Quote It: Oh Dal Ja

31 01 2011


“I am 33 years old. I’ve learned how to lay down my pride with honour.”

Oh Dal Ja (Dal Ja’s Spring, ep06)


Across blogs and general world wide web places, I’ve always heard pretty great things about the 2007 Korean romantic comedy series, Dal Ja’s Spring but Chae Rim‘s face had always kinda made me go, “You know what, I’ll get around to this one later…” (to make things clear, I do like the woman, and her acting, just not necessarily the, ah, makeup~~)

Then one day, I was in a major “Looks so aren’t everything!” kinda mood (yes yes, all despite what an old grandpa who calls himself Johnny K. may be trying to tell you with his leering eyes, children… >_>… ahem…) so I decided to dig right in past the Medusa hair et al, and, thanks very much to zooey, I was finally there relishing in this total little gem of a series. I was there, able to find a heroine, in Oh Dal Ja, whom I wholeheartedly loved, could relate to and genuinely wanted to be. I love her so much I am going to refer to her as Dal Ja unni ^_^! <3

Now  please bear with me for the next paragraph or two because, baby, cue on some sissiness(!), er, sappiness (!), no wait… blabberness??? Okay. So what I’d like to express is just how much I feel like I got Dal Ja unni, how I easily understood where she is coming from when it comes to that four letter word. In many ways, I feel like her relationship with love precisely mirrors mine. The overworked imagination, the giddiness around cute (younger) boys (Oh Miura! Oh Miuuuuurraaa! Where are you? Won’t you come out and play with your big sister now??? ^^;;;;;;; bwahahahaha), the “If it’s fate… maybe?” attitude… yeah yeah yeah, I am indeed one old-school romance sucker. But I know I’m not the only one.

While in such aspects I feel like we were very similar, there were also parts of Dal Ja unni‘s character that I found myself truly admiring. Her strength, her courage, her sense of humour, her passion, her giant heart, her candidness… she seemed liked she would be a total blast to be around, someone people naturally gravitated towards but when it was game time, you know she would go out of her way and make every effort and sacrifice within her ability to help you. And the above quote really defines why I look up to her- I know Dal Ja unni can be a little crazy and unreadable at times, but ultimately she is a woman who knows herself. A woman who has her morals and priorities straight.

Dal Ja unni, I know you may think you are flawed, and I know you have your ups and downs, but… I pretty much believe you are the perfect human being.


☆☆☆ On a side note, may I holla an unrestrainable shout out to Lee Min Ki: I think you were beyond adorable in this series. Lemme be your noona now xDD




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1 02 2011

LOL. Totally love this homage to Chae Rim’s Dal Ja. As a protagonist in a kdrama she is surprisingly strong and realistic while also throwing in some childish innocence. Got to love it. I really, really want to finish this series, but it is hard to find. I think I did find it on YouTube with some pretty good video + subs. Will have to go surfing again as this post makes me really want to finish it.

1 02 2011

Totally agreed re your thoughts on Dal Ja. I think that was a huge charm about the series, it didn’t feel overdone yet it just subtly fulfilled every one of your desires and senses.

Hope you get to finish it soon! :)

1 02 2011

Oooh, yay for “looks aren’t everything” mood (although, I admit that sometimes, that is a challenge for me.) And double yay for it leading you to check out Dal Ja’s Spring. It really is one of the better made rom-com.

Have you finished it?

1 02 2011

^Hey, I’m guilty as can be when it comes to succumbing to things based on looks alone! Sometimes it’s hard to control yourself when things look so delicious on the outside, lol

Yeppies I have finished the series, totally breezed through it. Usually with alot of the K-dramas I tend to stall midway through… my attention span doesn’t stretch for over 12 episodes lol… but I loved every moment of DJS! It was rare to find a series where the sub-plots and the sub-sub-plots were just as worthy of my time as the main event, and ALL the characters were likeable in some way or another. Can’t believe it took me so long to get around to it^^;

2 02 2011

ditto on the characters being likable and entertaining, even the psycho ex-wife and stern boss who refused to call Dal Ja by her real name. The cartoon drawings were cute too.

If I remember correctly, each episode or so had a specific theme and one of the ones that stuck with me is the concept of action and reaction coz it’s so simple yet very applicable to real life situations.

Re: Lee Min Ki
While I did find his character charming, I didn’t fall for him as hard as other people. When Dal Ja Spring came out in 2007, netizen were laying claims or wishing for their own “spare tire” left and right. Hehe.

3 02 2011

I didn’t fall for him as hard as other people.
^^By that, do you mean a certain demi-glace sauce maker, doozy?? xPP But hey, if you don’t want your spare tyre, I’ll take him for you ;) lol I think I just liked the fact that he was so one-hearted when it came to love.

