I rate this scene: Goong [episode 16]

14 02 2011

So I was thinking about a certain Korean celebrity who is fast approaching their use-by military date *coughs*Bi*coughs* (baby sooner or later we’re gonna have to part ways for a coupla years. Do remember to take care of those abs!) then that led me onto thinking of those who I like and are already serving: Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Nam Gil and- the one I absolutely miss the most-

Ju Ji Hoon.

And this, naturally, got me thinking about the 2006 Korean drama series, Goong.

Goong (aka Palace aka Princess Hours) is probably in my all-time favourite top 10 series. Despite it getting a teeny tiny bit draggy somewhere between episodes 16 and 20 (give or take;) despite the not-necessarily-always-crash-hot-acting; despite Lee Yul getting on my freaking nerves for like, the last two-thirds of the story… I still feel that everything else was enough to make me overlook whatever faults the series may have had.

Trying to pick my favourite Goong lovey-dovey moment that would be fit for a V-Day post was also a challenge and a half (!!!) because the series was so loaded with them (´ー`)。o0○ Do I go with one of the bazillion hall-of-fame kissing scenes? Do I go with one where a hug and Ju Ji Hoon‘s back were in the same equation? Do I go with one where there were ROFLtastic giggles (Chae Kyung hiding in the closet and peeping at Shin getting au naturel anyone? xPP) or one where there were tears? Or do I go with the Cinderella moment where Shin goon finds “the glass slipper” in the middle of a dancing crowd and slips it back onto the foot of our Princess Chae Kyung? Is it possible for a girl to pick just the one favourite?

Well, I tried. And I decided on this:


The beach scene stands out to me because it was such a contrast to the usual rich and vibrant saturation of colours that Goong is celebrated for. It stands out because of how simple and organic everything feels. Everything is stripped back- all the hues, all the costumes, all the pizazz. All we see is the Crown Prince and the Princess chasing each other around and being all kindsa silly, like two little children in the playground.

Not that I believe in all the commercial (over)hype of Valentine’s Day (such a single person’s thing to say i.e. moi lol) but if you need any ideas on how to spend the 14th of February, I’m thinking a beach date like this would pretty much be the sweetest thing xDD

Dear Shin goon, gimme that piggy-back ride now! (May I add, piggy-backing someone and running in the sand? Ju Ji Hoon, that kinda makes me like you even more. And also, the semi foot massage pedicure situation… I likey ;) )

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ^_^



17 responses

15 02 2011

Oooo I rate this scene too! For one, it was so much like a commercial for trenchcoats and I love trenchcoats… But also for the same reason you said, it had that stripped down to the basics feel, like it wasn’t about their statuses of poor girl, rich prince, but just two kids in love. The date setting was just the beach and not some snazzy exotic set up.

But you know, no beach scene with Yoon Eun Hye can compare to THE beach scene with her and Gong Yoo from Coffee Prince. Have you watched CP? Because if not, get right to it missy! Put that ahead of The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry if you have to. It’s not to be missed.

16 02 2011

Oh, the CP beach scene… if it’s humanly possible to hold your breath for that long and not be hypoxic, then I probably didn’t breathe throughout that scene.

16 02 2011

bwahaha trenchcoat commercial! If that’s what they’re selling, hells yes I’ll take 10 of them!! (I don’t know what I would need 10 for, but hey xD)

I am one of those freaks who haven’t seen Coffee Prince… well, at least not in full. I tried to a couple of years ago but the subtitles on the copy I had made my eyes bleed so I stopped after a few episodes. I do intend to see it eventually though but… is it wrong of me to say that Gong Yoo does very, very little for me? (I think I probably don’t have great feelings for him because by seeing him with Yoon Eun Hye, I feel like Chae Kyung is cheating on my dear Prince Shin ^^;;;;;)

P.S. doozy, I’m glad you survived the beach scene in Coffee Prince to tell your tale lol ;) (I guess I need to make CP my next series to watch… after a couple more titles I have in mind X_o)

17 02 2011

CP was actually my first ever full kdrama. I had caught snippets of Dae Jang Geum and Successful Story of Bright Girl (yuck!). But CP is my first complete one. And well, I was not moved by Gong Yoo in the beginning either. No siree, I was not remotely interested in the half-naked GY in the OTP first encounter scene. Initially, I was all for Lee Sun Gyun and smexiness (and the dog!!). But then somewhere along the line I grew quite fond of GY’s character and a lot of it can be attributed to the beach scene. During that scene I held my breath with anticipation too and I think my heart stopped beating.

