I’ll be your bride, Eita kun!

28 04 2011

^^If there was such a thing as a virtual barf bag, I would be instant-messaging it to you right now ahahahaha…ahem *clears throat* Sorry about the lame post title^^;

So every now and then we all feel like watching a girly series or movie but it can get tricky distinguishing a good from a bad one. I, usually, come away with one of two reactions:

[1] Eyeball-rolling+eyebrow-twitching+LOLing at the patheticness of the couple’s “love” *coughs*Koizora The Movie*coughs* (gomen Miura baby, but you have to admit, the storyline was dodgy.)

[2] Feeling an abundance of love and hope in this world.

And I’m not going to lie, but a leading male who is, ah, nice-to-look-at, does make a world of difference xDD (If he can act then all the better!)

Cue, the 2009 Japanese film, April Bride.

[ !!!!!!Spoiler Alert!!!!!! Well, from the beginning you know who is not going to be there in the end so no prizes for guessing it ain’t gonna be your typical fairytale ending. Kinda will mention one or two key scenes, not in an overly detailed spoilery way but still, read at your own will. ]


“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson (American lecturer, philosopher, essayist, and poet.)

April Bride or Yomei Ikkagetsu no Hanayome, starring Eikura Nana and Eita, is based on the true story of Nagashima Chie, a young woman whose life was cut short when she learns that she has breast cancer. On the surface, it may look like your usual chick-flick but I think the fact that April Bride stems from the real life account of a real person does make you look at the film as much less of a weepfest and more of a story of inspiration (though, I still probably wouldn’t be dragging your boyfriends or your husbands along to see this, lol.) Much like the 2005 FujiTv series One Litre Of Tears, it certainly makes you see how delicate life is. It will make you feel gratitude for what you have and hope for what you don’t.

My first thought as the closing credits were rolling was just how similar it is to the 2004 South Korean film A Moment To Remember (which is my equal-first favourite movie of all-time.)

Let me break it down to you:



☑ First segment of movie: flirty (woo me Eita & Woo Sung, woooooooo meeeeee!! *walks into tree*) Second segment: cutesy (dates that will make you roll your eyes as much as you will be cheestastically grinning.)  Third segment: weepy (yeah you know you signed up for it.)

☑ Boy has no friends (well, at least the movie never shows him hanging out with any of them, lol.)

☑ Girl falls sick but doesn’t tell boy. Boy founds out by chance, girl suggests to part ways, boy refuses and vows to look after her always.

☑ Girl’s father’s overwhelming gratitude for boy.

☑ Girl’s final message causes boy to melt down into one giant sobbing mess.

☑ Boy looks extremely good in suit ^_^



^^Seriously, please take a moment to really study the the last point and tell me who you think looks better.

Anyways ( ̄□ ̄;) It’s almost as if when film-makers set out to deliver us these weepy chick-flicks, they automatically create a guy who just innately surrenders his soul to his one girl. No matter how anti-social he was beforehand, how much of a loner or a prick he was before meeting his one true love, once he meets her, that’s it. He morphs. He becomes “The Perfect Lover” who would voluntarily extract his own internal organs to give to the girl if need be. Even if Megan Fox stiletoed up to him and, pouting, told him she wanted him, this guy wouldn’t even give her a second glance- heck, he wouldn’t even bother with a first glance. This leaves me walking away from these films asking myself this question:

▷ Do guys like this really exist in real life? Guys like Akasu Taro, and Choi Chul Soo, are they real?

When I was a teeny-bopper all young and innocent, I would’ve answered myself, “Yes! Yes there are guys out there like that! And I know there is the one guy exactly like that, out there, waiting for me…” Seriously, innocence is gold !_!

Now that I am a little (plus a bit more) older, my thoughts luckily aren’t quite the same. I know there are good guys out there but I’m also thinking Taro kun is a part of a rare, if not an extinct breed (if that “breed” ever existed at all -_-;) I mean, for one, the guy had no friends. Like Chul Soo and Su Jin in A Moment To Remember, he and Chie were always hanging out with each other, doing couple-y stuff, which, okay, is sweet and all but come on, you know and I know it’s totally normal for a guy to ditch leave his girl to do her own thang once in a while so he down a beer or two (or twenty) with his mates. And when he pulls an all-night C.O.D. or Star Craft session, it’s all cool, we get it. It’s normal.