I loved loved LOVED the illustrations in the series! Especially the artwork hanging in the lobby of the building they worked in. Would love them in my own place :D I also loved the print hanging on the wall behind the sofa in Dal Ja’s living room- “Celebratory Whim” by Ford Smith <3 Kinda trying to get it myself ^_^

Oh the ex-wife was kinda creepy in the beginning but soon I grew to like her because she was so timidly cute when it came to stalking her (ex)hubby. And anyone who is a good pâtissier rules in my books ;))

8 02 2011

By that, do you mean a certain demi-glace sauce maker
ahahhaha, he was charming but no, I didn’t fall that hard for sauce boy.

By the way, do check out The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry, if you haven’t seen it already. Definitely recommend.

11 02 2011

haha Sauce boy ^O^ Hmm, okay then, you’re making me curious doozy! So exactly when was it that you fell for the boy? ;P

I had zero intention of watching The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry until you just recommended it! I just can’t get past Kim Bum lol is it really that good, goshdarnit? How does it compare to other older woman/younger man series??

12 02 2011

So exactly when was it that you fell for the boy?

In the first jdorama that I ever watched, that one show named after a fruit/color. eheheheh

Re: The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry
Can’t get past Kim Bum coz of Boys Over Flowers? Coz initially, that was the case for me. I saw him in BOF and he unintentionally made me laugh, and constantly thinking “why is that kid skipping his 5th grade class to play sax in a club?!”

But I think the reason why I like Woman is because of the focus on the friendship among the three female leads and the romance is secondary, I feel. Also, Kim Bum and Park Jin Hee really surprised me with their chemistry. Totally noona-killer, that Kim Bum.

12 02 2011

Of course *smacks head* Why did I even need to ask, of course it’s Kai + doozy sitting in an Orange tree!!! xPP

“why is that kid skipping his 5th grade class to play sax in a club?!”
LOL, You nit the nail on the head! Boys Over Flower turned me right off. After that series, I agreed to myself to avoid anything that remotely involved Kim Bum (and/or Lee Min Ho for that matter.) I will forever remain mad-peeved at how much screen time Yi Jung ate up thus leaving no time for the super cool Woo Bin lol

But… noona-killer, that is so not a light term… now I am seriously tempted… ^^;;;;;

2 02 2011

Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog *adds to favourites* and I have to say I agree with you 100%! Dal Ja is DA WOMAN!! She’s everything I hope to be when I get to her age, or better yet even right now. Dal Ja’s Spring is definitely one of my favourite Kdramas<3 But I have a confession, and I know I'm in the potentially non-existant minority, I actually really dig the Medusa hair. There's just something about it…. Anyway, you have a fantastic blog (esp the graphics!)and I know I will be spending much time here procrastinating=)

3 02 2011

Hello right back at ya! ;)

Hey, don’t fret too much about liking Dal Ja’s hair… to tell you the truth, I probably don’t think it’s as horrid as I’m making it out to be. At least she knows how to curl her hair, whenever I try my head just turns into a giant frizzball mane. I think it was more the super chunky eyeliner that made me go wow at first. But after a while, Dal Ja’s personality makes you overlook everything that may have slightly irked you anyways. She most definitely rocks and like you referenced, someone women can definitely look up to! But it sounds like to me you kinda have her cool, optimistic, “not afraid to share your thoughts on what you like (re the hair! xP)” attitude already anyways :D

Thankyou for your nice comments and I do hope to see you back here more often :) (that is if my craziness doesn’t scare you away, haha^^;)

8 02 2011
Ender's Girl

Cool post, jicks! You really captured the essence of the character and everything that was lovable about her. I may not have loved Dal-ja’s Spring as much as some people but it certainly was one of the better-made and more entertaining OL dramas I’ve seen.

(Bwahahaha @ your little clarification re Chae Rim in your opening paragraph. Nice save, nice save! =P I too was never a fan of her… makeup, hehe. I first saw her in All About Eve and although she and Jang Dong-gun looked cute enough to eat, they kind of bored me to death with their sweetness and made gravitate towards the Kim So-yeon character.)

I was really feeling the chemistry between Chae Rim and Min-kiiiiiiii! (At first I thought Min-ki was just this extremely cute blue-collar semi-bum and I was prepared — like Dal-ja — to accept him as he was… but when he dropped the bomb on her (and us) about his real profession, suddenly his cuteness increased 3943473747 times, lol. Does that make me shallow, snooty, meritocratic gold-digger? heh)

Just wanna echo what y’all have said, DJS was one of those dramas that got me interested in all the sub-plots and secondary characters (omo, the psycho ex-wife! omo, Dal-ja’s ex and the posh TV presenter! omo, Tae-bong and his lawyer-exGF! omo, the Dalja-Taebong-MarriedDude love triangle!).

