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6 11 2010

[ !!!!!!Spoiler Alert!!!!!! Well, I’m gonna spend a good few paragraphs discussing THE ENDING. And give away key turning points in the series. So, er, read if you’ve seen it already or if you don’t plan on seeing it ever… but if the latter is your decision, then may I please say that IMO you are missing out big time!!! ]

“Where is it that I am headed? To heaven or to hell?” -Shim Gum Wook*

*Quickword: For the sake of minimal confusion, I will be referring to Kim Nam Gil‘s character as Shim Gun Wook., thus Kim Jae Wook‘s character as Hong Tae Sung. You’ll figure it out what I mean. Oh, & I will be dedicating another post to Bad Guy sometime later so I can ramble on more in detail about some of the scenes ^_^ Look forward to it lol


Bad Guy (SBS, 2010) is the story of a man (Kim Nam Gil) out to seek revenge on the family that unremorsefully swooped his childhood upside down into a living hell. Through several flashbacks we learn that this man was born as Choi Tae Sung. His father was both deaf & mute & his living circumstances were modest to say the least, yet these times were by far his simplest, his most happy & his most untainted. He was a kid whose dream simply was to grow up quickly so he could earn money to buy a hearing aid for his father.

One day, this father, in absolute jitters, drags Tae Sung into the family truck & speeds their way out into the city. He drops Tae Sung off in front of a grand mansion, telling him that the people inside will become his new family. Tae Sung is wailing, he doesn’t understand why he is to call these strangers “family?” What is family?

Time passes & this boy Tae Sung begins to settle down in his new surroundings, comfortable, well-off, happy- everything he asked for, he could probably get. But no longer do people refer to him as Choi Tae Sung– he is the son of the Hong family, owners of the Hae Shin Group, an extremely powerful & affluent conglomerate in South Korea. He carried the President’s blood therefore he must carry the family name. People were now calling him Hong Tae Sung.

But on a cold & windy night, the Hong family relentlessly decide to evict the young master out of their home, claiming that he was “a fake Hong Tae Sung.” A new boy enters the house- he is “the real Hong Tae Sung,” they say. The butler literally forces “the fake Tae Sung” into the curb, sending the small child through a piece of hard trash lying on the side of the road. He picks Tae Sung back up & sees that the right hand side of his back has been lacerated by broken glass but refrains from helping him. He tells Tae Sung that his “real parents” (the deaf/mute couple) will be on their way & leaves him. He waits, & waits but they never come. The rain is piercing down on Tae Sung, spreading the blood from his wound on the right hand side of his back through his entire shirt. This will become a scar that he will never forget.

Years later, this child, now a grown man, enters the Hae Shin Group & weaves his way through the sisters’ hearts with the single goal of breaking down the entire family. And he has given himself a new name-

Shim Gun Wook.

For those of you expecting a justice-must-be-served-at-all-costs(!) type of ending, then my friend are you going to be disappointed. Given the series’ director Lee Hyung Min‘s track record (Autumn In My Heart, Winter Sonata, Sang Doo! Let’s Go To School, I’m Sorry I Love You & The Snow Queen, to name a few,) honestly, we should probably be rejoicing that there weren’t more tragedies. I, for one, certainly never anticipated a final image of our main couple, Gun Wook & Jae In, prancing together under a rainbow-filled sky beaming their pearlers away whilst listening to some Arashi track on the same iPod  >_>…


But this was one of the many things that I loved about Bad Guy– it didn’t conform to a spoilt-viewer ending. Whether or not the abruptly shortened number of episodes (due to Kim Nam Gil‘s urgent mandatory military service enlistment) affected things or not, the ending still worked for me. It pained me seeing Kim Nam Gil‘s character leave this world alone even though there were numerous indications throughout the series that hinted that this would be Gun Wook‘s inevitable destiny, but I expected it. Happily Ever After doesn’t always happen for everyone. At least not in the the typical fairytale way.

This beautifully crafted story of Bad Guy was only further enriched by the graceful artistic vision of Director Lee. I truly could not speak highly enough of the direction. This was one mighty good-looking series- & that’s not just referring to the darn cast. Director Lee always managed to capture his characters & the scenery in such a gorgeous way that exacted their mood & emotions. He was stylistic with his shots & angles but not to the point of arty-fartiness. And the soundtrack, PHWAR(!), the soundtrack- Delicate. Haunting. Provoking. Evoking. Perfection. Every song & every score felt like it was meant to be. These high quality production factors definitely contributed to the appeal of Bad Guy for me (well, that, & a trip to Nippon, woot!!! Woot-wooot!!! A whole two & a half episodes in Japan searching for a glass mask made by Ryu senseiwithout a single JE sighting xDDD lololol)


But by far what I appreciated & helplessly became attached to the most were the characters, & the seeming core of the plot- Gun Wook‘s vengeance. I know at lot of the times when we use the word elegant, it can kindle a sense of old-fashioned. And with the series being pretty so darn melodramatic, Bad Guy could’ve easily tripped face first into the “OH MAH GAWD This is so corny!” territory- yet it didn’t. Bad Guy managed to find itself in the perfect zone. The series oozed effortless elegance but at the same time, it felt modern, it felt hip, it felt cool. Nothing about this series felt cheesy to me at all. The characters felt relevant, their motives felt real & above all, Gun Wook‘s thirst for vengeance felt totally warranted (seriously, I am there to help him take down the Hongs! I could be there giving my best shot at baiting Kim Jae Wook Tae Sung shi >_>..!)

I know there has been an overwhelming reaction to Kim Jae Wook‘s performance as Hong Tae Sung, many going as far as saying he “stole the show” but, as much as I want to eat Kim Jae Wook up in all his androgyneous glory (ahem -_-;) did I really say that?? lol, without a shadow of doubt in my eyes, Kim Nam Gil was the man. I haven’t seen much of his other works (I know I know I have to get onto Queen Seon Duk^^) but from what I can see here, Kim Nam Gil = leading man fo’shizzle material. His character started off rather distant, somewhat hostile & a little disconnected from the viewer but as the series progressed, we come to understand that Gun Wook is nowhere near as cold-hearted as he wanted everyone to believe. His wound from his childhood had healed on the surface, but inside, he had never stopped bleeding- bleeding with the hurt, bleeding with his passion, bleeding with the craving for a place & identity in this world. It hurt watching Gun Wook pretend that things didn’t get to him. It hurt bad watching him break down into a defeated soul (Y_Y) There were so many contradicting emotions about the guy that leave you wanting to know more about him. He was as cold as he was tender, as strong as he was vulnerable, as 007 as he was The-Goof-Next-Door… Gun Wook is exactly the type that always gets me. In many ways, he reminded me of an Oh Seung Ha ala Ju Ji Hoon in The Devil cross a teeny bit of a Cha Moo Hyuk ala So Ji Sub in I’m Sorry I Love You. There’s this lonely burning devotion about these guys that sucks you right in. You can see it through their eyes- inside, they are shivering with an overpowering will to love. They’re yearning for warmth. And there is no way I would ever even think about pushing someone like that away. I recall the feeling of going through almost all of episode 15 without his appearance & that was indisputably the toughest thing I had to bear in the entire series. Darn it, Gun Wook, are you okay? Where are you? I’d realised Kim Nam Gil had silently worked Shim Gun Wook into the farthest corners of my heart- I was longing for him. I wanted him.


That’s not necessarily in the “I wanna rip off ya tuxedo right now !” kinda way either but er, may I say, the  man does certainly scrub up very, very nicely~~ Yummy yummy moment: episode 4, Shim Gun Wook in a suit, seaside at sunset *dunks head in bucket of ice water* (!) Really, something about a guy in a suit, seaside at sunset… *coughs* Ken-zou in ProDai *coughs* Yes. What I liked most about Kim Nam Gil‘s performance were the moments he would try to hold back his tears, either in pain or in anger, & his eyes would be smouldering red. As for his chemistry with all the laaadiies?? Kim Nam Gil was most definitely working it with them all (Seriously, Gun Wook, USE ME however the heck you want, I am at your mercy, baby!)

I absolutely ADORED X 100MILLION Gun Wook‘s relationship with Jae In‘s lil sis, Moon Won In (played by Shim Eun Kyung) not just for the fact that he got so darn goofy whenever they were chilling out together but because we also got to see just how charming of a big brother he could actually be. I loved the moment when he spied Won In secretly gawking at her crush from afar & urged her to whip up the confidence to ask the boy out (who, admittedly was quite kawaii *offers a sisterly hug*) Or even the way they first acquainted with each other over money & what Gun Wook did to get even for that ₩1000. I loved Won In as an individual, too, her unfaltering innocence & the way she was always seeing the good in the world… this is how children/teenagers should be! (Seriously, if we could guarantee they would all grow up to be like her, I’d pop one out right now. Father TBA… lol *clears throat*) She was the light amidst the dark, the brightest star admist the night, the rainbow amidst the rain. I definitely thank her presence, not only because she furthermore connected Gun Wook & Jae In (Gun Wook & Won In met completely by chance on their own,) but also because she allowed Gun Wook to live out the sibling love he never had & could never give out himself. All I can say is, you Hongs sure missed out on a freaking awesome brother *eggs Hong‘s mansion facade & bolts off*


If Gun Wook‘s relationship with Won In was him living out his brotherly instincts, then his relationship with Hong Tae Ra was definitely him… living out his, er, very non-brotherly love -_-; (yikes, this is actually no joking matter… a little more later on.) I realise a heckuvalotta people had nothing but praise for Oh Yun Soo in this role (btw, you can not be serious this woman was born in 1971… she looks ridiculously too good for her age O_o) & I don’t doubt that on a technicality level, the woman did deliver Tae Ra‘s internally conflicting emotions pretty convincingly, but… fricks, I didn’t care much for the character at all. In fact, by the end of the series, I was rolling my eyeballs at her, so much to the point that (& I may draw some hate for saying this) Oh Yun Soo‘s constant frowning, damsel-in-distress-esque eyes did eventually gimme the irks…


In the beginning I did sympathise with Tae Ra– I don’t think there are too many things more tragic for a woman than to be man-handled into a marriage where there is no love. Being the elder sister, I guess she felt like she could never rebel in the same ways that the younger Mo Ne could get away with. And it’s not like she didn’t give her husband a chance either when she started to feel her heart flutter towards Gun Wook. The scene where she tried to entice her husband but he coldly told her to “go to bed first” while he continued to slug away at his work was kinda heartbreaking. In my brain, I was thinking, “Dude, are you gay? No offence but look at yourself, if a Hong Tae Ra throws herself at you, I’ma thinking ya better freaking jump on it…”


And so, I can’t help but think that how Tae Ra finally gave in to Gun Wook‘s courtship was more because he was giving her a sense of re-validation that she still had allure, that (young) good-looking men still wanted her. Would she give up herself for him? I’m not so sure. I never felt that she cared for Gun Wook nor wanted to learn about Gun Wook in the way that Jae In did. Yeah yeah Tae Ra went gung-ho for a divorce blah blah blah, but in my eyes the act was something that she wanted to do for herself more than for anything or anyone else. After so many years of suppressing her true desires, RWAR! KaPow! The woman was finally full-fledged letting herself loose. She was aware of the destruction it would cause to her (apparently) loved ones & the (majorly) ill-timing of her decision but she barely thought twice. As soon as she let Gun Wook suck her face & she passionately sucked back, that was it, family out the window- & most of my respect for her gone, too. Mo Ne (played by Jung So Min) probably said it best for me in episode 13: “You are always acting so elegant & lofty… so high & mighty, always lecturing me on the right things to do. You set your eyes on your own little sister’s boyfriend? That’s filthy.” And it is. Filthy. In real life, there is no way we would accept something like this. Tae Ra knew clear & well that her sister Mo Ne was infatuated with Gun Wook, but whatever, she responds with a meek, “My heart won’t listen to my head. I don’t know what to do either.” Sure. Pfft. *rolls eyes* My final smidgen of liking for the woman completely disintegrated in episode 16 when we watched her essentially lecturing her own mother, scolding “You are the source for all the things that have happened.” All I will say is, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, sister. Not that I am defending the Evil Mother Madam Shin by any means but Hong Tae Ra shi, it was ultimately your decision to succumb to Gun Wook’s charms. For crying out loud woman, have the balls to front the fact it was you who lost control of your hormones & shattered the whole darn family ><”

And this is, by far, why I was was a Moon Jae In fan all the freaking way.