20 02 2011

Did some just say “half-naked”? Okay, okay I’m sold! lol xPP I will certainly get onto CP ASAP, even if it is just to check out Kim Jae Wook… I heard he made a pretty yummy waffle maker ;)

Aw you didn’t like Successful Story Of A Bright Girl? I can see why it would bore some people or even irritate but somehow I thought it was simple, funny and sweet. Maybe because it was my first K-drama ever that I feel a strong sense of connection to it. I thought Jang Nara oozed just the right amount of girly sweet innocence and I loved watching Jang Hyuk’s character evolve from a pure rich barshtaaard jackass to a true man who just happened to be v. funny loveable :D

OhmMy Mum cult followed Dae Jang Geum. I did watch I fair chunk of it but did trail in and out of it throughout the series (a smidgen too lengthy for me)- from what I saw though, Lee Young Ae was amazing.

16 02 2011

Bi, military service? I don’t know what you are talking about. *whistles, covers ears*

Goong was alright, for me, but definitely agree that this date scene was very sweet of the “aw.. so cute!” variety not “let me find the nearest sink to barf into”

16 02 2011

tehehe Sounds like Goong annoyed you in some ways? xPP

Re Bi entering the military;
We should both go lead the farewell party if & when the day comes! doozy, you could don the Rain’s World wings and I can bring the Rainism Magic Stick and we could do a collaboration celebratory dance around him and totally send him off in style lol xD

18 02 2011

Can we hold the party at an empty office or somewhere with a fully functioning overhead sprinkler system? The farewell-for-now festivity wouldn’t be complete without fake rain, you know. But if we can’t afford to rent out the place (coz I spent all my money on those wings and you on the glow sticks), we can run around a park and wait for the grass sprinklers to come on.

collaboration celebratory dance around him
I’m picture the scene now and why does it look like we’re doing some sort of cleansing ritual to chase away evil spirits instead partying?

20 02 2011

lololol Fake rain, of course(!), of course(!) We couldn’t do it any other way ;)) I’m all cool for an al fresco scenario.

bwahaha at your cleansing ritual imagined idea- definitely. Definitely need to chase away the Engrish imps and the BadAss fairies. A much much better thing to do for him instead of (just) saying goodbye lol.

17 02 2011

oh.my.gosh. you made me so happy!! i just wanted to drop by and see what’s up, but to see GOONG as your most recent entry – it had me flailing! sometimes, fangirls connect in a strange way.^^ i’ve been reminiscing my goong experience for three days now and fighting the urge to watch it all over again for fear it might take me another 10 years to recover :) a big part of the day today was spent exchanging ‘let’s swoon over goong all over again’ emails with my friends who adored the drama and the couple as much as i do!

I watched videos of Goong SP yesterday, and kyaaa it brought back a lot of sweeeeet memories. haha, now off to read your entry.^^

17 02 2011
Ender's Girl

@ twentynineandcounting Wait — WHAT Goong SP??? There’s a Goong SP??? Also starring JJH and YEH? When was this? *gnaws on pajamas* You’re not referring to that godawful spin-off Goong S are you? =P

@ jicks Thank you thank you thank you for featuring one of my favoritest Kdramas of all time!!!!!!!!! I’ll give you free piggyback rides on White Beach in Boracay all day long!!! lolzz xD Like you I didn’t like how the show dragged on for certain stretches (prolly had something to do with the network’s last-minute decision to extend the episodes from 20 to 24, as is their wont in Kdramaland @_@). But HOMYGAWSH did I freaking obsess over this drama like I’ve never obsessed over any drama before. I think I already told you how I marathoned all 24 eppies at my friend’s house and “Perhaps Love” was like, my Song of the Year (lol) and I thought that since Joo Ji-hoon’s birthday and mine are just a day apart, it must be fate it must be fate!!! (korete, destiny? lol) hahahaha

