010

h i l a r i o u s !
I was laughing so hard at work the receptionist came over to see what was all the fuss (then walked away puzzled when she saw I was looking at a bunch of Japanese boys drawing weird monkeys).

The favourite food was the worst! Satoshi was about to make some weird “overcoat-perv” expression and I just burst out laughing as he did, but when I saw Eita’s I just fell off the chair (both times!), I kid you not! (and yes, yes, Shun’s Hanazawa-ish expression made me want to magically turn into a bowl of whatever it is that he was thinking of)

and yeah, by the end I was on the phone with the girl police, to have Miura arrested for excessive kawaiiness while developing the airs of a man (why! why! sooo much better when he only looked like a cute puppy in my eyes!)

17 10 2010

(if there should be a double or triple copy of the comment I left earlier I apologise, I got click happy…)

17 10 2010

No worries Mil! All sorted… but for some reason your previous comment filtered into the SPAM section (???)
Lucky I saved it though because you really made me chuckle! I feel for the poor receptionist at your work… I’m sure they were wondering what the heck was up with these barber looking dudes (2 of which had bad hair lol *coughs*Shun*coughs*Eita*coughs*coughs*) And your “Girl Police” concept… LMAO xDD Miura, MOST WANTED for sure ;OO (#2 mebbe could be… Morita Go lololol NOT)>

19 10 2010

This is gonna sound so not true but… I like Eita’s Fog hair! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching the promos too many times (but I doubt it, because I still think Shun’s are horrific! If the boy weren’t so smouldering I don’t think I’d be able to overlook that stylistic disaster) or I’m just biased by other factors, but I do think they look pwetty! Oh noes! It has happened! My fangirlism has had the better over my sense for aesthetics!

I’m off to watch the old promos and appreciate the retrospective normality of their hairdos back then…

21 10 2010

Eita’s isn’t too bad, he has had worse hair before lol

I adore Shun, but I don’t think the wet curly look is working to well for him… I think it may be half for his styling for his new Dolittle dorama but it definitely isn’t working for me…

17 10 2010

Domo arigato, my supplier! ;)

My thoughts and reactions:
-How tall is Shun coz Satoshi looks short standing next to him?

-Eita’s shu and reaction at fav food… hahahahahah! I wonder what he was thinking of when he exhaled shu and gave us that LMAO priceless look… love Eita’s dead-pan sense of humor.

-Satoshi’s lively storytelling… boy, why are you so adorable?! And Buki… what a kawaii nickname!

But I’d imagine I wouldn’t be doing anything to him that doozy would be doing either
I’d probably take be taking photos too and perhaps… cover Satoshi with a blanket lest he gets cold… I mean, I’m a lady and I’d like to think that I have a good amount of self-control so that I wouldn’t succumb to temptation, right?! heehee *giggles* *thinks pure thoughts*

Satoshi likes to run, 5-6kms everyday Wow, good for him! Although it does make me sad that we have one less thing in common because I’m so outta shape.

-The Tigger bit… What’s going on there?

-Miura’s of legal age? someone must be happy *coughEGcough*

Alright Shun, you, me, at the bow of the ship at 3 *puts on English accent* “I’m flying Shuuun! I’m flying!” *leaps into Atlantic & smashes head on giant iceberg*
I was eating soup when I read this and I almost sprayed the computer screen. Your commentary is freaking hilarious!

I’m all for the holiday idea. On this day, we would all celebrate by dressing dress up in suits/vest in black and gray colors and we’d respond to every question, comments, etc. with “SHU!”

17 10 2010

hey doozy! don’t fret about satoshi’s height, because yeah, shun is just a lank-o-rama. i know ya boy is okay with it actually, i remember during a promo press con thing for the original fog bar cms last yr, he actually made a comment himself about the height of the four of them, how if anyone had noticed that he is the only one who is not 180cm tall lol But hey, he more than makes up for it with his super boyish charm, doesn’t he? xD

you know what, i would LOVE to dress up like those boys & just utter “SHU!” to everything all day. hmm. i do have a Halloween party coming up! maybe i could do it then… but it would probably be too hard explaining it to my Australian friends^^;

18 10 2010
Ender's Girl

@ doozy
“-Miura’s of legal age? someone must be happy *coughEGcough*” – Happy? HAPPY? I’m DOG-PADDLING MY WAY TO JAPAN AS WE SPEAK, hahahaa. Wait for me Miura!!! Wait for me — in Aomori, where the seagulls fly!!! W-w-glglgugnngjrrrfdhfd *drowns*

@ jicks
“If Buki was unconscious in my house, I wouldn’t be simply taking photos that’s for sure. But I’d imagine I wouldn’t be doing anything to him that doozy would be doing either tehe” – Lololol how about, we LOCK doozy and buki in a room together, THEN we take photos through the peephole ehehehehehehe

jicks thanks for posting this!!!!!! your comments = GOLD as usual! ahahaha the monkey drawings = so kawaii! and eita the great deadpanner “shu-ing” = cracked me up!!!!

miura saying “i’ve finally found you” while hiding behind the board = *flops dead* *is slain* seriously the boy’s so damn cute it’s ILLEGAL.

and shun saying “it’s here” = laughed so hard, it’s so shun!!! (lol as if i know the dude at all)

53:24 tongue-in-cheek thing??? where where??? somehow the tudou video stopped loading at 31:00 OH CRUD and now i gotta go to a meeting halfway across the city OH CRUD — for work and stuff, OH CRUD. will finish watching when i come back. let it be 6:00 pm already!!! OH CRUD

p.s. inaugurate an UNO FOG BAR DAY = I SECOND THIS x 29831748734 lololol

21 10 2010

^^GAHAHAHA Classic!!! *hurls life ring into ocean* Seriously, your efforts would be so worth it… like you said, that boy is far too cute to be true. The perfect type to take home to your mother *pokes tongue inside of mouth* xP

Shun’s “It’s here” was freaking hilarious. I liked that he seemed almost too embarrassed that was the extent of his romancing etiquette xD

And yeah I am totally in on the peephole thing lol (sorry doozy ;P …but we know you’ll enjoy it lol)

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