Yes. Yes. YES. I am aware that Han Gan In isn’t exactly world renowned for her mind-blowing acting abilities but… I actually liked her in this series. Alot (am I going nutters? Mebbe. Actually it’s too bad, I already am nutters lol.) I think a large part of my liking had to do with the way her character was written-  Moon Jae In was someone who I somehow ended up finding myself rooting for. She was a good sister yet she was far from your typical “you’re sympathising with me right this second” kinda heroine. In fact, right from the get-go, we see Jae In lives with the intention of marrying into a super duper upscale family (as in, Black Credit Card land & never-carrying-loose-change-rich. Did you hear that? No coinage. That’s right Hazuki Rensuke. Water striders my ass.) As an employee of the Hae Shin Group, Jae In hears about Hong Tae Sung & plots to seduce him. We were kinda made to believe that she is a woman who barely has an ounce of shame.

But by stark contrast to Hong Tae Ra, I didn’t get the feeling once that Jae In was trying to conceal the real her by putting on the mask of a saint- a BIG check ✓✓✓ Whenever confronted of her wrongdoings, she never attempted to back her way out things. Yes she purposefully entered Tae Sung‘s life wanting to hit the jackpot but she also genuinely & naturally cared for him & his well-being. None of that stuff was faked. When she saw something she believed wasn’t right, she wouldn’t cower away from it. When she realised where her heart truly needed to be, she cut things off cleanly & voiced her gratitude for everything Tae Sung had done for her up until that point.


At one stage though I was slightly peeved at the writers for not giving Jae In a more gutter-ridden background to warrant her make-it-into-the-Hong-family ambitions. She had a loving mother, & a loveable sister in Won In who is as well & as bubbly as a 16yr old can get. At the start, we did see her then-boyfriend ditch her for some rich girl but it’s not like later we ever saw a loan shark attack on Jae In or anything. There were one or two lines where Jae In mentioned that she has had to work pretty hard to get to where she is now as the head art consultant for Madam Shim, but you don’t really get the feeling there was ever too much trauma involved. At least in comparison to say Ha Ji Won‘s character Lee Soo Jung in What Happened In Bali, Jae In‘s pride & integrity had & always been intact. And she’s gorgeous, too. In most people’s eyes, Jae In really didn’t have it too bad. I mean, come on girl, you’re working in the Hae Shin Group already for goodness sakes! So why, why do you want to become the wifey of some rich guy whose face you’ve never even seen before? And why, why does it still make sense for me to like you?

Firstly, luckily that rich guy is Kim Jae Wook– that sure makes the gold digging activities a helluva lot easier. Secondly, forgive the clichéness, but… how real is this girl? I mean, even if it was for the briefest moment, how many of us have ever had the thought of marrying off into a wealthy, socially established family? I know I have (don’t, er, hold it against me though… >> I definitely don’t live with this thought everyday & I am certainly not going to just leech on some random rich dude [unless maybe he did resemble either of the Hong Tae Sungs^^; lol j/k… or am I? ;OO] But if it ever did become a reality, I would use my powers to travel the world to help the needy ^_^ And of course, I would continue to blog lololol) My point is, the more I think about it, the more I value how the writers gave us a main character who is flawed without justification. Sometimes people simply are just the way they are. It’s human nature to want the good things in life.

With the help of Gun Wook, Jae In does succeed in winning Tae Sung‘s heart. The guy practically proposes, despite Madam Shim‘s discontent, Jae In is half-a-shimmy away from having it all but that is when everything that matters dawns on her- is this material wealth at the tip of her hands really as satisfying as what she had imagined it to be? F**k no (this is when we sob for Tae Sung getting his heart broken again Y_Y… but this is also when I squeal, “It’s Gun Wook+Jae In forever, peeeeeeps!!!!!!”)

I garnered alot of respect for Jae In during the moment where Tae Sung takes her to the hotel room & confronts her about her true motive in getting so close to him. He says (something along the lines of,) “Isn’t this what you wanted? If you sleep with me now you can become the daughter-in-law of the Hae Shin Group.” Jae In doesn’t even frggn flinch. I loved this part of Jae In the most- I loved how she didn’t try to weasel her way out of the situation. She was unapologetic & accepted the repercussions of her own actions. But in the end, after all the pining for the fortune & the social status, she showed us that love can f**king change you for good. Love can make the selfish become the selfless. Love can make you give up what you originally had in your mind as “The Perfect Life” & give your all for another person.


I also like to think that Han Ga In‘s acting served Moon Jae In justice. After going back to revisit some of the episodes & major scenes, I noticed she emoted with her voice much more consistently better than what she did with her facial emotions. Now I’m not saying that the girl’s face is one big wooden block or anything (well, at least not all the time^^;) but… how do I say it… I just feel that perhaps occasionally her porcelain perfect doll face & circle lensy eyes were holding her back (..!) Still, I was feeling for her & at first, I wasn’t even fully aware why, but going back over it, now I know. It was the way that she would breathe out her cries, & the intonation in her words…she really got me subconsciously ingesting every one of Jae In‘s emotions.


I also loved the chemistry between her & Kim Nam Gil because it was so freaking natural beyond words. It was romatically understated in a “I could watch you two forever” kinda way. I did find it cute when Gun Wook was initially trying to meddle in with Jae In‘s life much to her eyeball churning disgust, but I loved even more watching them evolve into very ambiguous friends & mutual confidants (& partners in crime! ><;) It got to the point where I didn’t even mind if they would get together officially in the end, as long as I saw them together, I was sooooooo content. To me, they were more than a couple who loved each other, or more than two people wanting to get into one another’s pants- Gun Wook & Jae In were soulmates. And nothing like in the stupidly lopsidedly one-sided way that Ji Hoo was for Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers where the girl had no fuureaking clues in life at all, Gun Wook & Jae In were equal pillars of support to each other. I liked that they could get upset with one another one day but get along with it all the next- & there would never be a grudge. There was this unspoken understanding & this level of resolute trust between them that was so pure & so beautiful… call me a wuss but yeah, my eyes glistened many times <3

So, aah… does this mean that I am one of the ones that shunned the Tae Sung+Jae In ship? *shakes head vigorously* Far from it *wipes drool from chin* (!) Kim Jae Wook & Han Ga In‘s pretty faces on screen together was something of the flail-like-a-mad-chookie realms for me. No, seriously ><; When I look at their relationship though, I believe they learned alot about themselves through the other but I didn’t get the feeling that they needed each other in the same way that Gun Wook & Jae In were fated (& ya know I’m all about all things destiny xDD) I felt that Tae Sung needed someone like Jae In at that point in his life but I struggled to convince myself that he was ready- or able- to love & be there for someone so soon after his ex-girlfriend Seon Young had left this world. I am convinced though that the next woman that comes into Tae Sung‘s life is going to be the luckiest girl alive (let it be moi! Let it be moiiiiiii! *drops genie bottle* X_o…)


As much as I feel like Kim Nam Gil was the man of the series, I do also feel that Kim Jae Wook very much owned his role as “the real Tae Sung.” With each thing I watch of his, waffles & sweet French delicacies amidst merry table top hip-gyrating dancing goodness (!), I just foster more & more, er, admiration for him^^. I’ve really become a fan of Kim Jae Wook The Actor (his musician aspirations however… *hearts*) I am more than obsessed with his “I’m so cool I don’t give a flying damn what’s cool” demeanour. And I almost passed out waiting for him to finally grace the screen in Bad Guy. But when he finally did, he expressed every trait & every emotion through his eyes & body language so artlessly, giving us the most empathisable, the most lovable, the most in-the-flesh Hong Tae Sung we could’ve asked for. It was an absolute joy watching Kim Jae Wook mix up & deliver the various intermingling layers of his character.

On the surface Tae Sung seemed to have it well, but he was always acting like a frggn jerk, abusing the fact that he is an heir to the Hae Shin Group. We soon learn though that this is the same guy who had grown up being looked at & treated as “the illegitimate child.” While Gun Wook is mad at this guy for stealing “his family,” the truth is, Tae Sung never had “this family” in his hands either. Yet, Tae Sung never wanted anyone’s sympathy. My heart sank so many times for him whenever he would be virtually screaming, but deep down he was merely begging for Madam Shin to squeeze out even just the tiniest crumb of love for him. In the scene where he was in the first aid cabin on the boat in Japan, he accidentally answers Jae In‘s phone to hear his mother, Madam Shin on the other end. He tells her he is sick & she responds by asking if he wanted money (I know, Mother Of The Year right? Not ><“) You can see her words slice him; he’s partially shocked, partially angered- it’s almost as if he can’t believe she is saying something so insensitive. Even if he wasn’t her son, is it normal for her- or anyone for that matter- to say something like that at that kind of moment?

Staring off into the night of the ocean, he later asks Jae In, “Usually… when a child says he is sick, what would the mother say?” She replies naturally, ” ‘Where are you unwell?’ ‘Are you in pain?’ That’s what my mother would say. They say when a child is ill, the mother will feel ten times worse than him.”

Tae Sung, dejected, laughing, “Is it really like that?”


^^I practically dislocated my collarbone trying to leap through the computer screen in an attempt to lend my shoulder to the boy~~ Oh my dear Tae Sung, we know you are one loving soul. And forgiving (think the way he released Jae In & how he stayed so strong for his family when they were drowning in all their crap.) And!!! Way to go with the whole sockless shoe look too- only you could rock it like you did xDD

I guess the question is, since I’m loving hardcore on both leading men, who the heck is the Bad Guy then? Come on, why would you name a series that & not have a clear-cut villain for us all to spear in the ass! Well, I’m thinking, while I would love to tag that label onto Madam Shin‘s forehead & wreck her hair, I’m going to say this instead: there is a “bad guy” in all of us. Okay, maybe not “all,” but certainly not everyone can be a saint. There are demons within the human race & within us- we can either let them go or let them destroy us.

Which brings me to the ending.

The Oh-no-honey-they-not-just-kill-off-ShimGunWook & Mother-of-crap-how-did-MadamShin-escape-punishment & Are-you-furreal-GunWook-is-TaeRa-&-MoNe‘s-real-brother??? ending. I’m thinking I’m in the minority for this.

No question I could’ve done with one or two (or three) more episodes because, for one I didn’t want to part way with the series; two, things towards the end did feel a little rushed leaving us with a number of loopholes & a bit of a “WTF  just happened” feeling; & three, well, you know, it would’ve been nice to see it with our own eyes that Tae Sung was okay <3

Out of the blue sometime before the rocker-of-a-finale, we were suddenly told that Tae Ra is not Chairman Hong‘s biological daughter. At first I was like, er, why is that piece of information necessary, but then it becomes apparent- if Shim Gun Wook is the real Hong Tae Sung, then him getting it on with Hong Tae Ra could only be made easier to stomach if they were not related by blood. A part of me did breathe a huge sigh of relief with the rest of the characters but another part of me would’ve liked to see them go all out with the ending- punch us in the face with the fact that they are biological siblings & leave us bruised & suffocating in their hell. But then again, I suppose incest isn’t really a thought many of us would like to have in our heads ><” Even as it was anyways, the ending was alot to take in.


We can blame Madam Shin all we want. If she hadn’t forged that DNA test to lie about the real Hong Tae Sung all those years ago, sure, maybe none of the subsequent adversities would have occurred. Maybe Gun Wook wouldn’t have ended up on the side of the riverbank, bleeding his last moments away on this Earth, alone. Maybe. It’s not as if I agree with Madam Shin‘s choice of actions but… was it completely unreasonable of her for not wanting to live with the child her husband had with another woman? Maybe not. Dang I don’t know why it sounds like I am rationalising this psycho evil biiiatch‘s behaviour lol I guess what I am trying to get at is, the mishaps & misfortunes that struck everyone in the family was ultimately the result of everyone‘s choices & actions. You can’t pin everything to one person. You do something, you take what comes along with it. It’s karmic retribution.

If such is the case, you may ask then, why didn’t Madam Shin receive her due punishment & be imprisoned in the end? Why did “the bad guy” end up winning? Well, look at it clearly. Look at it clearly again & tell me- did anyone really win? Is the point really to win?

On a technicality basis, I believe there wasn’t  sufficient evidence to convict Madam Shin of her crime. That’s that. But if you ask me, the woman may have escaped physical imprisonment but she has to live forever in the shadow of what she has done & everything that has happened. The death of her beloved eldest son. The falling apart of her family. The loss of her reputation & her husband looking at her like WTF for the rest of time (lol) Really, what does it mean to win? Can we look at Gun Wook‘s death as his liberation?


