Quote it: Shim Gun Wook

26 10 2010


“There will probably come a day when I can laugh freely, too, right?”

Shim Gun Wook (Bad Guy, ep12)


Working on a Bad Guy post.

Finished watching it a week ago & my thoughts & emotions are still all over the place… but I will say this for now-

I freaking loved it <3




4 responses

26 10 2010

Have stalled out at episode 10 because I snuck a peak at the ending. :P Glad you loved it and can’t wait to hear … er, read your thoughts on it

27 10 2010

lol Well, if you saw the ending, I can understand why you stopped ^^;

Although, episodes 10 through to about 12 from memory were pretty awesome. Ep11 probably my fave :) *hint hint “You should continue on wolforion!”* xP

25 08 2011

I am still watching it. Love it so far. Gunwook shim is soooo hot. I love it when he’s on the screen. I hope the ending is good. I heard it wasn’t.

30 08 2011

Hey Lydia,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! lol at your Shim Gun Wook is hot comment. It’s a good feeling to acknowledge, isn’t it? :P

I tend to prefer to watch most things and make my own judgement because sometimes my tastes are a little weird i.e. different from mainstream. But I know I’m definitely not the only one who loved Bad Guy, even the ending! Please do share how you feel about it once you’re done^^

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