Is this (one of) the cutest picture(s)?

1 03 2011


^^I wanna be in the middle MUAHAHHAHAHA *twitches eyebrows* xDDDDDDD

Anyways, I didn’t think I could love on Nagayama Eita san any more but after watching the dorama Unfair and the movie April Bride back to back, I actually do. Heaven help me, I do. I do! I DOOO00ooo!!

Anoooo… *clears throat* O_o… More on April Bride in an upcoming post (and by ‘upcoming’ I mean I am working on it but don’t hold your hopes up- you know the drill, lol) but Unfair, baby, Unfair! I really do love a good Whodiddit? show (hard to find these days I must say- or maybe I’m just not looking in the right areas -_-; Suggestions and recommendations welcome!)

Though I enjoyed it tremendously, it’s not to say that Unfair was the perfect police/detective story, in fact there was a handful of wobbly parts and question marks in a large chunk of the script. But where these faults existed, the performance from the cast more than made up for it. My first shout out is to child actor Mukaichi Mion, who was simply beyond loveable as darling little Mio ^_^

As for the leads, Shinohara Ryoko was hotness overload in this series, epitomising everything about herself that makes her the rocking chickadee that many of us have come to like her for. IMO, she totally carried the series. She was the ultimate kick-ass super strong female detective who never cries in front of other people. She don’t need no man to get by in life- financially, emotionally, everything-a-ly, she can take care of herself. And she’s confident enough that she can stroll around her apartment butt-naked even while there is a younger man in da house… (oh poor Eita san, how it must have been difficult for you to, er, keep yourself down, lol.)

And yes, Eita, Eiiiitaaaaaa kuuuun! Saranghanda! (oops, watching something Korean at the moment.) Daisuki desu! xDD Bar one moment (which I won’t discuss because… well, I’m not out today to spoil anyone’s day ;)),) I loved you from start to end. Especially the end. Your final speech- I was not expecting to sob in this kinda series but you did it! You achieved more of my lovin’! Omedetou gozaimasu.

And that’s all I’m gonna say because I really can’t continue on without giving anything away. I mean if I were to do it to everyone who is yet to see it, that would just be plain unfair (pardon the lame pun.)

Actually, you know what was really unfair? The total togetherness screentime between Eita and Miura Haruma in the series fizzled in at less than five minutes (okay, this is according to my senses. I didn’t physically set the timer or anything…)!!! How is that supposed to fulfill someone like me?

Then again, I have to confess it didn’t really torment me a whole lot during the series since it did take me a good 10 episodes and 42-ish minutes to actually realise Miura was in it (and it was only as they zoomed in on the photo at the top of this post that I was like, “Whaa?” *head desk*) The boy did pop up during several flashback scenes and I did kinda have a “Gosh I know this face” moment but then was thrown off. I’m thinking maybe it was the hair.




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3 03 2011

Yes, yes it is! They both look so young, especially Miura. If you hadn’t mention it, I would’ve thought that that was Miura’s younger brother or something.

I wanna be in the middle MUAHAHHAHAHA *twitches eyebrows* xDDDDDDD
hahhhaha. I bet you do. And I want to be the person taking this precious photo.

5 03 2011

^^haha Thanks doozy for volunteering to be the camera operator! I most definitely will be putting on my best shirt, lol. But, hmm, I’m thinking we could gather the other 2 Fog Bar boys so I can return the favour ;)

4 03 2011

And another one is added to The List. *sigh* So much to watch, so little time.

5 03 2011

I’m hearing you, mud, I’m hearing ya. Luckily for me I had this week off work (thank you annual leave!) so I was able to get alot of drama & movie action on :) Not sure which side of the world you are on but surely term holidays aren’t too far away (Easter time?)?? You can delve in then! :)

6 03 2011

Well, technically I should be studying because of midterms and then exams are just around the corner…. but then after that, I’m scotch free!