Whether or not Mo Ne came to pull that trigger or not in the final episode wouldn’t have changed a thing. Yes, Jae In came & distracted Gun Wook from committing suicide moments earlier but Gun Wook had already made up his mind- there was no more need for him in this world. From the moment we learn that Gun Wook is, after all, the true Hong Tae Sung, the blood son of the family that he has been dedicating his entire life into dismantling & tearing the souls apart of, that moment when Madam Shin revealed the truth, slyly sneering at him the words: “I’ve won”that was the moment that took Gun Wook‘s life. He wasn’t able to live on in such irony, knowing that everything he had lived for had essentially amounted to nothing. I think even had it turned out that he wasn’t the real Hong Tae Sung, his fate still would have been the same. This was the destiny he had chosen.

Now for the chillingly beautiful final five minutes(ish) of the series…

A parcel arrives at Jae In‘s house for her, she opens it up to reveal a glass mask of Gun Wook‘s face, & a note with his final words.

Remember back in episode 6 when Gun Wook questioned Ryu sensei (the glass master artist from Japan) about the contradiction of a glass mask- why is it that something that is supposed to cover your face is in turn transparent? Who is the mask the face of? Ryu sensei takes Gun Wook to the grave of the woman he loved- “If I wear this, could I see the world she saw?” -this was sensei‘s mindset when he crafted the original glass mask, this was what he was feeling. Seeing the world through your loved one’s eyes- this is the meaning of the glass mask. And somehow, it appears that Gun Wook had persuaded Ryu sensei to create one for him.

Jae In dashes out thinking that Gun Wook is close by. And indeed, he is. She finally comes to a standstill in front of a public notice board, a piece of paper pinned on it is recklessly blowing around in the wind. The series ends with her standing there, eyes longing, back against that piece of paper that reads the details of Gun Wook‘s death (*million tears streaming down face* Please, turn around girl, please, please, please… TTT___TTT )


What would the world look like through the eyes of the one you love, Jae In?
Jae In, I’ve had this thought.
If I could see the world through someone else’s eyes, what would it be like?
Jae In, are you doing well? You have to be happy no matter what.
Because if you could look at the world through those eyes, then I’d be able to smile & laugh, too.
In the night, in the deepest blackest darkness, I can’t tell which is the sky & which is the ground.
I can’t tell if a glow is from a flame or from starlight. I can’t distinguish one from the other.
Where is the place that I’m to go?
Could it be heaven? Could it be hell?

Gun Wook, where are you?
Is the world you see now a happy one?

^^Jae In holding onto a piece of Gun Wook in the form of the glass mask coupled with the above passage of Gun Wook‘s final words being narrated by Jae In, her voice slowly merging into Gun Wook‘s voice & then back again… everything truly comes to make sense.

People live to love.

For me, it couldn’t have ended any other way.



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Heya! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment :)

I’m just glad what I wrote made enough sense lol I’m presuming you’re a fan of the series, too?^^ Love to hear any other thoughts you had on it!

9 11 2010

So, er, read if you’ve seen it already or if you don’t plan on seeing it ever… but if the latter is your decision, then may I please say that IMO you are missing out big time!!!

I’m part of the latter group, the reason being that I can’t seem to connect with Kim Nam Gil. He always gives me the sleazy vibes/impression and still haven’t been able to get over that enough to watch Bad Guy. So I think that my enjoyment of the show would be marred by that bias.
But Bad Guy is knock-of-your-socks great, huh? Hey, if that’s THE drama that takes jicks away from Johnny’s circus world and to kimchi land, then it’s already earned brownie points in my book. Heehee.

Re: Han Ga In
(Lack of) acting talent aside, I, for some reason, find her very likeable. Plus, her beauty is mesmerizing, especially in the first picture of her in your review.

LOL @ “hit it like a man”
I’m a detail-oriented person. Can you tell? heheh.

12 11 2010

ahahaha Johnny’s circus xDDD Don’t worry, I will be eternally all for the Show-Me-the-Cross-Dressing-Magic-NOW freakshow that is JE *GULPS* I just like to trek back to Korean dramas every now & then so I don’t forget what real men look like lol j/ks

Kim Nam Gil gives you the sleaze-factor? Oh no! Well… to be honest, if you do decide to ever watch this, I think there may be scenes where you will have to shut your eyes! lol There are many moments when Gun Wook is playing mind games with Tae Ra where he does give her this kinda… “come hither” look… which, depending on whether you like the man or not, can be misinterpreted as “sleazy” ><;

I can't help but like Han Ga In too! She seems to have this Earthy, not-fake appeal about her :)

Yeah man, hit it like a man! lol Attention to detail is a good thing to have. It definitely gets you places! Especially when you are trying to stalk find more things out about our fave boys ;P Hey, I only discovered this recently- apparently your boy Buki is a bassist and lead singer of a band called Basking Lite… had no idea! ^^; I wonder what kinda music they play…

13 11 2010

Buki is a musician? Is there anything that he can’t do?!

The band is called Basking Lite, eh… Actually, the main road that I used to live on is called Basking Ridge. oooh, how we’re so meant to be… hahahah *slaps more Shiseido cream on face*

13 11 2010

That’s actually kinda freaky..! Like, what are the chances, ne? Hmm… lemme see… mebbe the boy consciously named his band after you & your street ;)

9 11 2010

I, for one, certainly never anticipated a final image of our main couple, Gun Wook & Jae In, prancing together under a rainbow-filled sky beaming their pearlers away whilst listening to some Arashi track on the same iPod >_>…

Ohohoho… what I wouldn’t give to see such an ending. I would certainly tune in if this were true lmao x)

Wasn’t planning on seeing this because of the mixed reviews but I might just watch it eventually to set my mind at ease. I’ve read almost half of the review, decided to postpone reading the rest since my friend promised to give me a copy of this drama over the weekend. Like doozy, I’m not a fan of Kim Nam Gil, didn’t really like him in Queen Seonduk but hey, hopefully Bad Guy will change my mind about him. Will let you know how things go in a week or two, assuming I finish it. ^^

12 11 2010

*crosses fingers & toes* Oooooh, I hope you will like it too! But either way, you know I would love to hear your views & thoughts, zooey :))

If it leaves you scarred & disappointed, then may I suggest a good dose of Arashi ahaha ;) They always make ppl feel better..!

Re: Kim Nam Gil in Queen Seon Duk, what did he do to make you not like him?^^ I’ve heard so many raves about him in it… but then again, I can’t really tell what the fangirl-VS-objectivity ratio is in the glowing comments^^; Would you recommend the series to someone who is not a big period drama person (i.e. me lol)?

15 11 2010

Haha, I’ll keep your advice in mind when starting this series (*jots down note to keep an Arashi track on hand…*) but I don’t really mind unhappy endings or open-ended ones as long as the whole thing is written well and executed in such a way that makes sense. Just got my hands on a copy of Bad Guy and will start watching it as soon as I finish writing my 2 month old movie review on a 2 year old movie (sheesh *bangs head on table* again — Itai! ).

Re Kim Nam Gil in Queen Seon Duk, I suppose part of my dislike for him stems from the fact that the series shifted its focus, especially on the last 12 episodes, to the point that it stopped being about the queen and more about the errant lover– something which I perceive is more of the writer’s response to the audience’s desire to see more of KNG than a move to further the story. I mean, yeah, I get it that KNG stole the show and managed to even derail what appears to be the writer’s plan to make him the next big bad after Go Hyun Jung, but if I were to look at it objectively, all the adjustments and accommodations made just mucked up the story.

Would I recommend the series? Yeah, I guess so. Almost everyone I know who’s seen Queen Seon Duk has a lot of positive things to say about it. Must admit that I found part of it entertaining but I’m still not happy with the things that can be inferred from it. The whole series can be divided into chapters with the first 25 episodes being the most engaging part of it all. You have a princess who’s sent out of the palace, who grows up without knowing her royal lineage, and she returns a few years later disguised as a boy in the army and voila!– you have this Mulan-esque scenario going for a good 10 episodes or so. The narrative’s very easy to follow, there’s a lot of eye-candy to assuage you during the more draggy scenes and it doesn’t take a genius to guess the political strategies and alliances that will come into play. What I didn’t like though is how certain plot points were just flippantly dismissed and how the whole darned thing was concluded. Forgive me for being vague but I don’t want to give out any spoilers.

And doozy and E.G.’s right about KNG looking a bit sleazy– they hit the nail on the head with the pornstache. First saw this guy playing Lee Seo Jin’s lackey in Lovers and also managed to catch his chicken legs in Portrait of a Beauty, but he didn’t make much of an impression on me. His Bidam on the other hand, was a charmer, a good old fashioned psychopath (if ever there was one), it’s just too bad that the overwhelming response of fans over his character eventually influenced the writer to make him out to be a poor, misunderstood hero. Yeah, he was given a big break but imho it came at the expense of the whole series. 62 freakin episodes over a span of 7 months… all for nothing. That’s why I don’t like him. And fyi, I really am holding a grudge here. `_´

17 11 2010

Thankyou for such an insightful recommendation zooey (without dropping any spoiler-bombs!!)! It’s good to know that the narrative is easy to follow since I have a tendency to- well, not so much get lost, but I feel like I’m not serving Korean period dramas justice or enjoying & understanding the significance when I watch them (& hence why I avoid them) because I am far from being familiar with the country’s history (Chinese period dramas on the other hand, I inhale lol.)

But then again, a good drama is a good drama so, I will definitely induct QSD somewhere into my list of things to watch… but I think it may be a long while since I have a million other titles I’ve still been trying to get around to (quite a few Taiwanese series, which I know I will probably end up regretting but you know, the eye candy factor is far too good to resist *palms face*) ;)

19 11 2010

My pleasure, girl. I do hope you get around to watching Queen Seon Duk but I won’t blame you if it gets buried underneath your “watchlist” (sounds like a long queue). And don’t we all have a list of dramas we regret watching for the eye candy? But you’re right, there are things that are just hard to resist, at least they don’t give you cavities. :P

18 11 2010

…managed to catch his chicken legs in Portrait of a Beauty

ahahhahahahahah *chokes on rice*
you’re too funny, zooey! ;)

20 11 2010

His legs were mighty skinny… can’t help but notice especially when they’re propped up while they were doing the deed. @_@

Speaking of which, I should check them out again once he’s out of the army. All that marching and running around might tone those legs, give him some muscle– so next time he does a love scene, they won’t look like twigs.

21 11 2010

Yah, alot of the men always return 20times buffer than pre-military days *hentai leer* >_>;

Speaking of the military men, one of my favourite K-actors Kang Dong Won apparently obscurely slipped in without even a final fan farewell send off thing! Boo! But I am sincerely hoping he doesn’t bulk up too much, I mean, he has a pin head as it is, I wouldn’t want it to appear even smaller (-_-;)

11 11 2010

Oh my goodness… this is one discussion of Bad Guy that resonates with me. I love Nam gil as an actor and he is not bad as a real person either. There is something very deep and special about this man and he has the opportuity in the future to either become the best actor in Korea or he will disappear because he is heartbroken about something. He is capable of making any role his own and very real. He is not afraid to tackle characters that many actors won’t even touch and he succeeds.Well.. that’s just my feeling for this Kim Nam gil. As for Bad Guy..I could not watch it entirely or in sequence. I was too emotional about the character and with the actor. could not bear to see his anguish…. sounds daft but I had to stop and go back days later to try and get the whole story. It was a help to find the background scenes and the goofiness of Nam Gil and sweet Kim Jae Wook when a scene ended and they laughed and teased each other. I think Jae Wook learned a lot from Nam Gil in acting. I think the whole cast was good. I thought the story was so deep and one that could have been impossible to accept because it was so devious and there was so much anger. What a dreadful woman the matriarch was. Do you really think she would be haunted for the rest of her life?? Somehow I got the feeling she was the only one who would not be crushed by all that had happened. She would always be able to find reasons to feel justified. Truly bad to the heart. No guilt.

Well you have evoked my feelings re the drama and I much appreciated your critique which was spot on. thank you.