And while I am all for guys who aren’t afraid to shed a tear or two (yes I still love you Roger [as in Federer] even though you are sucking big time these days T_T,) Taro kun sobbed far too hard for my liking (and by sob, I do mean liquid substances dripping from orifices other than the eyes… eeeww -_-;) Seriously, I don’t think Chie ever cried as desperately as he did. In a way, this really accentuated the strength in Chie‘s character but in my eyes, it didn’t do too many favours in shaping the viewers’ perception of seeing Taro as a man– and this, is the single thing that still makes me flutter towards Woo Sung in A Moment To Remember. In comparison to Chul Soo, Taro was a crybaby. Chul Soo had several moments where you could see him try to fight back tears but he only ever really had the one breakdown- the epic letter scene towards the end *chokes on Kleenex* It got you because you’d been with him all the way, watching him suppress his emotions and finally, at that moment, you saw he couldn’t hold it in any longer. Seeing his tough exterior all disintegrate in that one instant really jolted your heart.

On the other hand, the same impact wasn’t there in the final moments of April Bride when we saw Chie‘s video message for Taro kun because we’d already seen the boy cry so fanatically so many times. It was kinda like, “Oh Taro, honey, I am feeling for you. I am feeling for you. But, we all expected this. You are a crybaby. The end.” >_>””” And I’m not sure how much of it was the director’s call (and stuff a clean sock in my mouth for saying this because you all know how much I love the actor) but Eita kun, I’m so sorry! You really killed this crying scene (plus a couple more throughout the movie)… and not really in a good way. To put it nicely, I would have preferred for you to have relaxed your facial muscles a little more xox

That all said, if an Akasu Taro did show up at my door, I so would not turn him away, ahhahaa. And yes, yes, yes, don’t worry, of course I do. Of course I still heart Eita ^U^


If you cast the crying times aside, Eita was actually very convincing as the romantic lead- loyal, devoted, unwavering and did not sleep around- all that crap, I did believe. Taro is a beautiful person. Seriously, if there were a Create-Your-Own-Husband game program, many women would probably mould out someone like him (minus the constant crying of course.) Taro truly loved and cared for Chie. He would stroke her hair, make sure she brushed her teeth properly, he initiated meeting the future father-in-law(!!!!!! …seriously, what kinda guy does that???) and he even moved into Chie‘s hospital room so that he could be there to look after her 24/7. In doing so, he fell out with his parents and essentially stepped down on his job. Perhaps some will see his sacrifices as being a little bit more than foolish but then again, I ask you, if you knew your loved one was going to leave this world soon, what would be the one thing that you would most want to do?

And chotto! Chotto! Even his hair was decently tame! What more can a girl ask for..! ;DD Not only that, there was just something about the way he looked at his girl- you knew she was the only one in his eyes, and the only one on her mind. What can I say but frizzless-hair Eita can definitely convey emotion through his eyes (are you taking notes Yamapi? :D .)

Hats off to the casting crew as well for the Eita and Eikura Nana pairing (relax, I am still Eita+Juri all the freaking way baby xDD) Alot of the time I will shun movies and/or doramas simply because the leads just don’t look any good together. By that, I don’t mean I want them to look like they’ve just stepped straight off the set of a high end beauty magazine photo shoot, I mean they need to look like a couple. I need them to feel like they are a couple. Eita and Eikura Nana absolutely made Taro and Chie seem like there was no one else in the world better suited to them. Whatever they were doing, whatever they were feeling, it seemed like having the other there with them made them just that much better. And it felt pure. They were what a good onscreen couple should be- they made you want to be them.

Or maybe I was just sold on being the girl next to Eita. Hey it’s not my fault he looks at girls that way (´・_・`!) There was a scene that seemed like it went on forever (in a very good way(!)), the two of them riding their bicycles, zipping freely and zealously through the streets of Tokyo- their joyous energy was glowing against the feverish neon night lights of Tokyo. I seriously wanted to push Nana chan off her two-wheeler and take over in the fun >_>;   <<<—No, it’s true. I did want to. I wanted to be there giggling with Eita Taro kun. When they finally made it to this night club, even though there were a million and one other people crowding the place away, you could see they only had each other in their eyes. They looked like they were having so much teehee fun… yeah I got sucked in. But it was hard not to. Sometimes even though you know they are plotting to get you like that, you still freaking fall for it.