6 03 2011

Well, I say look ahead & use that forthcoming free-time as motivation! Intense drama therapy after all your hard work doesn’t sound too bad, ne? xDD

5 03 2011
Ender's Girl

Yes yes yes this too is one of the cutest piccies to come out of Jdramaland!!!! Too cute for words!!! Ahahahaha both laddie boys look so young. (Well, this was 5 whole years ago!) And they look so NORMAL. No makeup, and they look like they just got out of bed, hehehe. This is the ultimate Bedhead Bromance in a non-Johnny (read: ickyslashy) way. Love it!!!! And to quote Kdrama golf-playing ahjusshi extras: “Nice shot, nice shot” — thanks to your eagle eye, jicks! hehehe xDDD

ZOMG I had NO idea Miura was in Unfair!!! Thought it was just Eita and Her Royal Hotness ShinoRyo. Now you just gave me one more reason to watch this dorama, yo! The DVD is stewing in one of my CD cases. (Btw, do Eita and Ryoko have any chemistry? Like, the way Ryoko and Jinny did in Anego? Comparison please? ^^)

Re the picture: oh you wanna be in the middle??? You wanna be in the middle? UNFAIR!!!!! (Hehehehe.) Mebbe you could scoot a little to the left, I seriously wouldn’t mind if you cozied up to Eita’s right side (feel that nice, warm sweater of his?). While that would leave me enough room to be squished right up against Miura’s left armpit or something, hahahahaha. Everybody happy, yes!?!?

doozy: “Okay, here goes… Say cheezu!”
jicks: “Um, wait, shouldn’t I wrap my arm around Eita’s waist or something? To make him more… comfortable? Lessen his back strain…?”
doozy: “Erm, that’d be okay… I guess. All right everyone, say cheezu!”
jicks: “But what about my legs? Where should I put my legs?”
doozy: “I think your legs are fine where they are. You really don’t have to slide them around Eita’s shins, jicks. (takes deep breath) Okay, now say cheezu!”
doozy: (lowers camera) “Hold on a sec. Will you stop lifting Miura’s sweatshirt, E.G.? I’m trying to take a wholesome pic here, okay?”
E.G.: (retracts hand) “I wasn’t–I mean, I wasn’t trying to… okay so maybe I was. SO WHAT. LIFE’S TOO SHORT DOOZY.”
doozy: (facepalm) “Can we please just take that picture now?”
jicks: “Wait. This is really, REALLY important.” (runs hands through Eita’s hair) “We have to make sure your best asset is styled good, Eita-kun!” (musses hair some more) “Plus I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do that.” (giggles breathily)
Eita: (grimacing) “Prease, take picture. Now. Onegaishimasu!”
Miura: “Hai. Onegai… onegai… Prease… Kowai desu!” (starts to cry)
E.G.: (to Miura) “Does naughty E.G. scare you, my pwecious widdle one? Does she now?”
doozy: “That’s it. I am taking. This. Picture. NOW!”
jicks: (frantically mussing Eita’s hair) “Wait!!! Wait!!! I’m not done applying his anti-frizz cream!!! I’m not–”
doozy: (sigh) “CHEEEEZU!!!” *click*

(gomen, my imagination kind of ran away with me xD)

6 03 2011

^^!!!!!! LMFAOX179810983million^89172987 ^O^;;;;;;;;!!!!!! *wails* *pounds desk* I am seriously crying from laughing so hard!!! I’ve read over & over it & it totally cracks me up every time (my favourite part is when Miura starts to cry, bwahaha. Oh, I am evil x_X ) It’s so funny because I can just imagine us doing ALL that stuff, lol. E.G. Thank You for creating such an utopian scenario :D :D :D (Hey doozy, I’m gonna need a few copies so I can send them out as holiday cards, lol xDD)

*gathers self* (/–).。oO○ Okay, re Unfair-
Miura is only in the flashback scenes, which amount to like, 0.032% of the series, but still cute nonetheless. As for Eita & Shinohara Ryoko, I thought they fed off each other very well but their characters weren’t portrayed in an OTP kinda scenario as such (for the most part it was just Eita’s character silently lovin’ & supporting- something I think he does well in all his series hehe) so on that account, I’d still rate Jinny boy’s chemistry with Ryoko a bit higher- there was definitely alot of tension going on there, even merely going on Jin’s regular lovejuice hormones alone, haha.

But Eita+Ryoko in Unfair PWNS Kimura+Ryoko in TnK that’s fo’sho ;DD

8 03 2011


That scenario was fricking hilarious! Jicks’s obsession with getting Eita’s hair just right, me getting impatient and mildly annoyed with this photo shoot that’s going nowhere due to the many pauses. And E.G., you naughty girl, you for making Miura cry! ROLF!

If the other Fog Bars boys are invited per jicks’s suggestion, I don’t wanna be the photographer no mo’. I want to have a share of the fun too!

