Flavour of the month xD

11 05 2011

I know I promised I would be updating more frequently but… well, you didn’t see me crossing my fingers did ya?? ahahahha Just kidding ;) Take my word for it that I am trying (_ _);;;;;;

So here we are with a quickie. Everybody, this is what I have been playing religiously over the last coupla weeks >>>

You know, sometimes, it just takes one little thing for me to all of a sudden, out of nowhere, start to fan HARD over someone or something. Be it a bad mess of hair, some serious computer system hacker skills or a pouty lip & fedora in ya face (yeah boys you know who you all are.) In Lee Jun Ho‘s case, it’s a wholelotta guyliner and some well-blended smoked-out eyeshadow. And most importantly, the focus and concentration he is displaying towards his work- it’s all kinda very, very mesmerising @_@***

I’ve always been to and fro as to who my favourite 2PM member is but I’m thinking this BTS may be sealing the deal for me- oh Jun Ho, you so make me wanna, er, be the photographer^^;;;;; *flushes illegal noona thoughts out of brain*

(^^Btw, if anyone is interested in how the photos for this Elle Girl Korea magazine shoot turned out, please click HERE ^_^)


And while we’re here, I want to share with you another one of my favourite clips going around- all I can say is, I am so essited, lol *hearts on Bi baby* ;)





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11 05 2011

First time I disagree with one of your likes……:-)

2PM…NICHKHUN is my sweetie pie. I just love his face and his eyes and his smile and he is so athletic and must have great upperbody strength to heft Victoria up and over his shoulder in that dance routine they do. I just know he has been well educated and well brought up by his family. His whole demeanour shows really unusual presence of mind in dealing with other people in a very well mannered way.

17 05 2011

Aaaaawww Nichkhun is gorgeous too! Totally agree with everything you noted about him, Peggy: I have also read he is super well-mannered and courteous with everyone- definitely an under-appreciated thing in this day and age. Apparently the other guys of 2PM call him “Grandpa” as well because Nichkhun tends to tell them to quieten down when they get too rowdy, especially at night, lol.

ahahahah @ your comment about him lifting Victoria over his shoulder :D :D :D I have to say, it’s not just with him, I just tend to get a bit giddy whenever I see ANY guy do that kinda stuff, hehe ;)

11 05 2011

LOL at your “essited” part… Uri Bi tries hard all the time eh?

My fav 2PM member used to be Jay. Then I kinda lost interest after he left.
But if I had to choose, Nichkhun babe~

17 05 2011

Oh Jay! I miss him being a part of the group, too… but I also prefer that he is solo now, and also appreciate seeing him succeeding on his own (can Jinny boy do the same is my question^^;;;) AND! Of course, the other 6 guys are still strong, so it’s all good. I feel that everything has worked out for the better for Jay and 2PM :)

Mmm, Nichkhun may be my equal number one ;))))

P.S. When Bi (tries to) speak(s) English, yes, it does come off as a little “tryhard.” When he speaks using his native tongue, he sounds so much better… it’s saddening the English speaking / Western audience only gets to see the silly “essited” part of him -_-“

12 05 2011

omg, the resemblance is uncanny!

Oh Bi, you and your Engrish pronunciation… I still love you though.

17 05 2011

^^Ditto on the “I still love you” part xDD <3

14 05 2011

I hear ya on the flavour of the month crush feeling. Gotta say, Joseph from Drunken To Love You (this addictive awesome TWdrama that is, well, addictive!!) is my current flavour.

17 05 2011

Thanks for the Drunken To Love You feedback, mud!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Fated To Love You (have you seen that? If not, you must!) but I was a little apprehensive about DTLY considering, you know, sequels/remodelled stories (direct or indirect) often disappoint. And not knowing anything about Joseph Chang (except for the fact that he’s kinda nice to look at, ahahaha) had me even more cautious. But I do like Rainie, and now that you’ve given a positive response, I will definitely investigate it :)))))

17 05 2011

I must admit that I actually have a phobia towards TWdramas. So I was super apprehensive about DTLY, especially considering it was FTLY’s sequel. In fact, I was acutally afflicted with the opposite of your situation. I tried (and I tried really hard too because everyone and their mom liked FTLY and everyone was talking about it) but I couldn’t stand it. I stopped after a few episodes and chalked it up as one of those more popular things that I will never adore nor understand. But I LOVE LOVE LUUUUURVE DTLY!!! My only complaint is that it’s 1 episode once a week, which is torture to wait for the next episode.

And actually, as of yesterday I have a new flavour =) See, I started watching Hana Yori Dango (finally!!) to kill the time between DTLY waits, and I am helplessly infatuated with Rui. *swoons* And I know the HYD story like the back of my hand and am usually super keen on Tsukasa the character, but by golly gee, Odagiri Shun is on fiiiiyah. Seriously, he is by far the best Rui and a shining example for all actors to learn on how to be mysterious, hot, broody, smexy, quirky, cute and fine. And yes, I have completely scoured your blog for all things Shun-related=)

17 05 2011

OMG, the fangirl blasphemy I just committed. I meant Oguri Shun….not Odagiri Shun….. the shame.