But. Chae-gyung and Shin-goon. Gawwwd. The chemistry. TEH KEMMISTREEE. I shipped JJH and YEH like I never shipped anyone before (except for YamaPi and Kame — jez kiddin). But as cute as the beach scene was (and you’re right about the lovely neutral colors — reminded me of Jung Woo-sung’s Giordano campaign woot!), my Top 3 would hafta be: (3) shortly after the beach scene when Chae-gyung and Shin-goon spend the night at the Royal Seaside Shack and they’re all snug in the futon and Shin LIFTS the edge of the comforter to keep CG warmmmmm (2) the kiss on the crowded streeeeeet with REAL bystanders taking REAL photos of them snogging lol (3) The OMNOMNOM Kiss in Episode Twenty-threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(Oh, and I even remember signing an online petition to get the cast back for Goong Season 2. Fool of me to think the network would actually give us what we wanted. *shakes fist outside the MBC studios* Oh wait, they kind of did with Goong S. NOT. Hahahahahah)

And Happy Kokoro Day to everyone! =D

18 02 2011

Hi, EG! Apparently, there was a TV special I didn’t know about– until I chanced upon it on YT. But it wasn’t an extension of the drama. It was a studio special wherein they had the whole cast in the studio while they looked back at the memorable scenes from the drama. There were outtakes /NGs too! You mentioned the scene where they had to kiss in the middle of the crowd – kyaaa! That one was included. I won’t spoil the rest for you, but if you want to reminisce, watch the SP :) When I did, I was amazed at how many sweet scenes there were indeed and tried to remember how I managed through each and every one of them during my Goong phase. :)

Jicks, I loved this particular scene, too! Apart from the fresh feeling it gave me, it made me wish to see Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon in a series of commercials for camera or Fuji film or something similar. And I can imagine a large, furry dog playing with the couple at the beach, and the whole thing would be more than perfect :) you’re right about the ‘bazillion’ kiss scenes. and the beauty of the backhugs! one thing that also stood out for me in this drama is the ‘nommnomnomm’ scene that EG mentioned. For it was the first time that I saw a real kissing scene in a K drama; camera angles need not have to do some tricks. Real couple kiss, and that sealed it for me! :)

18 02 2011

E.G., the Goong SP has English subtitles by WITHS2 as well, in case you were wondering. Have fun spazzing!

20 02 2011

bwahahaha Everyone lovin’ on The OMNOMNOM Kiss!!! xDD I, too, am A FAN xPP Definitely the defining moment of the series: if you weren’t a JJH+YEH shipper up until then, you sure flipped then. I think I instant-replayed it 33 times lol

You should totally do it! Rewatch Goong! Rewatch Goong! haha I know you are worried about the recuperation aftermath but I think it will do you so much more good than harm ^_~ Just, I dunno, have a Tofu Cushion nearby to share the highs and lows with tehee

Oh, and the Fuji commercial thing is so true. And it obviously worked (guess what brand my camera is lol)

Oh, the pash in the middle of the street with real people was epic! I came thisclose to selecting it for this post. I loved how everyone and everything around them turned into black and white and they were the only ones left in colour. I also loved how JJH was pretty much feeling up YEH’s butt lol It just felt so “in the moment” xD

ahaha YES! I remember you telling me you consumed something like 3 vats of coffee during your marathon- I totally salute you and your friends! I think it took me 3 days *hands head in shame* But like you, I was sha-la-laing to Perhaps Love for an entire year lol.

Gawsh, the SP! (i.e. Not Goong S lol. <<<— Still haven't touched it. Seven as an actor?? Can. Not. Do. It.) twentynineandcounting, thankyou for reminding Gah, it’s so ridiculously charming, E.G., you’ll certainly hafta get your hands on it! I promise it will make you ship the Royal Couple even more (I think I may still a copy if you get desperate ^_^.)

Btw, LMFAO @ Kame & Pi reference^^;;;

23 02 2011
Ender's Girl

@ twentynineandcounting, doozy and jicks

Thanks a lot, guys! Ohhhhhhhhh THAT Goong SP!!!!! *remembers!* Yepyepyep I’ve seen it I’ve seen it! xD I watched that one shortly after the drama ended, hoping it would be some kind of catch basin for all my residual spazzing, but it only ended up fanning the flames of my desire (rargh! lol) even more, hahahaha. (Maybe it was a senior moment, but I didn’t make the connection right away. Miane! ‘Coz these days when someone says “SP” I automatically think of Jdorama tanpatsus, hahaha)

