I rate this scene: Coffee Prince [episode 17]

24 07 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently finally made my around to watching the 2007 drama Coffee Prince. And now, here I stand, having completed it. Final verdict? *wipes milk froth from upper lip* Hells yes baby do I get the hype!

Coffee Prince is my first encounter with Gong Yoo… that I can remember (apparently we met previously in the movie My Tutor Friend but sadly, I must’ve been all delusional over Kwon Sang Woo… and his abs -_-;;;;;) Up until now, I’d never really been drawn to Gong Yoo in that I felt compelled to stalk his dramaography and filmography. But his inspiriting, soulful enactment of Choi Han Kyul has definitely left me thinking- exactly what the crap was I thinking??? And I don’t care if you’re confused with your sexuality boy, if you can’t work it out I will get a sex change for you!!!!!!

As for Yoon Eun Hye, girl, all I can say is, what a tough life it must be having to work with the likes of Ju Ji Hoon, Gong Yoo and Kang Ji Hwan *twitches eyebrows* *evil fangirl glare* But it’s okay, we like you. Gosh darn that natural spunk and charisma of yours. Yoon Eun Hye shi, you may not have made the top 10 list of my girl crushes, but you ain’t too far off. And there’s no denying you are one in a freaking million.

And if you ask a Coffee Prince fan what their favourite scene from the series would be, I have no doubt many would tell you, drooling, that it would be one of Han Kyul and Eun Chae‘s passionately passionate pash-o-rama moments. Fair call. But for me, there was nothing more grin-inducing than in the final episode where we see a cheestastically beaming, oh-so-in-love Han Kyul give his beloved Eun Chae a wake up call… serenading her into the phone and crooning Han Dong Joon‘s 너를 사랑해 (I Love You.)


[[[ Watch it here ]]]

(Btw, this clip is with Thai subs only, I couldn’t find one with any Engrish. But seriously, the scene needs no translation. The magic speaks for itself xDD)

^^This is exactly how I’d like to be woken up every single morning of my life (as much as I love rotating my alarm tones from Arashi‘s discography~~;;;)

Damn it Shin goon, you have some serious competition.



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25 07 2011

Ah Yessss! this was indeed a most satisfactory drama in so many ways. Casting was perfection. I was so sad about the lovely strongman actor who was killed in an accident on his motorbike. Mystery still remains about that.
For the drama I don’t really see that it could be faulted in any way. It never dragged and of course the way the ‘girl/boy.not boy at all’, situation was handled was very delicately done. It was lightly funny but it developed into a breath holding time and finally into a big confrontation when he realised he had been deceived. It had to work out of course and that part was difficult to take until she returned. I loved Gong Yoo and he really is a sexy guy. I would think he is not far from that in real life. He just has that aura. Who could resist him. I will remember this drama and it is one of the keepers in my memory.

30 08 2011

It was impossible not to think about the traffic accident that took Eon’s life as I was watching Coffee Prince. It really saddens me knowing that such a talent had to leave this world before he could fulfil his potential. He will definitely always be remembered, especially for his spiritfully charming, very, very loveable Min Yeop <3

I remember watching a clip of all the celebrities attending Eon's wake and there was a shot of Joo Ji Hoon just collapsing into the arms of a friend an breaking down in tears. Still makes sends a lump in my throat whenever I think of it.

Btw, have you had the time to rewatch Coffee Prince yet? :)

26 07 2011

I RATE THIS SCENE TOO<3333! But THE scene for me from CP was that beach scene where he oh-so-delicately cups her hand in his and "Across the Ocean" by Azure Ray plays in the background. I think a small part of me died along with his heartache too. Yep, that's probably one of my favourite drama scenes ever.

31 07 2011

Finally, jicks has caught Coffee Prince fever and I’m so happy! :)

Yessssssssss! THE BEACH SCENE! and Azure Ray’s song… heartbreakingly beautiful. Gong Yoo really knocked it out of the park with his performance in CP.

