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30 08 2011

I love this vid. I love this vid. I love this vid.

Mitsushima Hikari seems like she’s breathing the character and Eita…oh… my darling, Eita… I… have… no… words… <3333333333…

I’m yet to see a single eppy of this currently-airing series, Soredemo, Ikite Yuku (I’m the “Wait til it’s all released and hit it all in one go” kinda gal~~) but watching this beautiful fan-made MV is already giving me an overwhelmingly inexplicable sadness. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m drowning in their longing, their tenderness, their unspoken affinity… it’s as if these two are meant to be together but they just can’t be.

Can’t wait to watch the series (even if it turns me emo T_T)

(Personal disclaimer: Just in case anyone is wondering, don’t fret, I am still pro Juri+Eita all the way, baby. And also, you bet my ass I will be reviewing this series when I am done xDD)




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7 09 2011
Ender's Girl

Wow whatta vid. That last shot had me THIS close to sniffling. I know a little about the premise and its potentially devastating consequences — pretty heavy! Looks like we’re in for another Eita weeper — not that I’d mind. ;D Love to vid too, it looked so emotionally stripped down and real and raw. My best friend is liking this series a lot (and no she does not belong to the “Wait til it’s all released and hit it all in one go” school of thought — she’s actually more like a zooey lol). She called it “good stuff, but it breaks your heart a little.” :-( Anyway, points to Eita and Mitsushima Hikari for actually looking like regular, normal people, lol. (It’s been so long since I watched a dorama that had those haha xD)

Wait a min — the girl was Shinohara Ryoko gofer chick in Tsuki no Koibito? Hountoni??? The one whom the Hobbit Boy had a crush on? *whistles* She’s come a long way, I’ll say. ;-)

p.s. (and this is compleeetely unrelated) — I finally watched that Thai movie Crazy Little Thing Called Loooooove. Oh pls pls do watchitwatchitwatchitwatchittttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;DDDDDDDD (the boy there is a total Miura hahaha)

18 09 2011

I’m glad I have your best friend’s validation for this series! Can’t wait to get into iiiiiittt ^^

I vividly remember making a vow to myself to wait until I have all the episodes for all future series following What Happened In Bali— I recall going through a hardcore withdrawal craving somewhere during the middle of that series waiting for the next episode and can I tell you, it was the worst, most unbearable feeling ever, lol.

Re Mitsushima Hikari’s role in Moon Lovers, ahaahhaha Now that you mention it I remember her! But I more recollect her as one of the terrorist hackers, Spider, facing off against a certain someone in Bloody Monday S2: “Fujimaru! Let’s play!” :D :D

OMG OMG OMG now that you’ve said that about Crazy Little Thing I’m just dying to see it even more!!!!!!! I must find. I must find ENG subs. Subs. ENG SUBS! Argh, they should really make all DVDs come with English subs -_-;

2 10 2011

OMG! I just watched Crazy Little Thing Called Love and it blew me away. My first Thai movie, but if they’re all as excellent as this one, I may be jumping ship from Kmovies to Thai movies. It was like a fantastical romcom drama condensed into movie format. So squealtastically awesome! It totally pays to listen to everyone’s spazzing recommendations. BTW, you can watch it on Youtube with English subs.

8 10 2011

Thank you SO MUCH for the headsup, mud!
I totally watched it and OMG… *loves on Mario Maurer*… off to investigate more Thai movies :)))))

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