19 05 2011

I must admit that I actually have a phobia towards TWdramas.
^^LOL, I am laughing because I know EXACTLY how you feel!!!!!! I wouldn’t diagnose what I have for the genre as a phobia though, lol, but I think it’s more a case of finding it difficult to find a good story WITH good acting. Sometimes I find they can be too lengthy as well. I only ever get around to watching maybe a couple every year. But I gotta say though, the Taiwanese do tend to find a way to create memorable couples.

ZOMG! ZOMG! ZOMG! You are watching HanaDan!!!!!!! I’m so happy!!! :D :D :D I’m even more happy that you have been bitten by the Rui bug, haha. Bang on everything you rsaid about Oguri Shun getting the hotness, the broodiness, the smexiness (lol) etc right… he is close to perfection, isn’t he? xDD

Buuuuuuut!!! As much as I farking love Rui, I have to say though my feelings are slightly different to you in this one- in the other versions I have always been pro Hua Ze Lei / Yoon Ji Hoo… in HanaDan though, for some reason, I found myself rooting more for Domyouji.

Would love to hear all your thoughts on the series when you are done :))

P.S. No worries on your fangirl blasphemy moment (lol ^_~)- believe me, I have committed much worse atrocities haha.

21 05 2011

I just finished HYD like 10 seconds ago and the ending was… meh. I confess I got teary near the end, but I think that was mostly because of nostalgia for the storyline. I read the manga when i was in highschool and looooved it back then and still even now though my feminist nerves twitch sometimes at Domyouji’s antics…. but what can I say? I’m easily sucked into the Cinderella fairytale?

But the biggest insult by far was the return of Shizuka to spend her Christmas with her love…. whom she had ditched just mere episodes ago for the French PM or whoever. Ugggggh…. That cry of anguish was a mixture of fangirl jealousy and betrayal by the writers. Rui is suppose to be smitten with Tsukushi. Shizuka is not supposed to be a fickle emotion manipulator. What gives? I also totally agree with you about not buying the actress’ portrayal as down-to-earth-rich girl. I know this was probably set up for the sequel, but still…

And Aki-chan, what happened girlfriend? She became maybe a tad bit too obsessed with Nishikado. That just ain’t cool. I guess this was also the writer’s attempt at pairing off everyone to make the fairytale even more fairytale-ish.

But as a whole, I guess I did enjoy the series. Tsukushi & Domyouji were wonderfully played throughout, and that’s almost 90% of the drama there. Rui was uber fine=) And everyone else seemed to be having a blast playing their characters. I really like it when I can feel the good vibes from the set through watching the drama. All in all a happy camper.

And Hooray! My 2nd ever finished Jdorama=) Not sure if I’m ready for HYD2 yet…maybe a little distance to erase some of that ending from my memory is required. Next up is either Tokyo Dogs (Oguri Shun!!!!!!) or Hotaru no Hikari.

26 06 2011

But the biggest insult by far was the return of Shizuka to spend her Christmas with her love…. whom she had ditched just mere episodes ago for the French PM or whoever. Ugggggh…. That cry of anguish was a mixture of fangirl jealousy and betrayal by the writers. Rui is suppose to be smitten with Tsukushi. Shizuka is not supposed to be a fickle emotion manipulator.
^Actually, to be honest, this was one part of the series that I would’ve preferred to have seen been done differently for exactly ALL the points that you just mentioned. In a way though, I think SEEING that Shizuka did return for Rui but then seeing Rui make all the sacrifices for Makino in the sequel made it that much more convincing that Rui really had fallen for Makino. Like, we KNOW that Rui has CHOSEN Makino. But yah, seeing Shizuka all over Rui at that Christmas party was not what I ordered either (*cries, hands off woman!* lol.)

Ooh, Tokyo Dogs! IMO, this is Shun’s personally best-looking series xDDDDD

Have heard great things about HnH but yet to watch it… have you managed to see it yet?

20 05 2011

Totally agree with mud on DTLY! It’s my current crack and it gets better and better by episode! Now I’m hopelessly in love with the drama and the OTP that I cannot go to bed without re-watching the episodes/interviews/previews and whatnot first. And I ramble about it too much on my blog that I think readers are getting fed up hahaha..

I was apprehensive of Rainie and I didn’t know much about Joseph, but after watching, they totally surpassed my fav fav OTP of all time (Ming En). Their chemistry is one word – exquisite! Check it out babe!

26 06 2011

Rainie and Joseph is better than Ming Dao & Joe Chen? But Rainie is Mike He’s guuurlll, baby!!!!!!! lol.
Seriously, that is a HUGE call *reminisces Prince Turns Into Frog & the 623 Mike He & Rainie collaborations, ahaha* I’m thinking I must make time to watch Drunken To Love You then :)

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