And shanks, if only the girl wasn’t so likeable because otherwise I’d totally be boycotting everything she touches. But the girl really is so un-hateable… she totally exudes this wholesome, relateable, very likeable charm,  so much I was finding myself unable to dislike the young actress in PiPi‘s 2007 FujiTv dorama, Proposal Daisakusen. Even though her character, for the most part of the series, was this superficial little thing (I’m so one to talk, lol,) Eikura Nana‘s natural girl-next-door appeal still shone in your face. And I feel it is this trait that made her shine even moreso in April Bride. More than in any other thing I’ve seen her in. Eikura Nana was, for me, the star of the show, not in the sense that she was overshadowing her colleagues but she seemed to carry this quiet confidence, bringing a very genuine morality to her character.

By the time the viewers confirm our female protagonist is unwell, Chie had long known that she had breast cancer. However, Chie continues to act as if everything is normal in front of Taro and it isn’t until Taro confronts her, after noticing that things aren’t quite right, that she finally tells him the truth. She suggests to break up, then disappears and undergoes the operation without Taro. All during this time though, we see her upkeep a bold, optimistic face in front of everyone- her family, her friends, the doctors and the nurses. She even tells her father to go home and rest because she will be fine by herself. But nighttime falls, she is all alone and we watch her bury her face into her pillow in tears- it becomes apparent and very real that what Chie is facing is immeasurably petrifying.


Following the success of her operation, Chie escapes on her own to a country town, but Taro is still seeking her, and eventually he finds her. As he moves in closer to her, she takes a step back, stressing to Taro that she is “no longer the same person” as she unbuttons her shirt to reveal where the surgeons had to remove her breast. But Taro, crying (of course he’s crying -_-“,) makes it crystal clear to her- nothing for him about her has changed at all (seriously, if Eita‘s face here wasn’t so contorted, I would’ve cried alongside with them…)


I feel like this is the turning point for Chie, where she comes from struggling to define herself as a woman to accepting the cards the Heavens have dealt her. It’s also the turning point for the viewers, as we see through Chie and Taro‘s eyes that things are only what you see them to be. Sure Chie‘s physical anatomy had changed but her worth as a woman- her worth as a person- is so much more than that. And it’s fine to be self-sufficient but when you are staring at hardship, why complicate things further by isolating yourself from the people who want to be there to help? Why take the people you love and who love you out of your life? Because you know, it’s perfectly fine to accept help when you need it. To acknowledge your vulnerability is a sign of strength.

*raises hand to ear* So… can I hear you say, D&M? *exhales huge puff of air* Truth is, movies like April Bride really can not be discussed without avoiding the heavy stuff. But what I appreciated immensely about the film is that, while they manage to convey all these little philosophies and messages, they never excessively dwelled on Chie‘s illness or use it to painfully wring the viewers’ sympathy. Had they done that, I definitely would’ve bowed out of the film way early on but then… OMG, I would’ve missed this >>>


^^Honestly, the way he looks at her… gaaaaaaaahh *drops to knees* *vomits* xDDDDDD

One other scene I’d like to talk about is when Chie spends the night out with her friends, leaving her otosan and her Taro kun together in her hospital room. Chie‘s father has brought along these kawaii little rice ball things shaped like pandas and what not (which he made himself? I can’t remember^^;) They both get chomping away, Taro comments on how delicious it is and the father bursts into hysterics, wailing out “ArigatouArigatou!” His words weren’t merely a “Thanks; I know, the rice is cooked perfectly if I do say so myself” kinda deal- you get the sense that no matter how many “arigtaous” Chie‘s father cried out, it would never even come close to showing the amount of indebtedness he felt towards the young man before his eyes. For me, this was one of two of the most special moments of the entire film.


The other, would most definitely have to be the part when Taro watches the video Chie filmed for him to watch after she passed on (that is, if you ignore the stuff leaking from Eita‘s nose.) Trust me, there’s just something so unrehearsed about her words, Eikura Nana will have tears streaming down your face before you even realise it. In the video, Chie talks about everything that Taro has done for her, all the times they spent together and just how much she truly appreciates having met him. She goes on to describe her gratitude for him, but, after a long pause, she smiles back- “There are no words to describe what it is that I feel.”


^^And that’s the last time we see Chie‘s face. No makeup, no circle lenses, no fancy visual effects. Untainted, unadorned and unpretentious.

When you strip everything back is when you can see that the things in life that truly matter are really just that simple.




