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4 07 2011

Guilty as charged. I don’t even have the face and energy to calculate the exact number of days since I last hit “Publish” ><”

Apart from the usual excuses (writer’s block, watching shows blah blah blah blah blah) I was actually on vacation for a few weeks, and will admit I didn’t even check into the blogosphere during that time because I was too busy eating, shopping, being all cultural and… searching for cheap but good quality English-subbed DVDs (I know I am a million years behind the rest of the world but hey, at long last, I am watching Coffee Prince… and diggin’ it xDDDDD) So please, accept my sincerest of apologies for this all-time low.

And I’ve also been staying up to stupid hours in the morning watching Wimbledon *heartbreak* *confused*

Anyways, I do mean what I am about to say… I have a real post coming soon(ish)!

In the meantime, let’s discuss: how good is the hair some of some of my favourite J-boys looking lately?


Jun-kun. I was at my local Japanese magazine store and maniacally pondering over which magazine to walk out with but then on the last rack, I saw this…



Miura Haruma. Have you ever wanted to bite into anything more (talking chocolate here, ladies, chokoreto ーロー~)?

*chomps* ^^;;;


Eita. As always.

^^bwahahahaha, just joking. I believe this may be a wig, in character for his upcoming series with Mitsushima Hikari, Soredemo, Ikite Yuku, beginning 7 July on FujiTV. The two are fresh off collaborating in Takashi Miike ‘s Ichimei (btw, congratulations guys on making it to Cannes with the film) so I’m thinking there has to be some nice working chemistry happening between them already.

Hells yes I’m excited.



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5 07 2011

That can’t be our Eita…That is no style of hair for him to wear
Just seeing it makes me despair
of ever feeling that delight
Which always came at just the sight
of Eita.

18 07 2011

lol Actually, I was right, it is a wig. I caught the first ep of his new series and his real hair of the moment is kinda like a centre-part mushroom cut thing happening (but in a cool way of course.)

Re Wimbeldon
Oh Peggy. Oh Peggy. Novak Djokovic. Wimbledon winner. World Number One. How can that be… arraghrghhhhh ><"

5 07 2011

Oh Wimbledon my Wimbledon !!!
I saw the result on the net before the game came on TV.

I did not watch. Too much pain. It was the wrong game for me to see and the wrong player to win the match. sorry but I do not like him.

Next year Rafael. Next year…

7 07 2011

Yay! You’re finally watching Coffee Prince AND liking it! *jumps for joy*

And that Miura commercial… oh man, nom nom.. seriously, so cute!

ahhahahah @ your comment on Eita. Well, when the topic is J-boys’ hairstyle, it’s mandatory that the list has to include Eita, right?

18 07 2011

hahah, you know it ;) Where there is mention of hair, there is always mention of Eita xD

Oh doozy! Coffee Prince was amazing! Totally a Gong Yoo, er, follower now. Choi Han Kyul is boootiful ;) Have always been hardcore for the Ju Ji Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye pairing, now I’m not so sure…~~~~~~

9 07 2011

jicks!!!!! It’s been too long. Glad to hear you are finally on the Coffee Prince train. CP has the very special place in my heart for being my first fully completed kdrama ever so do let me know what you think of it.

And I thought that couldn’t possibly be Eita. Without the cute ears sticking out and the wacky 4D ‘do, I can’t tell. He looks more mature in that pic.

I’m still actually stuck on ep 5 of Tokyo Dogs… with the summer countdown I’m thinking I may ditch it in favour of Sunao ni Narenakute (esp after all the posts you’ve dedicated to it) and Hotaru no Hikari. But it is Shun looking good…. and in a suit. So I’m stalling… BTW, have you watched Jui Dolittle? is it any good if you have watched it?

16 07 2011

An angel told me to drop by your blog today and now I know why. I see Juuuuuuuuuuun. :)

I’ve been feeling pretty good about his latest hairstyle. For some time before, he had his hair styled up, I’m not sure how to describe it. I did not take to it though; it made him look “sickly”. I’ve always liked Jun with his hair down, so now I’m a happy fangirl. He looks great!

Miura with his hair too^^ So cute. And Eita, for a change, haha. Somehow it’s not Eita without his signature hair.

18 07 2011

lol, For a while it seemed like Jun had a borderline mullet thing happening but thankfully he’s classed it back up haha. I much prefer him to have some hair covering his forehead, too ^_^

17 07 2011

I was just watching an hour long show which was so interesting and pleasant. Lee Jung Jin (?I think the name is right) He was visiting Las Vegas with a friend and they were having a good time walking around downtown and enjoying all the free shows outside the big casinos as well. He bought a leather jacket and was so happy it did not cost as much as it would in Korea… They even did some actual gambling which surprised me. I think they set up a table in a private room and played blackjack. Then they played on slot machines. It was all for the show so they won’t be arrested when they get back home!!! He did some driving and visited the Valley of fire. He seems to be in good condition these days and looks pretty much as he did in the spy/cop show he did with Rain. I like him but he needs to watch his weight….
Said he had been to L.V before. I think our favourites get around more than we know. Might bump into them somewhere. Friend named Lu seems to be a magician.