Oh, and double ditto re the charming artwork!

And… like you, I never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually thank a Kdrama for helping me hurdle two major Jdorama roadblocks: the shame of liking extremely unattractive “ikemen”, and the shame of liking Japanese actors 2/3 my age, lol. So thank you, Dal-ja, for teaching us that age is just a number, and that love means never having to say sorry for being older, lol. (LMAO @ the Play-with-Miura scenario ahahhaha XDDD)

Btw jicks — which did you like more, DJS or Anego? :-)

Speaking of which, there’s a short article on DramaFever (written by Claire aka ambergold on LiveJournal) about the Older Woman/Younger Man drama trope. The post mostly covers Jdorama (hence Anego). Claire and I had a little discussion in the comments thread and I suggested she include DJS (she hadn’t). This came out last Sept. but you might wanna read the article and drop a line or two. ;-)


11 02 2011

but when he dropped the bomb on her (and us) about his real profession, suddenly his cuteness increased 3943473747 times, lol. Does that make me shallow, snooty, meritocratic gold-digger? heh
^^gahahaha No! No! No! You so weren’t the only one! *high ten* I totally felt the same way. I was thrilled for Dal Ja for hitting the jackpot :D :D

— which did you like more, DJS or Anego? :-)
I have to say… Dal Ja’s Spring, only because the story was more developed (and of course all the subplots) and like you mentioned over at that DramaFever article you linked me (thankyou btw!), there was much more focus on the relationship with the younger man in DJS than what was apparent in Anego :D (I guess it really satisfied the cougar in me lol ;))) Believe me, if there would’ve been more Jin-time in Anego, this question would be alot harder to answer^^;

Btw, now that you mention her, Tae Bong’s ex GF was probably the only character in the series that I didn’t care too much for. She was so much snootier than all of us put together xD

(P.S. Hoping to join in on the conversation at that Dramafever article maybe tomorrow… darn my crazed schedule!)

8 02 2011

I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed this series. :)

I personally clocked out halfway through it… I don’t know why, but it kinda ran too long for me (okay, and the eyeliner really bothered me). And even though I didn’t finish it, I have to agree with E.G. that Dal Ja’s character would probably have to be one of better-made ones as far as OL dramas go. It kept me entertained for the most part and didn’t bore me to death like Sapuri did OR weirded me out like Kimi wa Petto did OR annoyed me to death like Sorewa totsuzen did (come to think of it, it still bothers me–Yamapi wooing a married woman…arghhhh…grrrrr zero chemistry #@$&(*@#&). Actually Majo no Jouken also had an irrational female lead but I won’t hold anything against her because Tackey looked so good in it. Lol.

I guess what I like most about Dal Ja is that she’s pretty level-headed and despite some embarrassing situations, they didn’t make her look like a fool. I hate it when they make single, mature women into pathetic, clingy creatures.

11 02 2011

^^Totally agree on your last paragraph there! :D :D Dal Ja did show glimpses of insecurities, but in the end she absolutely showed us the best way to handle them and to handle ourselves. It’s natural to have wobbly thoughts about yourself but it’s the way you deal with them that counts hey ^_^

Oh dear, anytime Kimi wa Petto is mentioned I need to… bang my head into the nearest kennel lol As cute as I found Jun-kun in the series, the story itself was beyond cringey to watch. I know it’s all in good fun but sometimes I can’t help but think that if the genders had been reversed, girls and women would be crying exploitation, so in a way I can’t really agree with the idea of making a grown man(boy) act like a dog >_>;

Re Sapuri, lol. I probably wasn’t annoyed by it as much as you were but I do agree the story wasn’t really strong enough to sustain enough interest for 10 or 11 epidoes, And for me, Ito Misaki + Turtle Boy just didn’t cut it as a believable couple. And Eita just appeared like a misfit (I think I recall E.G. saying in one of her posts that it looked like Eita had walked into the wrong dorama lololol) Haven’t seen Sorewa totsuzen, and after your lil comment there, I don’t think I ever will lol (Yamapi dramas, grah! Code Blue II is the one drama that I have had lying around the longest and me not even physically touching it… I need major motivation, but I don’t know where to get it!)

5 03 2012
Ji Soon

I loved that series so much. I think a lot can relate to Dal Ja.
She totally gives me a vibe of girl on a CD cover. I am not sure who she is but when I first saw her, I thought dal ja I don’t know why…

by the way, does anyone know here

Here is the CD Cover

5 03 2012

Heya! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Dal Ja does rawk :)

Had a glimpse at the CD cover and sorry! Can not help you! If I ever do find out, I’ll be sure to let you know though :)

Thanks again for dropping by!

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