9 03 2011

^No wokkas, if Buki is there I promise I’ll switch places with you doozy! I’m thinking if I’m there joozhing someone’s hair, I bet when it’s your turn you’ll be poking your fingers into someone’s dimples, tehe ;))

13 03 2011
Ender's Girl

^ heheheh too funny! xDDD I’ll bet Buki WON’T cry if doozy does *that* to him, summat tells me he’s made of sterner stuff than some squishy muffin crybaby, tehehe *squishes Miura*

@ jicks – lmfao @ “utopian scenario”!!! Why do I get the feelin’ it’s “utopian” only for us… while for them boys, it’s their worst nightmare hahaha. Really, your fave part was when Miura cries? Hahahaha! Was it too obvious that I drew the inspiration from Fujimaru’s 8377237 crying scenes in Buraddi Monday 1&2? =D

@ doozy – Ooooh! I’ll glaaadly be jicks’ backup photographer in case her Nikon SLR conks out from all the residual anti-frizz cream on her hands, lol. Have you thought of the concept for the photoshoot yet? Imma thinkin’ “sporty minimalist” — just you, Buki in Speedos, and SPF lotion… lots and lotsss of SPF lotion… teeheehee! ;-P

15 03 2011

I like the “minimalist” theme, sporty or whatever else is okay with me. Yes on the SPF, dun matter if the photoshoot is indoor or outdoor, I’ll lather it on mah boy nonetheless.

Thanks for offering to be the backup photographer and also to zooey for taking the group photo for us!

20 03 2011

lololol, sunscreen rub-a-dub-dubbing!!^^; I’m sure, doozy, you are grabbing your lotion bottle as we speak. Oh E.G. you are full of excellent ideas! ;))) Hey I’m thinking we could even hire one of those giant electric fans for this photoshoot so we can get some good wind into Eita’s hair for a very swishy “hair in the wind” shot xDD

@E.G. Would you recommend Kisarazu Cats Eye? I’ve only ever watched one baseball drama, ROOKIES, which I loved because it had some fureaking awesome bromance xDDDDDD (like, even greater than Miura+Sato Takeru’s BFF situation, thehe.)

7 03 2011

Wow, what a way to start the week! LMAO x)

Been going through this little scenario that E.G. cooked up and I couldn’t help but laugh at how Eita and Miura really sounded distressed. I guess, you really frightened the boys huh. I’d like to say that the groping…errr…styling and the photo-op chumminess made them a tad uncomfortable but they really sound distressed. Hahaha! I’m now sitting at my office desk grinning like at idiot–I can’t actually laugh out loud because I’m supposed to be finishing up some “paperwork”.

I skipped Unfair because I read some lukewarm reviews but it looks like I need to double back and give this one a shot just to see how Shinohara Ryoko play the “ultimate kick-ass super strong female detective who never cries in front of other people” as you mentioned. I’m sure this series would be a walk in the park compared to A Star’s Lover, Smile and Down with Love.

9 03 2011

^^hahaha, distressed definitely, though I think Eita sounds more kinda just “Can’t believe we’re actually doing this at our age” & Miura, well, really just downright petrified, lol. I’m just glad I read this in the privacy of my own room, otherwise I would’ve had some explaining to do to either my colleagues or my family (neither scenarios I think I would’ve liked to have found myself in, lol.)

Funny you say you’ve only come across lukewarm reviews about Unfair, zooey, because I’d read quite a many positive ones- well, they praised the cast more than anything and after watching it myself, I can definitely stand by that. As I said in the main portion of the post, the actual plot/script is far from faultless but the actors turn it on :) And a YAH, very easy to digest compared to said dramas (although you know I whizzed thru Star’s Lover. I’ve decided I’m someone who can overlook dodgy writing, draggy unoriginal repetitive plot etc so long as the main leads know what they are doing. Not sure if that’s a good thing -_-;)

P.S. Cute new avatar!

10 03 2011

Tell you what girls, if and when the Fog Bar boys make appearance and all three of you need to be in a group picture, you can count on me to take the picture. lol x)

Re Unfair, yeah, I read like 2 reviews (I kinda skipped most of the others I came across) but they’re mostly on the writing and the plot. I’m sure the cast was quite impressive in it like you said and that alone is enough reason to enjoy a drama. I also tend to watch dramas when I like the actor/actress in it. Case in point, A Star’s Lover–the lure of YJT was too hard to resist. Good thing that he and CJW had good chemistry otherwise I wouldn’t have reached the end of it. Did the same thing with He Who Could Not Get Married even though it was subpar from the original version. Needless to say, I watched these shows with the remote in hand so I can fastforward through the draggy scenes. Still, there are times that it doesn’t work that way. When I started out watching kdramas, I really liked Bae Yong Joon but for the life of me, I couldn’t finish Winter Sonata after his character turned out to be an amnesiac. Same thing with Summer Scent… no amount of Son Ye Jin can make me sit through this snoozefest. Guess it all boils down to having enough time [to watch] and your tolerance level, or should I say willingness to give a certain drama a shot. Dramas affect people differently and to some extent I think what I’ve learned this past year is that a drama may not always be to one’s liking but they tend to offer different things to everybody. And people will always like or dislike something for a reason. Does that even make any sense? (groans*)