12 11 2010

Thanks for the comment, Peggy! I’ve seen you over at E.G.‘s blog from time to time, you like Kimura too right? xP It’s great to have you drop in :)

…You’ve made me very glad actually! *breathes huge sigh of relief* I’ve been pretty anti-majority lately with my feelings for many dramas I’ve seen, i.e. I love the ones most people hate & vice versa so… it’s always nice to have someone agree with you just so you know you aren’t going insane lol

I really don’t know much about Kim Nam Gil the actor at all, nor have I seen anything off-screen (that I can remember at least -_-;) of him but if he is as “not bad” as you say he is, then, that’s good enough for me ;) I definitely agree with you re the acting though. I think there’s an X-factor there, people are either born with it or they aren’t… but KNG’s got it for sure ;) Any series/shows of his you would recommend?

Re Madam Shim, I think you make a good point. The woman does seem to be the type to forever believe what she is doing is “the right thing to do,” like she is only serving justice to herself as she sees it. I surely don’t think she would feel guilty for Gun Wook per se for evicting him out of the family… but I do believe the loss of her oldest son will have some sort of loom over her for the rest of her life. While she did get away with so much, she most definitely doesn’t have her family anymore (Still, I highly doubt it will change her for good though *sucker-punch!* lol)

11 11 2010
Ender's Girl

(waves, blows kisses @ Peggy)


Whoa, epic review jicks!!! XD

I vowed to take the *cough*very emphatic*cough* advice of a *certain* chingu of mine whose world just got rocked by Bad Guy, to stop reading this review when things got too spoilery. But… I couldn’t stop!!! Hahaha. Miane miane!!! Hahahaha =D

“There’s this lonely burning devotion about these guys that sucks you right in.” – Oooh, nice. Love what you wrote here and in the rest of the paragraph. Looks like we’re suckers for the same type-o, eh? ^^;;

I must admit I’m kind of with doozy on Kim Nam-gil, although I also admit it’s ‘coz I never got to watch him as Bidam (it’s this role that shot him to fame, right?), and my only exposure to the guy has been via Portrait of a Beauty where he walked around in a loincloth 90% of the time. (And didn’t he play Yonn So-yi’s ex in Goodbye Solo? Hmmm) But I digress, lol.

I’ve been on the fence regarding Bad Guy, but now I’m convinced it’s worth checking out, thanks to your review. I don’t know if it’ll turn me into a Kim Nam-gil fan afterwards, but I’ll def. be on the lookout for the Kim Jae-wook scenes, w00t! =D

btw, LMAO @ Rensuke’s-water-striders and listening-to-Arashi references!!! *slaps thigh*

12 11 2010

…where he walked around in a loincloth 90% of the time.
^^Er, okay, now, my attention it definitely a little… flustered *scribbles on giant post-it: MUST SEE Portrait of a Beauty NOW* Just googled the movie (did you like it?)… looks like he could be a bit of a sleaze in this too? lol

I’ve been on the fence regarding Bad Guy, but now I’m convinced it’s worth checking out, thanks to your review. I don’t know if it’ll turn me into a Kim Nam-gil fan afterwards, but I’ll def. be on the lookout for the Kim Jae-wook scenes, w00t! =D
^Woohoo! Glad to be of influence! lol ;P But yah, if all else fails, Kim Jae Wook is absolutely perfect-o in Bad Guy… like, I can’t even remember the last time I actually even bothered looking at the second leading man^^; (although, hmm, I am watching Binbo Danshi atm & it definitely ain’t Shuny that is getting me thru it… all 2episodes after 2weeks of it so far lol)

13 11 2010

This is just my personal opinion but stay away from Portrait of Beauty! I want my 90 ish minutes back! It’s very likely that this movie, like E.G. said, further cement the KNG-sleaziness in my mind.

Btw, this might sound surprising but I actually like KNG (when he was still Lee Han) in Goodbye Solo. It was when he became more popular and pornstache sporting that my negative biased developed. As a stand alone drama, Goodbye Solo is poignant and just lovely. I highly recommend it!

13 11 2010

lmao, pornstache *wipes sweat from forehead* If you wanna put a label on it… ^^;

I do remember him as Lee Han now that you mention it, doozy! I think… he was in Be Strong Geum Soon, as well, right? Not that I was paying much attention to him back then… but, hecks, I may need to revisit some of these older dramas so I can check him out furreal, with or without his pornstache (that is my new favourite word! ;)) lololol

14 11 2010
Ender's Girl

Ohgawwsh, that pornstache (lolz, gold) was prolly what did Kim Nam-gil in for me. (Only Woo-sung and Woo-sung alone can rock that ‘stash, baybeh)

Yeah, I second doozy’s un-rec of Portrait of a Beauty. I mean, it’s prettily shot and all, but the story didn’t really grip me (despite the gender-bending premise) and *certain* scenes were kind of freaky. I remember thinking only 2 things watching this film: (1) ohnuts, those 2 are boffing AGAIN??? and (2) ohnuts, ajusshi stop peeping through the crack in the door! lulz.

I also second doozy’s rec of Goodbye Solo. Such a well-made and understated drama. But I can’t really remember much of KNG (you’re right doozy, he was still Lee Han) in it because Chun Jung-myun took up most of my attention! :-)

Really, KNG was in BSGS? i have the complete series on disc and was able to watch a few episodes. Can’t remember KNG in it, but I do remember scrawny, mop-headed Lee Min-ki! ^^;;

@ jicks – So what (or who) is getting you through Binbo Danshi, if not Shun? Lemme guess… Yusuke Santamaria? hahahahah. Anyway, I think I’ll check out the first ep to see how our boy Miura is doin.’ Maybe later. I’m still in a blue post-LoveGeneration funk atm. (Yeah, I spent Kimura’s bday marathoning LoveGen. Otanjoubi omedetou, Captain.)

15 11 2010

Gotcha both. E.G. & doozy! will be side-stepping Portait Of A Beauty… unless I am in a peepholing mood ahahaha ><;

Re KNG in BSGS, if memory serves me correctly, he played GS's hubby in the beginning but his character died early on… mebbe he's more memorable when he is sporting ze pornstache -_-;

Oh I forgot it was Kimura's birthday! *smacks head* Good to hear you spent the day watching one of your favourite series of his (I, on the other hand was, force-marathoning Binbo Danshi. Btw, how did you know I was watching it for Yusuke-san?! lol) …Can't wait to hear your review on LoveGen..!!!!! :)

19 11 2010
Ender's Girl

“peepholing mood” lmao!!! better find a good spot then, or all you’ll see will be KNG’s “chicken legs” ehh zooey? ahahaha

“force-marathoning Binbo Danshi” — oooh. that bad huh? *scurries off to check out the first episode* lol. Yuuusukeeee-saaan, heeeere I comeeee!!!

Ahahah my LoveGen review is still in pre-production, sister. Instead, Imma post a review of what I know to be one of YOUR Top 5 KimuTaku doramas hehe *winky* (Vrooom vrooom!)

16 11 2010

HELLO jicks-ssi!!!!!!!!
The last time I talked to you I think was back in August!How are you doing? I disappeared from the entertainment scene for some time, and yes, my youtube channel got deleted :( I was super sad for a while, but then I started a new one here:
I stop vidding SBS dramas from now on though. They’re just soooo mean :(

I see you are loving Bad Guy? One thing I remember best about that series is how yummy Kim Jae Wook and his character are. I just loved them both. Are you watching Marry Stayed Out All Night too, since if I remember correctly you like KJW a lot?

I just got hit real badly by a new strain of virus called Yoo Ah In after Sungkyunkwan Scandal haha. So you can either find me over at the YAI fansite or my Vietnamese blog. I’m sooo glad you stopped by :)

Take care,

17 11 2010

tinysunbl, I know right! It’s been too long! Glad to know you are still being active with your work ^^

Thanks for linking me up to your new channel… will follow your creations for sure ;)

I’ve heard Sungkyunkwan Scandal is really good! I read somewhere that it’s like a period version of HanaDan cross HanaKimi, yay or nay? That definitely perks my interest up xDD

19 11 2010

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is good until it turns bad. LOL I’m sure if that’s a very helpful sum-up, but at least in the friendship arc, SKKS is incomparable to any of the dramas mentioned. We have lots and lots of cliches and plot contrivances, but the friendship of the characters is so organic and built on a foundation so solid that comparisons seem irrelevant. My heart jumps and slumps together with the characters while they’re interacting with one another. Plus the fanservice and squeal factors are just gold lol.

SKKS is the idol drama that best portrays friendship since Nobuta for me! (But the overall plot loses its steam half-way through and is a big WTF at the end! Some may find it worthy to watch all the way just for the fangirling factors, though)^^

19 11 2010
Ender's Girl

tiny!!! Sorry to hear about your old YT channel, but I’m happy to see it’s now been resurrected. I’ve also updated the link to your Hiroto+Nao vid on my blog post.

Whoa. SKKS = best friendshippy idol drama since Nobuta wo Produce? Big shoes to fill. I’m so in!!! Hahaha Uh-oh re the WTF ending, though. I hate WTF endings. :-( (*remembers Hong Gil Dong*)

21 11 2010

No, don’t let the ending deter you from watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal! Granted, its ending was rushed, but nothing on the same level as Hong Gil Dong’s finale. With that out of the way, please watch SKKS!

21 11 2010

SKKS is the idol drama that best portrays friendship since Nobuta for me!
^^Woah! I see that comment has caught E.G.’s attention ;) With that & the fanservice comment, my curiosity in SKKS has escalated by, like, 200million per cent lol

Just noticed your avie! I presume Yoo Ah In is pretty kewl in SKKS? I’ve only seen him in Antique the movie though but I can’t remember loving him because (A) I kept subconsciously comparing him to Takki & (B) Ju Ji Hoon + Kim Jae Wook were more than enough for me to get ogle at xDD

21 11 2010

jicks, sorry for hijacking your Bad Guy Review post with SKKS promos! *hides behind real/fake/real Tae Sung*

21 11 2010

lol All is good my friend, all is good :) Recommendations are always welcome!

But er, let me know which Tae Sung you take so then I can go, er, man the other one haha

3 12 2010
love BadGuy

Bad Guy rocking my world too!!! Love the fact that every character has flaws within themself, not the perfect goody type. Awesome review BTW, the best that I’ve came across. Your characters analysis is spot on. Without doubt Kim Nam Gil was the man for me too. On the other hand, Kim Jae Wook performed well too. But, overall KNG won me over with his subtle, plausible & mesmerizing acting esp. after reading the below comment from Dramabean blog:
96 joy August 11th, 2010 at 8:34 am

Sorry this has nothing to do with ep17.

To those who are interested to clarify about KNG crazy scenes in ep16 recap. How the ‘insane KNG’ was commented to be over-acting, batshit crazy and over the top etc. Well, fortunately, @ comment 77.2 dramfun99 who’s a health professional in the field of psychiatry, to me has given justice to KNG precise portrayal of a mentally ill patient. Also, comment @66 newbie and @66.1 gakky are worth to have a read too because they’ve actually seen real insane patients.


* 96.1 dramfun99 August 20th, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Dear Joy, I’m sorry that I hadn’t post this sooner. It’s an honor that my comment on ep 16 recap was regarded as a means to justify KNG’s acting. But I’m not a health professional (not yet) and surely not in the field of psychiatry (might not take my further training in that field cause it’s too depressing for me).I’m a med student, and it will take another 1,5 year for me to get my MD degree. I just happened to have finished my 2 months round in psychiatry, so I’m more exposed to mentally ill people. I do think that KNG had quite precisely imitated some of the behavior of a mentally ill patient, and I admire him for having the courage to look bad like that. If that’s the case, would you call it over acting or over the top,etc ?.I don’t blame those who said that they laughed out loud seeing KNG’s acting though, because I myself sometimes found it hard not to laugh seeing those patients bizarre behavior.Hope you’re not disappointed that I come clean about this.

Kim Nam Gil = sleaze-factor? NO WAY, KNG is an awesome person himself. My prove? Here have a read at these 2 wonderful interviews:

Dear Zooey,

Did you know that KNG himself dislike the shifted of focus in Queen Seon Duk toward the end too? He dared to brought up the topic at MBC Drama Awards Ceremony, here below quoted from another person:

…By the way I was really glad to hear Kim Nam Gil himself on the occasion of receiving the”Best Couple Award” for Deokman and Bidam say that he had qualms about the way their “love story” was treated by the writers! He said the couple had “unresolved issues” and that he had expressed his disappointment to the screenwriters about it. I was really impressed that he was honest enough to say that publicly especially on that particular occasion even though his character “Bidam” has been so popular and most in the public (the lowest common denominator) seems to be happy enough with the so called “love story” and he could have just as well gone with the flow! Although what he said might have been a bit rude to the screenwriters who were sitting right across the hall! I don’t know! But an artist should be honest and true to his art and I am sure it must have been pretty annoying for him to have to try to act so sincerely and movingly for such an incoherent script that for sure the actor himself didn’t believe in! What a waste of talent, time, and energy!