17 responses

29 04 2011

Ah…I don’t think I will watch this now. I enjoyed your descrptions of the characters and of the way the actors played them. I loved that Eita finally had a more normal hairstyle. I loved him in a suit. I know that he would show his feelings through his eyes because he can act. BUT I can’t stand the OTT crying that they make actors go through. Even in real life when you are overcome with emotion you will grab a tissue or hanky and hide your messed up face. Please don’t go out there looking like a St.Bernard waiting for his dinner. They do it in Korean dramas also and it just turns me off. If an actor cannot show deep emotions without emerging dripping all over the screen then don’t do the scene that way……..Please !!!!

1 05 2011

Please don’t go out there looking like a St.Bernard waiting for his dinner.
^^ahahhaa, nice one Peggy ^O^!!! Totally agree with you on the dripping thing- I find it really distracting actually.

The art of crying is a difficult thing to master- & unfortunately for many, it is really a “born with it or not” deal.

Btw, re Eita, kinda a step back / little upsetting for me seeing him butcher the crying scenes here, given having seen him in other works where he has nailed several emotional scenes. Although I loved the devoted boyfriend that Taro was, and would recommend April Bride to any Eita fan, in terms of the overall acting quality I wouldn’t say this is my favourite piece of work by Eita.

29 04 2011

Nicely written review, jicks!

I love these two lines because they’re beautifully written and very true, imo.

Because you know, it’s perfectly fine to accept help when you need it. To acknowledge your vulnerability is a sign of strength.

When you strip everything back is when you can see that the things in life that truly matter are really just that simple.

Re: A Moment to Remember
The epic letter scene!!!! Oh man, I was bawling when I watched it. Heartbreaking x 123978.

Now, to answer your question…
After serious consideration, I feel that JWS is better suited (pardon the lame-o pun.. heh) for that kind of attire, hands down. It’s probably also because in the pic above, Eita’s ears are hugely distracting, making think that he’s gonna fly off, ala Dumbo… (sorry Eita!)

1 05 2011

Thank you thank you doozy!! :))

Re the epic letter scene in AMTR, I think that opened the gates for me- ever since that movie, I find it much easier to cry at everything (I think I’ve even cried in a Yamapi dorama, lol.)

After serious consideration, I feel that JWS is better suited (pardon the lame-o pun.. heh) for that kind of attire, hands down. It’s probably also because in the pic above, Eita’s ears are hugely distracting, making think that he’s gonna fly off, ala Dumbo… (sorry Eita!)
^^bwahahaha love the pun :D :D And of course, the Eita Dumbo ears comment (can I be a mouse then? xDD) Mebbe that’s why he usually sports bad hair as a plot to detract attention away from them, lol

*squirts Fog Bar spray* *misses hair* *gets own eye* *”accidentally” runs into Miura*… ^U^ ^U^ ^U^…

29 04 2011

This makes me want to watch this movie even more! Sigh. Depressing, yet uplifting, always a good thing. I saw the previews…2 years ago now and desperately wanted to get my hands on this as it actually looked good and like it had a real plot (I feel that some Asian movies are almost plotless randomness), but couldn’t find it with English subtitles. So thanks for this!!!

2 05 2011

^^Hope you like it wolforion! It is girly yet yeah, uplifting :)
Would love to know your thoughts when you are done :))

4 05 2011

Hi there! You really are one of my favorite drama bloggers, I check your site regularly for drama / movie reviews because they are so good!

I watched April Bride about a month ago and was planning to do a review, but I ended up with a lousy collage instead XD Your thoughts about the movie are almost exactly the same as mine! I guess we have similar tastes then. :) Eita looking at Nana makes me want to vomit rainbows :OOO

Oh, you capped my favorite scene too! Taro and Chie’s father eating Panda cakes is loooove. Though the scene is a bit short, I think this is one of the best parts of the whole movie. Their love for Chie is so amazing, it bring tears to my eyes ;____; I love how they ended the movie, quiet heartbreaking but it doesn’t leave you depressed, but inspired and loved instead. Thumbs up to both leads, they are such good actors! ^^,

Again, I ramble too much XD

8 05 2011

Heya! lol@”vomit rainbows”!!! I always love reading your comments because they just make me chuckle like that, and also, because we do tend to share very similar tastes ^^ And thankyou so much for all your kinds words :)

Their love for Chie is so amazing, it bring tears to my eyes ;____; I love how they ended the movie, quiet heartbreaking but it doesn’t leave you depressed, but inspired and loved instead.