Ooh, I just discovered gravatar so I uploaded this pic. I nabbed it from some artist, it was quite small hence the bad resolution. I should at least look up his/her name…

13 03 2011
Ender's Girl

Seriously loving the gravatar too, zooey!!!

I’d like to say that the groping…errr…styling and the photo-op chumminess made them a tad uncomfortable but they really sound distressed.

Hahaha! You say “groping” like it’s a bad thing, lolololz =P Nice to know the little incident brought a few laughs to your work day, though.

Re Unfair — okay, thanks to what you guys are saying, I think I have a pretty clear picture of what and what not to expect from this drama. Still def. giving it a shot after I’m done with H2. (Long story… watched Kisarazu Cats Eye last week and when that ended I was feeling some baseball withdrawal lol, so I started on H2 last night. Good thing I changed my mind about watching The Sinking of Japan just a few days back. Eeeep! @__@) So, yes! Unfair is the next order of business!

20 03 2011

My Mum was Winter Sonata / Bae Yong Jun crazed so that’s how I got to watch it. And Summer Scent- if Son Ye Jin wasn’t in it, there is NO WAY I would’ve (forced myself to) made(/make) it through: I’m definitely the type to hang in there purely to support the peeps that I like. Don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing -_-;

Of the “Seasons” series, I can easily say that Autumn In My Heart is my favourite. The love story btwn the main couple was kinda icky if you thought about it properly but SHK was very watchable in this &, well, I know we all love Han Tae Suhk <33333 (Won Biiiiiiin!!!!!!!!)

P.S. I second doozy’s thanks to you for being our specialist photographer, lol xDD

23 03 2011
Ender's Girl

“@E.G. Would you recommend Kisarazu Cats Eye? I’ve only ever watched one baseball drama, ROOKIES, which I loved because it had some fureaking awesome bromance xDDDDDD (like, even greater than Miura+Sato Takeru’s BFF situation, thehe.)”

@ jicks – Isn’t Sato Ryuta in ROOKIES too? And you loved ROOKIES? Then I guess you have your answer, lol. Seriously speaking, KCE would be totally worth your 9 hours, so please do give it a spinaroo! =D It’s oodles of zany, screwy fun — with a heart. I may not have LOVED it as much as Stand UP! (mainly because with Stand UP! the humor was more tempered and the situations less random or outre), but KCE still managed to make me laugh and cry in the span of one scene — and that’s a pretty good gauge of a drama by any standard, if you asked me. I think I may even have a mini-crush on Okada Junichi, hehe. ^^;; (Btw, I’m only reccing the dorama; the 2003 movie was TERRIBLE, and I didn’t even bother with its 2006 sequel. @_@)

6 04 2011

@ E.G. – Glad you liked Kisarazu Cat’s Eye. It was the series that made me a Kudo Kankuro fan… and my first ever glimpse of Sakurai Sho as Jollibee (ahem!) Bambi. As for Okada Junichi, you gotta check him out in Security Police a.k.a. SP, seeing him take down criminals and terrorists there would surely turn that mini-crush into a full-blown one. The second half of that series was a disappointment but the action sequences were pretty darn good.

@jicks – Have to agree with E.G. that if if you’re going to watch KCE then skip the movies. I still have copies of those and still can’t believe that the whole series got reduced to a 4-hr joke. If I remember correctly, there was even an alien invasion of sorts… ach, so keep the good memories. Watch the series and make sure not to touch the movies.

9 04 2011

Thanks for the headsup zooey! Will be sure to steer well clear of the movies ;))

3 04 2011

Oh, I made Unfair posts here and here! :D

I cried like a kid by the end of the series ;____;

9 04 2011

mayumi!!!!! thankyou for sharing the Eita love!!!!!! I can’t believe I’ve missed those posts in your blog!!!!!!

I know, I know, the end of the series was like, (((TTT___TTT))) Makes me love Eita even more <3

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