I would recommend Queen Seon Duk to everyone who have not yet seen it. The drama itself was great, plus Ko Hyun Jung + Kim Nam gil performances were outstanding, a description of Bidam played By KNG:

When Kim Nam-gil entered the show he was one character, the sneaky crazy guy.
Then he became the foolish thrill seeking hero.
Then he was the quiet contemplative guy from the outside looking in on what life is for others.
Then he became the lying, clever, manipulative student.
After that he was the power hungry, plotting stalker.
Then greatest sword master, great warrior and war leader, clever administrator, political plotter, the romantic, the lover, they frightened boy, the protective partner, and on.
I do not think I have ever seen in a single drama where an actor portrayed so many facets to their character before, and made me love and believe every one of them.
I hope he has many more works ahead of him because I think he is a truly great, unbelievably talented actor.

4 12 2010

Hello! :)

Re Kim Nam Gil’s scenes in the psychiatric ward, I have to say, I couldn’t help but react in a bit of a WTF / semi chuckle kinda way at first… I guess because it was so different to the image that he had portrayed throughout the series up until then… but I quickly realised that’s just the way it was. And upon reading the testimony from the med student you’ve posted from dramabeans, I can only tip my hat off to the man for going all out to act that scene that way. So, thanks for sharing! I’m just super glad that Gun Wook managed to regain his sanity. And, it was also pretty moving to see Jae In still want to (even moreso perhaps) be by his side <3

OMG, thankyou for the links to the interview! I like the one over at livejournal the most (partially because of the pictures… KNG in tailored suiting attire ;DDDDDD) He does appear to be a pretty level-headed kinda guy, professional & humble. Whether or not the sleaziness is i actuality or not, I don't mind because (I dunno if I've said this already but ah well, lemme break it down once more! lol) he can definitely sleaze over me anyday agahhaha

If there’s time to learn English, might as well work harder to polish up on acting, and hopefully be more concern and worry about our country’s film industry.
^^Could not agree with the man more (!!!!!!) *sends telepathic message to the world of 3010* If only certain artists would take in this philosophy, darn it ><;;;

Thankyou again for taking the time to share your opinion & the great resources! Also, the nice comments in regards to my review xDD *pretends not to enjoy the compliments* (lol) Hope to see you around :))

Oh, one last thing, thanks for sharing your view of Queen Seon Duk as well- it's always nice to get different opinions because obviously everyone sees things in a different way. Now, I will certainly consider watching it~~

7 12 2010
love BadGuy

Re the scene at the psychiatric ward I love KNG acting to bits but what’s the purpose of making GW crazy or even fake crazy? Nothing, I still can’t figure out the usefulness of that insane scene apart from making me laughing my head off at KNG acting.

Glad you enjoyed those resources and I’m back to share other viewers’ wonderful writing & thoughts…

[ “I think even had it turned out that he wasn’t the real Hong Tae Sung, his fate still would have been the same. This was the destiny he had chosen.” ]

I agree with you here, same as with the writing of other ppl below…

As for GW, I agree with “Why?” that he is always been the kind, gentle, vulnerable soul that had been tortured all of his life. Perhaps the one thing that had kept him going on all this time was his desire to revenge. I believe that even if he’s not the real HTS, he would end up taking his own life after he had done with the revenge. He in fact had said things about taking his punishment and that he will be destroyed in the end.

And he probably had looked into this world in a deeper way than others. Just remember how he was so touched by the painting about masai tribe in that cafe, or how he was taken by the idea of the glass mask, and also his poem can tell about how he sees his world.

To me he is one extremely delicate,fragile soul,so beautiful that it just doesn’t fit into this rough unfair world.
If you’re familiar with the song Vincent (starry starry night) by DonMcLean (I think Julio Iglesias and Josh Groban also sang this song), I think GW’s character would fit properly to this song (actually it’s about vincent van gogh) :
” And when no hope was left inside
On that starry starry night
You took your life as lovers often do
But I could have told you vincent
This world was never meant for one
as beautiful as you ”

GunWook has said in several episodes that in the end he would take the punishment given to him for what he was doing. And, in the end, he received that punishment – realization he ruined his own family. In the end, his love for his family, his remorse for what he did, and his sorrow & guilt within himself were too much. Even if Monae had not shot him, he probably would not be able to live with himself – that was implied when he raised the gun to his head. A happy ending was never in the cards for him.


Take a look at the review by Yoonina, employing GW was killed by Ms shin words “It is me who won” not Monet bullet:–final-episode-24577.html


[ “Jae In holding onto a piece of Gun Wook in the form of the glass mask coupled with the above passage of Gun Wook‘s final words being narrated by Jae In, her voice slowly merging into Gun Wook‘s voice & then back again… everything truly comes to make sense.
People live to love.
For me, it couldn’t have ended any other way.” ]

Well said, it couldn’t have ended any other way, this tragic ending was already carded by the writer/s whether it’s 17 or 20 eps. My prove,,,take a read at the comment made by [30.1.1 nameless] here


Now the significance & symbolism in the glass mask…

…..the significance of the glass mask. Go back to the Japan episode and consider what the artist said about why he made the original mask and what its significance was to him. Then ponder that GW has apparently managed to persuade the artist to craft another so he can leave it as his legacy to JI. Then reflect on the fact that the final voice over, starting as JI’s then melding into GW’s voice, is about seeing the world through that mask. Only then does the very complex emotional mix of the closing fully come together.


In the end ironically enough it is both I wanted GW to have a happy ending because he is the so called “under-dog” of the drama but how they tied up the ending the transition was done pretty smooth. With Jae-In receiving the other only existing glass mask by that Korean artist not realizing that GW was dead. If you don’t get what I mean go back to the episodes of the artist talking about the story behind the glass mask. It suits GW sad tale ironically enough and leaves a haunting feeling to the viewers giving GW one of his only wishes to be loved and remembered.


Morals of the story & the realistic ending…

Jae-In: she’s a realistic character. From initially a totally-materialistic girl she had changed to be more emotional thanked to GW’s love. But when she understood it, it was already too late. Isn’t it also real life? Life is not fair, when you start to treasure things, that thing either went fast or disappeared too fast for you to enjoy it, and then you long for it. When JI realized that GW was everything to her life, he vanished and as she thought he only “left”, she would wait and think of him more than ever.

Mde Shin – I think she got out of jail partly thanked to her handicap (whether it’s real handicapped or not), or a pretend mental illness. These riches have thousand ways of doing these evil things. This made me angry. But did the writer want to imply from this: it’s so unfair in this world?
Justice is not always served

Yes, the rich and powerful get away with everything. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t this actually happen in real life?


Gun-wook meaningless life and the ending, together has a poetic aspect. Gun-wook said, “Everyone is born into this world alone and everyone leaves this world alone… “The clock continues to tick—the people continue with their daily lives—the Earth continues to rotate on its axis—nothing in this world stops moving just because a person is dead. It’s a sad and cruel fact of life. You don’t have to accept it but that doesn’t mean the world must accept your version either.


The last episode is a series of sequences depicting both a fractured family and the fractured identities of both men, as such to show that everybody was starting to dissolve. Same is true with the mom. There’s little cathartic joy with her come-upance, because even to the end, she has not changed and she has not faced sufficient judgement. SHE WON. And you can even say, through this experience, she successfully transformed “sweet”, “innocent” Monet into her own spitting image. In a sense, she is the Law and Order of Hae Shin, and she is never aware of the psychic toll that it’s inflicted upon all the people around her. But this is successfully depicted at the end of the episode, because we’ve already realized that no revenge will truly satisfy and that even a happy ending will not resolve the bad blood and corrosion within the family. Rather than presenting us a set of events to make that case, we get the figurative expression. Ghosts appear. Revelations have killed one man and might have broken the spirit of the other. The regurgitation of memories fracture the story’s denouement. Our two “Return to Normal” women fall apart as soon as the presents come through the mail. The story ends with a flurry of “last images”, unfinished letters, and feelings that are like a mad, incoherent cry being swallowed by the void. The Void wins.
And that is the difference here. Usually in melodrama, when somebody dies, there is catharsis and there is remembrance. Even in death, the character can live on in memory. The Death may be “beautiful.” Bad Guy cheats us of that bittersweet comfort. Nobody will weep for him. Nobody will truly confront his loss. For all the sound and fury, it is as if he never existed. The fractured approach of the ending underlines that contrast.

Has the Bad Guy gone to Heaven or Hell? We will never know

7 12 2010
love BadGuy

My favorite KNG performance scenes & aspects…

[ “What I liked most about Kim Nam Gil‘s performance were the moments he would try to hold back his tears, either in pain or in anger, & his eyes would be smouldering red”. ]

You seem to have the same sentimental as this viewer …

I have read lots of comments about how he is constantly tearing but I like to think he truly treasures those memories, even though he feels a lot of pain just thinking about them. In fact, I suspect the Hong family and the housekeeper did shower him with lots of love in their own ways and he did love them a little (although he missed his adopted parents) when he was staying with them as a young boy, which is why he felt such strong emotions when he stepped into the house for the first time in years. That’s why the subsequent abandonment sliced his heart into half. The way he looked at the CEO also reflected his mixed feelings too. The more you love a person, the more you will come to hate him when they betray you. I like the way his eyes brimmed with tears and not the exaggerated kind of crying, which is in congruence with his Gun-wook character, who is supposed to be manly and more restrained in emotions. Did you notice Kim Nam Gil has the ability to tear only in one eye? Take a look at the scene where he kissed Jae-in again. It’s really fascinating!


So how long did the young GW stayed at Hong’s place?….

We learnt in ep15 from Madam Shin words that the innocent young GW stayed at Hong’s place for one whole year. During that time the Hong family did gave him some love. However when the Hong family realized that his not their TS, they just threw him out like a piece of garbage. I believe that GW must had felt abandoned, dejected and betrayed by love ones. And when the fragile soul GW comes back (whom is suffering from identity crisis Chae TS, Hong TS, Shim GW), he was seeking for justice , for the truth and perhaps wanting some acceptance more than just revenge. GW was harassing and attacking their pride and lack of affection, more than pushing things to the extreme like death. However, due to poor GW cruel and tragic fate, in the end he couldn’t find happiness.


What damages did GW revenge caused? Positively or negatively… have a read at the comment by # 45 Anonymous here


I never knew a guy’s back view can also speak a thousand words. I do feel sad in that scene as well as he crushed the photo of them in his hand and threw it into the box as he says bitterly in voiceover: “Love? They’re memories thrown in the trash with no remorse. Love?” Gun-wook hunches over, crying.


I especially love the scene where he kissed Jae-in. He looked so helpless, so lost over her tears for a moment. So used is he to his role as a puppet master throughout the drama that he is unable to react appropriately when the scenario ie. Jae-in’s crying does not follow his script. Although the kissing between them is beautiful, the thing that really gets me is his smile of encouragement at Jae-in in order to get her to vent her frustrations on him. It’s a very slight smile but it speaks volumes about his Gun-wook. I don’t know if the smile has been incorporated into “Bad Guy” script by the writer or director. But if it is not a sudden whim on the writer’s or the director’s part and it is purely something that Kim Nam Gil came up with, I have to take my hat off him.


I do like several things in the final episode though, especially Kim Nam Gil’s scenes after GW found out his true identity. His scene with Tae-ra was just awesome and heartbreaking. Even though KNG didn’t say a thing, his expression was just so deep and moving, and with all that grand music, makes me chill. For me it’s the best scene in the whole drama.


[ “This beautifully crafted story of Bad Guy was only further enriched by the graceful artistic vision of Director Lee. I truly could not speak highly enough of the direction. This was one mighty good-looking series- & that’s not just referring to the darn cast. Director Lee always managed to capture his characters & the scenery in such a gorgeous way that exacted their mood & emotions. He was stylistic with his shots & angles but not to the point of arty-fartiness.” ]

What you mentioned are among the many other things(like the music) that makes me appreciate the talents of the director (and producer) of this drama. He has got such a unique way of portraying the feelings of the characters and evoking emotions from us viewers. Another way he uses a lot is showing of hands and feet movement. I do see the way he used them but didn’t know he uses them that much till I saw this blog that captures many of them.