^^Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yah it was a super short scene but without a doubt one of the most impressionable. Even though Chie wasn’t in the room, you could still feel her effect on the two men. She clearly is an amazing daughter & an amazing person.

Oh I love the collage you made! *right-clicks+saves* And that’s so cool you have a tumblr- I will be checking in from now on for sure :) (speaking of, does that mean you will be no longer updating your wordpress blog? And btw, nice one on the Mario Maurer header- that boy is soooooo pretty^^)

15 05 2011

You are very much welcome :) *hugs*

I sometimes make picspams on tumblr since it is much easier, since I do not need to write lengthy / wordy posts. But I’ll probably be back on wordpress once school’s over :3 I post (and reblog!) a lot on my tumblr, so I hope you don’t mind :))

Ah yes, Mario is very, very pretty! Have you watched A Crazy Little Thing Called Love?

17 05 2011

Re the reblogging, it’s all cool, baby! I love it when people find something cool and share it with everyone else, it’s what fangirlism is about! Dorama lovers unite, lol.

OMG, I want to see A Crazy Little Thing Called Love so badly >_>”!!!!! I have been trying SO HARD to to find it on DVD with English subtitles where I am but to no avail!!!!! :( I’ve watched the trailer a hundred times and from reviews going around, it’s definitely a must-watch feel-good high school flick. What did you think of it (and Mario xPP)?

20 05 2011

Aww, please watch it! The copy I downloaded has crappy English subs, but there are pretty good subbed versions available on several streaming sites :) I pretty much spam my blog with CLTCL goodies here. :D (plus Mario and Baifern too!)

Because I am shallow and I love pretty and fluffly and light stuff, then I highly recommend this movie! It reminds me so much of High School. Hehe. These two are the cutest :)

26 06 2011

OMG, all those CLTCL & MM goodies on your tumblr page are killing me~~~~~!!!!! *right-click+bookmarks* Keep up the good work I say! And boy, is that, er, boy cute. And OH-SO-YOUNG *mental note to self: keep hands to self* LOL Have you seen any of his other movies?

I don’t think it’s being shallow, I think alot of people will agree that high school was one of the most enjoyable times in life… it was out most innocent and least contrived times, right? <3 (Actually, if you really want shallow, just, er, read through my blog, lol.) Though I still haven't managed to find a copy of CTLCL… even with crappy English subs let alone good quality ones. Boo. But… I shall not give up! I shall keep looking! *fist-pump to heart* (getting beyond desperate to see it, someone help, lol.)

29 05 2011

First off, I have to say that I can relate to the getting older and slightly wiser (I hope) stuff you mentioned earlier in this post. I think I’ve turned into a crabby, cynical girl somewhere along the way so every time I watch a too-good-to-be-true guy onscreen I always go, “yeah, right. in your dreams.” Have to say I laughed out loud reading your comment about Koizora–I don’t really get how or why it became a trend to turn cellphone novels into movies. That was really one big mess of a film.

Taro kun sobbed far too hard for my liking (and by sob, I do mean liquid substances dripping from orifices other than the eyes… eeeww -_-;)

I’m so glad you pointed this out. I’ve been having trouble watching dramas and movies lately because of this. For some reason, most actors have taken it upon themselves to “sob” this way to convey a dramatic scene. Whatever happened to temperance, eh? I don’t really get why the director or manager didn’t pull them aside to say that this doesn’t look good at all; that releasing a steady mixture of tears, snot and saliva does not equal to good acting. More and more actors have resorted to this technique thinking that if they just bawled their eyes out they’ll get to convince us that they’re wretchedly sad and hurting. Matsuyama Kenichi would at times have a long line of spittle mixed with tears, while Yokoyama Yu and Sakurai Sho had a sob-slobbering contest going on in Quiz Show 2. I’ve also started to hate how actors just let a stream of tears fall down his cheeks without even attempting to wipe them off–takes me away from the moment, it just reminds me that they’re putting on a show.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to watching April Bride but I hope you do get to watch Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It’s quite cute, I wish I could have scrapped the last 10 minutes of it though, I hate implausible happy endings. It was pretty solid till that last bit. :)

Oh and that comment about Taro not having friends to hang out with–priceless! Also liked how you compared it to A Moment to Remember….aah… poor Jung Woo Sung. Couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy who got caught in the middle of a media storm for dating a girl who (gasp!) was married to Seo Taiji all along. Gawd, I hope they start airing something else on tVN.