18 07 2011

Lee Jung Jin needs to watch his weight? As in, try to keep it off? He was very nice to look in Fugitive though (but still not enough to distract me from Bi baby though^^;)

Re Korean stars traveling the world… yupyup, it definitely happens alot more often than us stalkers, er, I mean, fans are aware of. For instance, I think they tend to fly to exotic places to film commercials and do photoshoots for certain campaigns. Many have come to Australia before but I usually find out after they land. Heck, even one of my favourite toyboys J-boys Miura Haruma has camped down here before.

Though, I would have no idea what to do if I were to bump into them. What would you do Peggy? xPP

19 07 2011

Ah well if I saw Kimura sama…I would not be able to approach but I would definitely like to be close enough to feel his magic and see his attitudes. As for any others, I would look on. No way would I be in a screaming mob trying to touch. I like them on the screen but that does not necessarily mean they are perfect human beings in real life. I know Kimura is the best on screen and in real life he is a wonderful person but very much his own man. Suits me that way.I have watched him for almost twenty years. Same thing goes for Rafa. He is such a perfect athlete despite any injuries, so his playing is what gets to me. Then after that he is just the nicest young man with a good family life I think.
re Jung Jin and weight. He looks great now but I was thinking of how he looked on Qualifications of Men. He got really heavy and did not look good at all. He is a big guy to start with so he has to watch what he eats and he must work out. His good looks would be gone if his face plumped up. I like him so I hope he will take care.

One last thought, if I actually really bumped into a favourite I would say
‘Hi babe, looking good ‘… and then walk on.
I know they would turn and look at this crazy old lady and wonder. I would have made a slight impression and that is all I would need. :-)

24 07 2011

One last thought, if I actually really bumped into a favourite I would say
‘Hi babe, looking good ‘… and then walk on.
I know they would turn and look at this crazy old lady and wonder. I would have made a slight impression and that is all I would need. :-)

^^ahahahaha, that’s perfect! Mind if I steal that line from you, Peggy? :P

Have to say you are demonstrating a lot of self-control! When I was at the tennis and I overheard some dude say that Roger Federer was practising on the court next door, I seem to recall leaping over rows of seats and elbowing my way through a bunch of people both young and old^^; But when it comes down to it, I’m really just a stare, er, admire from a distance kinda person I think xD

24 07 2011
I rate this scene: Coffee Prince [episode 17] « [Candy.Me]

[…] I mentioned in a previous post, I recently finally made my around to watching the 2007 drama Coffee Prince. And now, here I […]

25 07 2011

You are welcome to any words or thoughts my dear… As for Kimura. Well I have read about his aura and how when he is in a room full of people he makes many of them feel his presence. He just has the capacity to drain energy from other people I think. Scorpios can do this without even trying. I speak from experience of once having a Scorpio in the family. Fascinating and intelligent and always leaving you a little limp after a long conversation.

30 08 2011

Peggy, you seem like you’re into the zodiac! I used to check my horoscopes religiously when I was in high school, mostly just to get some insight on how to act around my crush that day, lol. But nowadays, I take my “forecast” not so word for word, although sometimes it can be freaky how accurate they are.

I don’t think I’ve had any close Scorpion family or friends but when you say they leave you a little drained after a convo… is that in a good way or bad way? Just need to know, just in case you know I bump into Kimura one day haha :D

31 08 2011

Once was very interested in the zodiac. Now not so affected. I do think there are some ‘birth times’ that show up in personalities. Definitely Scorpios and also Geminis. I am latter and I have great dichotomy when I have to make a decision and there are two sides of everything that come into my view.Certainly totally an air person. I can’t even swim and I was not afraid to try. Got stuck in a very large private pool once and found everyone gone into the house. I could not move and just floated. My bones must be full of air because I could not push against the water. Very strange. So I waited and eventually my husband came looking for me and towed me ashore….
If you ever have the chance to be in a long conversation worth anything with a will be wonderful. Once they leave, you will then feel limp but very satisfied. It is definitely an odd experience but worth the wait to get your mental strength back. Maybe your physical strength also. If you ever read any of Kimura’s serious conversations with serious people it is amazing how deep he will go and what interesting subjects he can cover. I wonder how he does it because I don’t think he did any college and he says he does not read books. I think he must inhale knowledge from people (aka leaving them limp) and he must do research for his roles. I think he is a really natural Japanese cultured man and knows much more than he shows.
My son was a Scorpio and like Kimura he played guitars and electric organ and wrote songs and poems and essays and did pen and ink sketches. He also had a wide range of knowledge and could converse with all sorts of people.
So Ji Sub is another Scorpio and somewhat mysterious.

18 09 2011

So Ji Sub… oh, how I wish he would make something post-military that reflects everything that made us fall in love with him before he entered the army. It’s like he’s trying to hard to validate himself as a serious actor by picking up all these super melo-dramatic stories! I just watched the trailer for his upcoming movie with Han Hyo Joo, Always, and I already have my apprehensions. It’s described as “a sad movie between a boxer and a woman losing her sight….” My problem is, from past experiences, when a movie describes itself to be sad, it usually doesn’t end up being all that sad (or great) at all. Hopefully I will be proven wrong, but alas, even if I am right, at least we’ll get to indulge in some topless, er, boxing So Ji Sub momets^^;

31 08 2011

Ah yes Jicks, I should add that I no longer read my daily chart. Have had momentous five or six years and have found myself thankful to wake up every morning. I only live for the day or the hour and try to enjoy it all and do at least one things that pleases me….such as babbling here with little that is really world changing but it pleases me to know you will read it..:-)
Life is good and the world is beautiful despite all efforts by some people to end things.

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