9 12 2010

^^Thanks again for sharing all those resources. Lots of nice points raised :) It appears that you may just be an even bigger fan of this series than I am! And I can confidently say you are surefire a 100% Kim Nam Gil fan hey ;P

As many of those comments you posted suggested, there are numerous symbologies in the story, which I think many of us could spend forever analysing (I know I definitely could’ve kept typing forever as I was my review post lol)

The glass mask is definitely significant, but I also like to mention that I believe the term “mask” overall carries many different connotations. And it is certainly reflected throughout the series (remember the masquerade ball, Jae In’s words to Madam Shin as she resigned from her job etc.) (I don’t want to spam more about this for now because I will probably ramble on more in my upcoming “Bad Guy scenes” post, which, er, I am slowly working on… may I reiterate the word “slowly”? Hah! *Note to self: Getcha ass together now!!* ^^;;)

I really want to comment on this remark though>>> Yes, the rich and powerful get away with everything. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t this actually happen in real life? <<— I can't say I agree that this was what the writers were trying to convey- at least I don't feel like that was their main message. I kinda feel like it was more of a "Money (& power) can make the world go round but it is also (forgive the cliche!), the root of all evil" kinda message. Money & power, when used without compassion returns eff all. In the end, the characters that were truly able to live on freely were the ones who had let go of their thirst for wealth, power & social reputation.

I love KNG acting to bits but what’s the purpose of making GW crazy or even fake crazy? Nothing, I still can’t figure out the usefulness of that insane scene apart from making me laughing my head off at KNG acting.
^^haha I know I know it was difficult NOT to laugh… & while I could’ve done without his momentary state of insanity, I think it did kinda help show us that there was a heckuvalot going on inside the man’s mind, body & soul. I think the fact that he was acting like a child again & aimlessly muttering on about his mother indicates to me his subconscious- deep down he’s not really seeking revenge per se. The child that was tossed into the gutter on that rainy night is still inside him & is still crying for the maternal & family love he never got. Maybe he just wants to escape back to that time. I also feel like this scene validated that Jae In’s love for Gun Wook was pure & unconditional^^~

One of the things that I loved about the series was that it essentially didn’t really TELL YOU clear cut who was the Good Guy & who was the Bad Guy. Or whether Gun Wook ended up in heaven or hell. Depending on your own moral values & your own perception on life, you arrive at your own decision.

Personally, I most definitely believe our “Angel Ahjusshi” ended up in heaven. Or at least that’s where I pray that he is <3

15 12 2010
love BadGuy

Wow, I like your interpretation of the insane scene. Now I can see that it’s the sweetest Jae In & Gun Wook scene in the entire drama. Gun Wook escape in his new found world of insanity, happy yet heartbroken. Yes, deep down that damaged child is still inside him & we also got a glimpse of that hidden child trait in him shown during that homemade scene in ep 10 quoted… “that part where Gun-wook asks Jae-in if she trusts him. I cannot help adding here that Kim Nam Gil’s acting here is very classic. While he is saying, “Don’t trust me. Don’t trust me..”, his face is expressing a completely different emotion, a kind of pleading, “Please say you trust me. Please say you trust me.” And when she says she does trust him, he feels strange and looks a little discomfited, rightly so because his actions in the future are going to warrant anything but trust. However, there is another inherent idea here. Forgiveness. When Jae-in says she trusts him despite what has happened, it also means that she forgives him for all the lies he has said to her. Forgiveness is totally foreign to him, which is not astonishing, given how it is his inability to forgive that has set the revenge plans in motion in the first place. When he decides he likes this feeling after all, he returns to this hidden trait in him- a childlike character who can actually smile in such a captivating manner”.

No No I’m not a KNG fan but a 111% KNG SUPPORTER!!! In my dictionary, what’s not to love about KNG? Yes even his sleaziness & pornstache haha. Considering how diligently he has worked at his craft, taking on many different but challenging roles – yes I worship this actor. Some actors acting skill don’t grow at all over time, some even deteriorate and some keeps on improving. KNG to me is definitely one of the latter. And Oh did I mentioned that this guy can sing with passion?

One last thing, your screen-cap of Gun wook in ep14 where he reaches out for the sun, to me is a sad scene. I believe he’s murmuring that quote you’d “There will probably come a day when I can laugh freely too, right?”

I also pray for our “Angel Ahjusshi” for peace in heaven too!

Oh! Also re Queen Seon Duk, if you don’t get around to seeing it. Just skim through some excellent Bidam fighting scene on youtube will do.

19 12 2010

Oooooh the man does have some singing chops! Thanks for sharing more goodies. There’s nothing better than a tall, dark & handsome man serenading us all with love songs, ne? xD

…that part where Gun-wook asks Jae-in if she trusts him. I cannot help adding here that Kim Nam Gil’s acting here is very classic. While he is saying, “Don’t trust me. Don’t trust me..”, his face is expressing a completely different emotion, a kind of pleading, “Please say you trust me. Please say you trust me.” And when she says she does trust him, he feels strange and looks a little discomfited, rightly so because his actions in the future are going to warrant anything but trust.
^This was one of my favourite moments, actually, & I do agree with your notes on KNG’s acting. I like your take on the forgiveness part, too!, definitely nodding my head! But I also think a large part of what he meant by asking Jae In to trust him was that he was about to go all out & pursue Tae Ra & it was going to look like he wanted Tae Ra, he wanted Jae In to know that she ultimately is the one is closest to his heart, the one who knows him best, the one who has seen the real him.

“There will probably come a day when I can laugh freely too, right?”
^Am in love with that quote *sobs* Thankyou for bringing it up again & sharing the screencaps :) There’s no doubt Shim Gun Wook is free as a bird now <3

16 01 2011

Kim Nam Gil. Something about this actor brings out a flow of words from people who have watched him acting and also from people who have merely looked at him. I am under his acting spell but I also admire him as a person. At least as much as I have found about him. He really has had a lot of ill fortune within his career. After making a strong impression he had a terrible road accident which put him in hospital for six months. You can be forgotten in the world of show business in that time. He received leg injuries that affected him since then. There is no way Nam Gil can be one of those sixpack guys. Personally I am glad because six packs do not impress me. Instead he uses his mind and acting abilities alone at a high level, with such distinction… and that is more than most male Korean actors achieve. In the short amount of roles played, he has been totally different in his approach every time. I still remain seared by his acting in the film ‘No Regrets.’ Brave to take the role and brave to go all out to make it honest and real.
Then ‘Solo’ was different again. A role in ‘Lovers’ and then another in ‘When Spring Comes’ He will either never act again when he leaves the military or else he will erupt like a volcano and come roaring back in some major event. I look forward and it is hard to wait. On the set with people he is funny and full of jokes and making people feel good.He is not a brooding type of method actor but he is a serious ctor and knows his craft.
I definitely admire Nam gil and I understand why he dislikes being pegged as ‘Bidam’.

19 01 2011

Woah, Peggy, you have definitely been following the guy! Bravoh for noticing such a gem of an actor so early on^^!

I’m only slowly learning about Kim Nam Gil but everything you’ve described of the man is by and large the impression I have of him so far. Re the six packs, haha. Now that you have brought it up, I’ve gotta say, I’m generally not a rippling-boy super-muscly kinda girl myself (Bi would the only exception. And, well, I have seen Won Bin without much upper coverage & the guy’s very well built too. Kinda a surprise :)) But definitely a sucker for tall, not-so-socially-flamboyant actors who take their craft very seriously (& who look good in s suit baby! Oh, & just in case you are wondering, this description doesn’t necessarily apply to the world of JE *ransacks bunch of feather boas, tweezers & guyliner*)

Btw, Kim Nam Gil has expressed disliking being tagged as Bidam? I seem to recall reading somewhere that he is similiar in real life to the character (or am I completely off my face?) I guess he prefers to be known as Kim Nam Gil The ACTOR than be known for one role, hey. Hopefully once his military services are complete, he will return to an even more mature man and prove what he wants to prove. Like you, I’m anticipating that time like no other.

21 01 2011

re: KNG tagged as Bidam.
yep he did dislike it. he admitted this during his interview at bad guy set. that’s why he accepted this role as part of his withdrawal from the Bidam character. actually when BG news come out and him being the male lead role here, i also left the impression that this will only become the modern day Bidam i used to see.

but dang after the first episode the Bidam aura was completely thrown away LOL. that’s how good he is . such a realist actor that he can incorporate and merge himself and own the character.

same here am looking forward for his comeback.

21 01 2011

oh yeah. thank goodness for soompi i found this.
and may i say your review so far , is the most comprehensive, kick-ass insight about BAd Guy. am technically a Kim Nam Gil bias LOL so everything you said here is YES! AGREE! *nods with gleaming eyes, yep!*

same as the others, i have encountered different reviews about the drama. i scoured soompi during BG’s airing. i read recaps and reviews. and suddenly i declined to watch the last two episodes for two main reasons;

1. Queen Seon Deok recently wrapped up in our local tv show a week earlier before Bad Guy finale. so am again depressed with the angsty ending of Bidam ‘s 70 paces and dealing with another KNG;s dying scene is like requiring me to rehab myself to regain back my sanity.(and yes, it was a month after his enlistment so hello broken heart! haha)
2. i was pre-empted by an initial recap/review of the said drama (no need to mention it , i guess you;ll figure it out based on your article heehee) and it clouded my judgment and yes my sanity (again ) is distorted to finish the series.

now am rewatching the whole series to understand the whole drama–why the so-called WTF ending . yet , from the first episode alone i already find the answers. well, how can i figure it out during my first time watching it if KNG is in it. yay.

ill go back here and post my comments after episode 16. but ill never get tired reading your review. ill definitely share this to KNG-ph facebook page where am administering in.(


21 01 2011

Hello, welcome & thankyou!

am technically a Kim Nam Gil bias LOL so everything you said here is YES! AGREE! *nods with gleaming eyes, yep!*
^^lol, I totally welcome the bias! xDD This series has definitely made me take notice of the man, in fact, it’s even drawn me back into the Korean scene a bit. What can I say but there is nothing else like Korean melodrama <3 I would love to hear your final thoughts on Bad Guy when you finish it all the way to the end!

Thanks both lyra & Peggy for sharing & confirming the information about KNG's opinion n being tagged as Bidam, too. My exposure to him isn't extensive but I can most definitely liken to your opinions about the man being "a real actor"- he just has that innate quality. And, on a side note, I just want to say that, judging from the short clips & images I've seen, I like the look of him (alot) in period costume :) *note to self: must get on to Queen Seon Duk ASAP*

21 01 2011

I did not see the mention that Nam Gil himself was like the character Bidam. I would disagree with that assumption even tho I have never met Nam Gil. He is much more of a gentleman than Bidam seems to have been. Bidam really existed and was probably one of Seon Duk’s husbands in history. She had more than one. Marriages were much more for political reasons than love affairs. The drama itself was resuscitated by the introduction of the Bidam character and he was played for that reason. Certainly the rating showed an upswing after he put in an appearance. Nam Gil will always have a hard time getting Bidam out of his history because he played the role so well. He burst onto the screen just the way he burst down the hill with his sword and showed all the bravado he could boast. His acting in Bad Guy was so different. He showed all the inner emotions of someone bitter and lonely and waiting to get his revenge. Then when it backfired we saw the sadness and anguish. There was a somewhat similar scene when he met up with his real mother in QSD and he showed the longing in his eyes for her to call him ‘Son’ and embrace him. She did not show him any warmth and his anguish was there. After that is when he started to become like her and full of craft and desire for power.
Kim Nam Gil is an actor of deep emotions and I wonder where he found them to be able to use such feelings in a role, and without ranting and raving and generally chewing the scenery. He is a real actor.

23 04 2011

Wow! What a wonderful post and comments on Bad Guy. Love all the insights and details raised. I’m super late to be reading this but I chance upon this from soompi, as lyra did. Can’t believe I’m seeing 2 familiar faces here – lyra and Peggy. KNG fans unite! Why am I so late on this?

Thank you jicks for this detailed post, I truly enjoyed reading it and was nodding in agreement like lyra. I’m very bias too *grins. I was planning to re-watch Bad Guy and this is the last push I needed to click the play button. Most likely after checking out some of your other post.