30 08 2011

I seem to recall you pre-warning me about the beach scene, doozy. And you weren’t lying mah friend, it was darn schweeeeet… and so was Gong Yoo :)) I officially acknowledge him as legitimate leading man for sure baby! (What took me so long? *facepalm*)

30 08 2011

hehe, the beach scene was pretty amazing, too! For exactly the reasons you mentioned, mud! But a part of me inside was SO thinking, “Dude, She’s a darn girl! She’s a darn girl! Open your eyes, it’s so obvious! ARGH!!!!!!!”

I’m so glad I am finally on the Coffee Prince bandwagon… and the Gong Yoo train, lol. So wish I hopped on years ago^^ But better late than never right?~~

26 07 2011

I think I will mae a date to watch this drama again. It was one for the ages because it took what could hve been something silly and made it into a real life possibility. It was a grouping of actors who came together like a picture puzzle that came to life.

24 08 2011
Ender's Girl

Oooh I’m SO HAPPY you finally got to watch this!!! *does a Johnny Jr backflip* Kanpai jicks! *chugs down purrty latte-art cappuccinos*

And I second what everyone said in this thread!!! Gong Yoo was uber-cute in She’s On Duty and rawrrrhhg in S Diary (well hello on both counts, Kim Sun-a!), but his perf in CP really made a mark on K-Romcom Leading Man canon, ne?

I can’t really think of anything negative about this trendy. It was just so light and exuberant and really classy about handling the gender-bending stuff — such an entertaining ride. ;-)

Oh, and I love your screencaps of the wake-up scene. One of the things I look forward to in your I Rate This Scene series. :-)

“passionately passionate pash-o-rama moments” — LOLLL, yes I shamelessly admit to being one of *those* fans who favorited the make-out sessions in Han-kyul’s pad and the coffee shop and Eun-chae’s bedroom etc etc heh heh =D I mean the Goong kisses are STILL tops for me, but Gong Yoo sure gave Shin goon a run for his, er, crown? dishwashing gloves? empty CD player? Shin doll? =P

(And it’s SO KEWL that Yoon Eun-hye only wore moisturizer for her scenes in Kopi Prinzu. Her skin looked amazing!)

Did you hear that the Han-kyul’s penthouse pad is actually a graphics design studio or somthin? Also loved the house of The Voice — now that was a real house, I think.

31 08 2011

I’ve not seen other of those flickies with Gong Yoo & Kim Sun A! Have heard they are FUN :D :D I recently watched the one with him and Im Soo Jung (who btw, has pretty much worked with EVERY actor I would want to, er, work with myself^^;;;) & he was beautiful in that ^_^

Thanks for the piece of Yoon Eun Hye CP skin trivia! To tell you the truth, it kinda makes me a little (more) jealous! lol. So many Korean actresses have such beautiful skin though, they invest so much time, effort- and money- in it. Heck, even half the guys have better skin than I do -_-;

Between Gong Yoo’s bachelor pad and Lee Sun Kyun’s place, I would’ve gone… to The Voice’s joint… and… drag Shin goon along with me, lol ;)

31 08 2011

Read somewhere that the house for the Voice is actually a music studio but it must be a residence also I think. It is too well situatied and designed just to be a studio don’t you think?
I was wondering…I have not seen Gong Yoo in anything since he came out of the army..why is that? am I being a bit dull and has he done a drama or is he on stage in a musical or something. Would really like to see him in a drama again.

18 09 2011

The only post-military work I’m aware of Gong Yoo that I am aware of is his film from last year, Finding Mr Destiny, in which he was pretty darn adorkable in :) It stars Im Soo Jung who I have to say is one of THE luckiest leading ladies around based on the actors she has gotten to snuggle up close to~~! He’s just finished filming a new movie, Crucible, here’s the trailer:

Looks pretty darn good (but I’m also thinking I’m too chicken to see this alone.)

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