Kick-starting Twenty Eleven :D

1 01 2011

Greetings! And…

Photobucket(^Whipped together by moi ;O Photo scanned in from Oct2010 issue of Men’s Non-no. Airmail+stamp graphic things credit to Apple Min @flickr)

^_^ Just wanted to do a quick post (using one of my favourite pictures of 2010) and send everyone my best regards for a super year ahead. May the dorama world be bigger and better than ever, may all your goals and dreams come to fruition and may everyone have a good hair day every day xDDDDDD As doozy put it, let us all have a ShuShuing New Year!! *raises Fog Bar spray*


Oh, & by the way, you know how in my previous post I was begging requesting piccies of other specific Santa boys? Well well well… I accidentally (lol yeah , sure, as if >U<;) found this >>>


^Seriously, this puts a whole different spin on the “I wanna sit on Santa’s lap!!!” scenario for me… er, no freaking way I just said that  ><;;;;;; *punches self in face*

*clears throat* Caption at your own pleasure (-_-;!)


One last “Oh & by the way” *flashes pearlers*- I was doing my standard surf around Dramabeans and…


I think I submitted this banner of Bi and Lee Na Young about one month ago (amongst a few others) and honestly thought I’d completely flunked it~~; (which wouldn’t be too shocking since there is so much talent happening over there^^) …but ’twas a nice surprise indeed seeing it fronting their page :))


Anyways, Happy HAPPY 2011! <3



12 responses

4 01 2011
Ender's Girl

First!!! XDDD

Woohooo!!! Happy 2011 to my favorite pinstripe-suited boys!!!! (Er, I meant, my favorite bloggers and cyber-people! heh heh) Either way, may the new year bring us the best of what is to come! “may everyone have a good hair day every day” – LOL. I’ll Shu to that, baby. *downs Fog Bar spray* *passes out from stomach poisoning*

And CONGRATULATIONS on your fantastic header! Here’s to MOAR headers-by-jicks in 2011!

Oh, did I miss anything? Did I did I? Ehehhehe

HAHAHAHA my Christmas 2011 came early is all I can say, lolzzz. Thanks super for remembering our favorite normal J-boy!!! (LMFAO @ your Santa’s lap comment… and YES, I CAN believe you actually said that lol)

I saw the Miura calendar pics a few days ago over at Livejournal but I somehow missed this one, so you have no idea how much this made my YEAR. ^^;;

Since Miura’s looking uncharacteristically fierce, and I guess my caption would be:


(And by “b*tches” he means US, of course, hihihi)

5 01 2011


(And by “b*tches” he means US, of course, hihihi)
^LMAOooooo *sweats bullets* ^O^;;; I wouldn’t put the partying past the boy though, seems like he knows how to groove to a track or two ;P

Oh I know, those calendar pics make me wanna… they make me wanna… ah… be 20 again..??? Nah, it’s way more fun pouncing on the boy this way LOLollol
Btw, have you seen the trailer for his new series with Toda Erika? Unfortunately, I find myself actually kinda feeling bad boy Miura^^;

7 01 2011
Ender's Girl

Aaaaaaaa why did Miura do that why why??? (And “Super Handsome Live 2010” – LMAO, WTH Amuse???) I wish he didn’t!!!! My eyes my eyes!!! Maybe the Amuse boys wanted to try being Johnnies for a night, lol. I wish Miura would just stick to acting and modeling. I want to keep my inner JE fangirl as far, far away from my inner Miura fangirl as I can.

(Too bad the video got taken down. I could watch that every day to get a cheap laugh or two, lol.)

Re the calendar pics, I know right???? (In fact, I tried messin’ with some of them and posted them on me bloggy.) And like you I think I’d be too chicken to pounce on M. if we were still 20. Being older does have its benefits, lol

Yeah I saw it too! Absolutely hate the premise, but gaaaahhhhh why did he have to look so FINE in every scene. I guess that leaves us with no choice but to actually watch the dratted drama, hahaha XD

8 01 2011

I want to keep my inner JE fangirl as far, far away from my inner Miura fangirl as I can.
^^hahaha Well, now that the vid is gone (btw BOO to it being taking down..><..! ) we can pretend that it never happened, ta da! ;O

Definitely agree on the singing ban on the boy though~~

6 01 2011


thanks for posting those santa pics, esp of santa jun, sjs, and joo ji hoon (omo!)! no santa shun? :)

also, want to share this video i stumbled upon on yt. pick your ikkie!

7 01 2011
Ender's Girl

w00t! what a FUN video!!! (lady gaga + ikkies = perfect!!! lol) thanks for sharing! ^^;;

8 01 2011

Happy New Year to you too, twentynineandcounting! Hope you downed a champers or two as the clock struck 12! xPP

OMg, thankyou for sharing that vid! lmao at the ending^^; LOVE all the boys’ reactions to losing to The Forgotten Johnny LOL. Epic xD But, er, to pick my ikkie? You mean ONLY ONE? That would have to be… well, definitely not Yamapi because I’d have too much of a hard time trying to read what he’s feeling LOL

6 01 2011

*toast to fog bar* Here here!

Your reaction to seeing your banner at DB is cute. eheheh. :)
Love your artwork!

8 01 2011

Domo, domo! Wishing you a rawkin’ 2011 doozy! :)

7 01 2011
Picspam: Miura Haruma Calendar 2011 « The Little Dorama Girl

[…] jicks and zooey started the ball rolling with their New Year posts, let me chime in and wish everyone a […]

20 01 2011

fogbar pics are by far the best way to start the year, particularly after all the utter cr… vaguely disappointing things I’ve endured as of late! :)

belated happy new year jicks, and I’ll absolutely pretend not to notice your “miura’s loving sister” badge gradually slipping off and being replaced by a “i’d like miura in a bow and possibly very little else” membership card ;)

21 01 2011

Hey mil!!!!! So cool to hear from you again!!!!!

Sorry to hear you’ve had to endure some crap rocky stuff but hope things will be going up, up & away for you from now!!

lmao i’d like miura in a bow and possibly very little else” membership card
Oh dear -_-; *coughs* You’re right, I think I better recheck myself! It has been a challenge maintaining my sisterly image lately watching the boy, er, grow up^^;

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