Hope you’ve come about to watching QSD because like Peggy mentioned, he is a real actor. He lives the role and you will be reaffirmed after watching QSD and know how amazing of an actor he is. In addition QSD is my favorite historical drama (among both Chinese and Korean – I never manage to watch any Japanese ones).

Glad you like the post over at LJ. Here’s another one about Kim Nam Gil and his heart of gold:

28 04 2011

Hi Belva,

Thankyou for the compliments! *blushes* I owe it to E.G. for the promotion *gifts Kame uchiwa to E.G.* :)) I used to be a very regular soompier but have slacked off in the last year or two. Should really get back into it because it’s such a great resource and there are so many people who share the same love!

I would love to rewatch Bad Guy because I am sure there are many things that I didn’t pick up on the first time but… I’m too scared! It was heartbreaking enough the first time around. Re QSD, OMG, believe me, I am trying to find the time! I know it’s a must! It’s a must!

But golly, goodness, THANKYOU for the LJ linkie! I hyperventilated as soon as I watched the first picture load of KNG & the little girl (makes you think he would be a prety good Daddy ;DD) And then, all the other pics of him volunteering in Indonesia… yepyepyep, heart of gold for sure <3 It's awesome seeing celebs who have the world at their feet give back to the world like he is.

Thankyou again for dropping by & leaving comments! Hope to see you around :)

29 04 2011

Yes, QSD is a must, take your time finding time since it’s a long drama, just be sure to get about to watching it lol.
Somehow watching Bad Guy the 2nd time makes me feel more for the r/s between Gun Wook and Jae In… Well it makes sense since I keep having the ending in mind :( Also what I think you said about them always bounce back to being in good terms even after a big argument. This kind of r/s is so special and one that I’ve never seen it elsewhere so it’s really nice and refreshing to watch.

And from hearing what KNG said about him wanting to protect the dreams and hopes of children, he is definitely going to make a good daddy. It’s also evident that he loves kids with the tons of photos of him playing with or helping them. Whoevers gonna be his child is gonna be a very very lucky kid.

It’s a pleasure to read your thoughts so you’re most welcome :)

2 05 2011

Oh it only just clicked with me that you are the administrator of that Kim Nam Gil goodies loaded LJ!!! *smacks head* Awesome work, Belva..! If you don’t mind I may need to add your page to mah linkage ;)

This kind of r/s is so special and one that I’ve never seen it elsewhere so it’s really nice and refreshing to watch.
^^Absolutely. How many times have we seen the bickering btwn couples just keep going on and on and on and on and on…
I guess for me at least, Gun Wook and Jae In’s existence show us that no argument is worth carrying over onto the next day. Kinda simple but not always easy to do- get it outta your system on the spot and move right along from it. Gaaaahh, I miss the couple! And Tae Sung! <3

2 05 2011

Thanks for the compliment :D It’s a pleasure to share stuff about him. Of course I won’t mind it being added to your links, it’s such an honor!

Aww that’s so true… this couple sends a really nice message, as if it’s directed at me cause I do needa get something “outta my system” aka forgive, forget and move on.

24 04 2011

Just one more thing….Kim Jae Wook was so pleased to be acting with KNG. He said that he learned a lot being with him and it made him a better actor just to play a scene with KNG. I was looking forward then to seeing Jae Wook in his next drama and it was just so sad to see what they gave him, and WHO they gave him as a fellow actor. His role in that ‘Marry me Mary’ thing was totally flat. He had little rapport with the guy and not much with the girl. That was one drama I could not finish. Now I hope for a role Jae Wook can really enjoy working at with some greater support. He deserves more. Bad choice by his manager and maybe even by Jae Wook himself. Sigh…

24 04 2011

I wonder if KJW said anything about working with his cast in MSOAN, couldn’t finish it either. I enjoyed watching him in Bad Guy so much more.
I too hope that he choose better projects in future the allows him the opportunity to learn and grow in his craft.

28 04 2011

I read that about Kim Jae Wook as well, he said he thought Nam Gil had alot of depth as an actor. From seeing some Bad Guy BTS stuff, I think there was alot of bromance on the set xDD

Oh, I have Marry Me waiting but I am yet to hear good things about the series. Apparently the only semi-decent t hing was Jang Geun Suk & Moon Geun Young’s chemistry? Such a shame, because looking at the cast, and the plot (contract love baby!) you would’ve thought this would’ve been an idol drama to rival something like You’re Beautiful. Such a waste of a pretty cast -_-;

5 08 2011

Hi Peggy,

What a wonderful, funny, touching, and personable review. I recently (two weeks ago) discovered KNG in GQSD and watched BG in four days; call me addicted and put me in a 12-step KNG fan group.

About the actress who played Jae In. I agree with your comment about her voice. She reached so much depth with her voice in the scene at the police station, where she asked to incarcerate SBW and then asked to incarcerate herself. And then her voice in the home scene, “I like you. I like you! I just wanted that the man I like wasn’t a bad man… Do you want to hold onto me? Do you want to hold onto me? Do you want me to hold you?” I had goosebumps. She repeats herself with more strength and connects with his heart (and mine) through repetitions and escalations of questions.

I think she did with her voice almost the same magic KNG did with his face, eyes, and tears without saying a word.

I too think that the ending was actually shown in the first episode… The starlight poem, beautifully tying in the beginning and the end, leaving the wonder of the question, trying to see through the glass mask, trying to find, to hold, to forgive, to love.

I think SGW came to love and pity the entire family. How could he not? They too were broken. Lonely. Scared. Living a lie.

Tae Ra, noona. Mo Ne… Family. Jae in. Won In… Family.

I am not sure if you did watch the GQSD; after the BG Bidam’s character seems so one-dimensional.

On a side note, I think that cell phones in BG had their own special place. Like an oil in a car, the entire show could not have been sewn so well in one piece without numerous cell phones with their own voices. Working, not working, text messaging, not taking calls, taking calls, etc. I should respect my IPhone more now!

Anyway, I laughed reading your review and felt sadness and connection with you, when you grieved and wondered about things that went right and wrong in BG.

Thank you; live well and be happy.

30 08 2011

Heya! Thankyou for taking the time to leave such a fantastic comment ^_^

Agreed totally with that scene you mentioned with Jae In! When she was shouting her love, I swear I was shouting at Gun Wook to just freaking smooch her before giving it all up and run away together right that moment!

I think SGW came to love and pity the entire family. How could he not? They too were broken. Lonely. Scared. Living a lie.
^^Fair point, and something I didn’t necessarily consider in depth originally, but now that you’ve made a point of it, definitely. I think whether he was conscious of it or not, everytime Gun Wook hurt them he was hurting himself because when it’s all said and done, the man does value his loved ones. And hells yes, he loved his family; If he didn’t have feelings for them he would never have tried to find them again in the first place. And while continually reworked the motto “People come into this world alone and leave alone,” it was never really that clean-cut or straightforward. There are some ties that can never be cut.

I should respect my IPhone more now!
^^ahahhaha Your cell phone remarks made me chuckle hard! Oh, the role of technology in many dramas is indispensable! I just find it amusing that there is always reception in emergency situations. In the real world, esp with my phone network, you’re better off learning morsecode aka Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs style or something, lol.

Thanks again for the nice comments, Hope to see you around! :)

Happy drama watching!

31 08 2011

I enjoyed the beginning episodes of QSD. Got a bit tiresome when she was Queen and jousting with Mo Shil all the time. The rating were going down and that is why they decided to emphasize the character of Bidam. They really lucked out when they chose Kim NamGgil because the ratings shot through the roof. After Bidam’s death they had to finish the series pretty soon because it became dull… the light went away when Nam Gil vanished.
The other cast was mostly very good and it was a tour di force for Mi shil.
I like historical dramas especially if they stay true to the history.
I loved SKKS even if it was true in details or not. Most of the individual stories had to be fiction but the settings were lovely and the background history was correct. Also we discovered four young actors who worked so well together and now they are all on their way to being stars. I do like the Joseon era very much. so many amazing things happened during that time. I guess the Norons still exist but now they can only appear in the Ministry that governs decency in song lyrics ,and ban the words like ‘alcohol’ and ‘skin’ Especially ‘under my skin’…..Horrors !

7 09 2012

Bad Guy is one of my favorite korean dramas, I I really thank you for your review, it’s great!!! I completely agree with all you have written.

8 09 2012

Hey Maria!
Thank you for taking the time to share your love! Bad Guy really is a great drama isn’t it? :) It’s nice to know there are people out there who share my feelings, especially since having read alot around the web that suggests otherwise.
Can’t wait for Kim Nam Gil’s return (it’s nearing!) X)

3 12 2012

I hope you read this. I watched Bad Guy when it released and while I was looking for a Kimura Takuya article, I came upon this review of yours. And I read it and I couldn’t stop the tears, I relived every moment of the drama. The pain and empathy I felt, all the times I’d sob in front of my screen listening to the soundtrack, watching Kim Nam Gil smile through his pain… Your article brought all of it back and made me remember how close this drama is to my heart. Till date, if ever I find the need to cry but I can’t seem to, I watch scenes from Bad Guy. Somehow, I could never convince my friends to watch it, they thought the synopsis sounded too serious… I’m glad there are people who watched it and liked it. I absolutely loved your writing style! One moment I’m grinning like a lunatic and the other moment I’m trying to hold back my tears while my mother stares at me and begins to have her doubts about having me. I can’t explain enough how touched I felt after reading this. I hope you continue to write and entertain the way you do. I shall read the rest of your work as well. :) It’s sheer brilliancy. Much appreciated. Have a wonderful day… :)

2 03 2013

Lea, firstly I want to apologise for the extreme delay in my reply *deep bows*

Secondly, thank you so much for your wonderful comment. You’ve actually reinspired me to get my blogging ass back into shape, ahaha. :) I can not stress how much I loved the series, too, and it does upsets me that it didn’t get more love because it really is a beautifully acted and produced story. But I can understand your friends’ trying to avoid it though, lol. From Bad Guy to Nice Guy, I’ve been dodging Song Joong Ki’s most recent series. But I think it may be time soon.

Have you heard Kim Nam Gil’s song “You Don’t Know” for the drama Queen Of Ambition? It’s love <3 Can't wait for his acting comeback XDD

2 03 2013

Oh, please don’t apologise. I’m sure you must have been busy. :)

I’m glad I could help. Believe it or not, you inspired me to start my own blog. I used to write years ago and for God knows what reason, I just gave up. You made me want to start writing all over again. At the beginning of 2013, I listed all my resolutions in my diary along with people and things that motivate me. You’re listed under “Inspirations” in my diary. So I’ve been writing and reading a lot more now. Thanks to you. :)

The last dorama I watched was A Million Stars Falling From The Sky, taking your suggestion from the Top Kimura Takuya dramas post. I watched Long Vacation and Beautiful Life as well. Loved all of them. I don’t know what to watch anymore. I’m lost in the sea of dramas releasing left, right and centre. So I’m watching some Anime for now.

No, I haven’t heard it yet..I’ll listen to it right away. :) Yeah, any idea when that is?

2 03 2013
PeggyEnder's Girl

Jicks this is going to be a never ending critique that you began,. I am supposed to be doing my taxes,,,horrors,,, but I stopped to check email. so here I am reading every single post on Kim Nam Gil which is really what this turned out to be. He is back again and looks wonderful. He has produced a lovely docudrama about five musicians in a quintet. (Maybe a quartet with four..not sure now) There is a drama in the works for him. He is sort of floating around the web talking to different people. I saw one marvellous interview with a woman and it was in a studio slung/built underneath a bridge over the Han river. there was a grand piano in that space and I just can’t figure out how they got it there. Traffic was on the move overhead on the bridge.
By the way look for the gem of a film with Kim Jae wook where he plays a homosexual patissier. He makes the most delicious cakes. His boss is ?Ju Ji Hoon? Sorry about names. Hell to get old when the memory goes to bed early.
You will love this little film. May have to search since it is not new. Couple of years I think. I have been watching Kdramas lately and find the historical ones are so good. ‘Soldier-God of war’ was perfection. tough and not at all a romantic love story but definitely a romantic look at men in power and how they acted in very tough times.I am also ploughing through ‘Queen Insoo’ but no subs but too interesting to miss any moments.

Must go back to the grind. I don’t mind paying my taxes but I loathe getting papers ready for the taxlady.