26 06 2011

Oh, The Quiz Show II, for the love of mankind.

For the most part, I was enjoying the story until that end episode when Sho kun and Yokoyama Yu had that “sob-slobbering contest “(hahaha)— the snot really killed it for me. I would’ve even preferred watching a live Kanjani 8 performance, lol. But totally agree, it hurts my eyes watching actors just let tears pour down their faces without wiping them… that’s not how people cry in real life, people!!!!!! ><"

Re the Jung Woo Sung, Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah debacle… who knows what really went down. Either way, not a fan of Lee Ji Ah. Did not impress me much in Beethoven Virus.

Hmm, zooey, I'm thinking if you have good things to say about A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, then it definitely has some credibility! I don't supposed, you, ah, have a copy? ;P

20 06 2011
Ender's Girl

Can I be your bridesmaid, can I can I??? xDDDD

Super fun review, jicks!!! Burst out laughing at the delish Miura& Koizora/R-Fed/PiPi (!!!) references, and squeed no end at the Woo-sung+Ye-jin photos (JWS in a suit is oh-so-fine! I’ll bet the SBS powers that be cast him in Athena on that picture alone Iol. but all right, Eita is looking dapper too. LMAO @ doozy’s Dumbo ears comment-o! good thing you have a great sense of humor jicks! hehe).

Thanks for drawing the AMTR parallelisms, they took me back to all that I lovelovelove about that movie, which was… the SEX!!! Just kidding. Which was… the LOVE! (better now? lolz) And really cool insight there on the “I have no friends ‘coz I love my wife too much to go bowling on a Friday night” kind of romantic lead. I for one would not want my (hypothetical theoretical non-existent) guy to hang around me 24/7 because that’s so not normal no matter how nice and well-intentioned he is… but then again if I had a terminal disease and was due to die any minute, our home setup wouldn’t be normal either… (Another case in point: Shuji in Beautiful Life Q__Q) So I dunno, I’d probably want my man close by if faced with a similar scenario.

I kept grimacing reading about Eita’s pretty bad case of the weepies. Oh man, that aspect may just about spoil my viewing experience when I ever get around to watching April Bride. Good thing he and Eikura Nana have good chemistry in this film, and those piccies you posted of Eita giving Nana that Look — alskdkfjghgh hehe (and him in a clean white shirt = so cute!).

Also loved how you delved into Eikura Nana’s character and what she was going through — whether alone or, finally, with her loved ones. As entertaining s this write-up was, I couldn’t help reading the scenes you described with a lump in my throat. (I dunno, but breast CA plots always do weird stuff to me. The gene runs in my mother’s side of the family in a particularly vicious streak, so… I guess I ought to be getting that mammogram soon… Er… how do you get a mammogram anyway? lol)

On to lighter things! Re Crazy Little Thing Called Love — omomomo I wanna watch that movie TOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last week I sent zooey these pesky texts asking about the movie (hahaha). Really looking forward to watching this. (Never seen a Thai movie before! how exciting! lol) Now if only I could find mesself a copy…

26 06 2011

Hmm, if it were me, I would want my (hypothetical theoretical non-existent^^;) guy to… be on call LOL (and I wonder why I’m still single *eyebrow twitch*) No, no, no, just kidding xPP I do side with you on wanting my man close by if I were *touch wood* in a similarly terminal scenario though.

Re the breast cancer thing, I read a while ago that one in two women diagonsed these days don’t actually have a family history of it… so I say every one should be vigilant :)

The only Thai movies I’ve seen have been of the long-pan-straight-black-haired-female-spirit-in-a-long-drapey-white-dress-coming-back-to-take-revenge-on-the-whole-world variety so I am beyond eager to finally see something that will make me squeal NOT because fear, lol. But, ahem, we need to watch out, whilst not as young as, er, Kazehaya-kun (^^;), I’m thinking Mr Mario Maurer still comes under the “look but don’t touch” category for us ahahaa xDD

Oh, and btw, you can totally be my bridesmaid, lol. I’m pretty sure Eita has asked his baby brother from Unfair to be one of his groomsmen so I was thinking maybe you two could pair yourselves up… would you be okay with that? xDDDDDD

2 09 2011

I have this on dvd and the english subtitles don’t work. Has anyone else had this problem? Any solutions, please?

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