Okay, now I remember that in Kdramaland, SPs (like the Hong Gil Dong SP, which I also rabidly anticipated) are really — um, specials, showing BTS clips and interviews… like the Survivor Reunion Show. xP The Goong SP had me running into walls repeatedly (out of frustration) because they didn’t show the inset faces of YEH and JJH in the studio while the Omnomnomnom Kiss was being replayed on the big screen. I was shipping them so hard that I wanted SO BADLY to get any telltale reaction from them — a reddening of the cheeks, a twitch of the eyelid, a sidelong glance at their co-star — anything!!! while the kiss was being shown. Too bad MBC didn’t go all-out tabloidy and show their faces while we all relived the most delicious kiss in the history of Asian dramas, hahahaha.


Reminiscing Goong (good times, good times… and jicks, lmao @ your Seven quip ^^) has given me ideas about… certain… Johnnies… heh heh heh. Since today’s KAMENASHI’S 25th BIRTHDAY I’m seriously fancying my own Kame Tofu Doll — complete with 2 photos on either side: Side A – Good Romantic Lead Kame (photo of Hiroto), Side B – Bad Naughty Skanky Kame (photo from any given KAT-TUN con, hahaha). That way I can better… deal… with my twisted feelings for the boy. I mean really… it’s, uh, therapy! xP

Another idea: KAT-TUN bears! lolz. Specifically Kame and Jin, hahaha. We can dress ’em up in all the tatty black and red carpet scraps, tinsel and sequins we can find, then photograph them in compromising positions… (I did not just say that. Where is Mil when we need her anyway? MIL !!!!!!!!!!!!! lol)

24 02 2011

I think the two moments I recall the most vividly about that Goong SP is:

[1] How the director said something along the lines of, “Even if I hadn’t picked him (Ju Ji Hoon) for this role, sooner or later he would’ve been a star anyways. He simply has that kind of charm.” Then the host prompst Ji Hoon, “Do you think this is true?” And Ji Hoon, jokingly (or was he ??? xPPP ) nods, “Yes it’s true.” Everyone cracks up and I’m like, “You little figjam artist.” :D :D :D

[2] When they posted THIS pic of JJH on the screen and the male host was like, “Orhmahgawsh, how can that body even be real?” LOL. I remember Ji Hoon getting a little coy here xDD

Anyways, enough of my JJH lovin’! ^^;


@E.G., LMFAOoo at your Kame Tofu doll fantasy, er, idea! Too funny, too funny! *headdesk* But why stop there? This is our chance to make it rich :D :D We could mass produce an entire Johnnies series! I’m thinking definitely also-

-> Jinny:
Side A- Japanese Jin (slim-faced, with fedora)
Side B- American Jin (chubby-faced, with fedora)

Side A- Happy Pi
Side B- Sad Pi
^^lolololol (*loves on Pi Pi*)

Oh, and the teddy bears, lol. *cries*


Btw, Happy 25th Birthday to Mr Kamenashi! I wish him… whatever you want for me to wish for him, really, E.G.! You see, I am happy to use my one wish to help you and Kame in whatever thing it is you so desire xDD

28 02 2011
Ender's Girl

ROFLMFAOOOOOOOOOOO *pounds desk* *stomps* *cries* I really truly have no words, no words at all, jicks… xD Poor Jinny looked positively emaciated before he swam over to Eeemrrica. Good to know he is now eating well! lol. And OHHH Pi-Pi!!!!!!!!!! His Happy/Sad mug just KILLED ME there. (looks like he towel-dried himself good after his shower — no stray droplets anywhere! lol) I’ve prolly scrolled up like a zirriyon times laughing my face off at your Tofu Dolls-to-be. Bravoh jicks!!!!!! *Paula seal clap* If only Kame could see these piccies of the two people he’s in love with the most (beside his own slutty mascara-ed self) it would totally make his quarter-life crises so much easier to bear, bwahahahaa ^^;;

LOL @ your Kame bday greeting. I’m touched nevertheless, ahahahaha. I don’t even know what I want for (and from) the boy, so your wish in all its perfect vagueness was really SPOT-ON! =D

Re Goong SP — hey I remember those moments too!!! (Gee, our fangirl memories are so JJH-selective hehehe). JJH is cutest when he deadpans — which made him pretty much perfect for Shin-goon, hah. (And lol @ “figjam,” my word of the day — thank you for expanding my vocab! ;-* )

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