2 03 2013

Hi…I believe the Kim Jae Wook movie you’re talking about is Antique Bakery? It’s a brilliant movie. :) You should find it on Youtube or
Another Ju Ji Hoon movie that I love is Naked Kitchen. I wasn’t too thing about the story but just for the cheap thrill of watching him.. ;)

3 03 2013
PeggyEnder's Girl

Yes Lea, that is the drama. Lovely one that you can watch over and over. there always seems to be something that you miss the first time and then it makes certain scenes so clear the next time. I am really waiting to see what Jae Wook will be doing once his army service is over. there has been very little news about him.
Have you watched Kimura in ‘PRIDE’ that is the one I always tell people to wach first. It is great story and he is wonderful in it. I could have wished for a livelier lead actress but she was OK. there is a good film of his called ‘LOVE and HONOR’ and he plays a samurai who becomes blind. amazing that he can do things with his facial expressions even tho his eyes are not using his usual glances. You should watch it.

3 03 2013

Yeah, Antique Bakery really was enjoyable. And the scenes with Ju Ji Hun and Kim Jae Wook were just hilarious.
I’ve watched PRIDE twice already. Back to back. I loved it so very much. Kimura as Halu was so endearing. Made my heart thump quite a bit. Yeah, the female lead bored me a bit but I loved her midway. Love and Honor, is it? Sounds amazing. I’ll definitely give it a try, thank you. :)

3 03 2013
PeggyEnder's Girl

The Japanese title is’ Bushi no Ichibun’ If you google it you will find several sites that give the drama, but I am not sure of the subs. However it is a wonderful film. got many awards. It is the third and final film of a trilogy. The writer and director waited a long time to get Kimura free to do this last film.

3 03 2013

Sounds like a pretty big deal. Do you suggest I watch the entire trilogy?

4 03 2013
PeggyEnder's Girl

Oh no, you don’t have to do that. I have not seen the others. I don’t think they necessarily follow on as characters or even plots. It is a series of films that the director embarked upon as a set of Japanese stories. I would imagine they are all about samurai and maybe even be in some historical vein. Maybe how the samurai lived and what their work was in different times. I am guessing here of course. I have wached so many Japanese taigas and the days of the samurai are fascinating. ‘Bushi’ is complete in itself and just a perfect role for Kimura and really a huge success for the whole film. I think you would like it.

3 04 2013

Okay I am resurfacing again! Argh, too many distractions, but the good news is I’ve actually been watching dramas again lately so brace yourselves for some reviews coming up XDD

Lea: please direct me to your blog now so I can stalk you!!!!! ahaha. In all seriousness, the fact you listed my page as an inspiration is truly humbling. I am believing more and more these days that like attracts like as well, so as much as you are singing out praise my way, I have no doubt you embody the same qualities. Certainly helps that we like the same things as well ;D

I’ve heard Kim Nam Gil is has been confirmed for an upcoming revenge drama called Shark. The producers are guys who also responsible for Mawang (which is an all-time personal fave), and Resurrection. They’re also after Son Ye Jin. Seriously if this goes down, I am so going to… I don’t know, doggy paddle to South Korea and fry some kimchi alongside the Han River. Please, drama gods, make it happen <3

How is your anime streak going? The last one I got into was Kimi ni Todoke. I like animes as they always seem to give me this really sweet, chaste feeling. As for Kimura Takuya, I am planning on watching Priceless very soon. A couple of my friends have seen it and recommend it. Recently watched Nankyoku Tairiku, a little too heavy for me, but definitely a quality production. Kimura will have you convinced he should end up with a snow dog. But whatever you do (unless you are a completist for the man), steer clear of Tsuki no Koibito. Best tip I could ever give you, lol. Else, apart from my favourite five, if you haven't seen Hero or Good Luck! yet, definitely check them out. He's simply comedic perfection in Hero, and, well, in Good Luck! he wears a pilot uniform so, you know… XDD

Peggy: YES, Lea is right! Thanks for thinking of me with the movie Antique:) I have it on DVD and it's definitely a go-to selection if I want to watch something to make me feel better. I agree with Lea, Ju Ji Hoon and Kim Jae Wook are awesome in it together. I must say hearing them speak French brings a whole 'nother level to pastry enjoyment.

I'm so glad Kim Nam Gil is back into action. I tried looking around for said docudrama but only managed to locate blurb information and not the actual show itself to watch. Did come across a beautiful spread he did for Marie Claire magazine late last year though. He makes camping look good XDD

P.S. The Naked Kitchen and Love and Honour— two of my favourite flickies as well! You girls surely have good taste in cinema. I like that we can get along XD

5 04 2013

Oh, no way. My writing skills aren’t half as good or entertaining as yours. And a friend of mine is helping me set the blog up, I haven’t been able to all this while because of exams. I’ll link you once it’s done. :)

Yum! Nam Gil in revenge drama, brilliant combination. It’s bound to be impressive. Can’t wait! And Son Ye Jin…damn. Muahaha, I sense steamy scenes on the way.

Anime…I just finished Ouran High School Club, watched it for the heck of it. But I don’t know many people who watch Anime so I haven’t had any great ones to watch besides Death Note and Fruits Basket. I plan on watching Priceless as well, once I’m done with Queen In Hyun’s Man. I’ve watched Good Luck, how hot is that man…sigh. I haven’t seen Hero as yet. Sadly, you’ve warned me a little too late about Tsuki No Koibito. It was my first Kimura Takuya drama. I picked it because of Matsuda Shota but ended up being facinated by Kimutaku. And that’s how I chanced upon your Top 5 Kimura Takuya post in the first place.

Totally right about Jae Wook and Ji Hoon’s French. *nods solemnly* I need more of Kim Jae Wook, really. And No Min Woo as well. *.*

P.S. I’d only be more than happy if we could get along. Asian drama fanatics unite, I say!

14 04 2013

The humble ones are usually the most talented ;) …so please let me know as soon as you get your blog up and running! I will be amongst the first to follow for sure X)

Well, our wish has been granted! Son Ye Jin has officially confirmed, and Lee Honey signed on as well. What a good-looking cast. And yes, I do welcome steam in scenes. So ready. Apparently they had their first script reading and everyone was really representing their characters well, which is a good sign.

I am a huge Matsuda Shota fan too! I really liked him in Tsuki no Koibito as an unapologetic jerk actually, and quite honestly wished Shinohara Ryoko’s character had gotten with him instead (I’m all for younger man + older woman hook-ups if you don’t know by now XDD) If you haven’t seen already, please suss him out in the Liar Game series. There may be one or two topless scenes that I may or may not have enjoyed. Smouldering.

I liked No Min Woo in Pasta and LOVED him in Gumiho, but I tried to watch Full House Take 2 recently but couldn’t get past the hair, LOL. Should I stick it out? Anything else of his you’d recommend?

15 04 2013

Ah, thank you. :) Sure will!

Honey Lee, I love that woman. More steam! Good, I hope the drama does well. :)

Hell yeah! I was rooting for Ryoko and Shota the whole time. Oh, well..; I went through this marathon of Shota’s dramas because I couldn’t get enough of him. So yes, Liar Game is done and I was so disappointed that he didn’t end up with Toda Erika. Her being all tiny, him being all tall and slender…every time he leaned over her head, my system went cuckoo. But no. Nothing ever happened. -.-” Have you watched his Don Quixote? It’s great if you want to take a break from the serious stuff and just laugh. And Shota sort of has a double role in it. Looove. Try it if you haven’t.

I saw him first in Pasta. watched Gumiho for him and Shin Min Ah. Oh, don’t bother with Full House 2, it’s okay. I couldn’t handle it either. Neither his hair nor her’s. Yes! Try Midas. It’s a drama about M&A, with a great cast and an amazing plot. No Min Woo isn’t the lead but he’s so yummy in it. Definitely try it if you like Jang Hyuk. :) Also, Lee Min Jung does a fantastic job of being the independent woman, perfect combination of brains and beauty.

Here’s the link to the trailer:

14 03 2014

Lea,my reply is a million years late, so sorry! Hope you get to read this XD

Anyway, I ended up bailing on Full House 2, lol. I just couldn’t connect with it in any way, shape or form at all. My friend lent me a cope of Midas so it is sitting in my DVD rack, currently collecting dust, lol, but with your high praise of it, I will be sure to bump it up on my To-Watch-Fianlly-At-Long-Last List, haha.

Ommo. Shota kun leaning over in Toda Erika’s face in Liar Game made me flail too. The long, slender body and limbs thing, no, I get that. *wipes sweat from temples* All I wanted was a pash every episode (for THEM, not for me, of course, LOL).

Sadly, haven’t seen Don Quixote either : ( So dropping the 8-ball in this drama-watching business. Must pick up game,

Anyways, hope life has been well for you XD

21 03 2014

Haha, heyyy! This popped up in my inbox after all this while and I couldn’t help but smile :)

Lol, told ya. Quite honestly, I didn’t like Full House, the original one either. I thought…there was a little too many “cleaning and cooking” scenes in the whole drama. O_o
Ah, watch it whenever you feel like you need something with a plot. :)

I’ve been on a J-Dorama spree. I’m studying Japanese right now and I need these dramas to stay in touch. I just finished Last Cinderella and Hana Kimi( uber late, I know).
Do you perhaps have anything for me?

21 03 2014


21 03 2014

“too much cleaning and cooking” <<– hahaha. True that. though I did like the first Full House for the mere fact that it would be nice to have a Jung Ji Hoon stand tall over me and clean the top edges of the windows that I can't reach. Water fight leading to wet see-through shirt anyone? XDD

J-doramas! <3 As I've whinged about already, I'm trying to play catch up in Asian dramaland, so I can only really recommend older ones. For a good laugh, Nodame Cantabile. For a sweet love, coming-of-age story, Orange Days. For good suspense and freaking phenomenal acting, Byakuyako. Would also highly recommend the Liar Game series, and anything from Kimura Takuya 2007 and earlier.

And if you don't mind getting your heart wrenched out, Soredemo, Ikite Yuku is perfect, absolutely PERFECT.

The newest series I've watched is Saiku no Rikon. Had heard great reviews about it, but I was actually a little underwhelmed. Eita has definitely had better chemistry with his leading ladies (read, anything w Ueno Juri, and I also really loved him in Voice w Ishihara Satomi).

Oh, My Girl (starring Aiba Masaki) is a (IMO) slightly underrated but super light-hearted touching series too. You will want to adopt your own little Japanese child after watching it for sure XD

Haven't seen Last Cinderella yet but heard Miura Haruma is, well, every cougar's fantasy come true in it! hahaha. :D :D

3 04 2013
PeggyEnder's Girl

Hi Jicks Hi Lea. Well it is way after midnight here and I am ready to hop into bed. Just checked the PC andof course had to come here with the mention on the mail. Can say yes! yes! to everything on this page really. I will wait very impatiently for the next Nam Gil appearance. Saw a lovely interview that he had with a very nice female a few weeks ago. It was in a large area slung under a very long and large bridge in Seoul. Had a grand piano in it. dont know how they got it there/. Amazing views and traffic zooming above them on the bridge. Strange but fascinating; I am still watching Queen Insoo without subs and it is enthralling. Someday I have to watch it again and find some subs. Great cast and powerful story. Historical. Also suggest ‘Reply 1997’ Very unusual arrangement of a story and great direction. Cast without stars who do a great job. Funny and nostalgic and in a way very romantic. I thought the main hero was very sexy n a very subtle way.
Must stop eyes won’t focus. Dont know how my signature changed. The addition of’endersgirl’also happened on Dahee Fanels blog. Mystery
More next time. OH!! Watching lovely drama ‘Happy ending’ No subs but great. Try it. kdrama….

4 04 2013

I’ve heard so many great things about Reply 1997, I think it’s high time I checked it out! As for Queen Insoo, I haven’t been big on historical dramas lately but I will keep it in mind. Says something about the quality of it though if you are so eager to watch it without subs, Peggy :)

I am anticipating Kim Nam Gil’s upcoming drama, though it does seem that when actors return from the military, they simply can’t help but head straight down the melodrama / oh-so-serious role route. If Son Ye Jin signs on though, I feel like it will be guaranteed success (touch wood). I find her work is all by and large very watchable at worst.

Btw Lea, here is the youtube clip for said KNG song:

Acting, singing, directing, volunteering. I think I need to bump him up hardcore on my list of favourite famous men.

5 04 2013

Reply 1997 is on my watch list. For the entire period of time that it was being aired, it was all over the news. Can’t not watch it. :)

Thanks for the link, what a lovely song.. *.* He really is something, isn’t he? Sigh.

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